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Debris в предложении (на )

The debris left over by.
Then the flurry of debris.
Debris and memories lay still.
Debris orbiting in space at a.
The dust was thick with debris.
There was debris everywhere and.
Keeping debris off floors and out.

Some boulders and debris reflected.
And then turns it into light debris.
He knew the debris was from Emily's.
Hiss stood in the middle of the debris.
Mixed into the debris was the rest of.
The blast sent debris flying, covering.
He picked up the debris and the clutter.
The bot nukes the debris with precision.
Is There a Ring of Debris around Uranus?
There were reports of scattered debris.
The big worry is what the dust and debris.
These people were covered in mud and debris.
Make sure you scan the debris thoroughly.
Mechanical filtration of debris before the.
A foot was visible beneath a pile of debris.
You hurdle over debris to a bend in the hall.
Leaving the debris of mediocrity to the BEAST.
Fire and debris quickly fall towards the Earth.
A kitchen full of debris waits down a corridor.
We recovered what we could, the rest is debris.
They carried water, mud, debris, and dead life.
The path was cluttered with all types of debris.
I saw bodies, debris from the house, but no Mom.
They put their guns down and helped move debris.
His room was buried under an avalanche of debris.
When Susan came around, she was covered in debris.
The snake popped out from under the heap of debris.
Stone debris was everywhere surrounding the field.
Computers lay among the debris, smashed to pieces.
Body parts of the technician were among the debris.
The debris was much more scattered than the scope.
He pushed an assortment of debris on to the hearth.
Hunter pulled James out of the way of flying debris.

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