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Yield в предложении (на )

  1. I'll not yield an inch.
  2. Thy harvest for to yield.
  3. The dividend yield was 2.
  4. Yield to the Holy Ghost.
  5. The yield is the ratio.

  6. Yield to me, and I will.
  7. And they repent and yield.
  8. Higher is the YIELD more.
  9. We fear that he may yield.
  10. It is only as we yield to.
  11. With a dividend yield of 4.
  12. With the dividend yield at 1.
  13. I yield with a low reverence;.
  14. We have to yield to His will.
  15. In order to yield a value of 3.

  16. Figure 7-3 plots dividend yield.
  17. It has already had to yield.
  18. Then you will not yield?
  19. Another later effort may yield.
  20. It continued to yield in silence.
  21. Those who yield to Christ will.
  22. This is called YIELD IMPROVEMENT.
  23. Use YIELD to calculate bond yield.
  24. Stop signs and yield signs have.
  25. The truth has such a little yield.

  26. And all the craggy mountains yield.
  27. In essence, the flat yield curve.
  28. When you are beat, you must yield.
  29. Risk and Yield Are Incommensurable.
  30. And our earth shall yield her fruit.
  31. What are they? Gladly would I yield.
  32. Assumes that to be his YIELD STRESS.
  33. Any other arrangement would yield a.
  34. That course can only yield more fear.
  35. Shareholder yield captures them both.
  36. There was something he would not yield.
  37. Not a door, not a window, would yield.
  38. Thou'lt yield without dispute thy fame.
  39. The objects of pleasure cannot yield.
  40. The 20% rule would yield $188 billion.
  41. Now the yearly farm profit yield was.
  42. Adding this to the dividend yield of 2.
  43. Nor will it yield to Norway or the Pole.
  44. Yield me Giray then; with these tresses.
  45. This resulted in an earnings yield of 2.
  46. Obtaining the square root would yield 2.
  47. One of woman's magnanimities is to yield.
  48. If I yield to Him, He will supply for me.
  49. The woods do not yield another such a gem.
  50. By way of a change we can yield to either.
  51. Investors should not seek yield too blindly.
  52. The moment you yield just this once, you.
  53. Our high yield bond portfolios are focused.
  54. But she did not yield—she would not yield.
  55. The poor young fool was too proud to yield.
  57. The ETF pays an annual dividend yield of 6.
  59. The notes sold at 74, however, to yield 11%.
  60. The yield of the vineyard is a small amount.
  61. But their strong nerves at last must yield;.
  62. Your holiest dreams yield to the stupid bow.
  63. True devotion should yield to your serenity!.
  64. The dividend yield is also at a record low 1.
  65. Verse 22 And consumes the earth with it yield.
  66. And the yield of the seeds one could discount.
  67. Yield dainties for them; and he that can tell.
  68. She did not answer nor yield wholly to his arm.
  69. Investing two million pounds will yield about.
  70. This, he says, she cannot and never will yield.
  71. Empowerment that will yield a new Empowered you.
  72. To yield this would be absolute recolonization.
  73. The pleasure they yield is necessarily limited.
  74. The yield on the 10 year Treasury note fell to 2.
  75. She was small and tenacious and would not yield.
  76. The ex ante real bond yield is even better at 0.
  77. Not that individuals have to yield to absolute.
  78. Enjoy! Original recipe yield: 1 - 8x8 inch dish.
  79. This is not easy, but as we yield there will be.
  80. How much does a tenth yield from Shiring?
  81. It might yet yield important ruins and artifacts.
  82. I didn’t yield any kind of significant results.
  83. Yield forecasts had been significantly increased.
  84. God has a destiny for you, and as you yield your.
  85. Always yield to an angler with a fish on the line.
  86. I will yield my time and ask that I have another.
  87. At that price, the current yield was close to 66%.
  88. He refused to draw back in fear, to yield to fear.
  89. Ordinary Americans are to yield up their judgment.
  90. Rental yield fell from about 5% in the 1990s to 3.
  91. Ex ante real yield shows the highest correlations.
  92. His Grace waited too long to yield, he cried.
  93. No Mathematical Relationship between Yield and Risk.
  94. Again, currently stocks yield a historically low 1.
  95. Integration of the below curves does yield the $43T.
  96. When we learn to yield to Him our lives become free.
  97. We loved it, too! Original recipe yield: 64 pieces.
  98. Give us grace to yield to the leading of this spirit.
  99. Under the efforts of both men the lid began to yield.
  100. More recent daily yield histories are from Bloomberg.
  1. But she was not yielding.
  2. Her lips were soft and yielding.
  3. The charade is yielding results.
  4. All yielding she tossed my hair.
  5. Wellington felt that he was yielding.
  6. That you are assertive and yielding.
  7. Unto the voice and yielding of that body.
  8. Still, yielding to my fear was unthinkable.
  9. He tripped over something soft and yielding.
  10. On waking I lay long in bed yielding to sloth.
