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    1. If it can’t be confirmed it can’t be proven

    2. His nose confirmed that Herndon was not afraid to couple with a body haunted by an electric ghost, but then he was Yingolian also

    3. ‘No, Liz told me something of the kind … but it is good to have it confirmed

    4. "After I have confirmed it with Garda HQ obviously

    5. That as much as confirmed for him that he had not gone far reaching his compound

    6. was possible confirmed the Countess’s assessment of the situation

    7. "She’s taking the capacitors offline from the reactors," Parker confirmed

    8. " Pardue confirmed over comms

    9. He hated it because of what it took from her eyes, but most of all, he hated it because it confirmed what he felt for the girl, this other girl

    10. Whilst not always the sharpest knife in the box, Stu’s libidinous sense of what was possible confirmed the Countess’s assessment of the situation

    11. ‘As I thought, Berndt’d worked out for himself what I meant about Angie – he’s confirmed that she’ll be accepted

    12. ’ The Yeti have confirmed that the area has already been renamed in her honour and there will be a suitable stone cairn built once the locale has stabilised

    13. The White confirmed it by handing Collin the Staff of Light

    14. This confirmed what he thought, people were running more and bigger cherubs

    15. Heymon noted that, “All but seventeen were either confirmed at their destination or destroyed en-route

    16. No! Denair had just confirmed what he had only half-guessed, but he also gave him devastating news

    17. She noted the look on Rayne’s face and her worst fears were confirmed

    18. ” That statement pretty much confirmed the reality of that letter, as well as its origin

    19. the puppy and confirmed that they were gone

    20. Rumour had it that they had been lovers for years but I’ve never had that confirmed

    21. the pitch of a fortune teller, a guess that was confirmed as the three

    22. ‘Good isn’t it?’ I confirmed ‘You can imagine what it was like at school when they found out

    23. pain confirmed his success

    24. “So he says,” Ava confirmed

    25. turn of the handle confirmed her fears

    26. That confirmed that she had no confusion about her origin

    27. ‘Oh shit!’ she thought to herself, unhappy to have her doubts confirmed

    28. up,” Fred confirmed, “There was supposed to be a lighthouse keeper

    29. This certainly confirmed what Kemberra had told him and Ava suspected

    30. ” The fact that she asked pretty much confirmed that it was, he tried to look distracted

    31. I have confirmed that there is no record of a Tdeshi fitting your description

    32. confirmed, looking directly into Tom’s eyes, “And that’s what your

    33. It raised the query in his mind that perhaps Andy hadn’t been there when it happened – something Kev confirmed, saying that he didn’t remember seeing the scientist in the room at any time

    34. “Yes,” Briz confirmed, “But they’ve all been quietly closed over

    35. ’ Middlesex confirmed, gulping gratefully at his hot coffee

    36. “It was,” Bram confirmed, “And, he was an agent for the Board of

    37. “Yes,” Bram confirmed, “In an exceedingly distant way

    38. ” It must have been his tone of voice when he confirmed that Bentack knew her

    39. Publicly the Kassikan tested those who volunteered but had not confirmed any as being the ‘real’ Yingolian

    40. confirmed what they had each figured out

    41. the information had confirmed his suspicions, then downed

    42. My suspicion was confirmed by the

    43. She confirmed for herself what Kaitlyn would not confess, nor what Harry would yet acknowledge

    44. confirmed the impression of habitual insobriety

    45. The phrase, to count your blessings, can therefore quite confidently be confirmed as a useless adage, yet it has somehow managed to survive the test of time, even though the advice in question is most clearly totally detrimental, totally idiotic and totally ill-conceived

    46. “Agents have confirmed the location of Kazar in a small village in Syria,”

    47. confirmed that it belonged to the Jewish woman they’d

    48. confirmed her information with a brief nod

    49. " Her smile, confirmed the agreement

    50. ‘I arrived this afternoon,’ confirmed Jean

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