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Git в предложении (на )

  1. Git the hell out of.
  2. Fuck off, you old git.
  3. She oughta git the Aid.
  4. Git it acrost yer chest.
  5. Git up an’ git washed.

  6. After what that git had.
  7. John, git up! You, Al.
  8. Le’s git that lumber in.
  9. But he can't git near us.
  10. We have to git goin’.
  11. Git back, Satan,’ I says.
  12. What they git in jail for?
  13. Anybody can git the skitters.
  14. Git back in That night at Mrs.
  15. I’ll git her to bring it in.

  16. And now I'll git on with downstairs.
  17. You git along, she said fiercely.
  18. Rest of you, go on and git McDonald’s.
  19. Git out an’ wash, she commanded.
  20. You git up an’ git your face washed.
  21. He’s disappeared, the git said Stu.
  22. Try to spot ’em ’fore they git started.
  23. Ah got ter git ter Tara whar dey woan fine.
  24. Git so stiff up there can’t hardly move.
  25. She raised her hand "Git out, Tab!" said Lucy.

  26. Some a the boys’ll see they git on their way.
  27. Now you git! Pa went grumbling out the door.
  28. Git, he said, pushing the cat off the keyboard.
  29. But s’pose you all git out there an’ git to work.
  30. If the rain can git in the way of a crop, it’ll rain.
  31. Tight Arsed Git, the other youth called after them.
  32. Come on up aht of it, else you'll git us all a bad name.
  33. But how in the nation'd they ever GIT that grindstone IN.
  34. Pigtails said to Winfield, You can git in the nex’ game.
  35. I don' know where I'm gonna git the money ta have it fixed.
  36. So he crawled into the cabin, and I helped Jonadab git up sail.
  37. Now git in there, snarled Charlie as they both shoved me.
  38. We on’y stopped here ’cause we couldn’ git no further.
  39. But while cursing her for a devious git, another scenario played out.
  40. Says them girls skinnied out ’cause they didn’ git ’nough food.
  41. Git out, Miss Scarlett? Whar’d Ah git out to, Miss Scarlett?
  42. Of all the witch-hunters they could’ve assigned, why that git?
  43. You can stay here if you want but we'd better go… Frankie! Git, now!.
  44. The only way to git him to do anything is to coax him to do the opposite.
  45. Spect I'd better be spry an' git inter nex' book fore I disremember this ere.
  46. I shan’t be usin’ the room, and she might as well git a little rest there.
  47. Jes' keep pullin�, an� git me outta heah, before this thang falls on me agin.
  48. A woman in the car, a flaxen-haired woman, said, See if you can’t git it here.
  49. Yes’m, they’re comin’ all right but they ain’t goin’ ter git fer, lady.
  50. Now you waltz right over an’ git you some grocteries, an’ you bring the slip to me.
  51. One by one they got up and formed a line and slowly sauntered around burly landlord git.
  52. But he didn't git much chance to enjoy his luck, for inside of a week our folks laid HIM out.
  53. If we can honly git away with it, I reckon it'll be one of the smartest thing we've ever done.
  54. Then, we use git to switch to an older version of this library using the git checkout command ➋.
  55. But she’s being a stubborn little git, and won’t talk to me, says there’s nothing to discuss.
  56. In a minute she’ll start again, an’ then ’fore you can git her goin’, she peters out again.
  57. From here, it's 'bout an hour's drive to the gate, then another half hour before we git to the main house.
  58. Hunter turned to look for the offending git and was surprised to see Gareth walking calmly in his direction.
  59. He came closer and, leaning over the side of the buggy, whispered: Miss Scarlett, Ah got ter git outer ‘Lanta.
  60. Quite pictureaskew, ain't it? I guess you'll be glad to git out of this, with all them mail bags jamming round you.
  61. But answer me only jest this one more—now DON'T git mad; didn't you have it in your mind to hook the money and hide it?
  62. Pulling out of the lay-by and accelerating up the road, I wondered why I was going to all this trouble for an ungrateful old git.
  63. Enter the following into your console (on Windows you may need to use the special Git Bash console that was installed when you installed Git):.
  64. A sign propped up alongside boasted ‘Fortunes told by the Great Mustapha’: though it failed to state whether Mustapha was the git or the bunny.
  65. We frogged it up and down all the forenoon, but didn’t git a shot at nothin’ but one stray ‘squawk’ that had come over from the Cedar Swamp.
  66. And he said, ‘You git in dis hyah cah’ige dis minute!’ Of course, I did, and all the way home he Scarlett, do go down and beg him not to tell her.
  67. However, when you’ve completed the tutorials, you can switch to the newest version of bitcoinJ (git checkout master) to experiment with its shiny new features.
  68. If this doddery old git tried to pull a fast one, we would show him just how much respect we had for the elderly, by judo flipping him into a pile of chicken shit.
  69. It was the old git and his pipe-sucking scenario all over again, but this time we gave in easily as climbing a minaret was number 1002 on our list of 1001 things to do before we died.
  70. My very WORDS, Brer Penrod! I was a-sayin'—pass that-air sasser o' m'lasses, won't ye?—I was a-sayin' to Sister Dunlap, jist this minute, how DID they git that grindstone in there, s'I.
  71. Before we knew it and in no way could it be explained, Team Sydney were once again beaten by the insistence of this old git and found ourselves sucking on the pipe, much to our absolute disgust.
  72. I followed Mark’s wild pointing to a wizened old git in a fez standing next to a square box on trestles made up of rows of tiny drawers, atop of which sat the ‘cute’ white rabbit in question.
  73. But what I say is this: it ain't good sense to go court'n around after a halter if you can git at what you're up to in some way that's jist as good and at the same time don't bring you into no resks.
  74. If everyone was doing what they really loved, the way they wanted, whenever they wanted, they wouldn't be screaming with frustration in life, living lives of 'quiet desperation' as some cheerless but astute git once put it.
  75. This is the day he’s goin’ swordfishin’ in her; and now he’s p’inted her nose for ’Tit Menan, it would take more money than you could find in six pots o’ gold to git him to p’int her to the west’ard for you instead.
  76. Wouldn’t you know it, soon the whole pub was whistling and the friends slowly marched out, bowing to the innocently whistling crowd and leaving a severely stressed burly landlord git, unable to control the now rambunctious musicality of the remaining customers.
  77. You’ll have to git out of the car,.

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