  11. I was yet worse when, yielding at length to the.
  12. For example, stocks are currently yielding about 1.
  13. Liberty 4¼s, due about the same time, were yielding 4.
  14. He produces a crop, yielding a hundred, sixty or thirty.
  15. How could I not? But she had no intention of yielding to it.
  16. Yield Signal Yielding of the forehand �teaching it with touch.
  17. We have engaged an enemy not in the habit of yielding very soon.
  18. Another new piece of evidence, yielding nothing but more questions.
  19. Pull on! 'tis the better rest, the shark's jaw than the yielding water.
  20. She was no longer plastic clay, yielding imprint to each new experience.
  21. Good it was to look upon, cold and soft and yielding to the touch, this.
  22. The Theory of Buying the Highest Yielding Obligation of a Sound Company.
  23. Her nostrils were livid and pinched as after yielding up their last sigh.
  24. The new, more yielding environment allowed the carbon fibers to separate.
  25. In the darkness his foot hit and recoiled from something heavy and yielding.
  26. He produces a crop, yielding a hundred, sixty, or thirty times what was sown.
  27. Be filled = continuous, ongoing, something that happens as a result of yielding.
  28. To yield in the present instance, would be yielding the Government to a minority.
  29. They were like suits of armor that were both yielding and resistant, you might say.
  30. We both believe that she is on the brink of yielding to that attraction, Melchior.
  31. And he himself acquiesced, as so many men do, yielding their place to their children.
  32. The highest yielding emerging market portfolios have average yield spreads over the U.
  33. They can break or modify the habit, so that it becomes harmless although still yielding.
  34. The game of life that we have been playing for so long is indeed yielding a new paradigm.
  35. With it We produce for you gardens of palms and vines, yielding abundant fruit for you to eat.
  36. In fact, the branch exists only for, and can do nothing except, fruit bearing, yielding grapes.
  37. Finally yielding to gravity and the unrelenting see-saw motion, it slid off the hook unnoticed.
  38. Through the thick fabric of her short skirt, her bottom felt less soft and yielding than usual.
  39. There was just something about the thudding impact of a heavy weight on yielding tissue and bone.
  40. The quick look turned out to be a marathon session, but was yielding some interesting information.
  41. So learn to yield rather than wrestle, so I practised just yielding to God, yielding to His presence.
  42. The smaller framed brunette snatched both twenties from his fingers, before yielding the information.
  43. Quietly he read, restraining himself, the first column and, yielding but resisting, began the second.
  44. For example, USD was the highest yielding currency in 2000 and the lowest yielding from 1991 to 1993.
  45. My Interviews with the Unfortunates of London were not yielding the Treasure I so earnestly desir’d.
  46. I could feel no sunny warmth on my skin nor could I luxuriate in soft and yielding sand under my toes.
  47. I am not for yielding to either nation, but, let our conduct be consistent, impartial, and defensible.
  48. Four years later, under near-panic conditions, the price of these good bonds fell to 62½, yielding 8%.
  49. By this time the markets’ main interest had shifted to even higher yielding emerging market currencies.
  50. Pulcheria Alexandrovna was emotional, but not sentimental, timid and yielding, but only to a certain point.
  51. But, armed with this unexpected weapon, I could not help yielding to the temptation to come to Petersburg.
  52. How consistent is the pattern of higher long-run average returns for higher yielding currencies? Figure 13.
  53. He tried to push now, but his back legs could get no purchase in the pile of loose, yielding soil behind him.
  54. His soft, yielding, dislocated, sickly, shapeless ideas attached themselves to Enjolras as to a spinal column.
  55. It was akin to buying a bond yielding 14%, with a decent chance that the coupon payments would rise over time.
  56. This simple model should give you a framework sufficient for yielding keen insights into the nature of reality.
  57. They thought so too, but they’re dead, she said as she flinched and relaxed her body, yielding to Ethan.
  58. Nor was it unwarranted: in five minutes more the grating key, the yielding lock, warned me my watch was relieved.
  59. The fracture is nearly even and earthy, it is soft, yielding readily to the nail, and has a feebly shining streak.
  60. When their eyes subsequently met, she broke a childish smile, yielding an apparent happiness she naturally craved.
  61. Therefore, the oil fields are yielding more crude than ever, both in terms of percentage and on an absolute basis.
  62. Sixty or so each and every day yielding a feast of breast meat cooked on sticks around the glow of an evening fire.
  63. When a muscle is required to contract, the bonds in the ATP molecule are split, yielding ADP (adenosine-diphosphate).
