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Circulate в предложении (на )

  1. She does not circulate much.
  3. Gold won't circulate and stay in.
  4. Sanspere, but I have to circulate.
  5. It helps to circulate your blood more.

  6. Wear it - LOOSE – Allow air to circulate!.
  7. As soon as this volume began to circulate, Mr.
  8. They’re going to circulate it around the staff.
  9. But small sums circulate much faster than large ones.
  10. They circulate between it and between a seething bath.
  11. The sole use of money is to circulate consumable goods.
  12. The employer shall circulate relevant portions of statute.
  13. Well, I wasn’t planning to circulate any of the bills.
  14. Coordenational Structure so that they circulate freely, without.
  15. Rumours began to circulate and soon redundancy notices were handed out.

  16. He took a deep breath to circulate a mouthful of vital energy and was.
  17. One million, therefore, will be sufficient to circulate it after them.
  18. Electromagnetic pulses would continuously circulate from each of the 3.
  19. The transformed energy begins to circulate throughout the body eventually.
  20. I’ll try, should I keep my hands off of you so you can circulate?
  21. Rumors began to circulate that the spell I was under had begun to wear off.
  22. Questionnaires: Students circulate around the room asking each other questions.
  23. The content you post and circulate through the internet is going to determine.
  24. Because during this meditation certain energies circulate inside of the body.
  25. He manipulated the atmospheric converter to circulate cool air inside the suit.

  26. She could not allow any modified genes from the future to circulate in the past.
  27. After seeds germinate, remove the covering and allow air to circulate around the.
  28. I get the cremate part, but what’s the celebrate and circulate all about?
  29. Fewer goods are circulated there, and less money becomes necessary to circulate them.
  30. The reason for this action is to allow the air to circulate at the bottom of the pile.
  31. I could be certain now that my appearance would begin to circulate in the gossip mill.
  32. Two weeks, Cam, for all these vicious rumors to circulate without rebuttal or challenge.
  33. Stories began to circulate the gossip columns about the new risen film stars’ collapse.
  34. Use ceiling fans to inexpensively circulate cooler air from the floor toward the ceiling.
  35. The next day rumors began to circulate that California had held yet another time trial.
  36. He would circulate his pictures and description around all military bases and police stations.
  37. The Taiwanese think that the news will take a few weeks to come out and circulate around China.
  38. Cold frames and the same structures can be built as long as you have light and air to circulate.
  39. Now that the fats or lipids have entered the blood stream, they circulate and are deposited in.
  40. That hot water will then circulate through the residence via copper pipes equipped with faucets.
  41. It takes a horrendous event to continuously circulate the story to other cultures on other planets.
  42. I can see how it could clear out the head and help things to circulate, which is its medicinal purpose.
  43. When word of the photos began to circulate, the executives at Fox knew they had a big problem on their hands.
  44. Okay, I’m going to need a list of all billboard locations where the City Papers circulate, I told him.
  45. The ballroom was warm and stuffy, despite its high ceilings that allowed the air to circulate freely, when Dr.
  46. You should send someone to check on them and you probably need to circulate them if they are not doing any work.
  47. There are some really silly Drop Ship Directories that circulate around the Internet and home business magazines.
  48. But even as they dined and celebrated, disturbing rumors began to circulate in the hallways of the Princeton Inn.
  49. It is a complex network of energy channels which circulate the body and regulate the flow of energy throughout it.
  50. But the amount of the metal pieces which circulate in a society, can never be equal to the revenue of all its members.
  51. Yes, as long as there is blood in the body, I can make the heart pump enough to circulate it and keep the flesh fresh.
  52. The arrival of the Carpathia was the signal for the most sensational rumors to circulate through the crowd on the pier.
  53. Fan oven – an electric oven incorporating a fan to circulate hot air evenly within the oven and speed up cooking times.
  54. This will mix cooler air from near the floor with warmer air near the ceiling and circulate it throughout your living space.
  55. The chains were loose enough on the ankles so that blood could circulate, but not so loose that the chains could be removed.
  56. With this, it makes circulate the resources freely as usufruct through new organizational structure in an autosustainable way.
