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    1. 'Aluminum' was an abstract concept for me until now

    2. The new society requires mobility where joint family concept may not be practical

    3. Most of us have been exposed to the concept of God from our childhood

    4. They are largely the dangers of a fine mental concept that runs ahead of the capacity of the physical body

    5. The concept of ‘time’ also ceases to exist for you

    6. The concept was cutting-edge in the last messages they had received from home

    7. impotence inherent in not quite understanding the concept of the scratch, Smith

    8. universe contained any concept as simple as song, you would have heard Smith sing

    9. In the New Testament we find several Greek words that have the same concept of the

    10. The concept of the watchman goes back to early Hebrew/Egyptian history

    11. Whether we go to the Old Testament or the New Testament, we have been given a great concept of the watchman


    13. Perhaps the concept of a shepherd is one that more familiar to us

    14. gives insight to this concept


    16. This concept is used in a variety of ways, both in the Old and New Testaments



    19. Directly related to the concept of a ruler is that of an overseer



    22. subordinated to the concept of rational purpose and destiny

    23. have no concept of the spiritual character, or makeup of the church or their responsibility to watch over the soul of every member in the congregation

    24. In the Great War, when the concept of concentration wiped out the lives of millions, there were always those who remained, those who survived and who told their stories

    25. Time is an elastic concept in captivity

    26. Sheol is the Hebrew concept of the underworld

    27. ‘You know, this time last week I’d never heard of Errd … the concept would have been fantastical, something out of a sci-fi story … and yet as soon as Karal started explaining all seemed so … normal

    28. The reason that we can’t understand or express where the Spirit fits in or how the trinity works is because we have no need of either concept in our daily lives

    29. All that Smith was aware of was the equivalent of a cosmic itch, and he endured the madness of the itch because he was impotence personified, that impotence inherent in not quite understanding the concept of the scratch, Smith unwittingly agreed with the future earthly Buddha in that He found the unformulated conjecture of eternal peace to be vexatious and maddening

    30. That’s the concept of living on a

    31. Maybe that was as big a concept to him as the electric ghosts were to her

    32. The new concept candle flickered to life behind his eyes

    33. I have also seen enquiries from France and Italy asking for information about the courses offered here at the Guild Hall so it seems that the concept of a trained cadre of performing musicians, singers and actors is taking off worldwide

    34. And finally he understood that it made no sense to her because she had no concept of what an Earth farm looked like

    35. She meets my gaze and I can read very plainly just how unpleasant she finds the concept

    36. Alan was shocked by the graphic nature of her expression in addition to being torn by the concept

    37. I think Alfred, Victoria, Morg and Glenelle are the only ones on the ship that know that, the others never really think about the concept; but our flesh would be dead

    38. without notice, freedom is a relative concept,

    39. ‘So you are not totally against the concept

    40. ’ He said trying to imagine the concept

    41. As I pull together all the garments scattered round the room and pack them in the bags, I try to come to terms with the concept that I would rather like my dream (as it is probably safer to call it) to be reality

    42. He could see on her face that she wasn’t excited by that concept

    43. Of course, now we have a generation who have no concept of church at all and trying to frame services which are accessible to them whilst at the same time meeting the needs of the believing congregation is very difficult

    44. ’ I said, relishing the concept

    45. ‘You’re doubtless familiar with the concept of love in a religious sense?’ she nods and her brow wrinkles as she tries to see where my argument is going

    46. Lucy had never bought into the concept that art or music could change lives or move mountains, but with every hook and drum beat, with every lilting nuance of the boy’s soft voice, she sensed a shift in the world and she knew instinctively that she had to download the song immediately

    47. He’s obviously relaxed with the concept that Simon is comforting me which is a relief

    48. He clearly finds the concept of what he calls a big white powder puff of a wedding dress appalling but, until he knows how I feel about it, is trying to suppress his feelings

    49. You may be familiar with the concept of keeping a ―diary,‖ but

    50. And on the other hand, I hated the concept of knowing you were struggling with something and not being able to help

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