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Tilt в предложении (на )

  1. You can literal y tilt.
  2. I tilt my head to the side.
  3. And the tilt of the blonde.
  4. Everyone knew the head tilt.
  5. So here they come, full tilt.
  6. It was the tilt of her head.
  7. We plowed into them full tilt.
  8. Youre a ninja? I tilt.
  9. He would be in the second tilt.
  10. The subtle tilt of a deer's head.
  11. Only the slightest forward tilt of.
  12. The world seemed to tilt on its axis.
  13. Increase the angle of the tilt table.
  14. Something about the tilt of the eyes.
  15. It was heavy, but he could tilt it up.
  16. There was an arrogant tilt to her chin.
  17. Lift and tilt the pan to coat the sides.
  18. Butterwell wished them both a good tilt.
  19. A tilt of the head and a smile in return.
  20. Pull it and the trailer will tilt back.
  21. With a tilt of his head, the man considered.
  22. Carrie knew how difficult the final tilt was.
  23. Increase the angle of the tilt sessions per week.
  24. The rings on the first tilt will be two inches in.
  25. With the tilt of her nose and the chime of her voice.
  26. And then there was the issue of Prep trading on tilt.
  27. What? She looked at him with a tilt of her head.
  28. But the priest stiff-armed him, to tilt the wine back.
  29. A tilt in the yard to mark the tilt between the sheets.
  30. Now the left deck edge was awash as the tilt increased.
  31. The house began to tilt and the doors wouldn’t close.
  32. It was enough to cause him to tilt and fall off the bed.
  33. Though from the tilt of her small head, it was apparent.
  34. Let me win this tilt and one more, and I will be content.
  35. Her visits, not the tilt of the planet, create the seasons.
  36. The waterlogged building groaned, and slowly began to tilt.
  37. He taps something, and I tilt my head back to see what it is.
  38. Derek pondered his statement for a few seconds with a tilt of.
  39. He was in the yard all day, tilting or watching others tilt.
  40. Thaniel let the file tilt down on to the top edge of the cabinet.
  41. If there was insufficient mass at the start in order to tilt the.
  42. Lio!rt indicated the assembled dragonriders with a tilt of his head.
  43. As it was, Teagan had to tilt her head back to maintain eye contact.
  44. The most common challenge for the intraday trader is trading on tilt.
  45. Would you knock it off already? This was Sewer Girl, on a tilt.
  46. The tilt now increased more rapidly as the ice began to shift en masse.
  47. Rudy had his money with the second largest poker site, Full Tilt Poker.
  48. You can tilt your head a little to show that you are listening closely.
  49. In another review, Prep again highlighted the issue of trading on tilt:.
  50. I see the tilt of a vial, the quick press of a button on an aerosol can.
  51. The earth’s tilt gives us seasons within the year, which are broken into.
  52. Any distraction she could provide to tilt the odds toward Sicarius she would.
  53. I float closer to the ceiling and tilt my head back as the water covers my chin.
  54. I tilt this head of mine and rest my hands holding the silver utensils of eating.
  55. She wore her hair in one old-fashioned bun, and let her glasses tilt at her nose.
  56. Remember Iceman’s earlier e-mail with his list of things that set him on tilt?
  57. If you see anything in the way, by no means try to avoid it; smash at it full tilt.
  58. The tilt of the earth’s axis could also influence the peak season for the ‘dark.
  59. She nodded, but there was a slight tilt to the side of her mouth that hinted at mirth.
  60. Burping loudly, he indicated the pipe he'd just finished welding with a tilt of the can.
  61. The very moment you let you tilt to right or left that very moment you become a looser.
  62. I didn’t miss the sudden tilt of Aunt Martha's head as her eyes swivelled towards him.
  63. The tied-down cargo strained at its moorings as the tilt increased and the ice rushed by.