  57. You can start brushing your feet in a circular manner before you take a shower to ensure that your blood will circulate very well.
  58. This die-off releases stored endotoxins (within the microbes themselves) that circulate and again interfere with normalized function.
  59. When the liver is overloaded with toxic substances, these toxins begin to circulate in the blood and make the body tired and sluggish.
  60. The bulky Biafran had little life left in him and grew weak, finally letting Ethan gasp for air, blood starting to circulate once more.
  61. He decided circulate a letter that will urge the public to beseech the government to impose longer prison sentences for black criminals.
  62. Ordinarily ‘Rest’ means stopping all voluntary activities (you still have to breath or digest food or cause the blood to circulate).
  63. I breathed the air deeply allowing it to circulate through my open mouth as the scent filled my nose and danced faintly across my tongue.
  64. About mid-day, that is, just three hours after the prince's arrival at Mordasoff, extraordinary rumours began to circulate about the town.
  65. A group of social scientists in Egypt said that Egyptian and Indian movies circulate awareness of quack magicians through tens of their films.
  66. News reports or local newspaper articles began to circulate the rumour that the pair was bankrupt, and this project would never be completed.
  67. Though it goes backwards and forwards between the ground and the granary, it never changes masters, and therefore does not properly circulate.
  68. These products and services will circulate to activate the economy and to generate well-being, without its definitive and anonymous possession.
  69. The staircase was hung with huge oil paintings, which gave way to long windows on the wards, all slightly open in order to let the air circulate.
  70. The value of the consumable goods annually circulated within the society being greater, will require a greater quantity of money to circulate them.
  71. Others were too eager to circulate such rumors as well as the names of those who commented on such impertinent views of the Holy Avatar, the Patriarch.
  72. These cells, which hold the "flavor" of our experience, are both stored in body parts and circulate throughout our whole body-mind, including the brain.
  73. Even if she meant her scheme to save the emperor, counterfeiting was high treason—punishable by death—whether she intended to circulate the bills or not.
  74. As the transmitted data returned to the workstation after traversing the ring, the system stripped it from the network so that it would not circulate endlessly.
  75. Many people circulate jokes over the Internet as a marketing tool, and many people circulate eBooks, but nobody seems to be circulating joke eBooks - until now.
  76. They can be used and can circulate and fulfill their purpose without harm to anyone and even advantageously, as long as no one asks what is the security behind them.
  77. Fans circulate the air, provide a soothing, low-level whir (the white noise can help you sleep), and reduce cooling bills in the summer and heating bills in the winter.
  78. The balcony, made apparently of metal, was enclosed by a transparent box shell with numerous small holes meant to let air circulate while preventing any accidental fall.
  79. Talk soon began to circulate about the possibility of establishing a separate country consisting of the Western Canadian provinces and the northwestern states of the USA.
  80. This causes the water to circulate rapidly between them to the top of the flue, and protects it from being run dry, or heated red hot, when the water gets, by accident, too low.
  81. Franco thought I could circulate the locket pictures to my many business associates and contacts throughout America and Europe, but I was astonished when I recognized them myself.
  82. With no buttons or fastenings and nothing but bare skin beneath, it felt both liberating and cool with the breeze able to circulate everywhere; ten times cooler than shorts and shirt.
  83. A few hours before dark, right before the attack, Squirrel Girl managed to circulate a description of Abraham and his son, making a plea for the predators to let those two go unharmed.
  84. The value of goods annually bought and sold in any country requires a certain quantity of money to circulate and distribute them to their proper consumers, and can give employment to no more.
  85. A greater annual produce would require a greater quantity of coin to circulate it ; and a greater number of rich people would require a greater quantity of plate and other ornaments of silver.
  86. I spoke to my contact, a certain rigger on this ship named Foolscap, and he said he would circulate that the gold was en route and whoever the kidnappers are, they should get in touch with me.
  87. With this, the wealth will appear and will circulate freely for usufruct of the beneficiary individuals and it will produce more wealth through the social production for the agreed organizations.
