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Stinker в предложении (на )

  1. Where’s the little stinker? Daniel said.
  2. You are probably trying to gamble with a total stinker.
  3. Of course, Terry played an absolute stinker in the final.
  4. It was almost the end of the January holidays and it was a stinker outside.
  5. The fact is it is highly unlikely, and it’s much more probable that you are buying a stinker.
  6. Anyhow old Stinker is so frightened of the Enemy -- and he's under orders of some kind from him, or was -- that he'd give us away rather than be caught helping us; and rather than let his Precious be melted, maybe.
  7. Sam's guess was that the Smjagol and Gollum halves (or what in his own mind he called Slinker and Stinker) had made a truce and a temporary alliance: neither wanted the Enemy to get the Ring; both wished to keep Frodo from capture, and under their eye, as long as possible -- at any rate.

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lemon stinker bum crumb git lowlife puke rat rotter skunk

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