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Construct в предложении (на )

  1. Step 1: Construct the chart.
  2. His team was in a construct.
  3. The construct leapt at him.
  4. Let us construct a watercloset.
  5. You study how to construct things.

  6. Sue said, Did you construct all.
  7. The man hung from a construct of evil.
  8. Who try to construct pyramids out of.
  9. What will you construct upon it? As.
  10. Economic profit is a linear construct.
  11. I began to construct an affection for.
  12. The construct made another weird motion.
  13. He had no idea how to construct a story.
  14. It is we who has to construct a strong.
  15. If he didn't find one, he'd construct it.

  16. He replied, Watching others construct.
  17. The construct shuddered, groaned, and died.
  18. They are also termed as Decision Construct.
  19. He had data to analyze, a plan to construct.
  20. Construct relationships in real life as well.
  21. It was a gothic-looking construct, a rarity.
  22. The above is obviously a very basic construct.
  23. It is an energy grid field-inducing construct.
  24. Algorithm to construct the Bi- Connected graph.
  25. Waugh, used Kelly’s personal construct theory.

  26. Basically, I had to construct win-win strategies.
  27. Maybe she'll construct a glass enclosure for you.
  28. Love does not construct fences, but opens borders.
  29. We could never construct anything like this today.
  30. The two stared at the construct in almost disbelief.
  31. Quality is a construct of mind not the life itself.
  32. It won’t take long to construct, Godwyn said.
  33. We all construct our version of reality in our minds.
  34. It is a mental construct, accumulated over the years.
  35. Again, I can only construct gateways that work in.
  36. Step 2 - Installing The Ultimate Construct of Reality.
  37. With Cosette's garter, Homer would construct the Iliad.
  38. The world that we see is merely a construct of the mind.
  39. I admire the work it took to construct this battle-haven.
  40. Shown only once how to construct it, stretching between.
  41. And how does one kill a soul construct? Books asked.
  42. The Shah ordered him to construct an edifice of this kind.
  43. A multitude of plants noticed his efforts to construct the.
  44. What’s the purpose of a soul construct, besides—.
  45. Will you construct a Gateway so that I can visit at my.
  46. I used all the data I could find to construct this device.
  47. Nothing in my construct rests on such an insecure foundation.
  48. Lydgate could now construct all the probabilities of the case.
  49. The Construct Chain or Word Pairing to indicate relationships.
  50. The first procedure is to construct an estimate from fundamentals.
  51. Now, we can construct the classification tree depicted in Figure 9.
  52. It is easier to create a marionette than it is to construct a play.
  53. Answering these questions will help you construct your trading plan.
  54. But, to know how to construct the Nimbus, she needed Zetor’s aid.
  55. There was the parts necessary to construct a new large geothermal.
  56. Students helped us construct a roof to represent Prospero’s cave.
  57. The plans used to construct the original ships were stil available.
  58. The construct bobbed again and wiggled its large round base a little.
  59. Everythink, and then to construct the philosophical worldview of Ism.
  60. They had scavenged everything they could find to construct the wall.
  61. Chapter 14 discussed combining VIX options to construct a time spread.
  62. The put ratio spread that we construct using the options in Figure 14.
  63. Naturally, the easiest terrace to construct is right at ground level.
  64. These chains and cycles build the basic bio-molecules that construct.
  65. We will construct a funeral pyre for Grumbold in a matter of hours.
  66. The solar rays themselves were the source to construct new radiations.
  67. By using the a flap of skin to construct or extend the urethra, your.
  68. Then they see how they might construct a strategy using those options.
  69. Our brains mathematically construct objective reality by interpreting.
  70. Thought some ignorant twit would eventually construct it and return it.
  71. And you can use this pattern to construct 3-5 day swing trades as well.
  72. Like wild birds, he had chosen this desert place to construct his nest.
  73. I mean, our science, our < construct to explain the world, there is no.
  74. Since the symbologies used to construct The Apocalypse were of ancient.
  75. He would organize the activities required to construct a circle of fire.
  76. The gregarious construct ghettoes and a few brave souls stand and fight.
  77. Computer, list the components I would need to construct a holographic.
  78. There is plenty of information offered to construct your own green house.
  79. Spouses must realize the need to jointly construct the role of each person.
  80. Michael concludes that they need to construct a wind generator and a solar.
  81. They just happen to be the closest likenesses I have found or can construct.
  82. So I’m forced to construct questions for which that’s the right answer.
  83. It’s difficult to construct positive thoughts out of the poor stuff from.
  84. But the security is worth the small fortune it cost to construct the bunker.
  85. Note that the second if-else construct is nested in the first else statement.
  86. Keyword research for the type of campaign you are going to construct is very.
  87. Jason is here, but David is your construct, your method of tapping your own.
