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    1. Obviously the type of problem they are able to resolve wil depend

    2. Don’t worry, the situation will resolve itself in a moment,” Ackers said, thinking quickly that he now had to appear as normal as possible so as not to arouse too much suspicion and have the paper boy call in any authorities

    3. Ackers closed his fist tightly again, his resolve strengthened

    4. expect the tumour to resolve by itself just because you are Christian

    5. Whatever the cause, that last rabbit-punch made my resolve complete

    6. When I see Rose my resolve not to tell anyone nearly collapses, but the thought of how horrified she would be stops me and I merely feel a traitress as she gives me a quick hug and says she hopes I feel better soon

    7. I ponder how I can ever resolve his anger towards me

    8. What about wisdom is so desirable that it is worth such a sacrifice? Wisdom is what God Himself gives out of His own mind and will in the appropriateness that only He can recognize and answer for a situation that has not previously come and cannot be answered by any past experience but needs the present now understanding of God to resolve

    9. Hours later a row of trees or brush began to resolve itself from the hazy horizon

    10. Her resolve momentarily wavered

    11. "Never before has our resolve been tested to such limits…"

    12. aunties wearing sarees and sneakers and with a firm resolve to lose weight

    13. before has our resolve been tested to such limits…"

    14. To You I look to resolve what wasn't

    15. Those words buried themselves in the resolve part of her mind and Amanda returned, for life

    16. He has a couple of debts to pay, a couple of issues to resolve from the old days, but once everything is sorted he wants nothing more than a season ticket to Ibrox, and, anyway, things have a habit of turning down at the corners when Ken gets involved

    17. But this I firmly resolve, if it kills me, the child within will be born

    18. pulsed and Grinly felt the last of his resolve melt

    19. Belle wondered for a moment how many generations of George's family had asked those very questions and she swelled with pride and resolve that her family would now both carry on the old, and begin the new traditions of so remarkable a lineage

    20. “Today, we shall begin today!” was their unanimous resolve in response

    21. The distance from the bus office to the police station had been excruciating … if he could resolve that, it would make life much easier to cope with

    22. I will try to do them,” answered the host with more resolve

    23. After a moment or two, the host steeled his resolve to admit, “I was a miserable failure at those 'simple' experiments!”

    24. The doctor's supplies, the impromptu picnic hamper that he brought over from the barn the previous evening is empty, save for a couple of sachets of Resolve

    25. “But I will not always have you to accompany me, father, and because of that I am sometimes unsure of my resolve,” said Kaitlyn sincerely

    26. ” Harry paused to allow himself a moment to gather fully his resolve, “I will attempt to encourage her thirst

    27. It’ll all resolve itself on Easter Sunday when we celebrate the fact that Jesus rose from the dead

    28. No does that help to clarify your conundrum and resolve it?”

    29. Other instances of note came along from time to time, some less perilous than others, but always each was met with the singleness of direction, resolve and purpose the Livingsons brought to their every endeavor

    30. Chloe was now the busy Director of Staff at The Rooms, handling every little crisis with deliberation and resolve, and having the time of her life enjoying every day, rain or shine

    31. to resolve this crime simply and without a mess was too

    32. use? He just prayed that her resolve was never tested

    33. After working for the government 30 years we will resolve this issue

    34. Counseling can help the survivor reshape their views and resolve feelings in

    35. resolve to spend the remainder of the holiday there

    36. They’ve maintained that resolve to this very day

    37. As the price or exchangeable value of every particular commodity, taken separately, resolves itself into some one or other, or all of those three parts ; so that of all the commodities which compose the whole annual produce of the labour of every country, taken complexly, must resolve itself into the same three parts, and be parcelled out among different inhabitants of the country, either as the wages of their labour, the profits of their stock, or the rent of their land

    38. The occasional and temporary fluctuations in the market price of any commodity fall chiefly upon those parts of its price which resolve themselves into wages and profit

    39. resolve, and gave a brief nod of acknowledgement

    40. resolve that now flowed through him were a sign from the

    41. Wiping off the one teardrop that had managed to break through her resolve, Nerissa regained her composure

    42. wrong way in which we resolve them, with the mention

    43. subconscious (the universe) to resolve the issue, with you knowing what to do