  64. Seated there, they felt their heads tilt slowly back to let the rain fall where it would.
  65. She returned his look with a smile and a slight tilt of her head with a questioning look.
  66. Do you know if Ser Uthor won his second tilt? Maybe the Snail would win the tourney.
  67. The associated fears are based on clearly erroneous expectations that the earth’s tilt.
  68. I tilt stones, Jim grabs the cold junk under the stones and - lickety-split! I climb hills.
  69. Practice bending and straightening your knee to raise and lower yourself on the tilt table.
  70. Tarz grunted and gave a tilt to his head, his eyes regarding her as if she were a white wolf.
  71. Gabriel noted the stubborn tilt of Jesse’s chin before looking to her grandmother for help.
  72. The Snail’s got his next tilt to think about, and the rest have eyes only for the jousting.
  73. Cyprian looked at the zombie vampire and gestured with a head tilt in the direction of Garman.
  74. Just as everyone expected the worst, the tilt stopped with the passing of the last of the ice.
  75. Petra sent Mary a glance to see if she’d noted the telling I’m interested head tilt.
  76. There was a tilt of the head and a gesture of the hand that immediately brought Wulfric to mind.
  77. A constant supply of iron is needed to keep the world’s blast furnaces operating at full tilt.
  78. We hoisted ourselves onto the carriage making it tilt on its soft springs and straighten up again.
  79. She gives him a look that he can't exactly place, just a tilt of her head and a twitch of her nose.
  80. Instruct the patient to flex and extend their knee to raise and lower themselves on the tilt table.
  81. With a curt tilt of his head, he brought his companions to his side and they moved on Mahood as one.
  82. A great broken bough upon the grass showed whence he had gained his leverage to tilt over our bridge.
  83. Tilt head so that chemical is not washed into mouth or nose or into other eye if only one is affected.
  84. Your legs and arms beat swimming full tilt towards your prey, a white cloud comes into focus, you stop.
  85. It had already a strong, natural tilt in the direction of the plateau, so that the matter was not difficult.
  86. If this move does not develop, the probabilities start to tilt back in favor of consolidation and continuation.
  87. The lens of my camera is several inches above his eyes, so he has to tilt his head back to look at it directly.
  88. He knows how to put together the pieces to tilt the odds of winning drastically in favor of him and his clients.
  89. The marine stood at least a head taller than Saul and Saul had to tilt his head back to look the man in the face.
  90. The boat started to tilt, stirring up the muck on the sea bottom and threatening to topple onto the cow serpent.
  91. Yet there was something revealing about the tilt of its head, and the casualness with which it leaned on the wall.
  92. I see a blue patchwork quilt under my head and wince as I tilt my head to see where the water sound is coming from.
  93. Fundamental indexing is a value tilt, or systematic value strategy, although early articles downplayed this aspect.
  94. The first thing you need to do is to stop whatever you are doing; you cannot make good decisions when you are on tilt.
  95. Kunneqtiqut / What the fuck / Connect the dots / Jumbled up / On a tilt / Around a bend / Alone, Atlantic / Antic end.
  96. At that moment they met, and the peasant with a violent lurch fell full tilt against Ivan, who pushed him back furiously.
  97. Next, with the pencil still held against the nose, tilt it diagonally so that it rests against the far corner of the eye.
  98. And judging by the tilt of his mother’s head, as if she hadn’t quite finished her thought, she saw something else too.
  99. But she stood rooted and fixed her gaze at him as if the slightest tilt on her part might distract his path of attraction.
  100. With my hands on Zachary’s, I stare at our reflection in the mirror, and tilt my head to touch his, nestled into my neck.