  88. In Quaker terms homophobia is both a man made construct that exerts will on.
  89. The other person , who you admit you hardly know, is a construct of your mind.
  90. Spelman to construct a new patisserie-brasserie next door to the school house.
  91. That was the rock bottom foundation on which I was able to construct some hope.
  92. As its name implies, it is a philosophical construct, not a physical substance.
  93. Our minds and senses construct the physical space-time reality we perceive and.
  94. The other way is to construct a swing chart, which is also known as a kagi chart.
  95. However, the communications ring is only a logical construct, not a physical one.
  96. The soul construct loomed, its bulky dun-colored body crusted with snow and gore.
  97. This would enable us to construct nuclear power plants and oil refineries in an.
  98. Hilderich looked with puzzlement at this construct, and could find nothing to say.
  99. They construct buildings, farm and hunt, and even serve as butlers and shopkeepers.
  100. To construct a working model of this concept, we need the calculation for tangible.
  1. We spend years constructing it.
  2. So they are constructing a new facility.
  3. Cisterns for water, mode of constructing, xxv, 301.
  4. The matter constructing your furniture is actually.
  5. Sopwith's mode of constructing secretaries, xxxv, 317.
  6. A36 Constructing a wall between the painting shop and.
  7. This is the aim of constructing the empirical distribution.
  8. The work of constructing this double case took a whole year.
  9. And when you arrive you set about constructing great cities.
  10. The expense involved in constructing the cake and throwing the.
  11. Jaracaca Swamp we named it in the map which we are constructing.
  12. Through play, the child is constructing his or her worldview by.
  13. Who, constructing the house of himself or herself, not for a day.
  14. Those in authority set about constructing barriers between the.
  15. One hundred twelve people died in constructing the dam, including J.
  16. Rather than just constructing one squeeze page, consider creating a.
  17. They will be busy constructing stories to tell after vacation is over.
  18. I was in dreamland constructing dreams that were never to be fulfilled.
  19. My mind was constructing so many bad things, when they did not even exist.
  20. Some alleles are defective, incapable of constructing the necessary protein.
  21. He also seemed to be constructing something out of the rubbish in the garden.
  22. There are two issues with constructing trading strategies from these results:.
  23. Based on that you can start constructing a real world with subjects and objects.
  24. These are the factors we will be considering in constructing our trading program.
  25. An example is getting a building permit before constructing an addition to a house.
  26. Because it would be just like inventing afresh the means for constructing railways.
  27. The Maegar were busy constructing homes and barns to house their livestock and grain.
  28. A major component inherent in constructing your foundation is to understand that there.
  29. Human remains are burned and then added to the mortar when constructing a new building.
  30. I had just spent a full week of my life meticulously constructing an enemy out of thin air.
  31. When you have finished constructing your argument, the last paragraph summarizes the journey.
  32. Again, I can assist in this, or you may be capable of constructing such a shield for yourself.
  33. The main rule of thumb in constructing a Fantasy Football lineup is to employ diligent research.
  34. It tends to over-generalize, frequently constructing a potential past as opposed to a true one.
  35. Still, they struggled to give her privacy, constructing a room within the large hut for her alone.
  36. Willows: Used in constructing booths at the feast of tabernacles; they spring up along watercourses.
  37. He took Joe to one end of the long I beam on which he was constructing the frame for a new shell.
  38. Moreover, it is the very meaning of them taken in constructing the favorite phrase, an Immortal Soul.
  39. John thought about this for a bit, then asked, �You said they�d been constructing a lot of ships.
  40. He had to force himself not to start constructing a fantasy around the woman and focus on the facts.
  41. China has four nuclear power plants under construction and anticipates constructing one in four years.
  42. St Mark’s, supervising the carpenters who were constructing the new roof as the old was demolished, he.
  43. And when you consider the lack of action in constructing power plants and oil drilling, it seems logical.
  44. It could manipulate its own ideas of actuality: by constructing an artificial inner environment to live in.
  45. But, Singapore has also paid homage to this King of All Fruits by constructing a building in its honor.
  46. Furthermore, it was one of the major sources of money in constructing large basilicas and cathedrals in Europe.
  47. Out of these precepts he was laboriously constructing a harmonious whole, which he desired to present to souls.
  48. Your core is composed of the muscles constructing your midsection or torso (the abdominal and lower back region).
  49. If a person is not sufficiently skillful in constructing, he can conveniently purchase coops from reputed providers.
  50. I regret constructing a new breach to rescue him when Guardon and Ankharet are still desirous of usurping our lands.
  51. The bi-product of the nuclear fusion was their main source of weaponry and they had been constructing them for years.