  88. Only to have idea, trillion of trillion dollars will remain in a flash, as well as trillion of products and services will circulate in total availability with application of this methodology.
  89. Because bridges always forward broadcast packets without filtering them, multiple copies of the same message circulate endlessly between the two segments, constantly being forwarded by both bridges.
  90. And as the sea surpasses the land in this matter, so the whale fishery surpasses every other sort of maritime life, in the wonderfulness and fearfulness of the rumors which sometimes circulate there.
  91. Rumours of an impending calamity had just begun to circulate when the tinkle of amplified bells signalled the arrival of the Mages who filed onto their elaborately decorated balcony above and behind the stages.
  92. Should this bank attempt to circulate forty-four thousand pounds, the four thousand pounds which are over and above what the circulation can easily absorb and employ, will return upon it almost as fast as they are issued.
  93. In the spring of 1812 the Duke of Bassano handed over to Frenckel, a banker of Warsaw, forged notes to the amount of 20,000,000 roubles, with instructions to circulate them beyond the Russian frontier as the French advanced.
  94. He had chosen to live in a small community some distance from the city, and stories started to circulate that the mothers of small children had run him out of town when he had become more than just friendly with their offspring.
  95. Thus, when we say that the circulating money of England has been computed at eighteen millions, we mean only to express the amount of the metal pieces, which some writers have computed, or rather have supposed, to circulate in that country.
  96. But the annual produce of the land and labour of the country had before required only one million to circulate and distribute it to its proper consumers, and that annual produce cannot be immediately augmented by those operations of banking.
  97. That revenue, therefore, cannot consist in those metal pieces, of which the amount is so much inferior to its value, but in the power of purchasing, in the goods which can successively be bought with them as they circulate from hand to hand.
  98. The guards were constantly yielding up these stories, riveting for their stark terror which would then circulate through the office until Sinclair show up again to loosen the resolve of the next headstrong individual, and there’d be a new rumor.
  99. This happens because immense values circulate in the documental forms among the involved agents with the information technology utilization that generates rapid power to make decisions in the application of resources for gain or strategic flight of the loss.
  100. The whole paper money of every kind which can easily circulate in any country, never can exceed the value of the gold and silver, of which it supplies the place, or which (the commerce being supposed the same) would circulate there, if there was no paper money.