  64. They said that by yielding to Valerius they would escape the devastation of civil war, and the fury of the Nemedians.
  65. Slowly and reluctantly yielding to the necessity, he quitted the place, and mingled with the throng that hovered nigh.
  66. Which of course made the ground soft and yielding enough for a person’s footprints to make such a marked impression.
  67. It was especially true now, with the winds very gently rushing, rustling her hair and yielding more refreshing chills.
  68. Yielding to his own disturbance of mind, and to his young companion's agitation, which became greater every instant, Mr.
  69. And are we not in the act of yielding obedience? Sir, the nation which pretends to dictate laws to another offers chains.
  70. The unforgettable smells and sounds of Florida rains had always calmed Mitchell, yielding him an enveloped, safe feeling.
  71. Harry spent all his remaining time with them playing the part of the dapper cosmopolitan and yielding to their every whim.
  72. A pause succeeded, and the rag-picker, yielding to that necessity for boasting which lies at the bottom of man, added:—.
  73. Thinking nothing of her Request, and being e’er of a too soft, yielding, and unsuspicious Nature, I granted my Permission.
  74. To dream that you are a servant suggests that you are too yielding to others or that you are too submissive in some situation.
  75. The earth beneath her feet was more yielding than the sea, and the furrows seemed to her immense brown waves breaking into foam.
  76. The earth has borne all of that, yielding to its Provider’s Command and wishing to draw near to its Creator by serving mankind.
  77. Leaning over with hands propping chin, Steven took several slow, deep breaths, yielding himself some time to collect his thoughts.
  78. Yielding to his request she called, and up comes Samuel, as if by some magic or mysterious spell she had control of his person.
  79. A railroad bond of highest grade yielding 5% seemed attractive in June 1931 because the average return on this type of bond was 4.
  80. With a last faint effort, which would have been powerless but for my yielding to it and assisting it, he raised my hand to his lips.
  81. I will never consent, under these circumstances, to adopt any measure which might wear the aspect of yielding to a threat like this.
  82. Under his hand there was not the smooth, brittle surface of glass or metal or stone, but the yielding, fibrous mass of a living thing.
  83. It was blackly stained, and showed many deep nicks as if a keen edge, cutting through some yielding substance, had sunk into the wood.
  84. He made love to her, to try her out, after her evening showers and she was willing, yielding and passionate and enjoyed his lovemaking.
  85. The eight oars fell into the sea simultaneously without splashing a drop of water, and the boat, yielding to the impulsion, glided forward.
  86. She did not answer, but as he looked at her it seemed to him that something in her softened, as though a bitter frost were yielding at the.
  87. The smallest rivulet often has a trench ten feet deep; and the earth over which it passes, is continually yielding to its gentle attrition.
  88. There is currently a mad dash to secure land that has the potential of yielding large amounts of desired commodities such as oil and water.
  89. Finally yielding to exhaustion, they lay there, tenderly holding each other, occasionally letting their lips indulge in a warm, loving kiss.
  90. What is more, this characteristic of yielding to gain seems to have shaped the nature of beings during their evolutionary period and beyond.
  91. A mechanical carry strategy would always go long the highest yielding currency and would quietly follow a hyperinflation country to its demise.
  92. Needless to stress, this could have been achieved with each yielding space to the other in order to gain the same for the stability of the self.
  93. It knows the doctrine that must underlie the foundations of life in this new epoch; but, yielding to inertia, it still clings to its former habits.
  94. A contrasting example: In June 1932 it was possible to purchase 5% bonds of Owens-Illinois Glass Company, due 1939, at 70, yielding 11% to maturity.
  95. Yielding to this conviction, the worthy chaplain begged the governor to have the clothes in which the licentiate had entered the house given to him.
  96. Then the blooms and ferns were spent; the kindly trees softened the approaches to the stone with fragrant, yielding golden-brown leaves on the ground.