  52. One afternoon while on his sabbatical, Nuke asked me, May I also participate in constructing Adam’s project?
  53. Suggestions were to be mooted of constructing Mars-like biospheres to create a natural but completely isolated arcology.
  54. After the excitement of handling the explosives and constructing the devices, his voice suddenly took on a serious tone.
  55. Spirituality is willingly constructing a lifestyle response to the god dilemma: If I were a god of love, I would act.
  56. The task of constructing NH-NL is harder for traders outside the United States, in countries where such data isn't reported.
  57. And so began the very tedious task of constructing psychological profiles of everyone most likely to sympathize with Raidan.
  58. The idea of constructing this machine had been suggested to Bert by a panorama entertainment he had been to see some time before.
  59. We already know that the same person, who was responsible for constructing the Old Testament, also constructed the New Testament.
  60. They have a way of constructing a TMS machine that is more precise than any before, while being affordable and easily customizable.
  61. In constructing our portfolios, we try to invest in good companies whose stocks are depressed by frightening but temporary bad news.
  62. The only thing that could arouse him at the moment was constructing fantasies about slowly killing Vaselly and his cock-sucking mate.
  63. How is one, in constructing the crocodile, to secure that he should swallow people? The answer is clearer still: construct him hollow.
  64. The game is a field of self-organizing games of intersections where the actions are the rules constructing what has and can be played.
  65. Individual stocks will also likely be range-bound and perhaps methodically constructing but not yet breaking out of classical patterns.
  66. The edges of the old town were disfigured by featureless concrete apartment blocks built for Russian workers constructing the High Dam.
  67. In the dream universe the self is free of the ego and is therefore relieved of the necessity of constructing ideas into physical reality.
  68. Money, however, is not a democratic system for constructing an ideal society for life, but, rather, for products, profits, and commodities.
  69. Recognizing these persons as Russians, Kitty had already in her imagination begun constructing a delightful and touching romance about them.
  70. No longer does a trader need to construct charts by hand, nor does a trader have to wait for yesterday’s data to begin constructing charts.
  71. With this experience of constructing an apartment, he realized that real estate was his calling and was now on the hunt for the next property.
  72. This is quite frustrating to a student, and it may indicate that the teacher needs more effort in constructing a meaningful evaluating device.
  73. He proved to be a serendipitous choice for constructing rules and laws because he was familiar with all phases of manipulation and market abuse.
  74. We can analyze the volatility characteristics of each spread by constructing a graph of each spread’s value with respect to changing volatility.
  75. You see, although you’re writing and signing a document with the mother of the child, you’re not constructing the agreement with the child.
  76. As a novice, the best approach is to start your media diary and to spend time constructing market tabulations of the sort I explained in Chapter 6.
  77. Every so often, it would come across a complete stalk of dead greenery that would be useful in constructing a nest, but those times were few to none.
  78. The company currently focuses on constructing affordable, lightweight, low-profile “exo-suits” and “exoskeletons” (robotic suit arms and legs).
  79. He was capable of constructing it, but passing the suffering on to Jaseem was all out of proportion to the casual callousness that Jaseem had committed.
  80. Rumour was that that Kierd had been constructing ships at a ferocious rate, but even so, I doubt they would be able to match the Cluster�s war machine.
  81. There I left him constructing, in defiance of all the good advice I had given him, an elaborate missive to a person whom he addressed as My Darling Rosie.
  82. We can also see why a call and put with the same exercise price and expiration date make up a synthetic underlying by constructing parity graphs of the options.
  83. She caught her head worrying how else she can find where Nimbus is or learn the technology involved in constructing it without the help of Zetor, her lucky star.
  84. The first is to dig in and fortify the position further; perhaps by constructing another outer wall, they have one large resource at their disposal – manpower.
  85. Many growth investors make substantial use of earnings forecasts when constructing their portfolios, so our inability to do a long-term test is somewhat limiting.
  86. More time is spent constructing detailed financial models and talking to the management team than trying to understand the business from the customer’s viewpoint.
  87. As a Japanese learner, you will definitely need to pause while constructing sentences in your head and learning the correct time to pause to think will be invaluable.
  88. On her way to Earth, she had created a considerably more powerful device inside herself that was capable of constructing, or for her need, deconstructing a space fold.