  1. Tina felt the blood circulating.
  2. The circulating pulses unite the.
  3. Those tapes are still circulating.
  4. The circulating pulses unite the 3.
  5. When I died, the circulating library.
  6. Their maintenance is a circulating capital.
  7. Among the cars circulating in the trafic of.
  8. Power is required for the circulating pumps:.
  9. Get his description circulating through Interpol.
  10. Doctor! the circulating nurse stated firmly.
  11. We had, however, not then any circulating library.
  12. Blood, remarks on the circulating system, xxviii, 79.
  13. I hate to say this, but there’s a rumor circulating.
  14. Fresh, air had got into her and was circulating freely.
  15. She felt cool air circulating in the heat of that void.
  16. Three of our red jackets are circulating among the guests.
  17. No wonder there is a saying that has been circulating.
  18. There is a tremendous malaise circulating our world today.
  19. Keep air circulating in your home through the use of fans.
  20. But I’m pretty sure the petition is still circulating.
  21. The decline in circulating estrogen levels with menopause.
  22. A startling statistic has been circulating over the Internet.
  23. The amount of this circulating medium is, say fifty millions.
  24. At that time absolutely no baldies were circulating in London.
  25. Circulating in automobiles is not safe under any circumstances.
  26. Danger seemed to radiate from the crowd circulating around Molloy.
  27. It always accompanies it circulating around it and never leaves it.
  28. I saw Hank and Kristin circulating with drinks and hors d’oeuvre.
  29. He felt his blood circulating more freely and flexed his arms and legs.
  30. In the one case it is a fixed, in the other it is a circulating capital.
  31. The streets were packed and no cars were circulating, let alone taxi cabs.
  32. I just wondered if she knew about this petition that’s circulating.
  33. Now and then we could hear a whisper circulating about among the spectators.
  34. The capital of a merchant, for example, is altogether a circulating capital.
  35. The reason this drugs are still circulating in the market is because they are.
  36. Also, sundry rumours were circulating concerning the General's family affairs.
  37. Because she was focusing on circulating the vital energies, she could not talk.
  38. The rumours referred to by Drac had been circulating the sett for some time now.
  39. The rumor of Edmond's arrest as a Bonapartist agent was not slow in circulating.
  40. And the fish! Large open areas of tanks with schools of fish circulating around.
  41. If that wasn't reason enough to push her away, the rumors circulating lately were.
  42. No? Its not important that there are rumors circulating that I am a cuckold?
  43. Those strange seamen on the Nautilus were content with the oxygen circulating inside.
  44. No cars were circulating in the vicinity and one or two celebratory bonfires were lit.
  45. There is a tragic story circulating on the news this week about a young 11 year old boy.
  46. Truly, stories involving Marilyn and the Kennedys have been circulating for many decades.
  47. The circulating gold and silver of the country had not been supposed to exceed £18,000,000.
  48. Her circulating lifeblood failing to warm her and she shivered the same as the deceased did.
  49. But there’s a rumor circulating around the village about you, and it’s not flattering.
  50. The fats circulating in the blood stream are of course closest to the innermost layer of the.
  51. Even as he spoke the great politician became aware of a whisper circulating around the chamber.
  52. Where heat exchangers are used they should be arranged in continually circulating loops or sub.
  53. Regulates the mind, breathing and energy by circulating the Qi in the left and right directions.
  54. A humidifier is a great investment and can inhibit allergies from circulating through the home.
  55. I just wondered if you knew about this petition that’s circulating, said Miss Barnes.
  56. The cars circulating were mostly American models both new and in various stages of dilapidation.
  57. Of course, she would be operating on a bluff, with no intention of actually circulating the money.
  58. So, what did I do? I started circulating the lies about him…they worked, you have to agree!.
  59. I am aware of unconfirmed reports of danger to our planet currently circulating on the Internet.
  60. They’re circulating his blood through a machine that purifies it and pumps it back into his body.
  61. Web publishing is based on the model of packaging and circulating information via text and graphic.
  62. This must necessarily check and change at least one-third of the circulating medium of the country.
  63. The Bishop is quite concerned about the stories circulating in the newspapers the last day or two.
  64. It was late and chilly with very few people circulating and I wondered if they expected to be hired.
  65. Stories were circulating on the Hill that the fiery Hoosier Republican, a known womanizer, had fathered a.
  66. Would you like something to drink? Vince asked Cami when they’d been circulating for nearly an hour.
  67. Sir, I did, indeed, know that such vulgar aspersions were circulating among the lower passions of our nature.
  68. It is the circulating capital which furnishes the materials and wages of labour, and puts industry into motion.
  69. Most people repeat the same mistakes over and over again, re-aligning themselves to the same circulating energies.
  70. Yesterday strange rumours were circulating among the spacious ways and sumptuous buildings of our vast metropolis.
  71. I and my father’s men withdrew from the circle of the poles and electric power that was circulating between them.
  72. Their immediate advantages are, a convenient circulating medium; the safe depository they afford for cash and funds.
  73. Different occupations require very different proportions between the fixed and circulating capitals employed in them.
  74. One would have imagined that this was solely a city of men until one noticed now and then inverted sacks circulating.
  75. His priest, Peter, had felt it worth following up as he understood the potential dangers of false stories circulating.
  76. The effect of six months treatment with a 100mg daily dose of DHEA on circulating sex steroids, body composition and.
  77. The quantity of circulating medium, whether made of paper or of silver dollars, has very little to do with the subject.
  78. The whole capital of the undertaker of every work is necessarily divided between his fixed and his circulating capital.
  79. You can gather feedback from representatives of all segments of the community by circulating the application for review.
  80. I had gained the reputation of an oddball, unsociable loner in the Greek circles where I should ordinarily be circulating.
  81. The qualities of this factor are all the potentials that are gathered out into images that are regularly circulating around us.
  82. Well, the bear issue has remained unresolved; there is still a lot of misleading information circulating in hunting literature.