  97. My candle, under a bold flourish, went out, and I perceived, by the uncovered window, that the yielding dusk of earliest morning rendered it unnecessary.
  98. She got on top of her horse just before the gates gave up, crashing open and letting in dozens of wild men yielding clubs, sticks, knives and lit torches.
  99. What would they gain by supporting Pangeran Bashir? Extemiva is not a high enough yielding business deal, for them to invest their money in supporting him.
  100. Even those playing cards behind the partition soon left their game and came over to the samovar, yielding to the general mood of courting Mary Hendrikhovna.
  1. He struck a yielded foe.
  2. But he yielded it to her.
  3. I yielded, but she fought.
  4. She yielded her place to him.
  5. Buseth yielded to the demand.
  6. The darkness yielded His reply.
  7. I could help, Darek yielded.
  8. I yielded to what sense was mine:.
  9. Its sleek black surface yielded no.
  10. The fanzines yielded no more answers.
  11. The strongbox yielded, and the other.
  12. The hedged European index yielded a 13.
  13. And at last he yielded and came to her.
  14. A life that is yielded to Christ will.
  15. At last, he yielded to the fait accompli.
  16. But rather be yielded to the Holy Spirit.
  17. It yielded in its rottenness with a crash.
  18. The race of Mnishek never yet has yielded.
  19. This yielded that diagram in front of you.
  20. It rose under my hand, and the door yielded.
  21. Norman yielded the point rather reluctantly.
  22. Grasped by the forelock, yielded to my will.
  23. Many fruits could be purchased that yielded.
  24. Treasury bonds maturing in 10 years yielded 3.
  25. She yielded to the stroke, and then heaved up.
  26. You should not have yielded: you should have.
  27. In early 1972 those of highest quality yielded 7.
  28. The generous monarch learning of it yielded her.
  29. Nevertheless, some Hanoverian battalions yielded.
  30. As one yielded, he panted, No use to try the door.
  31. When yielded to, it becomes one's complete undoing.
  32. Another argument wouldn’t have yielded anything.
  33. Replication studies, however, have yielded mixed.
  34. Maybe the instant gratification yielded by niche.
  35. At the low price of 73 in 1932 the bonds yielded 8.
  36. Their initial search of the canyon had yielded no.
  37. They sank on to the bed and she yielded to his touch.
  38. This period yielded a few interesting and important.
  39. These, however, must have yielded very large profits.
  40. A familiar tree not far from the rock yielded three.
  41. Chase,* 'has’ as we have seen, yielded up the ghost.
  42. In September 1981 the 30-year Treasury bond yielded 15.
  43. There had been nothing to fishlines had yielded nothing.
  44. They have yielded a great deal of juice under the press.
  45. Our council has yielded to a monarchy of the worst kind.
  46. An autopsy yielded incontrovertible proof of black lung.
  47. Bonaparte had not yielded one inch to our Administration.
  48. The Holy Spirit yielded His life to make this all happen.
  49. To the present motion he yielded his perfect acquiescence.
  50. However, filtered candle patterns yielded an average of 4.
  51. The policeman’s right front pocket yielded a set of keys.
  52. My search in the bedroom yielded results almost immediately.
  53. A most thorough search of the vessel yielded nothing further.
  54. Paul and Pacific 5% income debenture bonds, at 68, yielded 7.
  55. Tom, quaking with fear, yielded, and put his eye to the crack.
  56. Emma yielded to this lazy mode of satisfying all her caprices.
  57. A search for the remnants of the gritich army yielded nothing.
  58. The direct marketing efforts yielded impressive results as wel.
  59. He laid his hand on the knob, the latch yielded, the door opened.
  60. Slowly she yielded to a nod, her eyes on the placid and warm sea.
  61. Keller placed a Separator in her head, but it yielded no results.
  62. He loved the way her flesh yielded to the press of his fingertips.
  63. He put it that way that she might not think he had yielded to an.
  64. He yielded, but it was with agonies which did not admit of speech.
  65. For the whole portfolio, the first iteration yielded a loss of $2.
  66. The life He yielded up on the cross was frail, feeble, and mortal.
  67. When he spoke, she bowed; when he acted, she yielded her adherence.
  68. In this case the trade yielded over +50 percent in about one month.
  69. The higher returns married to lower risk yielded a Sharpe ratio of.
  70. Andrew began to speak at the same time John spoke; and John yielded.
  71. A stallion that yielded at last to the thongs and knife of the gelder.
  72. I had neither to climb the gate nor to knock—it yielded to my hand.
  73. They have yielded up all Europe to him, and have now come to teach us.
