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Crumb в предложении (на )

The crumb rubber mix.
There was a crumb on her nose.
Cover with remaining crumb mixture.
There were many uses for crumb rubber.
A huge crumb rested on the end of his nose.
She spies a stray cookie crumb fall to the floor.
Still he stood there, waiting for a crumb of hope.

The western reporter had tossed a large bread crumb.
He gorged on the crumb without any hesitation whatsoever.
A stubborn crumb stayed on the corner of his mouth, and.
We also had a press that converted crumb rubber into outdoor.
Reserve 1/4 cup of this crumb mixture and press the rest into a.
I spent a whole miserable Sunday in exploring this crumb of land.
I toss my paper sack in the trash can, after devouring every last crumb.
The bolt barely lodged itself into Vald's thigh and was flicked away like a stray crumb.
One crumb was very much larger than the others—in fact, it could scarcely be called a crumb.
Won't you please believe that I did it just for him and give me that little crumb of pleasure at least?
There are a number of processes to be followed to make 100% whole wheat bread that has soft and crumb texture.
The men went on both sides of the train station were the people had gathered like ants around a crumb of sweet-bread.
I walked over to a nearby bakery, bought a coffee and a piece of crumb cake, and sat on a bench in Father Demo Square.
Darling, what are you saying? Jane’s mother removed a crumb from the corner of her mouth with her fingernail.
The Jews failed to share with the Gentiles giving them only the crumb, and most of the Jews failed to believe in Christ.
This is a great recipe to make with your child because they can do the mixing or patting the crumb mixture onto the squares.
That would be a wonderful acquisition indeed! A cap of bread crumb! There would be a risk of the mice coming to eat it whilst it was on my head.
Yes, he, more than anyone, knew the depths and heights of his friend’s loyalty, but he could never think that he had a crumb of anger in his being.
They'll be charged inflated prices for every tool, every crumb of food, every seed, and their debt will grow like barnacles on the bottom of this boat.
The diamonds flashed in her hair and on her fingers, but her hands were nervously rolling little balls of crumb, and her starry head drooped in despair.
I thanked him for his friendship and caution, and our discourse proceeded in a low tone, while I toasted the Aged's sausage and he buttered the crumb of the Aged's roll.
He had been rambling and sniffing about, and had just found a totally unexpected and unexplained crumb left from his last meal, when his attention was attracted by a sound on the roof.
After passing the well of the companionway that led to the platform, I saw a cabin 2 meters long in which Conseil and Ned Land, enraptured with their meal, were busy devouring it to the last crumb.
And her whole body, the very way she sat in her chair, showed an absorption, an eagerness not to miss a crumb of my uncle's talk, that would have been very gratifying to him if he were not used to just this.
Then for hours, while the world waited for a crumb of news as to the safety of the great ship's people, not one thing more was known save that she was drifting, broken and helpless and alone in the midst of a waste of ice.
At the water's edge I found tiny bits of waving, organic fluff clinging to the pebbles just where the bubbles melt away; curious purple pieces of seaweed no bigger than a crumb lying on the beach and spiky bits of crab shell attached to the occasional limb.
Crimpen had returned from the rear of the shop with apple crumb cakes, blueberry tarts, peach cobblers, chocolate pirouettes, vanilla puddings, candies and cookies, and a variety of cold juices, spreading them out on a long table along one of the book racks.
So, since that memorable morning when she had flung a crumb of toast across the table at the gravity on his face, gray as it was with its news, and, afterward, in anguish and self-contempt, laid her sobbing head among the breakfast things, South had doubted everything about her but her charm.
Though he was impressed by their finely tailored clothes that were perhaps too formal for this setting, what struck him most was the absolute tidiness of the table where they were dining, as not a single crumb had fallen on the white tablecloth nor had any of the liquid from their glasses dampened the linen.
In between mouthfuls, but mindful not to forfeit a single crumb to sloppy storytelling, they related to the Dangler the most outlandish elements of their adventure thus far: Jai told him about Sorid, Seaweed, and Astray’s strange arrival; Ceder filled in their encounters with Ghazahg, Coral Wing, and the Sands of Syn.
In a word he had been driven about from office to office for five months and had spent every farthing he had; his wife’s last rags had just been pawned; and meanwhile a child had been born to them and—and today I have a final refusal to my petition, and I have hardly a crumb of bread left—I have nothing left; my wife has had a baby lately—and I—I—’.
Besides being possessed by my sister's idea that a mortifying and penitential character ought to be imparted to my diet,—besides giving me as much crumb as possible in combination with as little butter, and putting such a quantity of warm water into my milk that it would have been more candid to have left the milk out altogether,—his conversation consisted of nothing but arithmetic.
What flaw of character is it that makes a man so vulnerable to the existence of a single woman? That ties him to her for life and dominates his being? Is it her indifference? The occasional crumb she will throw his way? Will our scientists solving the puzzle of the human genome not discover the aberrant gene that brings on this illness and eliminate it from the human race? It will make for a happier humanity.
He felt that reality and stability were crumbing into an abyss of illusion and sorcery.
Gadai examined the columns and crumbing walls that recalled a time when the Italians ruled the known world.

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He had crumbs in his beard.
Crumbs! It is nearly seven.
Stir in cake crumbs and rum.
Pat the remaining crumbs on.
The crumbs stack on the plate.
Put in a thin layer of crumbs.
Press the crumbs into the pan.
She took the crumbs to the window.
Helen threw them the crumbs to eat.
Sprinkle the bread crumbs over this.
Bread Crumbs! Ackers called out.
Pack the crumbs in the amount needed.
Cool; fill; top with reserved crumbs.
He spied a small collection of crumbs.
Though in my case, they were big crumbs.
Then sprinkle with graham craker crumbs.
Fold in cracker crumbs, nuts and vanil a.
I wish I had some crumbs to throw to him.
And yet, we have picked up a few crumbs.
Remove from the heat, stir in crumbs; cool.
Oh crumbs, I wish I had someone to talk to.
Make alternate layers of crumbs and liquid.
Jeff winced as he wiped up the cracker crumbs.
No bread crumbs like in Hansel and Gretel.
Combine cracker crumbs, about 3 T sugar and.
There's now crumbs stuck between the pages.
When you’re starving, crumbs will not suffice.
Stir in egg, cheese, and half the bread crumbs.
They were like city birds on stale bread crumbs.
When crumbs are amassed by the well fed, that is.
Stir in the beans, bread crumbs, and lemon juice.
Serve the bread crumbs on top of the plum dumplings.
The pigeon was pecking at crumbs on the little table.
The glass cup broke as it hit the floor, bread crumbs.
Bread Crumbs is a great name, Johnny said to Ackers.
And now all I see are bread crumbs, Ackers continued.
She was lucky to receive crumbs of kindness here and there.
The crumbs in the cupboard meant something to her, and to us.
She wiped the cookie crumbs on her pants as she eyed Gloria.
Stir in the nuts, vanilla wafer crumbs and 1/2 of the coconut.

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