  90. The soldiers were tearing up the pavement and constructing with the stones a small, low wall, a sort of side-work not more than eighteen inches high, and facing the barricade.
  92. The lot was about twenty-five feet wide and less than a hundred feet deep, the standard size allotted for workers constructing the amusement park in the early twentieth century.
  93. Our guide yesterday also made a point of taking us past a site on the other side of the river, where workers are constructing a huge steel tower supported by four enormous legs.
  94. If so, and when you consider the lack of action in constructing power plants and oil drilling, it seems logical than the Department of Energy is not doing anything that helps us.
  95. Globally, nuclear energy is undergoing renewed growth, with 13 countries constructing 53 new nuclear power units and 27 countries in the planning stages for an additional 142 units.
  96. Assigning equal volatilities to an active portfolio’s risk sources or constructing a minimum variance portfolio tends to improve diversification and thereby risk-adjusted returns.
  97. And so all their efforts must not be directed toward going according to one's strength whither one has to go, but toward constructing this imaginary floor while standing in one spot.
  98. The important point is that traders use these approaches as a general guideline for being net long or short volatility while constructing their strategy to reflect a flat-price bias.
  99. On the other hand, scientists in France were developing and constructing a new fusion project using magnetic fields, as they were used at Culham, to create the conditions for fusion.
  100. As they watched the place take shape Flower and Candy had found that the abundance of money seemed to equate to a lack of curiosity from the people happily constructing these designs.