  74. His search yielded nothing, which was when the lateral thinking came.
  75. In spite of secret misgivings Madame Wolff yielded to their arguments.
  76. The wells that have been drilled have yielded a number of discoveries.
  77. The phenom-enon yielded a hazy half-light that gave him unusual chills.
  78. At a second blow the door yielded and fell back, with timbers burst and.
  79. He pulled her into his arms and she gladly yielded into his warm embrace.
  80. No city of all Galilee yielded so few souls for the kingdom as Chorazin.
  81. Lily yielded the floor to Colleen this was definitely her area to explain.
  82. Each round of bombing only yielded hundreds of dead roaches in the cabinets.
  83. There were thousands of books, files and artefacts but none of them yielded.
  84. The rune yielded to his touch and the magic was released, no longer a spell.
  85. Raleigh’s interview with the groom’s parents had yielded nothing eventful.
  86. His good and her bad feelings yielded to love, and such love must unite them.
  87. Harker yielded to the hypnotic influence even less readily than this morning.
  88. Some searching yielded a small jar with a piece of honeycomb suspended inside.
  89. Uneasiness now yielded to the most extreme dread on the part of those present.
  90. Pougatcheff kicked the door; the lock yielded, the door opened and we entered.
  91. Levin yielded with a sinking heart: yes, he drew it to his mouth and kissed it.
  92. A shotgun short of any of Trump's bonds would have yielded a reasonable return.
  93. It was for him, for him alone, that America had yielded up its precious metals.
  94. As we become more yielded to God we allow more of his grace to flow through us.
  95. Montparnasse himself, who was, perhaps, almost Thenardier's son-in-law, yielded.
  96. The Sultan ardently desired to see his son married at once, but he yielded to the.
  97. Don Quixote, who was always polite, yielded to their request and supped with them.
  98. Housing news over the past year has yielded a mixed bag of opinions and forecasts.
  99. Noureddin, convinced at length of the truth of her words, yielded, and reluctantly.
  100. Oh, what a terrible thing is fear, and how shamefully I yielded to it! But they.
  1. It yields before the iron.
  2. Dividing the two yields 1.
  3. The system yields the reward.
  4. Average yields sat at a paltry 0.
  5. The tamed mind yields happiness.
  7. This yields two results : Div-.
  8. She yields as if she were soft earth.
  9. Starting yields are historically low.
  10. Click IN analysis yields the following.
  11. All of this boded well for the yields.
  12. He drags it with him and yields to it.
  13. It yields far more outcomes than Mine.
  14. This process yields a number of benefits.
  15. Clearly, these yields vary a lot over time.
  16. Updated AA bond yields can be found at www.
  17. Chinese wheat yields a hundred fold of the seed.
  18. Analysis of short strangles yields similar results.
  19. One bushel of the clay dirt yields from 3 to 5lbs.
  20. STEP 2: Multiplying the equations through yields:.
  21. The Corporate Fund is subject to both, and yields 3.
  22. Carries a coupon, or the amount of interest it yields.
  23. This kind of position sizing yields great performance.
  24. Real yields are calculated as explained in Appendix B.
  25. Real yields were quite high (reaching, at one point, 4.
  26. Now let’s look at the returns and yields if called away.
  27. Moreover, real yields fell much less than nominal yields.
  28. As the price of bonds fall, and yields rise—so does TBT.
  29. Using these two numbers in the Kelly formula yields f = 0.
  30. Among the eager beavers attracted by the yields of up to 8.
  31. Many surveys ask about future market prices and/ or yields.
  32. Using these assumptions in the Kelly formula yields an f = 0.
  33. On the following chart, that coverage ratio yields a default.
  34. Higher expected inflation boosts ex ante government bond yields.
  35. Stocks with the lowest buyback yields perform horribly, losing 4.
  36. It yields the math necessary to understand that the August 11th.
  37. Using the Kelly formula with these realistic values yields f = 0.
  38. Plugging these numbers into the equation yields a growth rate of 0.
  39. Such convenience yields peak when Treasuries are especially scarce.
  40. In recent years, long yields rose before actual tightening started.
  41. This yields a large volume of unspoiled tomatoes in the short term.
  42. Their crop yields were low and the quality of their stock was poor.
  43. Her treasure she yields to all, while her heart is bound to the One.
  44. Triumph of that which yields over that which strikes with lightning.
  45. That figure squared (multiplied by itself) yields a very high number.
  46. How This Simple Act of Affection Yields Major Gains in the Child’s.