  83. After Cordus had gotten this information out of Cra, he’d spent a while circulating, but guests starting dropping away quickly.
  84. He was also able to hear in the background other noises, including the whistling of the wind and vehicles circulating around her.
  85. With the tunnels open and fans circulating the air the temperature had equalized at 72 degrees everywhere and nothing had to be.
  86. He was not certain of the illness but there were rumors circulating in the small Greek circle that she was diagnosed HIV positive.
  87. Helping first Janet to sit, Bernard then sat and signaled to one of the scantily dressed waitresses circulating around the tables.
  88. There were none in her father's house; but wealth is luxurious and daring, and some of hers found its way to a circulating library.
  89. I realized as I watched him that he was an exception to the color-coding — he’d been circulating, but his clothes were all black.
  90. In his few months as prime minister in 1923, he simply called in all the useless bank- notes circulating in Germany and burned them.
  91. There were none in her father’s house; but wealth is luxurious and daring, and some of hers found its way to a circulating library.
  92. The sick jokes saying that she must have been a cracker for him to do it, the debauched sod, were already circulating via text message.
  93. Against every instinct in his body, Eddie Corton did what he was told and turned off the coolant circulating inside the reaction vessel.
  94. Those niggas caught me coming out of my moms’ house bruh, I replied feeling the effects of the piff circulating through my blood.
  95. It restrains the circulation of each particular company within a narrower circle, and reduces their circulating notes to a smaller number.
  96. I was very uncomfortable at the hall because the priest who celebrated mass was circulating in our midst and kept me under close scrutiny.
  97. Both the price and the maintenance of the cattle which are bought in and fattened, not for labour, but for sale, are a circulating capital.
  98. In response to a sugar binge, our pancreas produces more insulin, a hormone that rapidly takes up circulating blood glucose into our cells.
  99. Absolutely disgusting, politically correct substitution for the word „sex in all too many official documents circulating around America.
  100. They were obviously bright and studious but I did not identify any circulating geniuses as I seemed to discern, perhaps mistakenly, at MIT.