    44. Now, those who should resolve the crisis

    45. So beautiful they might have been a girl’s, his olive eyes were steady with resolve

    46. She looked over at her brother, expecting him to say something to resolve the situation

    47. He sees the resolve in her eyes

    48. For the first time in his life he was at a loss for any clever ideas to resolve his predicament

    49. In an attempt to resolve the problem between the two, Ashpenaz arranged a meeting after the midday meal where they would be present

    50. For all of the anxious glances exchanged in the Flagon, Brynjolf was only strengthened in his resolve

    1. It is obvious that nothing of consequence can be resolved any earlier

    2. love in late years, the absolute synthesis of heartbreak, and so I resolved to

    3. ‘I think he is as relieved as I am that the stalemate between us has been resolved

    4. want to see things resolved as

    5. I resolved to make demands, and set about identifying those things for which I could negotiate

    6. resolved and the pack stays together

    7. The two letters are on the table and the fingerprint man tells me that they have clear prints, so the matter should be easily resolved

    8. 4I am resolved what to do, that, when I am put out of the stewardship, they may receive

    9. resolved to consider this further later

    10. and resolved to do something about it the very next morning

    11. Handkerchiefs at the ready and resolved against using them the twins steadied themselves on Harry's arms for a moment longer, then escorted him to the boarding ladder

    12. Tom resolved to learn more about the Other World, everything he

    13. these matters are resolved before we arrive, we might as

    14. The train manager (manager?!) announces over the loudspeaker system that there is a problem with one of the doors and that we shall be on our way as soon as it is resolved

    15. No doubt there were some truly incorrect approaches which would yield no worthwhile results, but those which resolved the basic dilemmas of the propositions would probably be acceptable

    16. 'Whatever it takes - but this matter must be resolved

    17. When at last he resolved his mind on the matter, he said “

    18. matter will be resolved before the sun sets tomorrow

    19. when the matter was finally resolved and the Papacy

    20. ‘I hope this is all resolved soon,' he said

    21. ‘My only interest is to see this matter resolved to

    22. Agent Marick’s speculation would not be resolved anytime soon

    23. I found now I had business enough to gather and carry home; and I resolved to lay up a store as well of grapes as limes and lemons, to furnish myself for the wet season, which I knew was approaching

    24. It proved of excellent advantage to me now, that when I was a boy, I used to take great delight in standing at a basket-maker’s, in the town where my father lived, to see them make their wicker-ware; and being, as boys usually are, very officious to help, and a great observer of the manner in which they worked those things, and sometimes lending a hand, I had by these means full knowledge of the methods of it, and I wanted nothing but the materials, when it came into my mind that the twigs of that tree from whence I cut my stakes that grew might possibly be as tough as the sallows, willows, and osiers in England, and I resolved to try

    25. Luckily for Grimgy, she honored her debts; otherwise the issue could have been quickly resolved by her orchid blades

    26. matter of his friend was resolved

    27. doing something at last, and things will be resolved one

    28. He resolved to accept whatever friend Foemong's companion had handy, be polite and considerate and give her the best time he could

    29. financial crisis is not resolved in this way, even

    30. if their grievances would be resolved

    31. Just this morning he had hoped for an answer to his dilemma with the two women in his life and a baby on its way – now this! He didn’t want to have it resolved like this

    32. She resolved to set down all the verses she’d composed

    33. “That’s where the catch is – he doesn’t remember the dream itself! And what’s more, he wants this matter resolved within two days! And your lives are on the line, too!”

    34. Alternatively, the dream may also point to another popular phrase “hitting the nail on the head”, which suggests that you have fully resolved a situation

    35. He still had no real idea of what that phrase could be referring to, but was resolved to carry out his orders as faithfully as possible

    36. To see the shore in your dream suggests that your emotional needs are satisfied and inner turmoil has been resolved

    37. "This beef hasn’t been resolved for a year now

    38. With the reference to her Lascorii nature, the Elf had another bothersome riddle she wanted resolved

    39. All the warriors were resolved to bring the

    40. Markus: I am a loyal employee, and I believe that it is in the best of both of our interests to have this conflict resolved