  1. And he had constructed the.
  2. This loop can be constructed.
  3. In 1752 he constructed a kite.
  4. This list was constructed with.
  5. The ship was constructed quickly.
  6. Together, we constructed each day.
  7. Constructed of cold city concrete.
  8. Aliens have already constructed a.
  9. It is cheap and easily constructed.
  10. Space is not constructed in this way.
  11. They are also often constructed to.
  12. But what is constructed is not all new.
  13. The devotees constructed some shelters.
  14. These were not constructed without cost.
  15. After something has been constructed it.
  16. Constructed of leaves and branches, the.
  18. The first six were singularly constructed.
  19. Society is constructed and controlled by.
  20. Brain cells are constructed in the same way.
  21. Betraying my carefully constructed barriers.
  22. He is made and constructed to that very end.
  23. The city was constructed about 14,000 years.
  24. I observed a special y constructed card table.
  25. The beads appeared to have been constructed.
  26. Constructed of masonry blocks, the room was.
  27. He had evolved and constructed a rudimentary.
  28. It was constructed by a different author than.
  29. Two lion faces constructed of thick brass and.
  30. Everything was constructed from dry, sod bricks.
  31. The universe is constructed in the following way.
  32. Young hero Di, the one that constructed the.
  33. A reviewing stand was constructed in the square.
  34. Furthermore, the amount of loss is constructed.
  35. He constructed boats for them before He turned.
  36. This section was not constructed like the others.
  37. They constructed the top of the well with stones.
  38. Project PsionPhair was being constructed on the.
  39. Eventually, he constructed a lavish mansion that.
  40. Stuck within our constructed worlds of words and.
  41. However, the civilization is constructed in such.
  42. Hypotheses are constructed to fit the known facts.
  43. I don’t remember exactly how it was constructed.
  44. Among other constructed traditions there are Th e-.
  45. The castle hallways had been constructed like a maze.
  46. At the same time, I constructed the bal oons (made.
  47. I am the only android constructed by a human….
  48. What suggested scene was then constructed by Stephen?
  49. Christmas-tree he himself had constructed from the TV.
  50. As the car took off, Batistuta constructed his reply;.
  51. Okay, Tony, we have the e and the i constructed to.
  52. It was an out skirt area with newly constructed homes.
  53. It was incredibly thin and high, constructed of metal.
  54. Meaning and experience are interactionally constructed.
  55. Is a physical object being constructed on Earth?
  56. The sturdy walls were constructed from dirt-filled old.
  57. You have constructed, developed and started up your new.
  58. All of my carefully constructed filters of the past were.
  59. Rhonda finally constructed Jaquin’s and Jaquar’s DNAs.
  60. Fortunately the cab had been constructed from reinforced.
  61. From these poles were constructed a cantilever structure.
  62. The flag was constructed from leaves sewn together with.
  63. Apparently, I was so constructed that my feet were like.
  64. The condenser is constructed of type 316L stainless steel.
  65. In modern times another wall of separation was constructed.
  66. This is a clumsily constructed verse that was added later.
  67. Tom knew that this barrier had been carefully constructed.
  68. A home was constructed that combined comfortable bedrooms.
  69. It wasn’t like starships were constructed with Tombstone.
  70. It was constructed of brilliant polished white marble stone.
  71. My book's constructed so that at the end of seven days and.
  72. A 'hole-in-space,' if you will, is constructed artificially.
  73. I marvelled at the scene, constructed so beautifully by the.
  74. The city is constructed of numerous huge clear bubble domes.
  75. New Orleans where an ironclad ram was being constructed and.
  76. A sort of letter-box was constructed in the porter's window.
  77. You are currently constructed and developed in your sense of.
  78. When Donnowarru constructed his body, he stretched and yawned.
  79. A hulking column of granite constructed around the centre of.
  80. Minoans constructed elaborate palaces replete with bathrooms.
  81. Since more houses are yet to be constructed and also because.
  82. The house itself was constructed of stone from the local area.
  83. One lever was constructed for the ‘Union Flag’ while the.
  84. Object coming out of experience or constructed in imagination.
  85. The main building itself was constructed from heavy blocks of.
  86. One may readily see in reading it that it is constructed for.
  87. The multiple-leveled buildings were constructed of sealed wood.
  88. Unlike the others, the capsule had been constructed with thick.
  89. They constructed them out of anything that was not nailed down.
  90. Moreover, the ironclad warships that were being constructed in.
  91. Hamilton constructed the U out of a single strand of spaghetti.
  92. So I wasn’t thinking about the trap I’d constructed when I.
  93. A direct highway, now a superhighway, had yet to be constructed.
  94. We constructed the universe with power, and We are expanding it.
  95. It may be the same person that constructed the Letter to Seven.
  96. Concepts, ideas and creations constructed in dreams are usually.
  97. Carefully they constructed a small boat and sealed it with pitch.
  98. It was a large ring that appeared to be constructed from marble.
  99. Torm must have constructed the thing from spare parts while drunk.
  100. Weishaupt constructed called for the destruction of all existing.
  1. In the proper order, it constructs the.
  2. It is life that constructs the body, maintains the.
  3. In the proper order, it constructs the skeleton, mus-.
  4. Positive thinking means that which constructs, strengthens, and.
  5. Wizards are better at it, but their constructs do not last either.
  6. God, these ten horns are also conceptual constructs of authority and power.
  7. It followed her as she crossed the complex, walking by where the constructs were forged.
  8. She wanted to know if Akstyr knew anything about soul constructs, such as how to kill them.
  9. If we now string the meaning of these words together, it constructs the following sentence:.
  10. In other words, from the raw material of sense impressions, your mind constructs your world.
  11. This tension is what we call gravity, which constructs our perception and experience of weight.
  12. This evidence of death, of random nature in the raw, undermined these brittle constructs of hope.
  13. The fact that your mind is power that constructs the universe around you, this is doing the same.
  14. Research has been conducted on attraction, cognitive constructs and interpersonal complexities.
  15. She had known before that constructs could be built by a gifted mage, but she had never seen it done.
  16. Our bodies are temporary constructs that we operate for a limited time and lose at the demise of the.
  17. Adding hair to his face, follicle by follicle, hair by hair, he constructs a slightly unshaven appearance.
  18. In fact, it is where Star Fleet first learned of the actuality of transwarp, beyond theoretical constructs.
  19. Perhaps it had never existed at all, and in the constructs of this nightmare it had only been a symbol of hope.
  20. The Self’s invisible constructs that make up Self’s Spirit, which by definition, are not tangible or physical.
  21. Constructs a solution to an optimization problem piece by piece through a sequence of choices that are: feasible, i.
  22. But humans sometimes and in other cases often, abuse the high quality constructs of freewill, intellect and autonomy.
  23. A hedger who constructs a position with unlimited risk in either direction is presumably taking a volatility position.
  24. Every contrarian trader eventually constructs his own unique way of taking advantage of the market mistakes crowds make.
  25. In fact there are no opposites, all opposites are just mental constructs that are necessary for the movement of thought.
  26. A deep copy constructs a new compound object and then, recursively, inserts copies into it of the objects found in the original.
  27. Grailem carries on his impersonation of Martin Maseeve for five weeks in which he constructs and programmes even more microchips.
  28. From these daggers they weave through the trees their constructs of creation, their nests of beauty, their exhibits of cleanliness.
  29. Elementalists, too, may confuse the elements as standalone things of 'true reality', and not as constructs of their own understanding.
  30. As we also know, objects, emotions and mental constructs associated with events, maintain an existence within the overall Sound Matrix.
  31. To experience the reality of that thing, the mage has to tear down the veil of linguistic abstraction and one's own symbolic constructs.
