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Candid в предложении (на )

  1. Let me be candid with you.
  2. Now, am I candid enough?
  3. Always look for candid shots.
  4. Thanks for all your candid info.
  5. If you want to take home candid.
  6. How to have perfect candid shots.
  7. You see I am more candid than you.
  8. Gwenda gave her mother a candid look.
  9. So, you‘re already on candid camera.
  10. Not too much, to be candid with Master.
  11. Let me be candid with you, said Dr.
  12. Do They Hire Managers or Employees Who Are Candid?
  13. Tom was a little taken aback at this candid question.
  14. Candid Narratives of a Pilgrim to his Spiritual Father.
  15. Mistress Irene paused and wondered if she was on candid.
  16. In his candid appeal, this aged man noted how trying I was.
  17. To be candid, it was a somewhat odd and disjointed affair.
  18. To be candid, I was unpleasantly affected by the little scene.
  19. That my undying feelings I now do return to this candid script.
  20. She was both an enigma and refreshingly candid at the same time.
  21. Are you this candid this quickly with everyone you meet?
  22. Stallman's life, and he is painfully candid about it when ques-.
  23. Always a flank attack, the pose of a concerned but candid friend.
  24. Ready your vigor to injure and your still candid innocence to stain.
  25. It was Flora who, gazing all over me in candid wonder, was the first.
  26. Being such a candid man, he felt the truth was nothing to fear; they.
  27. Merthin met her candid gaze, and realized that she was offering herself.
  28. Leblanc's whole person was expressive of candid and intrepid confidence.
  29. To be candid, I was relieved when they announced that they were leaving.
  30. She gave him a direct look, her gold-flecked green eyes as candid as ever.
  31. So why was I crying? There had to be a Candid Camera around here somewhere.
  32. This interview is one of the most candid Stallman interviews on the record.
  33. Candid or explicitly honest I-to-Thou praying can produce remarkable results.
  34. He decided that he himself, at any rate, would be perfectly candid and plain.
  35. The Patriarch replied in a candid way, as if exchanging opinions with a peer:.
  36. Such was the physiognomy of the salons of those distant and candid times when M.
  37. To be candid, I didn’t want to be involved in the case for a number of reasons.
  38. And he set off for the elections without appealing to her for a candid explanation.
  39. Indeed, the candid and honorable gentleman who advocated this bill on Saturday, (Mr.
  40. To be candid, Mercer, whether she lives or dies is out of our hands at this point.
  41. She held up the candid photo of Joe with his mistress looking adoringly into his face.
  42. They don’t want a prepared statement, they want candid answers to their questions.
  43. He was not in the least bit amused, and his question was unusually candid and sincere.
  44. Goaded by Gautam to apply her mind, she thought for long and was candid in her response.
  45. It is sensible, earnest, candid, and discriminating, and, withal, thoroughly interesting.
  46. On the campaign trail the candidate promised the most open and candid administration ever.
  47. Do you know that a perilous evil is about to invade The Freelands? Candid, he had to.
  48. To be quite candid I must confess that I was not particularly eager to fulfill Solling's command.
  49. She was simultaneously embarrassed by her very candid expressions of worry, and deeply frustrated.
  50. Candid shots that are took in the perfect moment would help you achieve what you want to portray.
  51. No one can control them, these candid souls! You can't always be safe from them, even in Petersburg.
  52. Robbie was good looking and was often stared at but candid stares of this caliber were rare in Egypt.
  53. One way to learn if a business hires candid employees is to learn about the type of workplace it has.
  54. Ridenhour was open and candid with respect to questions concerning his possible left-wing affiliations.
  55. The candid reader will not quarrel with a hope so diffidently entertained and so cautiously expressed.
  56. You are thoroughly candid without being brusque; on the contrary, you are soft, open, and approachable.
  57. However, as Motorola’s top management changed, these employees no longer felt comfortable being candid.
  58. They loved the old woman’s acerbic wit and her candid views on life, both personal and impersonal ones.
  59. If not the milkman, then the only other explanation must be that new popular stunt show called Candid Camera.
  60. Five years later she and Velchaninoff had met again, and a quiet candid friendship had sprung up between them.
  61. She is more than able to engage in any conversation we have – and often surprises us with her candid insights.
  62. To this hour I am lost in admiration when I recall the truly gentlemanly, good-humoured, candid tone of my letter.
  63. Despite that candid assessment, Admiral Yost was positive about his service experience and proud of the role the U.
  64. She couldn’t put her finger on it but the expression reminded her of looks from films, candid films… porn films.
  65. His reason was candid; his motives, loudly proclaimed, gilded his actions with something of the glamor of a crusade.
  66. The most candid of them all was Lambert, who beat me so much as a child, but he was only an open brute and scoundrel.
