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Defective в предложении (на )

2. They have defective common sense.
3. Casting & obviously a defective Feeder.
4. In consequence of defective mnemotechnic.
5. In any casting you can have a defective.
6. For this effect defective comes by cause:.
7. Most of them will definitely be defective.

8. The defective cans are over there by the wall.
9. A defective defender but a defender nonetheless.
10. His sense of values and loyalties was defective.
11. Why is that? They have a defective common sense.
12. The blank isn’t defective, and I’m not a fool.
13. And in court he will say the goods were defective.
14. Hitler died of coronary sclerosis: a defective heart.
15. It means that they possess a defective state of mind.
17. You can also have a sound casting & a defective feeder.
18. For years the old drain-pipes had been defective and leaky.
19. Both agreed that his appearance was perfect, hers defective.
20. The defective machine shall be kept stopped till the defect.
21. In terms of assymetricity, Ravan had inherited a defective body.
22. The patient semantically defective by lack of meaningful purpose.
23. They are, indeed, too often defective in this tolerable knowledge.
24. She has been used to having a home no matter how defective it was.
25. Only 4 modules integrated with the systems, the others were defective.
26. It is caused by the second X chromosome defective at birth leading to.
27. Unless we do this, we have only a defective view of Christian doctrine.
28. Magical protection hands down unprotected property or defective creation.
29. The United States recalls its ambassador to Syria Why? Was she defective?
30. They will think if this was defective why did you by it in the first place.
31. Some minds will be defective, some will be great, and all will be different.
32. Some alleles are defective, incapable of constructing the necessary protein.
33. Incorrect statements can put an individual into having a defective character.
34. I felt I wasn’t hearing it in full, as if Rielde were a defective language.
35. It is caused by the extra X chromosome defective at birth leading to sterility.
36. I have restored the defective passages after the text authorized by Tischendorf.
37. Imagine a floor where some of the tiles have lifted off due to defective adhesive.
38. It was a nearer view of the same scene, though the photograph was extremely defective.
39. As you will learn, I believe autism and a defective common sense are one in the same.
40. So we start with a judgment that we are all, as human beings, innately defective (the.

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