  1. Tilting his head as he.
  2. Yes? he says tilting his head.
  3. Maybe, I said, tilting my head.
  4. He frowns, tilting his head slightly.
  5. Dunk headed back toward the tilting grounds.
  6. Morgan adjusted her hat, tilting it just so.
  7. Run tilting at it, and you but run through it.
  8. Brooke kept tilting it back to the correct angle.
  9. His bicycle went tilting down the hills at random.
  10. Tilting her chin up, he forced her to meet his eyes.
  11. Tilting his head, he says, This book was a gift.
  12. Dead? Allen said, tilting his head to one side.
  13. Why? Breckenridge asked, tilting his head slightly.
  14. Barrel pointed off, tilting the butt towards the back of.
  15. He held Thaniel tightly for a while before tilting him back.
  16. The horizon was there now, tilting up, but also dropping away.
  17. He was in the yard all day, tilting or watching others tilt.
  18. Why not? Tammas asked, tilting his head back to look at her.
  19. The past, huh? Cloud repeated, folding his arms, tilting his.
  20. And then, tilting his head he says, That is too broad a promise.
  21. You have nothing to be ashamed of, he said, tilting her chin.
  22. Tilting her head she says, But I would hear your question anyways.
  23. Hey, I said, tilting her chin up so I could stare into her eyes.
  24. Would you consider having sex with a vampire? she asked tilting.
  25. I smiled a little and closed my eyes, tilting my head down for a second.
  26. He continued tilting until he fell off his horse and onto to the ground.
  27. Tilting her head back, Isabel poured the pitcher of water into her hair.
  28. Max Sheehan turned around and faced her, smiling and tilting his head to.
  29. Tilting his head back to regain his form, he connected again with her gaze.
  30. Was I that bad? he asked tilting his head as he straightened his back.
  31. Changes of direction were easily produced by tilting the thrust plate using.
  32. I noticed the porch was tilting and my yard was now a small patch of desert.
  33. Tilting his body downward, he waited for the smashing ball to enter the area.
  34. Jeff sat with his chair tilting against the wall, nursing a tall glass of Coke.
  35. Tilting its head, the wolf says, Shouldn’t you move him to the couch?
  36. Why are your thoughts closed to me? He asked, tilting his head to the side.
  37. He held my chin tilting my head up, forcing me to meet his gaze then he froze.
  38. I saw by his tilting of the bottle that there was no great quantity left in it.
  39. Tilting her teary-eyed face up to his, he quietly but compellingly spoke to her.
  40. Tilting just his left eyebrow up, he looked briefly at Chance's gel slicked hair.
  41. Joseph leaned back and then tilting his head back on the living room chair, I.
  42. Hey, he said, lifting his other hand and tilting my chin up with two fingers.
  43. He stared at the opening to the hatching ground, tilting his head as if listening.
  44. He takes Ciere by the chin, tilting her head back and forth in a clinical fashion.
  45. A telepath? she asked, tilting her head one way, her antennae going the other.
  46. Accessing, Data said, his head tilting as he performed the same task that Tam.
  47. I lost consciousness as well, Data said, tilting his head as he processed the.
  48. Is that so? John asked, tilting his head, while quizzically raising an eyebrow.
  49. I know you? he asked, his head tilting as he sought the information in his head.
  50. Holding each apple by its stick, quickly twirl in syrup, tilting pan to cover apple.
  51. She pushed on the balls of her feet, tilting the chair as far back as she safely could.
  52. He is now tilting over to try to suck the keyboard and put the whole thing in his mouth.
  53. Then a colossal tremor rocks Pioneer Base, tilting the floor and knocking over my torso.
  54. Tilting her chin up, he kissed her lightly on the lips, the contact pulling at his heart.
  55. Neal frowned, tilting his head and drumming his fingertips lightly on the arm of the chair.
  56. I looked around the office when my world stopped tilting, and noticed the clock on the wall.
  57. Tilting his head, Loki turns in the direction of the shower, thankful that he knows what one is.
  58. Ciere spends most of the ride trying to doze, tilting her head so that it rests against her seat.
  59. Snodgrass, who was tilting back in his chair, till he arranged himself properly, began to read:.
  60. Well, is there any chance I can see the sky one last time? Patrick asked, tilting his head.
  61. The bottle was emptying perceptibly and rising still higher and his head tilting yet further back.
  62. Then tilting his head up, his attention redirected to where Amori and the mystery man were standing.
  63. The Talib in white was tilting his head back and forth with the music, his mouth half-open in a leer.
