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    1. While I was here this world underwent a revolution in communication, and it seemed to make little difference, it was a fashion fad for a few years, decades I mean, and everything is the same

    2. Earning for our food, rushing to work by various modes of transport, waiting in queues, communication using modern means, social responsibilities, all have been added to the man who was originally created to deal with only nature

    3. It was communication of love between Father and His

    4. developing an effective communication with Him

    5.  Communication means to communiqué, and to

    6. As I have said, communication is two ways conversation

    7. communication is the key to grow and develop it

    8. Another way to improve communication with God’s is by

    9. Vinnie’s fingers from his right hand danced across the holographic keyboard as he tried to pull up any communication from his team

    10. Entering a series of commands, Vinnie effectively cut off Ackers from all further communication

    11. Technology has advanced our communication and retarded normal conversations

    12. This is developing a line of communication between the ants and yourself

    13. Still later the communication improved as we were either exposed to some spiritual advice or wanted help to get over some problem or tension

    14. So our communication with him is only a ‘drama’

    15. "It is little changed, a fad went by and the price of communication came down

    16. Up to this day I thought communication with the others were the most important thing in life

    17. This afternoon I tried to begin a conversation regarding the necessity of human communication, but she interrupted me abruptly:

    18. Rose is very concerned that you’ve cut off communication with Nick, she hasn’t said much, but she sees a lot and she’s very close to him

    19. He knew the paths to the instrumentation, restudied them, and with a little clandestine help from Enrico, who didn't know he was giving it, found the communication channel to the probe's motor

    20. Communication takes energy and only the transmitter on the Lula or the remnant of Gordon's Lamp could reach Earth, the natives could reach only the ships and that was using line-of-sight optical from the surface

    21. They don't understand the human mind, but if they copy the brain at a fine enough level of detail, the interaction you get with that mind is indistinguishable from the living mind over a communication channel

    22. ‘I understand you wish to send a communication across to head office

    23. Til Thom reported, she didn't need to interact with the other ship, she could devote herself to other investigations of this communication system

    24. So how is life in Nepal? I hope you have recovered from the fever you mention in your last communication

    25. ‘He has some sort of communication with the town

    26. Communication is on a telepathic level

    27. Before he could elaborate someone again butted in, cutting communication by asking if there was a problem to save their own asses

    28. 'We need a real school, more work, better communication, not just the tourism

    29. “How did he tell you all that; I didn’t see any communication devices?” The doctor was starring intently at Daniel

    30. Daniel stopped at the last landing and turned to him; “Paul,” he answered him, “we are in constant communication with each other thru our dragons

    31. used for introductions and provide means of communication and, if you both wish, to meet in

    32. With the internet expanding on a daily basis, the available means of communication given

    33. lines of communication given to you to the site's administrator

    34. This is simply a data base that lists your interests, hobbies and communication styles into categories in order to

    35. For example, the Relationship Matrix deals a ton with the communication styles of its

    36. In the world, there are two types of communication: emotional and logical

    37. The second, emotional style of communication also

    38. the best you can to maintain a healthy balance in communication, finances and interests, while

    39. Danny found virtual reality far more rewarding than the unnecessary and irksome chores that comprised all manual forms of familial communication

    40. 'What's up?' I said, more to improve communication than the sight of her

    41. Before he could ask, Lord Tarak continued, “And yes, we tried it elsewhere; it only works here with communication devices

    42. Focus on the feeling of open, honest communication that you desire and bring that into the moment

    43. An underpinning knowledge of the NLP communication model is particularly helpful for explaining this process within the mind

    44. The ability to open a line of communication with a

    45. has his back to them, but my communication with the

    46. how everything is in constant communication with

    47. The communication that takes place between you as

    48. By the way, nonverbal communication works with all

    49. Blogging is HUGE! Since about ten years ago, blogging has developed into a form of communication that is staggering

    50. A question Brent, Mya interrupted, are you in communication with the red hawk?

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