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    1. “Yes, and on around to the top,” affirmed the guest

    2. Kaitlyn affirmed she could not

    3. Olivia affirmed her guess aloud and with a slight disappointment that her ruse was unsuccessful she went to sit down and watch the continuing game

    4. re affirmed the policy of the zero tolerance

    5. affirmed by the miracles they performed

    6. independent commission affirmed the fairness of the election, and the squatters in the square eventually went back to their homes and jobs

    7. Even Admiral Hylensia, usually affirmed in the resoluteness of his orders, could only recommend ‘by any necessary means’

    8. ashamed‖ after having affirmed his or her Guilt

    9. although once (its) singular characteristics have been properly ratified and affirmed by majority opinion…

    10. Basically 2(d) affirmed the Church’s historic and current doctrine and practice in relation to human sexuality (i

    11. Giggling with delight as the first chomp affirmed what his leader had shown, he grimaced his victory over the others who had been slower to comprehend

    12. Conciliarism (the theory that a pope is subject to a council), however had been affirmed at the synod as it would be anew at the Council of Basel (1431–1449) which in 1439 deposed Pope Eugene IV (r

    13. Coast affirmed to us that God was not finished with us in Kansas

    14. We closed this step and we affirmed that the Virtual Coin has bigger utilization power than the physical coin, because any organization (creditor) utilizes the received monetary resources in its production in the services rendering way for the Coordenational Structure in any country, without there is conversion for physical money or acquisitions in definitive properties

    15. She began singing herself, but then she perceived that Elior now neither sang nor affirmed the Light

    16. He affirmed that they were subjects of the Khanate of the Green Mist, although they had never been bothered by them before

    17. He had asked the Chosin healers about the plague and they affirmed that they were familiar with it

    18. “There is no way, or nothing you can say my Queen that will alter my mind” Ishvara affirmed

    19. On the contrary, from Mirabeau to Robespierre, the revolutionists, it has been noted, were mostly of the bourgeoisie, and their key pronunciamentos affirmed

    20. During a two-day retreat, its board affirmed its goal of “empowering the poor”:

    21. 59 After about one hour passed another confidently affirmed saying "Truly this man also was with Him for he is a Galilean!"

    22. And I said "Because sir I never spake a true word in my life but have ever spoken cunningly to all and have affirmed a lie for the truth to all; and no one ever contradicted me but credit was given to my word

    23. International agreements reached at the Geneva Conference (1954) affirmed the boundaries of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia

    24. affirmed her mother’s predictions

    25. was affirmed to me by Senator Dirksen who told me that Reuther* was probably the most powerful man in American Politics

    26. This is true not because a philosopher affirmed it, it is true because there is a

    27. affirmed that everything is becoming and nothing is, we still cannot get out of the

    28. lines when I affirmed that Sophia-Analysis creates a new way of being, of

    29. being and becoming, and they affirmed one while negating the other

    30. where everything was affirmed as true and everything was negated as false,

    31. this is the union of the two, which was affirmed here by Mireille and Claude’s

    32. from Plato, who affirmed that there is the hyperuranium beyond the Universe,

    33. its future can either be affirmed or negated

    34. A few millennia ago the Bible affirmed that GOD is the father of

    35. This is what we affirmed

    36. They've had the case for 2 1/2 years and people that came to D/R a year after me have already had their convictions affirmed

    37. Most parents would probably have the opposite reaction, affirmed in their knowledge that children imitate aggressive behavior they see on television

    38. -Don’t trust him! - The Genie affirmed – it has the shape of a cat but is one of Zoroastro demons, The Lord of the Shadows

    39. “You wil see him,” my mother affirmed

    40. A year later, after buying, selling, investing, speculating, a great deal of travel, entertaining and living the life of a playboy – affirmed by the occasional newspaper clipping, his fortune at the age of forty-four amounted to five-thousand dollars

    41. The motion had a duel meaning; it was one of understanding but also one that outwardly affirmed her inner decision

    42. It consisted in what he did and in what he affirmed

    43. The new gospel affirmed that human salvation is the revelation of a far-reaching divine purpose to be fulfilled and realized in the future destiny of the endless service of the salvaged sons of God

    44. The entire group of models on the show affirmed that, as young girls, they were actively pursued by older men

    45. Implicitly he affirmed his

    46. also implicitly affirmed his power to judge

    47. He recounted no less than five different times when the Master had affirmed he would rise again and at least three times when he alluded to the third day

    48. We have honor,” Monique affirmed

    49. “We had come to the same conclusion,” Justine affirmed

    50. He affirmed my order by nodding his head and smiling

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