  1. A rumour circulated that the American.
  2. Whispers and rumours circulated that they.
  3. False reports of all kinds were then circulated.
  4. Their money just circulated between the three of them.
  5. Pamela circulated slowly, talking with the different.
  6. Phillip paused as laughter circulated around the table.
  7. Newton agreed and circulated the letter among the new.
  8. My poor Amelia, the thought circulated through his mind.
  9. Rumors about their relationship had circulated for years.
  10. Warm seas circulated throughout the world, including the.
  11. But as I circulated about in the throng, I came upon him.
  12. With regard to the many rumours being circulated about Je.
  13. She has circulated a story that, while at dinner with her, you.
  14. Random thoughts circulated in my head, like oiled fingers in hair.
  15. Abroad: Wide spread; away from home; outside the area; circulated.
  16. Rumors circulated, but Mitch knew better than to ask for details.
  17. Pipes should have lagging if heated water is circulated to prevent.
  18. Up and down Indiana Avenue, volunteers circulated with the free roses.
  19. A brother, the curse circulated through his mind and came to culmination.
  20. Mei Yinxue secretly circulated her channels and attack once again with her.
  21. It was because after she circulated her vital energies around, she suddenly.
  22. It is thought that a forged letter had been circulated to which Paul alludes.
  23. With the excuse that his bag had not circulated yet Geoff said goodbye to Amy.
  24. Notices are being circulated – the ceremony will be held in two days’ time.
  25. These letters were circulated throughout all of the Persian empire, initiating.
  26. His skin was almost back to normal, the curse disappearing as her blood circulated.
  27. I WAS BEING INTERVIEWED at a restaurant for a flashy, nationally circulated magazine.
  28. Fewer goods are circulated there, and less money becomes necessary to circulate them.
  29. Most of what had happened the night before had somehow circulated throughout the group.
  30. The seats were being filled up rapidly and a pleasant noise circulated in the auditorium.
  31. Soothing sensations circulated within our blood stream, and I closed my eyes for a moment.
  32. Upon the two hundred thousand pounds which it circulated in bank notes, this five per cent.
  33. We will also counter and stop any false propaganda made and circulated by your Church against us.
  34. We have circulated it among them, that they may reflect, but most people persist in thanklessness.
  35. After presenting the memorial, he caused it to be published and circulated through the country, etc.
  36. These became so widely circulated as bootlegs that we were eventually obliged to issue it legitimately.
  37. Or so, at least, went the story that circulated in the fractious period before the meeting came to order.
  38. They would be working underground for a long time, so fresh air had to be circulated through the chamber.
  39. When we were tired we felt lighter, our cheeks were red, the blood circulated more rapidly in our veins.
  40. The man in charge, dressed in combat gear and carrying a range of weaponry, nervously circulated the area.
  41. His indiscretion and the news of this forbidden act circulated like wildfire among the guides of the town.
  42. It was then that one of the spiritists living in Egypt circulated some strange information in the newspapers.
  43. His children dressed well and circulated in late model vehicles, traveled abroad and had an expensive education.
  44. The progress of the war was eagerly followed, and only the reports most flattering to our army were circulated.
  45. This letter was published at New Orleans in October, 1764, and circulated amongst the French inhabitants there.
  46. At any rate, the story circulated around the world that it was Marilyn Monroe who was responsible for his death.
  47. When these praises had circulated for a certain length of time, the creditors asked for the rest of their money.
  48. They have circulated into areas where they are not supposed to go and now are replicating cells in other organs.
  49. Letters were circulated, funds collected and naturally dispersed on posters (non-talking), postage and trust tax.
  50. Norbert near a quarter of a year, in which space I circulated my time very pleasantly, between my amusements at Mrs.
  51. The Poles laughed and circulated the bottle among themselves, and Colling was asked what he thought of Polish vodka.
  52. Minutes circulated that same day underscored commitments for action that would be grist for the next regular meeting.
  53. These would re-seal with the sludge that circulated in suspension in the liquid ammonia in this pipe work all the time.
  54. It was an Arab-style house in the al-Muhajireen area, including a vast courtyard where fresh air always circulated freely.
  55. It was not supper time yet when the news of the proclamation of a provisional republican government circulated around Paris.
  56. A few minutes later, the other guests began to arrive, and Tony circulated among them, playing the part of the gracious host.
  57. Soon he’d hear the whispers, and before he knew it he’d be the butt of every sex joke that circulated around the garage.
  58. The token circulated continuously around the ring, from node to node, until it reached a workstation that had data to transmit.
  59. They dictated the text of a public notice to be circulated, and also to be posted at the public gathering places in the village.
  60. I watched as Annie circulated around our playground, engaging in a string of in-depth conversations with half a dozen individuals.
  61. He said he was not surprised since word had been circulated that holders of gereges must be obeyed instantly and without question.
  62. Your most instructive pamphlet has been widely circulated through the patronage of the bishop, and has been of appreciable service.
  63. Bottles of spirits circulated among the Australians, while smokers fouled the air and sprinkled ash and butts over the marble floor.
  64. If it was circulated among them that I had made a severe example of the Lady Eva I should find all of them much more open to reason.
  65. If it was circulated among them that I had made a severe example of the Lady Eva, I should find all of them much more open to reason.
  66. At the time of the Emperor's landing, many rumors had circulated throughout the country with regard to this inn of the Three Dauphins.
  67. The stock price's new high belied the financial condition as news circulated that BEAM's FDA application would be considered in October.
  68. At that time a famous joke of Ermolov’s was being circulated, that as a great favor he had petitioned the Emperor to make him a German.
  69. After Andrew's death other copies of this private record were made and circulated freely among the early teachers of the Christian church.
  70. At that time a famous joke of Ermólov’s was being circulated, that as a great favor he had petitioned the Emperor to make him a German.
  71. The air had circulated well enough but remained slightly stale in his nostrils, still it failed to distract him from the mesmerising walls.
  72. The report which had been circulated that the Austrians had been beaten and that the whole army had surrendered at Ulm proved to be correct.
  73. The whole value of the great wheel of circulation and distribution is added to the goods which are circulated and distributed by means of it.
