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Semen в предложении (на )

  1. He’s a waste of semen.
  2. The white semen of man.
  3. What is Semen analysis ??
  4. He really has a lot of semen.
  5. You can take my semen first.
  6. I’ve picked up Jeff’s semen.
  7. It preserves semen and stops all.
  8. Semen samples should be collected.
  9. Now they found the stains to be semen.
  10. How long to takes the semen to liquefy.
  11. I scented the semen of two individuals.
  12. Was he not a drop of ejaculated semen?
  13. This test a semen analysis typically for.
  14. I told him to cancel the semen collection.
  15. There was a lot of dried semen on my panties.
  16. From semen He created and proportioned him.
  17. One was that retaining the semen would create.
  18. If the semen is not ejaculated it returns from.
  19. A measure of the amount of fructose in the semen.
  20. In the word of God, semen and female egg stand a.
  21. The semen sample required for this test is than 2.
  22. Otherwise, the semen will push past and flow out.
  24. His home was raided and semen was found on one of.
  25. Consider this semen: where was it put and settled?
  26. This locks the flow of semen and stops ejaculation.
  27. In this fi re the gods off er semen as libation.
  28. The sex God was displayed due to his flood of semen.
  29. The semen does not swim it is life that allows the.
  30. He gets full control over his breath, mind and semen.
  31. The amount of semen produced during one ejaculatory.
  32. Another simple way to withhold the semen during sex or.
  33. The fluid present in the semen is absorbed by the inner.
  34. Every hour the semen of centuries, and still of centuries.
  35. Once the semen is expelled, it is collected at the base.
  36. The semen sample required for this test is no less than 2.
  37. Many people ask, What happens to the semen that is not.
  38. The reason for this kind of punishment is semen carry life.
  39. There is intimate connection between mind, Prana and semen.
  40. Semen dribbled into her windpipe before she could pull away.
  41. Man has accepted this belief that semen has been created in.
  42. Personally, I can vouch that semen can and should be retained.
  43. The sample should have least 75% live sperm in a semen sample.
  44. Think of you origin when you were a semen in your father's back.
  45. That’s what caused the blood in my semen? You stole my sperm?
  46. The flow of semen gushes so fast and with such great force that.
  47. Constituents of semen include sperms which are produced from the.
  48. This indeed is the mixed-moon blood of Mafdet and the semen of Ra.
  49. When a man ejaculates, the semen he expels is not made up of just.
  50. The sample semen must have 25% or more of sperm with rapid forward.
  51. Over the years, men have believed that semen cannot be retained in.
  52. It said that CASA provides more accurate reading than normal semen.
  53. The semen sample of sperm is taken at the clinic laboratory through.
  54. Medically speaking, the semen that is retained does not necessarily.
  55. A sample semen sperm is collected through masturbation in the clinic.
  56. Mahatma Gandhi says that initially, he too believed that semen could.
  57. Once you believe that semen can be retained, it is then important to.
  58. The heavy, wet spurts of semen smacked into them at 35 miles per hour.
  59. I know how challenging semen retention is because it needs ‘guts of.
  60. Semen sample causes the immune system response in either the man's or.
  61. Men with above condition usually have low sperm count or semen with no.
  62. The first and most important step is not letting semen move out of the.
  63. He cums with a jerk and spreads semen all over me, the bed and his chest.
  64. If the penetration rate is anywhere higher than 10%, the semen sperm is.
  65. It is a measure of the acidity (low pH) or basidity (high pH) of the semen.
  66. The blind eye of the human penis: erupting semen into a female’s vagina.
  67. There was no erection and no orgasm, but some semen dripped into the vial.
  68. A semen analysis is a test which uses to measure the number and quality of.
  69. It was for this reason that he had to rely on his wife to collect semen from.
  70. Semen is mentioned in the section of Leviticus that deals with bodily discharges.
  71. When coupled with semen cell will produce an embryo, which will produce offspring.
  72. Semen traces found in Rebecca DeGeorge matched those I scraped off her husband.
  73. To obey the multiplication procedure He created semen for man on his reproductive 47.
  74. Who turned the semen into a clot of a blood, then turned the clot into a lump of flesh?
  75. Scientists have found ways to fertilise an ovum with chemicals, without the help of semen.
  76. Who turned the semen into a clot of a blood, and then turned the clot into a lump of flesh?
  77. Just as she hacked up the semen, her stomach lurched, and she spayed vomit over the front yard.
  78. Suddenly he groaned loudly and little spurts of semen sprayed over his chest and onto his face.
  79. If the infection of the body is the cause of increasing of the white blood cells in the semen, than.
  80. The doctor gave the man a jar and said, Take this jar home and bring back a semen sample tomorrow.
  81. If the semen matches up and they were in the act when it took place, it suggests that she was on top.
  82. This is because, when a woman attains orgasm, her movements would pull the semen into the uterus more.
  83. When Cain killed Abel God did not condemned Cain with death but when you commit sin where semen and the.
  84. A year later, I got a notice in the mail: The clinic would dispose of my semen unless they heard from us.
  85. I have a beautiful story to tell you regarding the importance of semen and female egg from the word of God.
  86. It is life that allows the semen to swim and it is the life within that allows the egg to be receptive of the.
  87. They inject the semen that is obtained from renowned and cultured men of the world in order to improve the race.
  88. It hadn’t been his semen in the patients, but that of a guy Kulai used to know in the days before the starship.
  89. Ingrid emptied her water bottle over their groins, while the nurses frantically wiped away the semen in and on them.
  90. Either way, they’re going to do an autopsy and find out, and I doubt they'll ignore the fact she's coated in semen.
  91. The statement He created him refers to God’s turning to that semen into a man and giving him such perfect shape.
  92. She pretty much lead me by the hand back there, I didn’t even know what was up until I smelled the semen in that room.
  93. He had no idea what he would do if faced by the man who had forcibly squirted semen into his mother, but it would be memorable.
  94. This test is necessary if the infertility male is found to have no sperm in semen, abnormal sex levels of hormone and abnormal.
  95. He wiped the semen from her navel with the dish-drying towel, dried his penis and then tossed it on the sink full of sudsy water.
  96. She found a little pack of wipes in her handbag, cleared away some of his semen from her, tossed it in a little waste paper basket.
  97. Should not you think of yourself when you were swimming inside a semen with millions of millions of germs invisible to the naked eye?
  98. Bright Hands need not fear making a mistake—the divine moon-blood and semen will then guide her in giving birth of your Goddess face.
  99. That is why in the stories of my ancestors these falling stars are called the moon-blood of the Goddesses or the seed or semen of the Gods.
  100. Should not you think of yourself when you were swimming inside a drop of semen with millions of millions of germs, invisible to the naked eye?

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