  64. Teagan came to a full stop at the window wall, her head tilting until she was staring up into the sky.
  65. In tilting his light head upward, Mitchell gazed at the silvery clouds that blocked a captivating moon.
  66. Ethan laughed politely and replied, tilting his head only barely so he could shade his eyes at least:.
  67. Her head was actually tilting, admiring the tight curve and the way his slacks smoothed over the area.
  68. With light blond hair and pale blue eyes, slightly tilting upward, she was as fair as a summer morning.
  69. When the wind lifted the banners for an instant, Dunk could smell the whitewash on the tilting barrier.
  70. A moment later she stopped, tilting her head down, and then cranked the window open for some fresh air.
  71. The bedroom was a long L-shape, half of which was dominated by the wardrobe and the electric tilting bed.
  72. How does she even see pass this thing? Joey said, tilting his head to long around the animal’s neck.
  73. Since one side is always open (the seating area), you may create more space by tilting it at various angles.
  74. Tilting the cup completely upside down, she sucked on the edge, ensuring every last drop fell into her mouth.
  75. After tilting his head beneath the nightstand, he recognized the phone jack had been conveniently disconnected.
  76. Fallen, did slide downwards along hallway, and the ceiling tilting at me so I grasped at doors as I passed them.
  77. There was Raul, tilting back his chair as he had always done and his arm draped loosely across Hilda’s shoulder.
  78. Tilting his head to examine the leaf plaster, Jasper added, Maybe if it's a severe wound she uses an entire shrub.
  79. You know, he said tilting his head and furrowing his brow, Rayne said she felt something amiss in the Hold.
  80. Didn't she hang up a mirror there? She thought back, tilting her head to the side, phone still pressed into her ear.
  81. Tilting his face into her breasts, she softly caressed his head in a maternal fashion while his eyes remained wide open.
  82. Mmm, he said, gripping his mom’s wrist and tilting it so a small morsel of meat and onion tipped into his mouth.
  83. Tilting his watch, he calculated that twenty hours had elapsed since Travis received the hantavirus and cocktail injections.
  84. She allowed more of her weight to rest on the computer, wobbling the chair, tilting it, causing it fall, but not onto Graisse.
  85. Tilting his chin and rubbing the back of his cheek with a bloody hand, he says, Though tonight I think we should eat the head.
  86. One of the guards also felt the need to tidy himself up, tilting his head back to stanch the flow of blood that THE IDENTITY CHECK.
  87. You’ll build them for me won’t you? She said tilting her head back and giving me one of those looks that I could never deny.
  88. You are awake? he asked, tilting his head to one side in a curious manner, as if he had not expected his lover to wake so easily.
  89. It was five-thirty, the sun tilting down the sky, the shadows the color of hot summer grapes under the rare few trees and in the alleys.
  90. With another flutter of wings it retreated back to its nest, tilting its head to peer at the strange creatures through its blood-red eyes.
  91. Looking up he couldn't see anything and it made him light headed tilting his head back, so he just concentrated on answering the question.
  92. You can achieve this by flexing your knees, and tilting your spine a bit forward, while you are holding the bowling ball close to your body.
  93. Notwithstanding the shadow, she put up her white parasol, tilting it at just the angle to make it throw her head and shoulders in high relief.
  94. My visual reference point was the little table around the centre post, and instead of me tilting upwards the table appeared to be tilting down.
  95. Focusing on his oddly tilted objective, Connor crouched then hopped forward avoiding the stone posts and landing on a badly tilting piece of stair.
  96. I was scared as always when he lost his temper with me, and he studied my expression before tilting his head and roaring to me in one word simply.
  97. He brought his hands to my face, caressing my cheek and tilting my chin up so his lips could brush softly against mine for the briefest of seconds.
  98. The Monument wavered, leaning precariously toward the nearest building, the National Holocaust Memorial, ever so slowly tilting toward that building.
  99. Why go on tilting at windmills? Should I continue to complicate my life and the lives of those around me, just to prove a point? Yes, I am transgender.
  100. When Jonathan felt the warmth of Philip’s body behind him, he leaned back, tilting his head so Philip’s chin could rest within the arc of his neck.