  47. As for the good land, it yields its produce by the leave of its Lord.
  48. All this inevitably yields a more joyful, healthy, and fulfilling life.
  49. The news sent stocks higher along with bond prices as yields collapsed.
  50. It yields the math necessary to understand that the first year of the.
  51. But there is scarce any common trade in which a small stock yields so.
  52. As already alluded to in Chapter 2, the S&P 500 currently yields about 1.
  53. This yields two black days together with their lower bodies (close) equal.
  54. Even if you extend the holding period to three years’ yields gains of 49.
  55. Treasury yields exceeded 100 bp, but the consensus view was 30 bp to 50 bp.
  56. His eyes had that begging expression that he yields to, so often these days.
  57. For some problems, it yields a globally optimal solution for every instance.
  58. Their stony fields had answered their devotion with richer yields than usual.
  59. Lower yields make the (short) options more valuable and widen credit spreads.
  60. There are 2 missing observations for this year, which yields a missing result.
  61. So it is not unreasonable that bond yields should be higher than stock yields.
  62. The Kelly formula for the case of a leveraged buyout (LBO) sponsor yields f = 0.
  63. The Treasury Fund is subject to the federal but not the state tax, and yields 3.
  64. Aeschliman terms the system that yields such products a new form of barbarism.
  65. In awe, one’s mind yields to something grand in character, formidable in power.
  66. Over this period, we can say that lower bond yields explain lower earnings yields.
  67. The Tax-Exempt Fund is subject to the state but not the federal tax, and yields 3.
  68. Yield spread between nominal and real yields is called break-even inflation (BEI).
  69. The standard deviation for the Large Stocks with the lowest buyback yields was 21.
  70. This specific search yields this information… Results 1 - 10 of about 18,100,000.
  71. By definition, such bonds have yields higher than less risky investment grade bonds.
  72. All yields, splits, cracks, floats, rolls, falls, jostles, hastens, is precipitated.
  73. The same is true for expressing bond yields as continuously compounded or log rates.
  74. But any reference to it now yields full-belly, gasping-for-air laughter on the desk.
  75. If there’s a tie among the dividend yields, choose the stock with the lower price.
  76. Rental yields only started to fall around 1997 and a major decline occurred after 2001.
  77. Our country yields to no other in the variety, or the value of its natural productions.
  78. Quarters forming the quintile with the highest (lowest) real yields were followed by +2.
  80. Taking the average of this conditional expectation over all possible values of Y, yields.
  81. The recorded after/before ratios of yields on the various plots were as follows: 2, 4, 0.
  82. The symptoms are shortness of breath and a constant cough that often yields a black mucus.
  83. Specifying that the setosa are the most plentiful yields a quite different decision tree.
  84. What actually could be understood as to be a worthily act, yields the unwanted result of.
  85. Traders are unsure to what magnitude it has spread or what effect it will have on yields.
  86. They will be here in the early night’s mist before the sun’s light yields to the stars.
  87. The export in the Great Plains was wheat, and Hill promoted dry farming* to increase yields.
  88. The tree yields a wood with exceptionally fine grain and a beautiful variegated coloration.
  89. A few years later, in 1958, equity dividend yields fell below bond yields for the first time.
  90. The impact on yields might be 30 bp but it has declined over time with falling yield levels.
  91. Buying a stock, then selling a Call and buying a Put, yields a trade that cannot win or lose.
  92. When therefore the vine is cast on the elm it yields fruit both from itself and from the elm.
  93. Bond yields reflect the market’s rate expectations and the required bond risk premium (BRP).
  94. Eat of its fruit when it yields, and give its due on the day of its harvest, and do not waste.
  95. Multiplying the expected value by e–rt yields the familiar form of the Black-Scholes model.
  96. Bonsai is a tree that looks like a big tree and also yields fruit, but cannot provide any shade.
  97. In theory, rental yield is a real measure and should vary with real rather than nominal yields.
  98. If a few seconds after it is issued yields suddenly rise to 10%, the bill falls in price to $0.
  99. Wholeness, or one, when divided by seven yields a repeating decimal, as does three into one.
  100. This shape is evident in the (limited) data we have on ex ante real yields and bond risk premia.

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