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Cum в предложении (на )

  1. Don’t cum yet, Not till I.
  2. Harder Max, I’m going to cum.
  3. Hayley rubbed the cum into her hair.
  4. He preferred to make Aiden cum when.
  5. Pull out when you’re going to cum.
  6. You will cum when I say you can cum.
  7. He stared at the cum stains on her black.
  8. I didn't want to achieve orgasm or even cum.
  9. She hadn’t cum but she wasn’t concerned.
  10. He couldn't cum, and everything turned black.
  11. You don't need to be reminded that women can cum.
  12. The smell of blood and cum and cocaine in the air.
  13. If you do that, I'm going to cum within seconds.
  14. Yes, come on, Ahndray, you’re going to make me cum.
  15. The other wiped my cum off her shirt when I was done.
  16. Getting the cum stains out ya costume the next day.
  17. I was worried about you, so me and Sammy cum lookin'.
  18. Mike, still dripping cum from his penis, smeared it on the.
  19. He jumps to the kitchen and spits the salty cum in the sink.
  20. Shandy slid across the leather seats, on the wet cum, then slid.
  21. Ropes of pearly, hot cum fell on her stomach and across her breast.
  22. I have missed you, but I want to cum in your pussy, not your mouth.
  23. She’d be home soon, but filled with another man’s cum inside her.
  24. A large gob of cum shot over his shoulder and landed on a satin cushion.
  25. You on the other hand are nothing but a dried crusty cum stain on society.
  26. The KwaZulu Natal Franchise had been instigated in talks with a lawyer cum.
  27. I knew you would cum in a matter of seconds and I need so much more than that.
  28. He graduated summa cum laude and was the valedictorian of his undergraduate class.
  29. I want you to cum on me, said Angela, still not convincing herself it sounded sexy.
  30. Instead, his voice was full of the ego-aggrandizing, self-promotion of a hero cum messiah.
  31. At one stage there were close to 2000 South African policemen cum light infantry in Rhodesia.
  32. By the way, you do have a rather interesting friend in the person of that bar owner cum Dragon.
  33. From that NuZ clip you can see why I always tell my opponents, 'Don't make me cum over there.
  34. All of a sudden, the host cum medium picked up a message from the caller’s deceased loved one.
  35. She tried telling him, pleaded with him through her gag that she needed to cum and needed it now.
  36. Mary Flor Jasmine a Magna Cum Laude on Special Education in BYU, Hawaii works at Jet Blue Airways.
  37. Bobby Moch had graduated magna cum laude and signed on as an assistant crew coach under Al Ulbrickson.
  38. I didn’t care, when I dropped it in her hand knowing my cum was all over it I shivered with excitement.
  39. Ruth Jade graduated as Magna Cum Laude and likewise became one of the Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines.
  40. He was starting to reach orgasm again and Carla knew it, so she grabbed up his pants again and caught the dregs of his cum.
  41. He could not imagine ever having another cum, the feeling was not that intense, but it was good and he never wanted it to stop.
  42. After graduating magna cum laude, in 1951 he joined the Wellington Management Company in Philadelphia, where he rose to become president.
  43. It was his father who encouraged him to attend Moscow State University, from which Gorbachev graduated cum laude with a law degree in 1955.
  44. Throb after throb the spunk pulsed into her, She felt the heat of it and his insane thrusting as it tipped her over into the cum of her life.
  45. She pursued a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and graduated Magna Cum Laude, prior to receiving a Fulbright scholarship to the United States.
  46. I graduated cum laude and from then on, they saw me as an expert in the field of emocreatures, especially those who are threatened with extinction.
  47. He could not get Jack Starr cum Twford out of his head and Pete Jenkins for that matter and of course, Sarah Jane was never far from his thoughts.
  48. No one answered him as the leader stood in front of the travellers and the remaining guards flanked them and they faced toward the end of the chamber cum courtyard.
  49. He received an MBA with High Distinction from the Harvard Business School and graduated magna cum laude from Harvard College with a bachelor's degree in Government.
  50. This! This! This! and then the howl, first pain, then scorn cum bitterness and mocking laughter, filled him and her with hearts naked, scarred and bullet marred.
  51. Regeneration is offered by the word of God and in the sacraments, which, under visible signs, communicate God's invisible grace to Christians when administered cum intentione.
  52. His past lives include that of a Mexican bandit, an Indian court dancer cum spy, a brutal Turkish governor in Bosnia and one English queen you may know about: Queen Mary the First.
  53. Before she graduated in 1956, magna cum laude, she established herself as a national champion debater, outshining students from Brown and Yale as well as tying debaters from powerhouse Harvard.
  54. He was to pay over the money on the neutral ground at the shire, receive the letters, put her aboard a train and then come back triumphantly into that interrupted otium cum dignitate of Smyrna Corner.
  55. It made no difference that Montana had been a cum laude graduate of Yale, a decorated Army Ranger, a municipal police captain cited multiple times for valor during duty, or a former Olympic fencing champion.
  56. Crying, shivering, and convulsing with the revolting though that HIS cum was a living thing within her vagina, she sat under the spray and forced handfuls of cupped hot water up into the recesses of her body.
  57. Picturing the coming evening‘s performance, and Sebastian in his tiny pouch at the pool, increased the pleasure of orgasm and he groaned in relief, relaxing for a minute before showering off sweat, cum and carpet fluff.
  58. I paid for him to live on Commonwealth Avenue with his Camp Wightman counselor sweetheart, who was from Norwich, and, of course, he aced the two courses and was admitted to BULS from which he graduated in May ‘97 cum laude.
  59. I said moo, bitch, moo! Shove your processed all beef patty cunt in my face and make me eat you out between the sheets of two powder milk biscuits as the bacon gravy cum wet-spot dries on my chin in the ambiance of Garth Brooks and GPC second hand nicotine.
  60. Tomorrow, the United States will petition the United Nations Security Council to have the question of the ownership of the Senkaku, cum Diaoyu, cum Tiaoyutai Islands, decided by the International Tribunal of the Law of the Sea, with its final decision to be binding.
  61. Agami which was practically a desert with just a few villas, a few cabins, one single hotel cum nightclub which collected the well-to-do youth of the day, during the summer nights and whose crowning glory was the beach and the sea, has now become a city of apartment blocks and hotels and traffic jams.
  62. Of what avail is it now that G realizes that doomed are men who make light of the feminine sixth sense? Poor G, how I pity him! Didn’t the old jackal reduce G to sparing his wife as a sex bowl for someone’s cum! Not even Eskimo like, is it? Where is the reciprocity, leave alone any cultural constraint? Wonder, how life can make pimps out of husbands! Well, out of fathers for that matter.

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