  1. He tilted his head to.
  2. Van Thorn tilted his head.
  3. The seat was tilted back.
  4. She tilted her chin upward.
  5. The tub has tilted too far.
  6. It tilted its head, as if.
  7. He tilted his head slightly.
  8. She tilted her head slightly.
  9. Its head tilted to one side.
  10. The world tilted around her.
  11. Her head now tilted upward.
  12. I tilted my head, and waited.
  13. Venus tilted her head at him.
  14. Above, men tilted on the sky.
  15. She tilted her head back and.
  16. She tilted her head and smiled.
  17. He tilted his head to the side.
  18. The little dog tilted his head.
  19. He tilted open the back panel.
  20. The dog tilted his head at him.
  21. He tilted his head to the left.
  22. She tilted her head to one side.
  23. She tilted her head like Medusa.
  24. Barron tilted his head slightly.
  25. Scott's head tilted to the side.
  26. Zach tilted his scruffy head up.
  27. Nelvana tilted her head slightly.
  28. Data shivered and his head tilted.
  29. He tilted his head out the window.
  30. Mitchell tilted his head, curious.
  31. Perry tilted his head at Celeste.
  32. Wickland tilted his head slightly.
  33. They’d tilted it away from her.
  34. She tilted her head towards Sarah.
  35. Reese tilted his head in confusion.
  36. Lindsey tilted her head and smiled.
  37. The table can be tilted, so that.
  38. She walked over and tilted Jubi-.
  39. Her hat is tilted further forward.
  40. Russell tilted his head to the side.
  41. Clodius tilted his head in question.
  42. She tilted her head as she met his.
  43. Jimmie tilted his head back slightly.
  44. Time balanced as the seasons tilted.
  45. Fletcher tilted his head to Anderson.
  46. He tilted her chin up with his finger.
  47. He tilted his head slightly to hear.
  48. Breckenridge tilted his head slightly.
  49. He tilted his head and leaned forward.
  50. She tilted his head back and removed.
  51. Alex tilted his head and looked at her.
  52. She tilted her head back, baring teeth.
  53. She tilted her head up to meet his eyes.
  54. He tilted his head, flexed his muscles.
  55. Preacher Cooper tilted his head slightly.
  56. Gavin tilted his head slightly to Nicole.
  57. He touched my chin and tilted my face up.
  58. Dimarico tilted his head toward the door.
  59. Diane smiled and tilted her head back up.
  60. Alex pursed his lips and tilted his head.
  61. He was silent as his body tilted forward.
  62. She tilted her head and looked concerned.
  63. He then tilted in towards Mitchell's ear.
  64. Dining room chairs tilted on broken legs.
  65. Nicolas tilted his head toward his friend.
  66. Donna tilted her head and studied his eyes.
  67. Sunday tilted his chin, said, Bravo, Mr.
  68. Frankie tilted the Caddy towards the hotel.
  69. The cart tilted sharply to one side as Mr.
  70. Keisha tilted her head as she looked at him.
  71. Thomas tilted his head to ask the question.
  72. He tilted the sled and went down to seventy.
  73. The giant tilted his head back and laughed.
  74. Del tilted his arm and glanced at his watch.
  75. Scrint stopped and tilted its head slightly.
  76. He tilted his head back and sniffed the air.
  77. He tilted sideways and dropped to his knees.
  78. Lewis tilted his head to one side, like the.
  79. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back.
