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Detritus в предложении (на )

There is no guano comparable in fertility with the detritus of a capital.
The detritus he collected in a pile in the central courtyard and set it ablaze.
The fan grinds through years of sticky dust and detritus, whining in complaint.
They were covered in blood and other detritus, remember? He pursed his lips.
He drove the jeep to the limit of his ability over the detritus of rocks, gravel, and sand.
Thus marked the puny remnants of man, his machinery, and other detritus left stranded by an.
The Velcro was matted with detritus and peeling away from the black straps at the frayed ends.

Temperament / Behavior : These brittle stars are scavengers that should feed on detritus, dead.
You shouldn't have to feed them in an established tank, since they will be scavenging detritus.
The space in the midst of them was filled with the detritus of the forest — dead branches, leaves, twigs.
It appeared that more water and similar detritus had entered in from the side of the main rush in some places.
Heavy uniforms and shielded aprons hung on hooks, presumably to protect workers from the heat and molten detritus.
Noah was a people-lover, the sort of bloke who feasted happily on the scraps and detritus of other people’s lives.
I rushed off the slope into a wide swale, where the trees opened a little and where the detritus underfoot squished.
From the withered detritus of these innocents rose fresh rumors of vampires or similar beasts with similar appetites.
As the water picked up speed, it carried with it rocks, soil, trees and detritus of millennia of undisturbed geography.
What you would not be surprised to discover after having come upon a shipwreck, whether the detritus be flotsam or jetsam.
His feet would hardly move, he had to drag them one at a time through the leathery roots and the sticky decaying detritus.
When he reached the desk, he didn’t see any of the detritus that tends to accumulate upon an administrator’s workspace.
What remained was a single trunk that stood perhaps seven feet high, surrounded by the detritus of limbs and sticks and leaves.
As the refreshed nurse neared, Can gestured with his opened hand toward the putative picnic set amongst the detritus of the hammock.
Galinda flung the door open to reveal the interloper, jarring loose a cloud of dust and bits and pieces of detritus from the peat ceiling.
I attempted to joke with her and she looked at me with the brand of distaste that’s natural when you’ve scrubbed somebody’s detritus.
As they progressed through the detritus that littered their path a new sense of respect grew for the people who had defended themselves in this battle.
The devastation that had been visited upon Myserrah’s army seemed even greater than his recollection of the detritus left from the Fourth Army’s demise.
It is full to overflowing and looks rather debauched now, spilling over with empty wine and beer bottles, the detritus of our festivities over Christmas and New Year.
In central Chile I examined a vast mound of detritus with great boulders, crossing the Portillo valley, which, there can hardly be a doubt, once formed a huge moraine; and Mr.
History is strewn with the detritus of those primitive societies that had attempted a reversion to a lesser compromise or one that was meant to serve the welfare of a lesser group than the whole.
As long as accumulation is worshipped; 10,000 years of dead detritus will crush any attempt to upset that historical accumulation of old ideas, old cultures, old ways of living, thinking, etc….
Sprinkled like detritus among the Art Deco excesses of this sumptuous apartment were several garish minimalist paintings, overwrought little sculptures, and hand woven panels in primitive frames.
Equally, activating a distress beacon would only advertise his presence to the aliens, perhaps viewing him merely as the leftover detritus to clean up: the only sentient being to survive the wave.
I learned to control my body so that I didn’t have to use the bucket too many times, hating the crawling stink of my own detritus, and, oddly, I did not want The Kid to be offended by my bodily waste.
Despite this surface decoration, though, there was an overpowering filth and stench, with rank, mephitic vapours rising from the inhabitant’s detritus and from the swamps by which Kumassi is surrounded.
They dusted each other down to remove sticks, leaves and other detritus, put on whatever clothes they’d brought, and three hours and ten minutes after leaving the cabin presented themselves at the Forté’s door.
They had barely escaped with their lives when they saw the world begin to shatter into fragments the size of mountain ranges and become a cloud of debris that within a few days time settled into a disk of detritus and dust.
In some places it bounced furiously down the rock, sending small splashes of white into the air; in others it gathered into clear pools, where the eddying currents carried dead leaves and other detritus around in spiraling dances.
Here the heavens are silent with an unattended signal, dead metal deaf and mute, the detritus of satellite communication, global positioning, star wars threatening, EM-pulsing, orbiting tumors of Eartheart's emerging global brain damage.
This experience had been repeated time after time as the quick recognition and fear of the standard seemed to clear the way as the Exodus sojourned somewhere between the villages and detritus along the coastline of the Great South Sea.
Indeed, what you and your master held in such high esteem as artifacts of a long lost civilization are nothing more than the detritus of a certain kind of people in the developed universe that are filled with ennui, and find such games on shellworlds a welcome diversion.
Forbes informs me that he found in various parts of the Cordillera, from latitude 13 to 30 degrees south, at about the height of 12,000 feet, deeply-furrowed rocks, resembling those with which he was familiar in Norway, and likewise great masses of detritus, including grooved pebbles.

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