  74. While they were waiting for her instructions, most circulated through the line of the coffee station generously provided by Cassie Callister.
  75. I think it needless to account for the nature and origin of the reports which circulated originally, as also why you were connected with them.
  76. Where no bank notes are circulated under £10 value, as in London, paper money confines itself very much to the circulation between the dealers.
  77. She happened to have a treasury of true, mind-bending stories which circulated in the inner sanctums, but were usually not shared with outsiders.
  78. Others admit, that if a nation could be separated from all the world, it would be of no consequence how much or how little money circulated in it.
  79. She knew the rumours that circulated around the village and even in the dim light of the cave entrance she could see that they were probably true.
  80. Baruch shorted the stock in the face of advice from mentor Thomas Ryan, and he kept shorting as rumors circulated that insiders were also selling.
  81. The value of the consumable goods annually circulated within the society being greater, will require a greater quantity of money to circulate them.
  82. At the same time Wyckliffe's Bible was being circulated by the Lollards, who were being hounded to exile, outlawry and death by the priests of Rome.
  83. Yet, ironically, his fame grew because of his loss and amusing rumours circulated the industry and the papers about vote fixing against the newcomer.
  84. The whole value of the gold and silver, therefore, which circulated in Scotland before the Union, cannot be estimated at less than a million sterling.
  85. Masks were circulated with my face, and were a pretty popular little Halloween seller for a few seasons, but then were quickly relegated to thrift stores.
  86. She was merry and circulated, statuesque and beautiful in her wedding dress, talking and laughing with the guests and seemed to be enjoying the hullabaloo.
  87. I supposed, that when it had been published and circulated, it had answered all the purposes of its authors, and I felt no disposition to interfere with them.
  88. Thus the honour and purity of the honest man were displayed, and his sublimity and pride elevated with God and mankind as the news was soon widely circulated.
  89. But in pre-computer days, remember carbon copies, the various lawyers at multiple divisions in both states circulated colored carbon copies to all the other lawyers.
  90. Shortly after the proxy came out, a report "not for reproduction" circulated that rehashed the accounting practices, the insider take, and the competitive environment.
  91. The quantity of money, therefore, which can be annually employed in any country, must be determined by the value of the consumable goods annually circulated within it.
  92. Two waitresses then circulated quickly around the tables with small wicker baskets to collect the customers’ tips for the dancing girl, something that made Bernard nod.
  93. The American Missionary is printed and circulated for the information of its constituency, and to keep alive their practical interest in the work of the Association.
  94. The greater part of this paper was, consequently, over and above the value of the gold and silver which would have circulated in the country, had there been no paper money.
  95. In addition to providing hot water, the central solar tank (receiving roof circulated hot water during the day) would be a source of heat for the house at night, if needed.
  96. All they had against them were a bunch of bullshit charges, like passing bogus currency and bouncing checks, which in fact, were only circulated among other willing Freemen.
  97. During one of these reviews in the courtyard of the Kremlin, a rumour was circulated among his suite that artillery fire was to be heard in the direction of the advance-guard.
  98. Published in Landsgau, the Division’s headquarters, it circulated throughout the division’s area of responsibility, but seldom reached outlying locations such as Camp 146.
  99. What is the proportion which the circulating money of any country bears to the whole value of the annual produce circulated by means of it, it is perhaps impossible to determine.
  100. Could he be luring her deep down to some secluded spot where he could do with her as he pleased? Eilidh had been around long enough to hear the terrible stories that circulated.
