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Tummy в предложении (на )

  1. His tummy rubs the ground.
  2. Dry my back and tummy for me.
  3. She put her hand on her tummy.
  4. I poked her playfully in the tummy.
  5. Yes, put him on his tummy! Babies.

  6. She took his arm and rubbed her tummy.
  7. She stared at it, her tummy a sudden.
  8. I have a very bad ache in my tummy.
  9. He pushed down on her tummy and calmed.
  10. Never shave the shoulders, back or tummy.
  11. Come and kiss my tummy, she cried.
  12. Then I washed around Sue’s tummy and hips.
  13. It had red-and-white polka dots on its tummy.
  14. His tummy was really leaping about now through.
  15. And then she laughed, And so is my tummy!.

  16. Her tummy hadn’t started to bulge yet but her.
  17. Yeah, 'cos her tummy is really fat and everything.
  18. Her navel gazed at me from the middle of her tummy.
  19. His tummy hurt, just as it had yesterday, but worse.
  20. What is a good age to start some tummy time with my.
  21. Here’s a primer on the best teas for a trimmer tummy.
  22. Sstani came out and her bulging tummy now pulsed with.
  23. As I reached over and stroked her tummy, she loved it.
  24. Does it cost more to have a face lift than a tummy tuck?
  25. If 4 are in the tree, 1 is in the crocodile’s tummy, etc.

