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Concept in a sentence

It is not a concept.
Is he a concept or.
The concept of such a.
The Concept of Love: WWW.
There is a concept known.
The concept of the Jews.
The concept of Nail as.

To any concept you have.
It was a foreign concept.
This is a vital concept.
It's a fast FAC concept.
A sexy concept in itself.
But, the concept is the.
It’s not a new concept.
But it’s a great concept.
This concept has just as.
Over using the concept of.
Once you try this concept.
It was a fascinating concept.
Ok, now you have the concept.
The concept is quite simple.
Every concept on this list.
The concept of the Persians.
Ubuntu is a concept which:.
The Concept of Earning Power.
That ties into the concept.
For a start, the concept of.
This is a large concept for.
But time itself is a concept.
The concept itself is insane.
It is a foreign concept to us.
And death is a concept buried.
It was an interesting concept.
Swarming is a concept another.
However, the concept and the.
This brings up the concept of.
It was a simple enough concept.
PARTNERS for that wider concept.

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