  32. It is hollow inside, much like all transportable constructs, and within its driver’s side compartment is a man wearing a police uniform.
  33. What is really going on out there in the universe cannot in any way be comprehended by mind and its intellectual constructs (thought forms).
  34. But he was convinced that, due to the humans ease at being glamoured, they might find that there would be no need to create any new constructs.
  35. A shallow copy constructs a new compound object and then (to the extent possible) inserts references into it to the objects found in the original.
  36. Constructs of man’s warped mind that eternally strives to make real that which doesn’t exist—and to deny the reality of all that does.
  37. Let us think that the carpenter who has bought the log lumber constructs a fence to hold in some livestock, which have been errant in their paths.
  38. This classification of transport layer services is another place where the theoretical constructs of the OSI model differ substantially from reality.
  39. The idea that human belief, behaviour and speech are predestined is an aberration to the invisible constructs of human intellect, freewill and choice.
  40. These constitute constructs of life-energy, because everything in existence is constructed of quanta, which are units of electro-tonal energy-identity.
  41. They did not know about time, and space, and dimension, and if they had; they could have cared less about such false and artificial constructs of theory.
  42. The ATM layer specifies the format of the cell, constructs the header, implements the error-control mechanism, and creates and destroys virtual circuits.
  43. He constructs, at his own expense, a new factory farther to the west and bargains with the Germans to buy all the Jewish workers he will need to staff 69.
  44. The magikal-biological constructs that the Fair Folk bred would also be seen as their true selves; however, they were, on appearance, similar to human children.
  45. The Orcs, trolls, goblins and constructs had been selectively bred for many, many generations so as to be refined into the perfect tools for their particular job.
  46. After the Cataclysm nearly wiped out humanity, the remnants of mankind survived in Havens: city-sized constructs built to reboot society and usher in a new age of mankind.
  47. Indeed, these are the higher components of human relations and friendship, based on the higher human constructs of intellectual, emotional and spiritual interconnectedness.
  48. It is important to understand that your mind also constructs much of your reality, not simply the perception of it, but the rate and in what way specific items will appear.
  49. Moreover, we may have experienced the personal awareness that Self is conscious of Self feeling and thinking (invisible constructs) much younger than Self’s chronological age.
  50. These invisible human psychological constructs of thoughts and emotions, and attitudes and beliefs are not visible and cannot be touched or dissected as they are spirit-energy.
  51. When the developer constructs strategies intended for trading highly liquid options with at-the-money strikes and close expiration dates, the impact of slippage can be neglected.
  52. It could be Alan was just getting a little more sophisticated in his constructs, she still couldn’t be sure this wasn’t his doing and had to be observant of things like that.
  53. Such a consciously considered constructive equilibrium, between the base instincts and the higher constructs of Self’s Spirit will allow Self to operate in congruent harmony with Self.
  54. These invisible human entities of Self could be said to be part of the constructs of the spiritual world of humans, reflecting in essence, the image – albeit invisible - of the Creator.
  55. But which spiritual/ psychological constructs may be also driven by and manipulated by primitive base instincts that if left unchecked have the power for enormous human suffering and destruction.
  56. He had wandered through a meandering labyrinth of large metal pipes, interconnections and all manners of weird machinery and constructs the likes of which he could not believe were made by mere men.
  57. It is a creature of monstrous proportions, of metal and agony, with two bright eyes that shine at the front of its person and two dorsal constructs that flash the colors of pain and serenity overhead.
  58. When the server receiving the query constructs its reply, it makes some changes to the Header section, leaves the Question section intact, and adds entries to one or more of the remaining three sections.
  59. Humans made in the image of the Creator that may be defined by Self’s experience of the invisible spiritual personal constructs of consciousness, personality, freewill, intellect, cognitions and emotions.
  60. Still, there is always a danger that by becoming overly attached to intellectual ideas we will find ourselves living in a virtual reality of mental constructs that actually separates us from reality as it is.
  61. They will raise their tools, arm their constructs, hurl rocks through the air and slash her with twigs—there is absolutely nothing they won’t do to protect themselves, so it is no wonder that they are staring.
  62. One hundred nanoteers builds a mouse, a thousand assembles a laptop, a million constructs a computer lab, and a trillion dedicates a Gamegineer Server to their own online Collaborative School of Competitive Design.
  63. Deconceptualisation and deconstruction of theoretical constructs (which reduces ‘useful information’) is an integral part of Zen meditation strategy and in many other meditative techniques found in various religions.
  64. He started to wonder if purpose itself was something invented by the human mind to maintain motivation; ambition and aspiration and the very concept of a destiny began to look a bit like desperately artificial constructs.
