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    1. We have a hiccough with one of the post room guys who goes very pale and refuses completely but, after I’d taken him on one side, I find out it is because he has a criminal record for some juvenile delinquency and is afraid that this will count against him

    2. I was charged with some type of assault, and Mike was charged with juvenile delinquency etc

    3. The rise in crime and delinquency is not caused by poverty, it is caused by tens of thousands of petty crooks wanting to

    4. As for delinquency, I should seem very dangerous to them, since located me at a prudent distance of the hearing and the judges

    5. They stepped into a local taxi, driven by an unshaved man in his sixties who proudly announced he had just written a letter to the editor of the Sol de Acapulco, a local newspaper, complaining about the rising delinquency in the area

    6. Only the one who has seen the stateliness of a sparrow-hawk in full flight can understand the delinquency of maintaining to a bird in captivity

    7. These include truancy, running away from home, and delinquency

    8. A significant link between juvenile delinquency and testosterone levels has not been established

    9. 21 Jesus had little to say about the social vices of his day; seldom did he make reference to moral delinquency

    10. He cautioned his hearers not mistakenly to apply his illustrations of father and son so as to make it appear that God is like some overindulgent and unwise parents who conspire with the foolish of earth to encompass the moral undoing of their thoughtless children, and who are thereby certainly and directly contributing to the delinquency and early demoralization of their own offspring

    11. overdose and was sent to the re-education station of juvenile delinquency and is still there till this day

    12. "I'm gonna tip this ugly thing into the water," he replied with a smile, relieved that it was David and not some stranger who had caught him in his act of delinquency

    13. It will be ashamed of its wrong doing and delinquency and terrified because of what it will come under

    14. Yes, I smile at the innocence of my transgressions, at the calibre of my delinquency

    15. Best of all, one comforts oneself with the knowledge that, except in cases of psychic trauma, studies reveal that there is little relationship between early sex play and later delinquency

    16. Securing a position in the Justice Department for the National Council on Preventing Juvenile Delinquency, she began working on the problem of troubled and at-risk youth

    17. Her antiquity in preceding and surviving successive tellurian generations: her nocturnal predominance: her satellitic dependence: her luminary reflection: her constancy under all her phases, rising and setting by her appointed times, waxing and waning: the forced invariability of her aspect: her indeterminate response to inaffirmative interrogation: her potency over effluent and refluent waters: her power to enamour, to mortify, to invest with beauty, to render insane, to incite to and aid delinquency: the tranquil inscrutability of her visage: the terribility of her isolated dominant implacable resplendent propinquity: her omens of tempest and of calm: the stimulation of her light, her motion and her presence: the admonition of her craters, her arid seas, her silence: her splendour, when visible: her attraction, when invisible

    18. Sam wondered if incandescence was a heritable trait; if the weird way people in this town treated her didn’t predate her delinquency, her funky new haircut, her tattoo

    19. He adds, “They were losing maybe a dollar a quarter, but the delinquency trends were stabilizing

    20. "I have suffered the selfsame delinquency," said the old man

    21. If in this wandering narrative I seem to have cut the cords of family joys and sorrows, of Junior’s current delinquency and junior Junior’s new tooth, of business triumph and agony, it is not so

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