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    1. As we walk around the Acropolis, I begin a conversation that is hopefully a start of a new, candid relationship with my son, "Apollo, I realize you are aware why Seth and the other members of the Corsair will be here tomorrow

    2. candid confessions from a mile high and a truckers’ rest,

    3. She had a vague and hazy image in her head of one of her early ancestors running his opponents through with a large sword, and in her more candid moments she secretly approved of this approach

    4. large sword, and in her more candid moments she secretly

    5. unpleasant and inappropriate when candid

    6. “They don’t want a prepared statement, they want candid answers to their questions

    7. One was a respected writer, and very influential in the circles of Sportsmen for his candid and considered opinions of many aspects of the athletic and recreational industries

    8. Livingson, I am certain I have never encountered a man who was so willing to offer such honest and candid uncertainty regarding the disposition of his position and prominence

    9. anything – did record our candid, unedited conversations

    10. Many of them have been written by very candid and very intelligent people, who wrote nothing but what they believed, and for no other reason but because they believed it

    11. She was simultaneously embarrassed by her very candid expressions of worry, and deeply frustrated

    12. The Patriarch replied in a candid way, as if exchanging opinions with a peer:

    13. I had hoped to have a candid conversation with GI Jo-Jo as he packed up the equipment, but, under the circumstances, opted to just let him know to leave our stuff on the stage for pick-up tomorrow

    14. If you want to take home candid

    15. On the campaign trail the candidate promised the most open and candid administration ever

    16. The prominent portrait of me on the side of the room instantly caught my eye; it was a close up black and white candid shot

    17. Ready your vigor to injure and your still candid innocence to stain

    18. That my undying feelings I now do return to this candid script

    19. A mother’s candid affection,

    20. The purpose of the gath ering was an open and candid discussion of the need to take Chad and Manuel away from Josie, and the effects of her lesbianism on the whole family, a topic that Roger wanted to avoid because it would reopen a bleeding wound, but which Robert longed for to satisfy and pacify his troubled and agitated mind

    21. The looks of consternation upon my fellow admittees’ faces presaged some very unflattering, candid remarks along the general lines of “how on God’s green earth could you be here? Weren’t you the guy who came to the last session drunk and wrote his name over and over in his blue book, handed it in over the proctors’ objections, and tried to leave without waiting for your buddy?”

    22. Most refreshingly candid

    23. Thanks for all your candid info

    24. Despite that candid assessment, Admiral Yost was positive about his service experience and proud of the role the U

    25. was that a child’s was more candid and obvious

    26. Always a flank attack, the pose of a concerned but candid friend

    27. She is more than able to engage in any conversation we have – and often surprises us with her candid insights

    28. And it is that Salome sang very badly, but this small inharmonious arbitrariness, known for her and for all those that knew her, never prevented her from singing the happiest and melodious songs; that in the absence of the stave notes study came out with the candid touch of an effusiveness without frontiers, and coated with the language of the soul, marched to delight the ears of the other souls that, without the intimidation of musical rules, listened recognizing in them their own language

    29. He was nothing to look at; medium height, slim, light brown hair and no distinguishing features apart from a disarmingly candid gaze through one green and one brown eye

    30. Compared to those candid, provincial faces, Hazel looked like a raddled tart, with a hardness to her eyes I hadn’t noticed before

    31. So, you‘re already on candid camera

    32. She described calmly how it hurt the first time but was fine after that as Matthew listened motionless, feeling the blood drain from his face and almost feeling rage at hearing the candid details

    33. Was it feelings of inferiority with Alice being so successful and him stuck in a rut that made him do something risky? Drew believed the only way to understand what had motivated Gary that night would be through candid interviews with the people on the list that lay on the desk in front of him

    34. have the photographer take photographs that might be candid, or

    35. Goaded by Gautam to apply her mind, she thought for long and was candid in her response

    36. His reason was candid; his motives, loudly proclaimed, gilded his actions with something of the glamor of a crusade

    37. Always look for candid shots

    38. How to have perfect candid shots

    39. Candid shots that are took in the perfect moment would help you achieve what you want to portray

    40. If not the milkman, then the only other explanation must be that new popular stunt show called Candid Camera

    41. So why was I crying? There had to be a Candid Camera around here somewhere

    42. giving the money away in candid camera, is almost unbelievable though that

    43. This interview is one of the most candid Stallman interviews on the record

    44. Stallman's life, and he is painfully candid about it when ques-

    45. fers an interesting, not to mention candid, glimpse at

    46. interesting, not to mention candid, glimpse at Stallman's polit-

    47. On a particularly candid day, Bonnie sat next to me on her plush green couch—closer than was our standard—and quietly said she had grasped the key element in learning How To Teach

    48. To be candid, I was relieved when they announced that they were leaving

    49. Being such a candid man, he felt the truth was nothing to fear; they

    50. have any journalistic credibility left?” he said loudly and with a candid

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    Synonyms for "candid"

    blunt candid forthright frank free-spoken outspoken plainspoken point-blank straight-from-the-shoulder heart-to-heart open earnest sincere truthful guileless artless naive above-board straightforward honest informal spontaneous extemporaneous impromptu unpretentious unrehearsed unprompted upright impartial just unbiased unprejudiced honourable lucent lucid transparent pure unadulterated pellucid

    "candid" definitions

    characterized by directness in manner or speech; without subtlety or evasion

    informal or natural; especially caught off guard or unprepared

    openly straightforward and direct without reserve or secretiveness