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Controversy в предложении (на )

  1. There is much controversy and.
  2. Controversy At The Catering Hall.
  3. Here’s where the controversy comes in.
  4. The railway official avoided controversy.
  5. I wondered what the controversy was about.

  6. In a recent public controversy with Mr L.
  7. There was a lot of controversy about cloning.
  8. In a small town, we have to avoid controversy.
  9. A second controversy was the claim that Bush Sr.
  10. Controversy surrounds the use of electronic tweezers.
  11. There is always a big controversy regarding packing.
  12. If there really was a profound controversy here, it.
  13. There may be here the start of a healthy controversy.
  14. He had vanished in a flurry of controversy and rumour.
  15. Undergravel Filter Controversy for more on this subject.

  16. While there is still so much controversy about what you.
  17. Remember, the enemy wants to cause chaos and controversy.
  18. The controversy would have eventually cooled down, as it.
  20. His quarrel some led him into controversy with the church.
  21. The vivisection controversy is the most emotionally charged.
  22. No aspect of the war provoked as much controversy as bombing.
  23. The current event in relation to the controversy about the.
  24. This has touched off a controversy that has raged in medical.
  25. He remains, however, a figure of controversy, as you will know.

  26. It was a controversy, and a bitter one, that persisted for years.
  27. God knows those who are with him without the need for controversy.
  28. The Controversy column beneath this paragraph caught my attention.
  29. Kareem remained silent, while the controversy raged all around him.
  30. The NSA was embroiled in controversy after the Snowden revelations.
  31. There is some controversy over whether these are a good idea or not.
  32. And he was fond of controversy, though at times only through caprice.
  33. Michael had a life full of controversy and also a changing appearance.
  34. However there has been a lot of controversy over its use in the past.
  35. The weeks that followed brought a storm of controversy across the land.
  36. He would create a controversy, and leading townspeople would take sides.
  37. At that time of controversy, Ernest mediated between Black activists in.
  38. You mentioned, with some bitterness, the controversy over the olive oil.
  39. CW: What controversy? I’ll be honest with you, I don’t think about it.
  40. Secrets To Get Your Kids Eating Good Foods, which stirred some controversy.
  41. Typically, the announcement was accompanied by more drama and controversy.
  42. There's a lot of controversy surrounding the use of undergravel filtration.
  43. As with the disease itself, controversy surrounds the TREATMENT of Chronic.
  44. When men understand each other, controversy is the first thing finishes off.
  45. Let controversy come only when they who despise the truth force it upon you.
  46. A controversy has surrounded the use of Echinacea in people infected with HIV.
  47. We have recently witnessed an intense controversy over end-of-life counseling.
  48. The cogent argument of Dobney settles that feature of the controversy forever.
  49. There is still a controversy over the downing of TWA, Flight 800, in June, 1996.
  50. ESPN: Finally Coach, what about this quarterback controversy in San Francisco?
  51. Spectrum Scam, has created a controversy with majority of the committee members.
  52. He places himself at the centre of attention, or even as a figure of controversy.
  53. Other rumors say he was put there to cause controversy and derail the project.
  54. Spectrum Scam, created a controversy with majority of the committee members (Con-.
  55. The inland and ocean water patrols were not without political and legal controversy.
  56. She quickly turned the conversation from her own needs to a theological controversy.
  57. But my actions in this land deal are not the only thing that will cause controversy.
  58. My latest controversy involving Bishop Higbold has nothing to do with fashion, however.
  59. The same point is frequently at this day a matter of controversy in the wine countries.
  60. Great Controversy The nation of Israel sowed a cross and reaped thousands of crosses.
  61. The most controversy, however, is centered around same-sex relationships; though there.
  62. Of these a large volume had appeared, which was exciting vehement controversy in Germany.
  63. However, great controversy exists about which factors are most responsible for the large.
  64. This should create quite a juicy public controversy, which is always good for the ratings.
  65. He had done an interview with Reuters in July 2013, which had stirred a fresh controversy.
  66. Once upon a time, an honorable profession, seeking to get at the truth in any controversy.
  67. There is already some controversy over the fact that this listing of tribes is not accurate.
  68. For the cause of The Lord is forgotten, and the controversy of The Lord is held in secret!.
  69. The next few days were a whirlwind of adventure and controversy, which we have hid from Jake.
  70. Understandably, many of them were about the monarchy crisis and the controversy about Jesus.
  71. O let the year of thy redeemed come, and the year of recompences for the controversy of Zion.
  72. Be considerate of others – There are often three sides to a controversy; yours, hers, and.
  73. This is why there is so much controversy in the accepted reason for what has happened there.
  74. His tone became casual, with a pleasant inflection, quite as if there had been no controversy.
  75. Therefore their cause shall crush them, and their controversy shall consume them! Says The Lord.
  76. And the last thing we need is more controversy about that damnable convention center project.
  77. And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness, that God was manifested in the flesh.
  78. There has been much controversy over the years, regarding Eisenhower's decision on the Berlin issue.
  79. The question has arisen in the who is a Jew controversy about the children of mixed marriages.
  80. The controversy between this country and Great Britain seems to have been brought to a single point.
  81. The effect of dairy products on the risk of osteoporosis-related fractures is subject to controversy.
  82. The stock price dropped with the controversy but stabilized in the $16 to $20 range through October.
  83. Though 85 percent of Joetsu residents donated to the park fund, the plan generated heated controversy.
  84. There was some controversy over the burial, because of Megan’s supposed role in the child’s death.
  85. Times of violent religious controversy have generally been times of equally violent political faction.
  86. The only new ally the Congress got was Lalu Prasad in Bihar, and even that was not without controversy.
  87. For it is the day of the Lord’s vengeance, and the year of recompense for the controversy of Zion.
  88. There has been an ongoing controversy over what effect Man’s activities are having on the environment.
  89. Pradeep had been seen in the company of the woman who was now the subject of the Snoopgate controversy.
  90. On September 17, 1967 The Doors performed Light My Fire on the Ed Sullivan Show, not without controversy.
  91. Often, it is a matter of how we handle controversy, calamity, obstacles, or just an overall bad situation.
  92. The absence of a single idea from a system of thought sometimes leads to and compels ages of controversy.
  93. A strong controversy at the time was whether US troops should have invaded Iraq itself to overthrow Hussein.
  94. Archdeacon Blackburne, "A Short Historical View of the Controversy Concerning the Intermediate State" 1765.
  95. Why not, after all their controversy? But her curiosity passed quickly and she stuffed them into the coolers.
  96. There, Yeshua delighted into entering the debate, arguing points of religious law and reveling in controversy.
  97. He was in no mood for controversy, and he thought of those armored riders who were pushing nearer every moment.
  98. In it he stated, The controversy between Socialism and Capitalism is the dominant public question of the day.
  99. Three of the texts are dated and are important in view of the controversy as to the age of all these inscriptions.
  100. Nor should we forget the current President who sides with Argentina in the ongoing controversy over those islands.

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