  67. Medical service providers could address their mistakes and failures with a candid assessment of such performances and.
  68. She had cajoled him into giving her an assessment of the situation more candid than anything he had said to anyone else.
  69. The prominent portrait of me on the side of the room instantly caught my eye; it was a close up black and white candid shot.
  70. While the photographer was in the room he took candid shots of everyone in there, as they were getting ready for the wedding.
  71. From that moment forth, Mother Plutarque saw a sombre veil, which was never more lifted, descend over the old man's candid face.
  72. I imagine that he was deeply shocked in his candid and delicate heart by Liza's coarse and mocking freak before the whole company.
  73. Casaubon, kissing her candid brow, and feeling that heaven had vouchsafed him a blessing in every way suited to his peculiar wants.
  74. Compared to those candid, provincial faces, Hazel looked like a raddled tart, with a hardness to her eyes I hadn’t noticed before.
  75. As soon as the candid shots were all taken, he took several posed photos of Kathy with her mother, sisters, nieces, and bridesmaids.
  76. You want to determine if the manager hires employees who are candid or those who are not afraid to challenge the top management team.
  77. It almost seemed for the moment to her narrow, unimaginative mind that there must be some real power hidden behind this candid daring.
  78. Oh, perhaps she flirted with him on purpose ; even the most candid women are base in these cases, and it is their overwhelming instinct.
  79. Do you know what my private and candid opinion is about some of those little jokers? I believe half of them are in the pay of the Castle.
  80. A competent knowledge of the facts, connected with the case, and a candid appeal to the treaties, are alone sufficient to manifest our right.
  81. Uh-uh-uh, Careful of what you say here… He intoned lightly, not bothering to hide the quiver of laughter her candid response had caused.
  82. She blushed when Vronsky brought in Golenishtchev, and he was extremely charmed by this childish blush overspreading her candid and handsome face.
  83. When he should have come out looking firm, candid and wise, he had ended up looking unsure and inexperienced, a bit like a nervous batsman on his debut.
  84. Madeleine with his candid eyes, in whose depths his not very enlightened but pure and rigid conscience seemed visible, and said in a tranquil voice:—.
  85. With us he is perfectly good-natured and candid as a child, though he never loses his sense of proportion and self-control, and does not talk too freely.
  86. This was so simply said, and so sweet was the truthful and candid expression of her face, that the princess saw why Kitty had taken such a fancy to Varenka.
  87. Humblest, most candid of women! "No, no, no," she sighed, standing at the greenhouse door, "don't break--don't spoil"--what? Something infinitely wonderful.
  88. Gould, with her candid eyes very wide open, her lips composed into a smile, was steadying herself with a little bejewelled hand against the side of the door.
  89. I quietly made answer that, whatever might be the accusations lying heavily against me, I hoped to be able to explain them away by a candid avowal of the truth.
  90. He was an exceptionally good-humoured and candid youth, good-natured to the point of simplicity, though both depth and dignity lay concealed under that simplicity.
  91. He did not know what to say in the presence of this candid and perfect faith in a genius who came down nightly from Heaven to haunt the dressing-rooms at the Opera.
  92. He was nothing to look at; medium height, slim, light brown hair and no distinguishing features apart from a disarmingly candid gaze through one green and one brown eye.
  93. Many of them have been written by very candid and very intelligent people, who wrote nothing but what they believed, and for no other reason but because they believed it.
  94. In a candid moment with Doris Kearns Goodwin years afterward, Rose bitterly explained that Joe thought [the lobotomy] would help her, but it made her go all the way back.
  95. He was surprised; but after a few moments' silent consideration of her, replied in a calmer, graver tone, and as if the candid result of conviction, I believe you are right.
  96. Livingson, I am certain I have never encountered a man who was so willing to offer such honest and candid uncertainty regarding the disposition of his position and prominence.
  97. They related to each other, with candid faith in their illusions, all that love, youth, and the remains of childhood which still lingered about them, suggested to their minds.
  98. Mo showed me candid shots of Bryce Cooper competing in a statewide motorbike race, playing football with grandkids on the lawn of his enormous beam-and-glass-construction home.
  99. That she _had_ been happy was evident, for unhappiness leaves traces, and I've never seen an object quite so unmarked, quite so candid as Dolly's intelligent and charming brow.
  100. After clearing his throat to hide a smirk at her candid statement, Wickland leaned back in his chair and continued, Perhaps, Loraine, you could describe this other man to me.

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