  1. The packet also circulates around the ring.
  2. Hot blood teases my nerves as it circulates all over me.
  3. However, another darker rumor still circulates, that Mrs.
  4. Often it is said that life, and all that we do circulates.
  5. More precisely, not where it's going, but in which it circulates.
  6. Energy ( qi in Chinese tradition) circulates in the said 12 merid-.
  7. It digests the food, burnt in the fire of Pran and circulates its.
  8. A sort of prophetic spirit and an afflatus of the future circulates.
  9. The gift of His Grace is matchless and as real as the air which circulates around the globe.
  10. The Holy saying reads: "Satan flows through a Son of Adam as the blood circulates in the body".
  11. Space: In order that air circulates in the body and maintains a proper balance, there has to be space.
  12. The Scientific American is promotive of knowledge and progress in every community where it circulates.
  13. Our systematics does with that the wealth circulates to generate abundance with sufficiency of resources.
  14. The water heater takes super hot water from the roof and circulates it in a mix with water in the solar tank.
  15. Minutes later, the Sun sets behind the western rocky ridge, and an instant chill circulates throughout the cemetery.
  16. Ki-hoon records his classes on video, and circulates them on the internet, where students log on at the rate of $4 an hour.
  17. Earth has teamed up with Heaven, Matter with Spirit, there arose a channel through which the Energy-Information circulates in both directions.
  18. They know, that where little wealth circulates, there is little to be got; but that where a great deal is in motion, some share of it may fall to them.
  19. Besides, there is the depredation economic or political that the external capital produces the countries when in them it circulates in search of profit.
  20. The AM prevented this by introducing a propagation delay of at least 24 bits (called a latency buffer), which ensured that the token circulates around the network properly.
  21. This bullion, as it circulates among different commercial countries, in the same manner as the national coin circulates in every country, may be considered as the money of the great mercantile republic.
  22. The gold and silver money which circulates in any country may very properly be compared to a highway, which, while it circulates and carries to market all the grass and corn of the country, produces itself not a single pile of either.
  23. The gold and silver money which circulates in any country, and by means of which, the produce of its land and labour is annually circulated and distributed to the proper consumers, is, in the same manner as the ready money of the dealer, all dead stock.
  24. It receives and pays the greater part of the annuities which are due to the creditors of the public ; it circulates exchequer bills ; and it advances to government the annual amount of the land and malt taxes, which are frequently not paid up till some years thereafter.
  25. It is important to emphasize that after the formation of the Coordenational Structure there will be the self-sufficiency of resources and services, because each agreed organization will turn available all its resource so that it circulates freely without its definitive possession.
  26. Grace being said,—for those people have their grace as well as we—though Queequeg told me that unlike us, who at such times look downwards to our platters, they, on the contrary, copying the ducks, glance upwards to the great Giver of all feasts—Grace, I say, being said, the High Priest opens the banquet by the immemorial ceremony of the island; that is, dipping his consecrated and consecrating fingers into the bowl before the blessed beverage circulates.
  27. When you get at believing in that there is no God but Al'lah and become one of those who see that God's Hand controls the movement of all universe, when your spirit becomes immersed in this viewing and you become witnessing that no winds blow, no clouds cover the sky or stick together, no rains flow, no lightning flashes or shimmers, no thunder resounds, no sea runs high and low with restless waves, no water of river flows in constant flax, no volcano breaks out angrily, no flood streams in force and intension, no earthquake shakes the land making forgetful and heedless hearts tremble scared, no earth circulates in order to cause Night and Day and four seasons, no stars swim shining within systematic orbits: that is to say, if you become of those who witness that the universe with all its creatures is but one unit directed by a Hand of Wise and Peerless One and a Will of Cognizant and Omniscient One, according to your efforts, and your Daily-contemplations, and without Him even your hand does not move, your eye does not blink, your ear does not hear a sound or a noise, your heart does not beat pulsing between systole and diastole, your stomach does not secrete its gastric juice over the foods inside it, your liver does not store substances or secrete others according to a firm standards, your lungs do not expand and contract between inspiration and expiration, your blood does not flow in arteries and veins, the red corpuscles do not carry what they carry to and fro, the white corpuscles do not fight and struggle with microbes, the germs do not attack the body severely: I say, if you become sure of that by minding and spiritual witnessing, not by hearing from specialists or reading in volumes and books so that you become seeing that everything is controlled by God's Hand and that all people, notables or commoners, near or far, strong or weak, and even all the creatures, can not render you a benefit nor protect you from an evil, nor hurt you or cause any change in your state except by Al'lah's Leave, there; you will enter the fort of straightness and will never exceed God's bounds.
  28. The energy that circulates within animates the group’s level of vitality,.

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