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Distribute в предложении (на )

Distribute it all.
He will distribute.
Distribute PDFs that.
They distribute Mom's Ankle Wax.
RSS is how you distribute your content.
And then distribute the books to others.
The information you distribute has to be.

His Office is to distribute Presentations and.
Distribute 1/2 of the chicken over the cheese.
Maybe Paul was using Tor to distribute his movies.
You may freely distribute this book, provided that.
The point is that it is important to distribute the.
Sell all that you have and distribute it to the poor.
It causes voices to equally distribute throughout, he said.
Distributing the Water to Plants.
While he was getting up was distributing complaints:.
Distributing search-optimized press releases on the web.
Their main channels for distributing the information are:.
On reaching the porch they also stopped, distributing alms.
In June I was distributing manifestoes again in X district.
Plus I plan on distributing the bath oil in some stores too.
We’re going to start distributing the iodine pills as.
Antarctic waters, distributing the heat around the planet and.
They were both easing into flat-footed steps, distributing their.
He stayed in his walk to watch a typesetter neatly distributing type.
I have been distributing the package for several months now with what I can.
I already suspected, of course, who could be in our way of distributing the.
They will begin distributing it at dawn if I do not return and countermand the order.
The vestries were indiscriminately distributing bread sent us by the French government.
If Target wants to liquidate, it can do so by distributing $31 in cash to its stockholders.
The GP is responsible for distributing cash back to the LPs proportionally to their holdings.
Harris had been distributing, and I endeavoured to make myself as little in the way as possible.
Passive solar heating is collecting and distributing heat through efficient heat storage systems.
Beggars surrounded him, and, distributing such change as he had in his pocket, he descended the stairs.
She was arrested after one and a half years when she was discovered to be distributing Bibles and hymnals.
And there appeared to them tongues as of fire distributing themselves, and they rested on each one of them.
Finally, distributing cash to stockholders has to compete with using the cash to reduce or defease liabilities.
This includes determining the amount of inventory to carry, handling product returns, and distributing products.
Recalling Sensei’s face, my lotus started to vibrate again, distributing pleasant sensations all over my body.
The time allotted for lessons had expired, and the teachers were quietly distributing hymn-books to the children.
Monergy was merely an inequitable and unsustainable crude device for distributing energy and self-sustaining needs.
This consists of distributing computing tasks among the available processors so that they are all continuously active.
Besides farm labor, other jobs he had were distributing circulars, selling newspapers, shining shoes and running a theater.
Distributing itself over surfaces only, it causes repulsion between masses, but not between the particles of the same mass.
Graham-Newman solved this problem by distributing the shares directly to their limited partners, who then owned it directly.
The alternative method of distributing corporate cash to stockholders is to have a company repurchase its own shares for cash.
The man paid no attention to him, finished the task, remounted his horse and continued distributing flyers throughout the town.
I started sending my right-hand man with our truck packed with merchandise to do our bit of distributing along with our clients.
We are nearly half an hour late getting into the office and Bill is distributing the post by the time I eventually get to my desk.
So that there is not the least similarity between the two officers; one being the purchasing, the other the distributing officer.
I will however keep my speech short and will acknowledge your valor in the most proper way: by distributing medals and promotions.
In addition, someone has to be constantly in charge of collecting, organizing, maintaining, archiving and distributing information.
Napoleon paraded and reviewed the Guards and the garrison in all weathers, distributing rewards and crosses of the Legion of Honour.
Staying in the passageway, the paratrooper officer then directed his men for the next fifteen minutes, distributing them along the cabins.
I have distributed the.
It is distributed by The.
Works had been distributed.
By Olga's hand distributed.
They are distributed through an.
They can be distributed on iTunes.
We are distributed, Rene said.
But a distributed intelligence could.
This book was distributed courtesy of:.
Loseling Monastery distributes a prepared form, saying that anyone.
Forbes publishes and distributes more than 40 investment newsletters.
He calls and distributes, controls and guides, inspires and strengthens.
Vidler develops, stores, and distributes water in the southwestern United States.
Largest artery: The aorta, which distributes oxygenated blood around the body, is 3 cm (1.
Bassett is a vertically integrated furniture company (imports, manufactures, wholesales and distributes).
We pay extra to have our post delivered early and Bill invariably opens the post and distributes the contents.
On the other hand, the second applicant distributes his contact information to some people that he met in the company.
If he distributes his wagers evenly over all the numbers, then whichever one turns up he is certain to win a moderate amount.
About a third of the company’s revenue comes from its Areva T&D division, which transmits and distributes the nuclear power that is generated by the power plants.
The light does not bear away terrestrial perfumes into the azure depths, without knowing what it is doing; the night distributes stellar essences to the sleeping flowers.
No matter how conservative its payout ratio, a company that consistently distributes restricted earnings is destined for oblivion unless equity capital is otherwise infused.
The properties of this "box" does not change over time and do not depend on how the substance distributes and redistributes in it "(The Dictionary of the young physicist, "Space").
Ticket distribution in the Congress is a complex exercise aimed at faction management—the party distributes the tickets to various groups based on a traditional patron–client system.
But as the compound fluid extricated by Galvanic action, which I shall call electro-caloric, distributes itself through the interior of bodies, and is evidently productive of corpuscular repulsion, it is in this respect more allied to caloric than to electricity.
The poor gentleman has no way of showing that he is a gentleman but by virtue, by being affable, well-bred, courteous, gentle-mannered, and kindly, not haughty, arrogant, or censorious, but above all by being charitable; for by two maravedis given with a cheerful heart to the poor, he will show himself as generous as he who distributes alms with bell-ringing, and no one that perceives him to be endowed with the virtues I have named, even though he know him not, will fail to recognise and set him down as one of good blood; and it would be strange were it not so; praise has ever been the reward of virtue, and those who are virtuous cannot fail to receive commendation.
And if one man may not buy of another a commodity from the other side of a certain fixed line, called the frontier, without paying certain duties on it to men who have taken no part whatever in its production—and if men are driven to sell their last cow to pay taxes which the government distributes among its functionaries, and spends on maintaining soldiers to murder these very taxpayers—it would appear self-evident that all this does not come about as the result of any abstract laws, but is based on just what was done in Orel, and which may be done in Toula, and is done periodically in one form or another throughout the whole world wherever there is a government, and where there are rich and poor.
Thus, the chief distinctions between the administrative view of the masses and that of the County Council are the following: (1) the County Council pays great attention to the housing and spends large sums upon it, while the masses obviate this difficulty by domestic, economic means, and look upon the primary schools as temporary, passing institutions; (2) the ministerial department demands that instruction be carried on during the whole year, with the exception of July and August, and nowhere introduces evening classes, while the masses demand that instruction be carried on only in the winter and are fond of evening classes; (3) the ministerial department has a definite type of teachers, without which it does not recognize the school, and has a loathing for clerical persons and, in general, for local instructors; the masses recognize no norm and choose their teachers preferably from local inhabitants; (4) the ministerial department distributes the schools by accident, that is, it is guided only by the desire of forming a normal school, and has no care for that greater half of the population which under such a distribution is left outside the school education; the masses not only recognize no definite external form of the school, but in the greatest variety of ways get teachers with all kinds of means, arranging worse and cheaper schools with small means and good and expensive schools with greater means, and turn their attention to furnishing all localities with instruction in return for their money; (5) the ministerial department determines one measure of remuneration, which is sufficiently high, and arbitrarily increases the amount from the County Council; the masses demand the greatest possible economy and distribute the remuneration in such a way that those whose children are taught pay directly.

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