  65. This new divine decree or concept or advice regarding relational love can be defined as putting into practice through self’s constructs of cognition, emotion and behaviour the acts of compassion and reconciliation for Self and others.
  66. The Creator made humans with advanced and refined constructs as intellect, cognition and emotion to facilitate the development of values, attitudes and beliefs derived from knowledge and information, expressed through behaviour and speech.
  67. Self is possibly made in the image of the Creator that allows for the intangible constructs of consciousness, emotion and cognition, attitudes, values and personality to exist, which cannot be visibly seen, but inter-personally experienced.
  68. The concepts of a Spirit and Soul must be necessary to explain Self’s complexity, specifically in terms of Self’s invisible constructs of consciousness, individual personality, and all that comprises Self that emanates from and into Self.
  69. Where structures and functions of atom-energy, like the human body are able to encapsulate and embody the invisible constructs of Self of thoughts and emotions, values, attitudes and personalities, being the atom-less spirit-energy of humans.
  70. The metaphors we think in, the pragmatics we consider, how we frame the issues which dictate the questions we ask is all part of the logic that constructs an ethic, whose gravity of thought produces a discipline of acting with the goal of living the right life.
  71. Because now that Self consists of the invisible constructs of consciousness, intellect, emotion and personality, etcetera, Self can relate somewhat to the idea of Self being in essence, a Spirit, which can potentially exist without Time, and thus exist forever.
  72. And through these invisible and intangible constructs of spirit and consciousness there is the potential for Self, being made with the characteristics of intrinsic personal integrity, manifest as a conscious, independent and sovereign being, to also be immortal.
  73. It is important to know that there are men who will work to defeat this because of the constructs of man and how tightly they grasp to the aspects of these that consider themselves more important than others and give only the ability to degrade others within them.
  74. Moreover, if the Creator created not only the visible universe but also the invisible constructs of Self, that by definition can be characterised as the invisible constructs of Spirit, then Self may now also possess the characteristics of timelessness and infinity.
  75. The invisible constructs of Self’s consciousness, intellect, emotion and cognition can either develop through choice and/or environment into particular attitudes, values and beliefs that shape a personality manifest as depraved and perverted ‘animal like’ behaviours.
  76. These are the abhorrent base human acts resulting from the personal choice to mix the desire to manipulate human base instincts, expressed through base thoughts, feelings, behaviours and content of speech, with the higher human constructs of intellect, cognition and emotion.
  77. Added into the complex mix of an individual’s personality are constructs such as attitudes, beliefs and values, which are all essentially invisible to the detection of modern science and therefore possibly explained as also being part of the spirit and invisible personality.
  78. Although Self was made with invisible consciousness, and the constructs of independence, personal sovereignty and freewill, Self had a Beginning, whereas the Creator must need not require, as a prerequisite, for itself to exist the entity of a ‘physical’ or spiritual Beginning.
  79. This is because Self and Self’s consciousness, personality and being including present and past thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs about Self’s personal experience are intrinsically and essentially invisible and intangible constructs, and thus, may only be defined as Spirit.
  80. The question, How can or will anything exist forever, is again, perhaps better understood through reflection of Self’s personal experience of Self’s invisible ‘spiritual’ constructs of the consciousness of Self and Self’s personal invisible thoughts and feelings etcetera.
  81. However, there are realities that can be considered to have not been constructed from the atoms of these elements, such as the invisible, but real constructs of Self, consciousness, cognition, emotion, attitudes, values, beliefs, and personality etcetera, which we can refer to as Spirit.
  82. Where the sex drive of males is predicated on the biology of the manufacture of semen and thus the ‘urge’ to relieve, as opposed on the other hand to the sex drive of females, which is predicated more on psychological constructs such as fertility, hormones, mood, intimacy and self-esteem.
  83. If Self exists and entities of Self such as, consciousness, cognition, emotion and personality, etcetera, are invisible to the eyes of science, but nevertheless known to exist, then perhaps these constructs are integral components of what we might term an individual’s Personality, Spirit and Soul.
  84. And we can go further and suggest that the Creator of such invisible entities and constructs must itself, possess the ability to express and create the idea, the image, the reality and the experience of such an entity, to be itself the master architect of such phenomena for such phenomena to exist.
  85. There seemed to be dozens of these huge constructs in regular intervals, as if an architect blessed with godly sight had deemed to place them all over the landscape which in itself was another peculiarity: as far as the eye could see the horizon was covered in shades of greenery, spotted in parts by yellow and red patches.
