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Rubble в предложении (на )

It too was a pile of rubble.
I stumbled over flaming rubble.
Everything was reduced to rubble.
We sat, covered with unseen rubble.
Some of the rubble was moist and.
He staggered away from the rubble.
Whole cities can be laid to rubble.

The rubble rests on the river bottom.
I found their bones among the rubble.
Everything else is rubble and silence.
The old church was nothing but rubble.
Lezura looked around amongst the rubble.
She looked at the pile of rubble that.
Madrid and Brussels were reduced to rubble.
The two climbed the rubble mound and slid.
Rest rubble, sprawling suburbs, jerrybuilt.
He came up to the rubble and crawled on top.
Beyond the bus is rubble as far as I can see.
Outside, mountains of rubble hunker everywhere.
Denoras-the capital, now only a pile of rubble.
The borrowed diggers had the concrete rubble.
In the rubble, Louie noticed something shining.
They’ll be standing in the rubble of treaties.
Little could be seen in the pile of rubble below.
Yes, he vouched as he stood from the rubble.
I think you can still see a pile of rubble there.
The harbour wall had been reduced to rubble and.
He hurried the other two up the rubble staircase.
Entire buildings had collapsed into piles of rubble.
The house stood alone in a city of rubble and ashes.
Slabs of rubble etched by the elements closed him in.
As I clung to the rubble, I could barely raise my head.
During the calamity, some of the heavy rubble landed on.
The cave appears scorched and there is rubble everywhere.
The rubble that was once Medusa Bar was still smouldering.
Her car twisted left, then right, climbing over the rubble.
I imagined that some church had just been reduced to rubble.
Sorren jumped out of a heap of rubble and dusted himself off.
The grave was then covered over with the rubble dug from the.
Certainly not until the rubble could be examined for remains.

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Werner weaves the antenna through the rubbled ceiling and touches it to a twisted pipe.
But now what are left of it, was these broken rubbles.
There was nothing left there except the heap of rubbles.
Entire PM House was reduced to heap of rubbles within few moments.
The monthly wage for the average Russian is 4,600 rubbles (less than £200).
Oh, he’s all right, a good horse, answered Rostóv, though the horse for which he had paid seven hundred rubbles was not worth half that sum.
Instead of a few buildings hit by bombs and a number of vehicles burning after being strafed, the whole base could have been turned into rubbles if both Soviet attack forces could have freely bombed it.
She was sent to Colditz Castle as a prisoner of war, but our own air force bombed the place to rubbles shortly afterwards, probably to avoid the possibility that she would divulge secrets to the Germans.

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