    41. Not properly resolved

    42. The swirling shapes finally resolved into what he recognised as the US mission base

    43. Yet this time the two Elusivers resolved to become tall spindly figures

    44. The thing, pixellated, resolved into what the suit’s computer identified as a humanoid figure

    45. After you resolved that, as a good Jewish man, you should put me away?” My voice cut him and I sharpened it more

    46. Finally, when he had resolved in his mind that he wanted to die – that he wanted to feel nothing ever again – the memory faded

    47. In 1732, after having been for many years losers by the trade of carrying negroes to the West Indies, they at last resolved to give it up altogether ; to sell to the private traders to America the negroes which they purchased upon the coast; awl to employ their servants in a trade to the inland parts of Africa for gold dust, elephants teeth, dyeing drugs, etc

    48. I resolved right then to be more alert and not let either of us get too exhausted again

    49. I could hear him speaking to the nurse no doubt leaving instructions about me I stared up at the bed springs above my head and resolved to tell the nurse to let Elijah know I was here

    50. These contradictions could not be resolved

    1. The value which the workmen add to the materials, therefore, resolves itself in this case into two parts, of which the one pays their wages, the other the profits of their employer upon the whole stock of materials and wages which he advanced

    2. Labour measures the value, not only of that part of price which resolves itself into labour, but of that which resolves itself into rent, and of that which resolves itself into profit

    3. In every society, the price of every commodity finally resolves itself into some one or other, or all of those three parts ; and in every improved society, all the three enter, more or less, as component parts, into the price of the far greater part of commodities

    4. Though the price of the corn, therefore, may pay the price as well as the maintenance of the horse, the whole price still resolves itself, either immediately or ultimately, into the same three parts of rent, labour, and profit

    5. The price of flax resolves itself into the same three parts as that of corn

    6. As any particular commodity comes to be more manufactured, that part of the price which resolves itself into wages and profit, comes to be greater in proportion to that which resolves itself into rent

    7. In the most improved societies, however, there are always a few commodities of which the price resolves itself into two parts only the wages of labour, and the profits of stock ; and a still smaller number, in which it consists altogether in the wages of labour

    8. As the price or exchangeable value of every particular commodity, taken separately, resolves itself into some one or other, or all of those three parts ; so that of all the commodities which compose the whole annual produce of the labour of every country, taken complexly, must resolve itself into the same three parts, and be parcelled out among different inhabitants of the country, either as the wages of their labour, the profits of their stock, or the rent of their land

    9. That part which resolves itself into rent is less affected by them

    10. Such commodities may continue for whole centuries together to be sold at this high price ; and that part of it which resolves itself into the rent of land, is in this case the part which is generally paid above its natural rate

    11. The increase in the wages of labour necessarily increases the price of many commodities, by increasing that part of it which resolves itself into wages, and so far tends to diminish their consumption, both at home and abroad

    12. It is the price which affords nothing to the landlord, of which rent makes not any component part, but which resolves itself altogether into wages and profit

    13. It resolves neither issue for us one way or the other

    14. This generally resolves itself after the first 10 years of age

    15. C++ resolves this

    16. This will nearly always get better within a few weeks, but will obviously cause your partner to want to go very careful of this area whilst it resolves itself, and therefore it may put her off of anything that could potentially cause her further pain

    17. This figure in turn resolves into

    18. things it resolves a lot of complaints before

    19. Often this happens due to some disturbance or financial crisis, but once the changes are made the crisis resolves itself and the finances should be better than before

    20. Using this sort of terminology rarely resolves conflict, nor does it help you get the outcome that you desire, which is more important

    21. businesses solve a problem that has high urgency, high utility or resolves

    22. Openness to letting life unfold and, in a sense, dancing with it, usually resolves most mysteries sooner or later

    23. his life and his ministry, he thus resolves to

    24. The meeting resolves

    25. The Tibetan Youth Congress convenes, and resolves to implement

    26. is the one who had enunciated yog at the beginning? Krishn resolves the

    27. He is also the final verdict that resolves all dis-

    28. Krishn resolves Arjun's doubt by telling him that they

    29. When you play with the children on these streets, do you teach cooperative play or practice winner-take-all competition? Is the play organized sports policed by adults, spontaneous play created, disputed and resolved by children, or is it a show-and-brag hauling of the latest technological playmates – a my toy can beat up your toy Ultimate Fighting competition? Play resolves conflict without victor, but where the game that ends without loser? Where the game without prize? With every trophy an arms race of accessories to be the best x of the street, team, nation, world

