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    1. The skill of his hands and the hormones this body produced and his patience made it more likely she would force him, but there was never a need because he would grant any desire

    2. He decided that this would be his gift to them—he would grant them names and stories of his own making:

    3. that He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be

    4. That conversation gave him a clue in his search, he could find their veron grant line and see where it lead

    5. She knew they had a grant line and that was exactly what he followed

    6. Bahkmar knew that Vincef, the Haadij of this Haad was out of the grant list and could not say that because of his technician's oath

    7. He knew he was a long way from the authorization to edit the grant list

    8. He also knew that out of the grant list was a long way from 'dead'

    9. those who would defeat you I will grant you one wish, and you will have the

    10. I want to grant them both their wishes, but somehow I find there is only one of me

    11. "I think I would know where to start, but I would have to suspend the encapsulee while I step into the context switch once I trap the grant line

    12. He went to the grant list after that

    13. Only once they had followed this, and the math Darryl had helped him with, would they grant that quantum information was in fact being passed

    14. "The grant light is active," Thom pointed out, meaning the store hardware was granting cycle requests to someone

    15. “When I first met her I thought she was a cherub until she winked out, but now that I know she was there, I can get a hook onto her veron grant record

    16. If you run an organization to help those in need, you may be eligible to receive Federal money through grant programs

    17. Each grant announcement will contain instructions on how to apply, including where to get an application packet, information the application should contain, the date the application is due, and agency contact information

    18. Grant announcements are issued throughout the year

    19. Unfortunately, there is no single document that contains every Federal grant announcement and no uniform format for these announcements, although the Administration is working to change this

    20. In the future, it hopes that Federal agencies will publish grant announcements electronically, in a single format and on a single web site (www

    21. Many States and cities also have liaisons that can help faith-based and community applicants identify grant opportunities

    22. We are a small organization and we can't afford to hire a grant writer, accountant, and lawyer to help us seek a Federal grant

    23. Applicants may call the official identified in the grant announcement or contact an agency's regional office

    24. What if I apply for a Federal grant, but my request is turned down?

    25. What are some of the legal obligations that come along with a Federal grant?

    26. It is therefore extremely important for grant recipients to keep accurate records of all transactions conducted with Federal funds

    27. The soldier responded to the judge by asking if he would grant a

    28. She had no way to get that code into the grant list back on Gordon’s Lamp

    29. If her mind was as powerful as that of the Acolyte that held her here, she should be able to figure out what electrons it took to get that pointer into the grant list and move them by adjusting their quantum states

    30. She knew it was entry zero, she needed to get that grant passed on to her

    31. It was unlikely that grant was going anywhere now, whatever this OS was that had captured her, it would undoubtedly have a grant system of its own

    32. In my OS all the automatic stuff, not just the threat detectors, runs apart from the soul grant list, in parallel, on separate hardware

    33. When she crossed his grant line with the scene generator servicing that slice she found he was in his private, private space, in his study in Nigeria

    34. Initially they’d turned down her application on technical grounds, but she had the plans re-drawn and then, d’you know, she actually went along to a meeting of the planning committee herself and quietly demanded to know why they wouldn’t grant permission

    35. Ava wasn’t about to let this come to fruition, so she stopped the captain’s grant line and then popped into the office tapping Yellelle on the shoulder

    36. In return, he will grant you this one’s life,’ he nodded towards Kassim

    37. Grant me this, my final request and I will die

    38. Doubtless there would be trouble with the team over in Madrid when he told Grant what was going on, but then Grant had dropped James in it properly when they had realised that someone needed to deal with the Chas situation, so it would just serve him right

    39. ’ Grant agreed when he had finished his narrative

    40. ‘Oh stop showing off your bloody literary degree, James!’ Grant said, ‘Anyway, it wasn’t anything we did

    41. The size of the original land grant was something else she found beyond her grasp of understanding as well

    42. that I know who broke into the shop – although, I grant

    43. ‘That would be enough, I grant you

    44. A session grant and then no more barrage of unanswerable reads

    45. That He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with might through His Spirit in the inner man, that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith; that you,

    46. Will you grant it to me?”

    47. “Once again, my father,” said Scheherazade, “will you grant me what I ask?”

    48. Grant me the favor of allowing her to sleep this night in the same room, as it is the last we shall be together

    49. altogether discretionary in the parish officers either to grant or to refuse it

    50. Grant strode across and met his sons glance toward the back amongst the oldest plants he had been collecting

    1. Moses still took God for granted and

    2. Of course it was, but Ackers couldn’t take it for granted

    3. Maybe I have taken you for granted the last few weeks you were here? Maybe I forgot to tell you how honored I am any time you could grace me with your presence? You are welcome in my home and in my bed at your pleasure, as I hoped you understood by now

    4. and see all of those things that you take for granted, but which I dreamed

    5. "I shouldn't take you so much for granted

    6. Over dinner, the conversation turned inevitably to life on Errd, Kara finding herself facing all sorts of questions … embarrassingly, mostly questions she found she couldn’t answer about things she took for granted

