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    1. “Very clear,” Johnny said, biting back remarks that would only lead to having to listen to Ackers talk more

    2. The insects, relentlessly biting his flesh, made him too weak to carry more

    3. ’ He said, taking one and biting into it

    4. ’ I replied, biting back the rude retort which is on the tip of my tongue … how dare he make it sound as though I yo-yo all over the place! ‘At least that is my intention

    5. Glenelle couldn't respond because she thought she might as well dare tip this shot back and found it was like biting down on two hundred twenty volts AC

    6. feel biting deeply into the base of his neck

    7. No one had biting insects in their universe, everyone he ever knew turned that option off immediately

    8. The grey wolf pounced suddenly with the intention of biting Sons’

    9. Danton’s shoulders twitched as he tried to alleviate the tension that he could now feel biting deeply into the base of his neck

    10. It put up a terrible fight biting and tearing at the ‘twins,’ but they would not let up or give it any reprieve

    11. I am ratty in the morning – time of the month and all that - I snap at Alastair over nothing and by the time I leave the house – he has to move his car so I can go – I am biting my tongue so that I don’t say something I shall regret in temper

    12. Even when you have a great strategy in place there will simply be times when the fish won't be biting

    13. Tarak had made clear to her what they could expect; the biting cold, heavy snow drifts, and evenings with little or no sleep, crammed into small caves for shelter

    14. They have no idea how it is on the plains this time of year; I refer to the biting cold and unrelenting winds

    15. With pincers biting

    16. His head fills with thick black smoke and everything solid starts to turn to sand, swirling around him in a stinging, biting storm

    17. With the grass between his toes he made long curling casts at the edge of some lilypads, hoping to entice a lazy fish into biting the threaded bug he used

    18. It’s quiet out here, chilly but without that biting cold which denotes winter

    19. Monica thought for a while, biting her lip, then biting her fingernails

    20. Biting her lower lip the way she did when she was hurt, and flexing her right hand, she asked in as smooth a tone as she could manage

    21. continued to sit quietly in the corner biting his tongue

    22. "Do you have a middle button? Why is it you’re either biting my head off or driving me crazy?" He sounded nearly as shaky as she felt, but the twinkle in his eyes made her laugh

    23. " she stuttered out the words, biting on her lower lip

    24. Physical abuse is characterized by beating, hitting, punching, biting, burning,

    25. The humans sought to defend themselves as the creatures flooded their ranks, but instead of biting into the demons' flesh, their blades slashed and stabbed at emptiness, cutting harmlessly through the air

    26. "Pardon my mentor, he often wags his tongue when he should be biting it

    27. Biting his lip was not enough to curb his desire for Nathalia

    28. The obscenities died down, and in their absence Alec could almost hear the undead biting at his ear

    29. Some were weeping openly, others were rending their hair, literally tearing it out in clumps while still others were biting their own tongues, blood flowing freely from their mouths

    30. habits you do without knowing, such as the habit of biting your lip when you’re

    31. because instead of biting through him, she flung him from the cliff

    32. Then biting into it, Zeus found it was only a thin sheet of crackling

    33. And she was thankful that Mercer appeared too consumed with his own musings to notice the tears biting and welling up in her eyes

    34. Shortly before nine the following evening she was almost to the point of biting her nails, she was so excited at the probability of seeing the boy again

    35. do any of that biting stuff, now, will you, lady?”

    36. He moaned and buried his face between the twin globes, his tongue licking her flesh, his teeth lightly biting her

    37. This time he could slide with ease against the fuel pipe but now the cold was much more biting

    38. blood when a dog locks its jaw in prey, so there's no conflict between the biting and the breathing

    39. Yes, the garden was well tended, but the roses were suffering from the ravages of wind and rain, and the late October east wind with its biting cold was having its toll

    40. biting cold, as few homes had central heating in those days

    41. Wolves began to launch themselves at the outer edges of demon bodies, biting, clawing, and howling with bloodlust

    42. She was on Carter like a wildcat, biting, kicking, tearing chunks from her in a frenzy

    43. It was followed by a chorus of heckling and taunts, biting at her with their bitterness

    44. days, the cord biting into his wrists and ankles, cutting off his circulation

    45. She got off her knees, momentarily to take a swig of hot tea and did her own impression of biting off more that she could chew

    46. biting loneliness, he was even more aware of hers

    47. I imagine that some of my first nightmares were about those shrieking hens pecking and biting off my little sausage fingers as I tried to gather eggs for breakfast (this may or may not, also, be why I slept with a pocket knife underneath my pillow for the majority of my youth — to keep those psycho chickens from making num-nums out of my nose pickers)

    48. Halon prayed that the bats would not descend into this tunnel and attack them, digging their tiny razor sharp claws into their skin, biting their faces

    49. Saldon didn’t wait for the door to close; he was ravenous and started biting into the cheese

    50. should’ve had, their nipping cans biting

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