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    comply with

    1. Most people are quite happy to comply with the request, curious as to who received the anonymous letters and what they had said … I become pretty convincing at not having a clue … if they only knew …

    2. comply with regulations and must ensure the physical well-being of

    3. Then of course the Huntress could neutralize the rest of them one after the other, track the remainder to the yet undiscovered 'rest' of the Naud on the frontier and still comply with the terms of their contract

    4. They are not elected, they don’t have to comply with the will of the people here

    5. The civil magistrate, who could comply with their demand only by giving them something which he would have chosen much rather to take, or to keep to himself, was seldom very forward to grant it

    6. We would obviously need to ask the question of how a layer of water would be able to remain suspended above the Earth and at the same time, comply with the laws of physics we know to exist today

    7. At the time I refused to believe it, that we could actually die if we didn't comply with the authorities

    8. Their response – carefully crafted to comply with erstwhile doctrine and in so doing exploit a loophole – involved an elaborate plan to avoid direct contact with the species of that era (further detail restricted to file Mission Freedom)

    9. Engaging in irrational behavior in an environment that has ceased to be rational or ―normal‖ is considered rational whenever such behavioral patterns either conform or comply with the (otherwise) irrational standards of that environment

    10. “You will stay in there until you are prepared to comply with my wishes!” There was a pause, and then his footsteps echoed as they retreated down the stairs

    11. Had Hitler been forced to comply with the treaty of Versailles, we would not have suffered a disastrous Second World War

    12. secured, and must comply with the requirements of the Clean Water Act

    13. have it, you must comply with all the requirements and inspections

    14. However, if that's the way you want it, I must comply with your wishes

    15. you fail to comply with this offer of settlement

    16. available to me (Section 616 & 617) if you fail to comply with

    17. provided you fail to comply with this offer of settlement

    18. States are now objecting to being forced to comply with regulations and

    19. Selfish is the individual who cannot or will not voluntarily comply with the needs of the many

    20. On February 5, the court found that Adam did not comply with the January 7th order, he had moved but he did participate in the hearing by telephone

    21. On February 26, the Maine Court found that Adam did not comply with the January 7

    22. a- Comply with the language of the regulation and tell the RU commander to make his men wear the same uniform as the Regiments wear

    23. There were the twelve years of unfulfilled resolutions, the latest being Resolution 1441, which offered Iraq a final opportunity to comply with the many disarmament obligations set out previously

    24. What is one of the most important issues for Joseph, after his death? It is of such importance that he requires his brethren to take an oath that they will comply with his wishes

    25. minds being touched or not and comply with their wishes

    26. They moved to comply with great precision and speed

    27. used, the forms and other details of how to comply with the law in order to make it

    28. advising him to comply with the decree to honour Haman as if he were a God, but

    29. all that we are, comply with His leading fully, and

    30. Sylvester Stal one is notorious for daring not to comply with this convention

    31. urged RCMP staff to comply with the court orders

    32. Are any of us ‘dumb enough’ to believe that it is what God would do!! It sure doesn’t comply with His Teaching! --- either in supporting the hierarchy or rejecting ‘His representative on earth’s’ teachings, which is done in ‘His Name’

    33. , for ‘social engineering’, such as permitting women in combat, implementing medical and marriage regulations where Doctors / Nurses / Chaplains cannot comply with their oaths and / or ‘religious oath’ and hence can’t serve in the military

    34. When a facility is constructed and operating it can be evaluated and made to comply with the laws

    35. Giving her two aspirin, her grandmother said she looked peaked before issuing orders Jesse was more than willing to comply with

    36. Thus, the top three levels of PSL management were committing fraud on the USG by failing to comply with FAR, DEAR, DFARS, OMB Circular A-111, CAS, and the lab’s own policies and procedures

    37. Perversely, he and the Defense Contract Audit Agency sustained almost all of my charges about PSL’s failure to comply with CAS and FAR 31

    38. “I’m curious enough to comply with that!” Theramin said with a wave, and produced a white silk handkerchief and a steel dowel

    39. if the premises and the equipment used for the activity comply with the

    40. organisations, or other persons having signed a statement to comply with the

    41. and over again that the failure to comply with the new way of

    42. They comply with plans and strategy for scheduling meetings, establishing contacts, resolving disputes, and ensuring that all documents are completed on time

    43. Failure to comply with standards and regulations

    44. Bill: Before I could comply with Michael‘s request for more maps I received the dreaded pink letter from the Polunsky Map Gestapo

    45. Comply with standards

    46. morning, and by then, it would be too late for her to do anything except comply with his last

    47. So The Builder is now hoping that you’ll comply with his wishes and mosey on your way

    48. the making of a great sales pulling ad? Does it comply with the AIDA rule?

    49. Does it comply with the first rule of AIDA? In other words does it grab the readers ATTENTION

    50. They knew he had to comply with what they wanted

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