    7. The victor of this competition was to be granted one wish and serve at

    8. Son granted them an audience

    9. Yet you haven't granted her the favor even once

    10. It was more or less taken for granted that when my schooling was done I'd go and live with them on their island and it'd be happy holidays every day

    11. Granted Collin, this is as it should be

    12. Mister Cameron is blessed with the sort of fortune that, in fables and fairy stories at least, has only ever been granted to mere mortals in return for a lien on their soul

    13. Alan taking the responsibility for his own tasks and also being considerate of others, Nuran shirking her own tasks, taking others for granted and pleading with others to shirk theirs for her own selfish reasons

    14. In spite of every advantage in life, including a fabulous education and a family ethos of good works and humble gratitude for the largesse granted by fate, this young lady rarely had a good word to say for anyone

    15. They had just been granted the separation today and the lawyers had cases already

    16. Granted, his sample was small and he was extrapolating to the dark matter of the whole galaxy and its halo, but the data from the non-targeted halo object lead him to believe extrapolating to the whole galaxy was valid

    17. “Today, granted, but what about tomorrow? I’m a man of property now

    18. Back at Sol they take it for granted now because it was discovered a generation ago and has always agreed with theory

    19. Altera understood immediately and went straight to Naria who granted his request

    20. 'Hasmukh-ji takes everything for granted

    21. granted to mere mortals in return for a lien on their soul

    22. for the largesse granted by fate, this young lady rarely had a good

    23. The busker was granted admittance to the Cameron estate and

    24. To invoke fascination fulfill another’s wishes which could not be granted

    25. generated, granted that space is needed for “stationary regeneration” and not

    26. “Everyone knows she holds him in the highest regard and that no matter what he requests for his Hold; it is granted without question

    27. Starships changed from mortal frozen-human daedelus torches to Angel-driven bussards, half America’s non-corporate population defected to Laurentia, and Angels and other simulates were granted legal standing

    28. “Today, granted, but what about tomorrow? I’m a man of

    29. In the end, of course, they had to concede that there was no case against the application and granted permission

    30. Spelman allowed, though he was secretly very anxious to be led on a tour by these two evocative young women and would have granted a week

    31. I realize I have only a background of the most routine education, parents who have granted me my almost every wish, and scant talent or skill for actual life in the real world

    32. Granted I might have to hire

    33. Oh granted he once frightened her on the front porch, but that could’ve been partly her fault

    34. You said that you took him for granted the

    35. When Hazen-Rikeye was over and they'd lugged the gear off to the tour-cart again, she retreated for Noonsleep to a hall guesthouse where they had been granted stay

    36. Because the king was ashamed and very sad, Dionysus took pity on him and granted his request

    37. When his days of toil and self-sacrifice had finally ended he would have been granted the honor of rotting alongside his predecessors

    38. I shouldn't have taken you for granted

    39. different governors of the universities, before that time, appear to have often granted licences

    40. which granted the certificate should be obliged to pay the expense both of his maintenance

    41. poor man comes to reside, and that they ought very seldom to be granted by that which he

    42. Technically Alan had no right to use Xalabba's stairs but they granted it in consideration for the fact that his repairs to its extension allowed them a new route for parts and communication

    43. In 1731, they obtained an order of council, prohibiting both the planting of new vineyards, and the renewal of these old ones, of which the cultivation had been interrupted for two years, without a particular permission from the king, to be granted only in consequence of an information from the intendant of the province, certifying that he had examined the land, and that it was incapable of any other culture

    44. The second event was the bounty upon the exportation of corn, granted in 1688

    45. In 1688 was granted the parliamentary bounty upon the exportation of corn

    46. He would remain there in stasis til she granted him and the remaining crew cycles again

    47. Anon’s blood had granted him great power, and now he used it to enhance his speed to its fullest

    48. They offer you leads that will allow you to realize the existence of the veil of ignorance hiding from your view the limitless lot of opportunities you were granted at the moment of your birth

    49. Credits of this kind are, I believe, commonly granted by banks and bankers in all different parts of the world

    50. He had granted me

    1. com, they are granting us permission to distribute such material

    2. net, they are granting us permission to distribute such material

    3. "All in good time," Alfred said, "One of the first things we have to deal with is getting Alan back up here before he starts granting interviews to news magazines

    4. "The clock is still running," he said after placing a virtual probe, "it is granting cycle requests but it happened suspiciously close to the time of the beam's arrival

    5. "The grant light is active," Thom pointed out, meaning the store hardware was granting cycle requests to someone

    6. It is important to enlist community support for your charter school idea and to get to know members of the sponsoring (charter granting) agency

    7. He approached Tam and Mya as a king granting an audience to his subject

    8. His brew was a decent yellow, a little earthy in flavor but granting a decent buzz when consumed in any quantity

    9. What she hadn't expected was the judge granting them the right to move onto the property right away

    1. What would that mean? If his veron grants were intercepted and his account deleted, few would miss him or know he was gone

    2. Bakhmar knew that 'dead' to an Angel means no longer receiving veron grants

    3. The reason God grants the reward is because of the Servant’s willingness

    4. And what is it that is represented at the cross that so exposes them? Nothing more grants us access into an understanding of how they operate like the cross of Jesus Christ