    30. Absolutely, this is a clear evidence of that the one who resolves the disagreement existing between the Jews and the Christians is their messenger, our Master Jesus (cpth)

    31. She resolves to help them decide

    32. Take for example the wife who resolves to stop being a full-time house wife (‘Child’ state – i

    33. Another example is the husband who resolves to stop being a ‘taxi service’ (‘Parent’)

    34. melt the staunchest of his resolves

    35. about it even making unsuccessful resolves that he would cease to do it as it was childish act,

    36. resolves over a period of time, such as with a broken bone), in that it is chronic,

    37. So here they were, gathered the next Thursday for Round 2, and while tempers had cooled, resolves had not

    38. � What travel may do, thinking about it now, is face us with multiple critical moments, what we often call "culture shock," that introduces us to some meaning perspectives with which we have lived, and allows us access to the transformative process that best resolves the critical moment and the cognitive dissonance that it produces

    39. How this resolves is up to you

    40. Bruno’s father, afraid that his family may discover about his actual job, resolves to send them away to another place till the end of Second World War

    41. The reason is not found in a calculation of consequences in the external world, nor in any supposed counterweight of pain or terror in a finite being, that must be placed vicariously in the lightened scale of forgiveness; but in the heights and depths of the Godhead alone; in the holiness which abhors evil; in the rectitude which intensely loves the law; in the wisdom which must demonstrate that the Salvation of Sinners is no easy process; and in the boundless grace which resolves to endure all that sin and sinners can inflict, as a demonstration of the impossibility there is, even for Omnipotence, to save by an arbitrary act, without a 'ransom’ and a sacrifice

    42. He resolves all tongues into his own and bestows it upon men, and

    43. entreated, he promised, he flattered, he importuned, he pretended with so much feeling and apparent sincerity, that he overthrew the virtuous resolves of Camilla and won the triumph he least expected and most longed for

    44. 9 Watanabe hears name listed with Tojo, resolves to disappear: Ibid

    45. And by a sad contradiction Dorothea's ideas and resolves seemed like melting ice floating and lost in the warm flood of which they had been but another form

    46. It is true, Lydgate had the counter-idea of remaining unengaged; but this was a mere negative, a shadow east by other resolves which themselves were capable of shrinking

    47. If youth is the season of hope, it is often so only in the sense that our elders are hopeful about us; for no age is so apt as youth to think its emotions, partings, and resolves are the last of their kind

    48. But even if his resolves had forced the two images into combination, the useful preliminaries to that hard change were not visibly within reach

    49. Charles Shepherd could safely be indefatigable, bold, grasping, and greedy of gain, like a man who resolves to snatch his fortune quibus cumque viis, and makes haste to have done with villany, that he may spend the rest of his life as an honest man

    50. This is a case where the longer range on the daily chart resolves into a simple continuation pattern on the higher time frame

    1. Calling him a bloody bastard every time he pops into my head goes some way to resolving the issue of my feelings for him, but it’s much harder coming to terms with my utter stupidity

    2. She clicked on the entry and the screen changed, resolving into an image that hit Kara right between the eyes

    3. They stood in silent embrace, each one coming to terms with what had happened and resolving never to wait so long again before taking action to sort out a problem

    4. He could see something rippling amongst the starred background, but nothing was resolving

    5. And increasingly communication became erratic: the image losing clarity, pixellating to just noise and then resolving the surrounding star field that was now strangely distorted, similar to intense gravity waves except the graviton count was normal

    6. Reason as a means of resolving conflict

    7. The nourishment from the bountiful meal was making a difference, and William was concentrating more on resolving his dilemma

    8. A well-order society requires the cooperation of all its citizens; that they work at resolving their differences in manner bounded by common goals, apart from common ideology, if that society hopes to flourish and sustain itself

    9. Resolving to move to a more affordable, commercial hotel as soon as possible, I dropped into the bath

    10. He still found it difficult to understand how eccentric a machine of such awesome power could be, resolving to ignore most of what it said from then onwards

    11. While our intentions to help a person may be loving, we need wisdom to know whether our help will interfere with the results of their karma, and whereby the person then avoids resolving their personal issues

