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Contribution в предложении (на )

1. If the contribution of the.
2. Besides his contribution to the.
3. By comparing the two contribution.
4. His own contribution had been fulsome.
5. Currently, the contribution rate is 8.
6. Sir Stanley than added his contribution.
7. Her work has made a strong contribution.

8. Award for contribution to the arts in 2011.
9. To that end here is an initial contribution.
10. I close the chapter with a contribution of my.
11. Output and contribution to the balance of Payments.
12. His contribution to our firm cannot be understated.
14. Her brow creased at this strange contribution, but.
15. Alexandra was eager to learn and to make a contribution.
16. He has 40k of unused contribution amounts for 25 years.
17. This in itself is a major contribution to the multiple.
18. They have deeper pockets and that is their contribution.
19. Their final contribution to the stunning tree was an as-.
20. That was where the contribution to the hospital came from.
21. She was moved to tears and accepted the contribution with.
22. And I must compliment you on your outstanding contribution.
23. Check whether a contribution to the house kitty is required.
24. McCain chaired at the time of Cablevision’s contribution.
25. The sector’s contribution to the output measure of GDP (i.
26. Then she tried to figure out what her contribution had been.
27. Volunteers and private groups are making a big contribution.
28. My contribution was about twenty as Vandre went on the rampage.
29. This contribution has declined since 1982, when it was around 0.
30. You should rejoice in this and feel good about your contribution.
31. What will be the contribution that outlasts your physical body?
32. Communists convinced that any contribution to the power, influ-.
33. Banks should ensure that the provisions of Foreign Contribution.
34. Torie has made the initial contribution for the current year, and.
35. As a Senator in Illinois he made no contribution to laws and as a U.
36. I heartily acknowledge their contribution to the success of this task.
37. Their rewards are not related to their contribution but to their ego.
38. If this is the case, it is her major contribution to the partnership.
39. Until their contribution of wisdom becomes a compressed base of truth.
40. Prices as of January 2015 (those used for the in-kind contribution):.
41. Elsing reported the contribution and the conversation in detail to Mrs.
42. He will be a contribution to the household, don’t you think so?
43. Besides all that, it’s time I made my contribution to this alliance.
44. Former earls forgave the tax, as their contribution to the cathedral.
45. It was his contribution towards her education regarding the male anatomy.
46. His contribution as a journalist was enhanced with his becoming a lawyer.
47. Amir says he now intends to live a life of contribution to his community.
48. More of a contribution, tithe was a custom dating back to the Old Testament.
49. Perhaps he suggested an immodest contribution to your retirement fund?
50. She would join them for tea and made a financial contribution to the house.
51. And as if this blessing from heaven isn't enough, I make my own contribution.
52. This assumes he keeps putting in the same yearly contribution until that age.
53. The more Freddie interacts and adds a valuable contribution to each relevant.
54. Although the fee amounts are still small, they are a valuable contribution to.
55. Your contribution is invaluable and your kind will stand shoulder to shoulder.
56. Some studies, however, have investigated the direct contribution of specific.
57. Part of the contribution that an investor makes to an investee firm is to help.
58. My contribution to your charity, he said, placing them on top of the piano.
59. In this non-violent warfare, their contribution should be greater than men’s.
60. How much? I asked, surprised that he didn’t call it a campaign contribution.
61. He seemed to join in the laughter and added his own contribution with a small bark.
62. Apparently the only contribution Fiver could make was this beetle-spirited vaporing.
63. To break this amount down into a monthly contribution, divide that number by twelve.
64. It is interesting that the work of Galileo marks the chief contribution of Catholic.
65. Popular leaders are clearly ignorant of the current state and contribution of formal.
66. Your contribution to the strategies of warfare will be studied for generations to come.
67. My small contribution hadn’t improved much with time, but that didn’t matter to me.
68. Meanwhile, the government had asked for a money contribution from the parents of evacuees.
69. The in/out contribution rules can be a source of confusion but it is overall much simpler.
70. Two decades of loyal service and contribution had been wiped out by four vindictive words.
71. The CKO is convinced that the program is making a positive contribution to the corporation.
72. Mexico’s main contribution to the war effort was in providing natural resources to the U.
73. Here is the BIG difference! The IUL allows Bill to CARRY OVER ANY UNUSED CONTRIBUTION AMOUNT.
74. Their mere presence is a blessing and they have a contribution to make in this unique world.
75. I think that can be arranged said Gal, impressed with the girl's positive contribution.
76. Being a thing in awareness, it becomes a contribution to the potential for practical wisdom.
77. Rayne received the Order of the Golden Feather from Lord Justin himself for her contribution.
78. Then contribute to my TFSA until that year's contribution room is used (currently $5,500/yr).
79. You both live lives of such real true contribution, and you both inspire me every single day.
80. I don’t see any reason the Army of God shouldn’t make a similar contribution to the cause.
81. Department of Energy, 20% Wind Energy by 2030: Increasing Wind Energy’s Contribution to U.
82. At this level success is measured in terms of contribution made to the well being of the world.
83. Left-wing novelists claim that moralizing is just a contribution to establishing the normative.
84. But the new companion made little difference, and Joe did not send a contribution to the school.
85. She also told them that Garcia coached her on the sign language, her contribution to their band.
86. He was an amazing showman and his contribution and legacy will be felt around the world forever.
87. Walters’s only contribution it would be sufficient to place us under a heavy obligation to him.
88. The Foley fiasco of late 2006 might indicate that the Republicans don’t want your contribution.
89. Mum’s sole contribution to my survival was to express milk into a bottle so Francis could feed me.
90. Some of us remembered three planes breaking off to the north, that was about it for our contribution.
91. Asking for a contribution becomes spam when you see an email month after month from the same charity.
92. Also check that the monthly contribution is in line with what you can afford or would want to put in.
93. Perhaps that is what occurred years ago, with each family bringing some contribution of food or drink.
94. In general, the largest contribution to value is the initial creation and acquisition of information.
95. Blomkvist had wanted to thank her for the handsome contribution to help close out the Serner dispute.
96. To save the Elf Prince he truly would die – this would be Anon’s contribution to Imorbis’ plan.
97. In the past, this was achieved by worker contribution in company-sponsored retirement living programs.
98. His contribution to all areas of company activity in which he has been involved have been much appreciated.
99. The paper now in the reader's hands is a humble contribution to the cause of truth about the Lord's Supper.
100. There is no impropriety, therefore, in its being defrayed by the general contribution of the whole society.

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