    5. not), the Universe immediately grants that desire

    6. Helping Those in Need: An Overview of the Federal Grants Process

    7. The Federal government uses two kinds of grants:

    8. Grants that put Federal money in the hands of States, cities, or counties for them to distribute to charities and other social service providers, usually under their own rules and regulations (also known as 'formula' or 'block' grants)

    9. Most Federal agencies have experts who are available to help organizations apply for and manage their grants

    10. These organizations help small faith-based and community organizations learn about the grants process

    11. " For larger grants - those over $300,000 a year - an audit by a private, independent outside legal or accounting firm is required

    12. I’ve suppressed her symptoms for the moment, but I need to find her, encapsulate her and cut off her veron grants

    13. But it was likely that she was already getting grants, to that veron store in Thom’s lab

    14. Those grants to that veron store were undoubtedly being issued, if it was even still in use

    15. But now please go, I have to give him his grants again

    16. Ava immediately set her presence to audio only and re-started the captain’s grants

    17. That same evening Grants wife popped into the laundry to give her violets a dash of water and she looked at the tall interloper, it was quite dead

    18. The readouts said that the avatar that attacked her was quarantined successfully in known crystals on the Biology Base, no space in those crystals was receiving grants

    19. Grants the wishes of the interpreter,

    20. The privileges which we find granted by ancient charters to the inhabitants of some of the principal towns in Europe, sufficiently show what they were before those grants

    21. The people to whom it is granted as a privilege, that they might give away their own daughters in marriage without the consent of their lord, that upon their death their own children, and not their lord, should succeed to their goods, and that they might dispose of their own effects by will, must, before those grants, have been either altogether, or very nearly, in the same state of villanage with the occupiers of land in the country

    22. The princes who lived upon the worst terms with their barons, seem accordingly to have been the most liberal in grants of this kind to their burghs

    23. It was during the unprosperous reigns of the princes of the house of Suabia, that the greater part of the free towns of Germany received the first grants of their privileges, and that the famous Hanseatic league first became formidable

    24. The bank grants at the same time what is called a recipice or receipt, entitling the person who makes the deposit, or the bearer, to take out the bullion again at any time within six months, upon transferring to the bank a quantity of bank money equal to that for which credit had been given in its books when the deposit was made, and upon paying one-fourth per cent

    25. So, does that mean the remaining seven billion people on Earth are assuming unimportant or insignificant roles? Obviously not, because our incarnation here grants us an opportunity to perform a role, which helps complete the mosaic of life on this planet

    26. The planter, no doubt, by the high price which he pays for the goods from Europe, by the interest upon the bills which he grants at distant dates, and by the commission upon the renewal of those which he grants at near dates, makes up, and probably more than makes up, all the loss which his correspondent can sustain by this delay

    27. It was a long time before even the parliament of England, though placed immediately under the eye of the sovereign, could be brought under such a system of management, or could be rendered sufficiently liberal in their grants for supporting the civil and military establishments even of their own country

    28. it grants us a genuine sense of self worth

    29. Each lifetime grants us different experiences to increase our wisdom

    30. It also grants us the ability to co-create our future, according to our innate desires

    31. The security which it grants to the original

    32. This is the point where “the spirit of revelation and wisdom” takes over and grants us divine enlighten

    33. Mary, and had asked the Grants to join them at the theater

    34. During the war, when it was discovered that Grant liked his whiskey, in view of Grant"s battlefield successes, Lincoln was observed to have remarked: „Whatever he"s drinking, I want some

    35. How did you know about the grants?”

    36. His policy excluded taking federal grants

    37. The models, the baselines, data gathering, conflicts of interest because of grants, and refusal to tolerate the views of others, brought to mind The Inquisition, and the

    38. carve out large land grants for the Indians complete with mineral and oil rights, allowing them to keep their culture(s) in parallel with the emerging America? Exceptional as that might have been for its time, historian Ellis tells us in American Creation, it almost happened, or at least it became a priority for President Washington in 1790

    39. grants trickle through its complicated network in a way that baffles the IRS

    40. In the Bible it states many times that the Lord grants us our heart's

    41. delivers us from the clutches of Satan, it breaks the chains of sin, and grants us the

    42. it delivers us from the clutches of Satan, it breaks the chains of sin, and grants us

    43. grants to assist with physical and social needs

    44. through grants and the generosity of individ-

    45. award grants to Kids’ Café, Child Protective

    46. There is too much money involved in thousands of grants for researchers, and multi-millions of dollars in profits for those who manipulate the levers of the “green economy” they hope to impose on the nation

    47. The Constitution grants original jurisdiction to the Supreme Court in a few cases, but those do not include the type of dispute at issue in Marbury’s case

    48. Speaking from personal experience, Steele grants that for a black person to read in the New York Times that he is not really black “is to be annihilated on some level

    49. M: He grants the conviction that you are the eternal, change-

    50. He served as jury for grants, published papers, taught with an experimental teaching model to the envy of other local professors, and held private tuitions at his home

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