  86. The power of the human mind, for Minsky, lies in its vast repertoire of different ways to think, and in its ability to switch among them in order to pursue its goals…[He] acknowledges that it is useful for us to conceive of our goals as originating from our ‘selves’—mental constructs that embody our personal identities.
  87. It is widely known that human females, when giving birth, experience much pain, but do animals giving birth experience similar pain without the constructs of consciousness, self-awareness, meta-cognition, thought, and emotion? Some research suggests that possessing the construct of mind increases the experience and awareness of pain.
  88. There is something invisible, something intangible, perhaps something spiritual and transcendent (spirit-energy) existing juxtaposition the functions of the brain, such as invisible personal constructs and entities as Self and Self’s self-awareness, consciousness, thoughts, emotions, values, attitudes, desires, beliefs, free-will, and personality.
  89. Or these spiritual constructs can instead again through personal choice or the mix of personal choice and environment set humans apart from the animal kingdom with thoughts, emotions, values, attitudes and behaviours that resemble an increased sense of awareness in terms of a personally ‘civil’, spiritual and moral accountable behaviour towards Self and others.
  90. We may still be left with something that is more akin to that which is not ‘physical’ or intrinsically part of the ‘physical’ universe, but left with something that is invisible and spiritual as experienced by the Self and Self’s consciousness and the conscious Self’s invisible constructs of Self’s being, thoughts, emotions attitudes, beliefs and personality.
  91. These spiritual (non-tangible, invisible to the eye) constructs thereby enable human beings to rise over and above base human (animal) instincts as an outcome of the human evolutionary process, which evolution provides the invisible constructs of consciousness, emotion and cognition, intellect and freewill thus allowing Self to develop values, attitudes, beliefs and personality.
  92. In this framework, people vary in the quality and extent of their investigatory procedures, so that while some may be working to establish an ordered and meaningful world for themselves but which is not necessarily highly predictable or readily explained, others may be content that they already have all the necessary explanatory constructs to live life fruitfully and with meaning.
  93. Humans therefore carry within them, through genetic inheritance, animal instincts such as fear, control, aggression, sex drive and the need for food, water and shelter, but also through the spiritual and transcendent nature of predetermined evolution, humans carry with them the acquired invisible constructs of consciousness, intellect, cognition, emotion, personality and freewill.
  94. That light called history is pitiless; it possesses this peculiar and divine quality, that, pure light as it is, and precisely because it is wholly light, it often casts a shadow in places where people had hitherto beheld rays; from the same man it constructs two different phantoms, and the one attacks the other and executes justice on it, and the shadows of the despot contend with the brilliancy of the leader.
  95. Can the meaning of the word ‘love’ be distorted and corruptly perceived through interrelational misuse and abuse? Does pure unconditional love exist? Has Self ever experienced the phenomena of the thoughts and feelings that Self would imagine would relate to the characteristics of unconditional love, maybe even within a dream? Has Self ever experienced what they envisaged to be unconditional love, from another human being? What are the cognitions and emotions experienced as an outcome of unconditional love? Is the level of love from a personal pet, such as a dog may provide its owner, unconditional? So are there different levels of love given and received? Are there different levels of unconditional love? The meaning of the word love can have many different meanings for different people as a consequent to the mix and interaction of the unique Self’s higher constructs interplaying with the unique Self’s past and present experiences.
  96. American abolitionists grouped about the boat at Harper's Ferry, and in the ear of the patriots of Ancona assembled in the shadow, to the Archi before the Gozzi inn on the seashore; it creates Canaris; it creates Quiroga; it creates Pisacane; it irradiates the great on earth; it was while proceeding whither its breath urge them, that Byron perished at Missolonghi, and that Mazet died at Barcelona; it is the tribune under the feet of Mirabeau, and a crater under the feet of Robespierre; its books, its theatre, its art, its science, its literature, its philosophy, are the manuals of the human race; it has Pascal, Regnier, Corneille, Descartes, Jean-Jacques: Voltaire for all moments, Moliere for all centuries; it makes its language to be talked by the universal mouth, and that language becomes the word; it constructs in all minds the idea of progress, the liberating dogmas which it forges are for the generations trusty friends, and it is with the soul of its thinkers and its poets that all heroes of all nations have been made since 1789; this does not prevent vagabondism, and that enormous genius which is called Paris, while transfiguring the world by its light, sketches in charcoal Bouginier's nose on the wall of the temple of Theseus and writes Credeville the thief on the Pyramids.
  97. The constructs themselves would not be visible or tangible in their nature,.
  98. Wormholes are interesting theoretical constructs, but nothing more than that,.

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