  80. He tilted my chin up and stared into my eyes.
  81. He tilted his head to the left and grinned.
  82. He tilted her chin up and softly kissed her.
  83. Donna tilted her head up and studied his eyes.
  84. He tilted his head a little and regarded her.
  85. He tilted his head a bit while he watched her.
  86. He tilted his head to one side and studied me.
  87. The MAV creaked as it tilted faster and faster.
  88. Stuck up over their heads, tilted at an angle.
  89. Auberge tilted the hat to the back of his head.
  90. She tilted her head in the pretext of thinking.
  91. Mother looks at John, her head slightly tilted.
  92. Then, with his chin tilted well up, he smiled.
  93. Thomas put his hand under her chin and tilted.
  94. As the last zombies piled up, the fence tilted.
  95. Just slightly, Mitchell tilted his head to Jose.
  96. L tilted his head back fully to look into the.
  97. He tilted his chin slightly, I didn't say that.
  98. Dumbfounded, Jesse’s head tilted in confusion.
  99. Haney tilted his head, flashing a partial grin.
  100. The Arkenian tilted his head and closed his hand.
  1. Amy tilts her head, curious.
  2. The old guy just tilts his head.
  3. He tilts his head and then blinks.
  4. Drawing to a stop, Amy tilts her head.
  5. Cherrie tilts her head toward the cabin.
  6. He tilts his head and looks down at his armor.
  7. Thor tilts his head, his childish grin fading.
  8. He tilts his head and motions towards the city.
  9. Boyd leans back in the booth and tilts his head.
  10. Boyd tilts his head and gazes at me for a minute.
  11. He tilts his head and says, Do you hear that?
  12. Putting his hand under my chin, he tilts my head up.
  13. She tilts her head and stares at me for a few seconds.
  14. He cups my jaw and tilts my head back to meet his gaze.
  15. He tilts his head and centers his mouth under her pussy.
  16. The thing tilts its head to the side, then parts its lips.
  17. Then the head tilts to reveal more human looking features.
  18. He tilts his head and kisses the skin just beneath my jaw.
  19. The lady tilts her head enough that Thomas can sense that.
  20. The ship tilts to the left and then to the right instantly.
  21. Christina stands at my right shoulder and tilts her head back.
  22. Anup tilts his head as he grapples with the meaning of my words.
  23. As if to unlock the door to my thoughts, Zachary tilts his head.
  24. He tilts his head slightly and looks into Helen's watering eyes.
  25. As he drops his gaze, he tilts his head up and guzzles the cocktail.
  26. She inhales a long breath and tilts her head slightly, staring at me.
  27. He tilts his head and she tries to convince herself he is studying it.
  28. The point is… Christina’s voice trails off, and she tilts her head.
  29. When she tilts her head to put on an earring, her eye catches mine in the mirror.
  30. She tilts her head to the side and does something she has never done before: she kisses me.
  31. By doing so, it restricts choice and it tilts the electoral machinery in favor of the haves.
  32. Karen rolls her eyes in the direction of Dans table and the head nurse tilts her head knowingly.
  33. The stretching straps hold beyond their load capacity as the Virgin Queen tilts starboard.
  34. The night steams, the stars burn, the prisoner sways, the boys watch, the commandant tilts his head.
  35. He tilts his head and with each breath, his lips trace the length of my neck, once, twice, and again.
  36. Fallsten will be with me, but I… She tilts her head back and sucks in a long breath through her nose.
  37. The robot stops beside Williams and tilts its torso forward so it can point its camera at the injured soldier.
  38. Loki catches her eye, says something to the elf in black, and then tilts his head towards a hallway off to the side.
  39. Another strange bit of human magic? He tilts his head; fortunately the iron gate is now open and won’t be in his way.
  40. I can’t believe he played that one on you! He tilts his head and stares at me with his chin resting on his fist.
  41. He tilts His face towards heaven with full control of His mind, with more love than any human holds, before mankind ceases.
  42. He springs out of the chair and pulls us up with him as he throws his huge fists into the air, tilts his head back, and roars.
  43. She tilts her head and purses her lips in a way that tells him she is not going to continue talking about it and he should stop being obnoxious.
  44. But please, when you see an opportunity… He presses his hand to my cheek, cold and strong, and tilts my head up so I have to look at him.
  45. Matter of fact, I grinned at the familiar fussing of feathered dancers prancing their yard with curious head tilts and random cock-a-doodle-doos.
  46. As he speeds away, Loki watches as she tilts the trunk up and tries to drag it while simultaneously trying to heave a large cylindrical cloth sack.
  47. War lances were shorter and heavier than the tourney lances that had been used in all the earlier tilts; eight feet of solid ash ending in an iron point.
  48. The missile’s ascent is nearly vertical, but after a few seconds it tilts to the north, following a trajectory that’ll carry the nuke over the Arctic Ocean.
  49. After tilts with him from which she seldom emerged the victor she vowed he was impossible, ill-bred and no gentleman and she would have nothing more to do with him.
  50. Loki tilts Mimir back for a final, proper dip and as he bows, Mimir’s staff in hand, he hears curses and shouts, but above it all the sound of one set of hands clapping.
  51. He tilts his head a little as he listens to me, then backs me into the brick wall of the store we're standing in front of and drops his forehead to mine and shuts me up with a kiss.
  52. There are ransoms to be had as well, for those who win their matches, Ser Uthor said as he hollowed out his trencher, and I have heard it rumored that some men place wagers on the tilts.
  53. It emits a dying wail—coo-crrrrww—that every time brings Bleecker trotting in from some hideaway, eyes wild, all business, his tail a bottle-brush as he tilts his head toward the feathers and mewls.
  54. Static allocations to rewarded factors give useful average tilts but it is wasteful to keep the same exposures when estimated ex ante rewards are exceptionally small or large (as in credit investments in 2006 and 2008, respectively).
  55. Then there’s that other blue, the one Chet Baker used, that pale, airy blue he handled like a sacrament no matter what, like in that Bruce Weber movie where Baker’s in some recording studio with three days growth and his two front teeth are missing Fuck the bridge and every line in his face is like the worst junkie you ever saw and then he tilts his head back for the mike and there it is: that blue again.
  56. Maybe market timing and drawdown control are not such bad ideas, after all, and maybe illiquidity is not such a great return source? Should equity orientation be replaced by more balanced portfolios, even if earning an acceptable return from a more balanced portfolio requires leverage? If valuations matter, shouldn’t value tilts be cemented into asset allocation and security selection processes? Could it be more effective to diversify across underlying risk factors than across asset classes? Here, I review all the ideas in which I see merit, but I also note their shortcomings.

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