  26. The tummy appeared with the cord attached and I yelled out:.
  27. Raphael has hardly had a tummy ache at all, and there’s a.
  28. Still groggy, she thought, The snake is lyin� on my tummy.
  29. He looked at her tummy again, and then crawled into the truck.
  30. There he was, a floor under me, with the same tummy scars as me.
  31. The Bible resting on her tummy slipped to the floor with a thud.
  32. Green tea can help you get rid of tummy fat in a number of ways.
  33. If my original theory had been correct - that his sore tummy was.
  34. She nodded and rubbed her tummy, This’ll be a boy, I’d wager.
  35. He rolled over and started purring while Casey gave him a tummy rub.
  36. She looked up still clutching her tummy, her eyes brimming with tears.
  37. Kurt slid his hand down over her tummy and lower abdomen to her vulva.
  38. When you slouch, you collect your tummy together into one whole pooch.
  39. Bachetti's heart sank at this unexpected news and his tummy was now doing.
  40. Breathe in air as strongly as you can and as you do so, tuck in your tummy.
  41. Loose stone scoured weals on her breasts and tummy and the fence zapped her.
  42. He swelled and pressed tighter against her tummy and she palmed his shoulders.
  43. Green sheets were laid across her in such a manner that her tummy was exposed.
  44. She suddenly sat up, her hands on her tummy, with an air of absolute happiness.
  45. I’ll tie the arms under his tummy as I expect it will be quite windy outside.
  46. She could feel them now whenever Molly rolled over to have her tummy scratched.
  47. As he gave it back, he scrutinized the tummy of the girl, as she was bent over him.
  48. This verse was recited by the prophet Yunus when he was in the tummy of the whale.
  49. I tried to wrap my mind around the idea of the baby in Dena’s tummy being a girl.
  50. Please keep place in your tummy for the huge breakfast that Maggie’s got waiting.
  51. He was trembling, and in the gloom Lorna saw dark wet drops on his tummy and chest.
  52. He put one leg across her tummy and let the other one lie on the ground next to her back.
  53. I mean, by the looks of it, Momma Bear didn’t come to tickle your tummy with her claws.
  54. He lay flat on his tummy and looked up at her most appealingly out of his soft brown eyes.
  55. Yes, sweetie, you were worth the battle, I told her as she rolled around on her tummy.
  56. The advertisement read: THE #1 TUMMY TICKLER takes the #1 prescribed Alzheimer’s drug.
  57. Got herself a great big tummy, didn’t she? We all know the Master was responsible, but.
  58. He merely laid his head over her tummy, like a little child, and clutched her hands tightly.
  59. But Tom forestalled him by diving to the floor and skidding into the heap of guns on his tummy.
  60. One of them hadn’t buttoned up his shirt, and his chest and tummy looked all knotty and hairy.
  61. We go all the way to when I was in my mother’s tummy; some of the yelling pops up in my memory.
  62. Nor did Marshall ignore the obvious fact that all his ulcer patients had a tummy full of bacteria.
  63. Slowly she turned in my direction, not looking at me but toward me, her hands clutching her tummy.
  64. He’s going to stick a long needle in Mom’s tummy, but he can’t, because you’re too close.
  65. He vaguely felt that Irena laid down her head on his tummy, and he put his hand down on her shoulders.
  66. When your baby is moving, try interacting by lightly prodding your tummy, or moving your hands up and.
  67. His tummy feels bloated and constant peristaltic wave causes constant abdominal cramps and cold sweats.
  68. Stephanie dug her elbow into the mattress, rolled her tummy to the side, and rested her head in her hand.
  69. I climbed beside her on the bed and caressed her luscious breasts, the enlarged tummy, the fattened legs.
  70. He enjoyed the sensation for a moment, then slid his hands back to her tummy before the other elves noticed.
  71. That mid-morning tummy rumble is distinctly different than the hunger experienced after a day of not eating.
  72. Do you really think he gives a crap that you have a tummy ache? His love for you died along with your mother.
  73. They had been on the road for almost an hour and she could feel the strong, gypsy coffee gurgling in her tummy.
  74. Men can also have tummy tucks when they're genetically predisposed to fat accumulation around their stomach area.
  75. After embracing me with her now slightly enlarged tummy she turned to Spencer and with one look burst into tears.
  76. He watched her hold the baby in the air and bring her down to her face, where she blew raspberries into her tummy.
  77. I still don’t know if he’s playing up with this sore tummy thing, though his reluctance to have it checked up.
  78. So I broke away early this mornin', gave my guard a kick in the tummy that laid him out, and sprinted for the camp.
  79. Flying spiders that eat little girls for breakfast, Rango relied as he pounced on Aspyn and tickled her tummy.
  80. She did not seem very interested; all that seemed to matter for the immediate moment was the grumbling in her tummy.
  81. It was not to be wasted on petty activities such as shaving or brushing my teeth or, heaven forbid, filling my tummy.
  82. Was he in a warm room somewhere covered with a little blue blanket? Did he have a full tummy? A teddy bear? Was he safe?
  83. I put my hand on my tummy, stared off into space, then came back to the moment when I realized that Jacobi was staring at me.
  84. She’s always been a chip off the Whytmyn block, except for her coloring, so she probably got that tender tummy from you.
  85. It's odd; despite the fact that I have a tendency to throw up whenever I’m emotionally stressed, I rarely catch tummy bugs.
  86. He passed her sopping mound, her ass, even her clit got no attention as he moved quickly up to her hipbones and tumescent tummy.
  87. His male cream shot out of his cock and struck her bare tummy, shot upward and struck at her titties, her face, even her hair.
  88. One study, carried out on mice, has concluded that when the animals consume green tea they can lose up to 67% of their tummy fat.
  89. The waitress named Maddie pranced out onto the terrace in skinny hip-huggers and a tank top that exposed a smooth expanse of tummy.
  90. With both breast augmentations and tummy tucks, you can completely change the shape of your abdomen, but keeping it up will be up to you.
  91. You can have liposuction done on a number of body parts and it's often used in conjunction with tummy tucks and other cosmetic procedures.
  92. I'm about to melt, that is how sweet she is being, when she pats my tummy with her tiny hand and asks me if I have a baby inside my tummy.
  93. Dilly is not in the office – her boyfriend rings in and tells us that she has a tummy bug and hasn’t managed to keep anything down yet.
  94. One hand slid down Alilia’s tummy, and began caressing her loins through her clothing, the other stimulated the bound princess’s right breast.
  95. He laid his ears back and suddenly reached back with his big head, as if he wanted to catch Tom’s leg that was continuously working on his tummy.
  96. A tummy rumble no longer needs to be instantly quieted – It becomes okay to feel a little hunger, knowing that a quality meal will be coming shortly.
  97. It's important to keep in mind that while the results of a tummy tuck can be astounding, they need to be maintained with regular exercise and a healthy diet.
  98. First she removed the skull bone from my tummy, but after looking at it decided not to put it back as it had not kept well and there was a risk of infection.
  99. I stood over the crib for a few seconds watching as she squirmed and wriggled, it was amusing how she brought her bum up as she tucked her legs in underneath her tummy.
  100. She started to get butterflies in her tummy, but said to herself, you only have to remember to drive on the opposite side of the road, everything else would be the same.

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