    12. After resolving the subcontractor claims, for the next five years

    13. The illusionary-real dichotomy is a means of ordering belief, of resolving conflict, where

    14. Meeting a challenge and resolving it is to me the best part of a good day’s work

    15. The account given us by an eminent primitive writer Clemens Alexandrinus ought not to be overlooked; that as James was led to the place of martyrdom his accuser was brought to repent of his conduct by the apostle's extraordinary courage and undauntedness and fell down at his feet to request his pardon professing himself a Christian and resolving that James should not receive the crown of martyrdom alone

    16. They comply with plans and strategy for scheduling meetings, establishing contacts, resolving disputes, and ensuring that all documents are completed on time

    17. We are intensely committed to resolving the oedipal complex and pre-

    18. cases, resolving conflicts and insulating physicians from the threat of legal action

    19. resolving the love-hate ambivalence within them

    20. If by this superhuman concentration you succeeded in converting or resolving the physical and higher energy universes with all their complexities into sheer ideas, he would then reach the causal world and stand on the borderline of fusion between mind and matter

    21. be established with the duty of resolving all

    22. Could he trust her? Could he give faith to someone he dreamt about his whole life but never saw until now? Resolving that he was out of options with his life, he lifted up his hand trying to take her translucent form into his

    23. pseudoseizures is certainly an important step toward resolving the con-

    24. situation was somehow resolving itself

    25. I also understand what a checkered record DS has for completing such investigations in a timely manner and resolving so-called derogatory information

    26. He took a deep breath and slowly raised the blue eggs to his eyes, resolving to drop them at the first sign of trouble

    27. When I promised to tame my monster, he told me I already had, just by acknowledging its existence, and resolving not to succumb to it

    28. Bridget at the point of blushing bluffed that he did, resolving to talk to him about it as soon as she could

    29. ‘enter’ key and the screen swirled with colour, resolving into a picture of the

    30. Other causes may include the seeking of attention from authorities or parents and resolving social issues such as bullying or lack of friends (Frey 2001)

    31. When resolving these issues objectively,

    32. he is not getting support in resolving the

    33. It is really the Cosmos’s way of resolving old issues in the past relationship

    34. Mists swirled in the sphere, resolving themselves into billowing dust-clouds through which black figures rushed unrecognizably; steel glinted like lightning in the murk

    35. therapist who has done some of this work in resolving the oedipal complex could be

    36. Resolving to return, or more accurately, hoping to return, he instructed the others to board the ship for departure

    37. taken to themselves the responsibility for resolving the problem

    38. was the primary way of resolving conflict

    39. about what is happening and try to think of a way of resolving the situation

    40. While we are at it, what about a title for the report? Why doesn’t the account balance print with a decimal point and without those leading zeroes? Lastly, why do the names begin in lower case letters rather than upper case and what would happen if the account file had no records or didn’t exist at all? These are all valid questions, which need resolving

    41. Her secret seemed to lie in the fact that she always found a way to keep busy, resolving domestic problems that she herself had created, and doing a poor job on a thousand things which she would fix on the following day with a pernicious diligence that made one think of Fernanda and the hereditary vice of making something just to unmake it

    42. Learning to accept that it's happened, is a big step to resolving your feelings about the event

    43. “Come on,” she responded, with a resolving sigh

    44. toward resolving these problems was to find a counselor

    45. Resolving to discuss the matter with Lady Ashburn later in order to ascertain her actions, he nodded to induce the constable to continue with his narrative

    46. sleep? Perhaps it was facilitated by a satisfying day, resolving a problem, meditation, or prayer

    47. Should you need assistance resolving the issue, call us and we'll expedite the

    48. ‘’Admiral,’’ said firmly Hillary, ‘’the official position of the United States at this time concerning the Senkaku Islands is that the ownership of these islands and their surrounding waters is a matter of international dispute between Japan, Taiwan and China, and that resolving that dispute is up to either some multilateral agreement between the parties concerned, or to the International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea and to the United Nations

    49. Disappointed with his lack of success with his jokes, he crawls home to his lonely bed and then resolving to do something about his marriage, he drives around to the mother in law’s place in Brynhyfryd to where Di had decamped with the kids

    50. method of resolving them

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