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    1. that his indiscretion had put him in a position of

    2. Jean had told Henri about Sandini's indiscretion with

    3. heard about Sandini's indiscretion

    4. He realised that the stranger’s indiscretion was

    5. His indiscretion and the news of this forbidden act circulated like wildfire among the guides of the town

    6. was not going to apologize for his indiscretion and seemed pretty darn pleased with

    7. Once when she was ten years old she chased a dwarf for the whole diversions park with the indiscreet question that was patrolling in her mouth: “How being so small have you a beard and an old man's face?” This indiscretion cost to all of us a chat on the part of our grandfather on the big truths that sometimes we had to keep untold not to hurt other’s susceptibilities


    9. "We'll see what can be arranged to cover this indiscretion

    10. When the girl was done, his wife had calmly sent her away, stating that she had already known about her husband’s brief indiscretion

    11. Komadze's job had been to retrieve the document, eliminate a gross indiscretion on the parts of Stalin and Lenin

    12. She had rerun Siri’s outburst in her mind many times and, looking back, she could see a perfectly good marriage that had been poisoned by Ralphs indiscretion followed by her fear and jealousy

    13. There was another issue that Ida kept secret, but it probably was an indiscretion on the part of Theodore

    14. However that had been before the carnival, and Sam and Joyce’s little act of indiscretion

    15. “Is that liquor I smell on you, Preacher?” Terence asked with a smile and amusement in his voice at the thought of having caught a man of the cloth in an indiscretion

    16. If Terence was the womanizer of which Faye suspected him and which seemed apparent given his confession of prior indiscretion, she would certainly have cause to feel contemptuous towards him and to doubt his current fidelity

    17. He knew it was not his wife, since she would never have the decency to call but would prefer to merely barge into the room in hopes of catching him in an indiscretion to confirm her accusations; besides, she was probably in the bedroom recuperating from her slight concussion sustained during the blackout

    18. The woman holding the child in her arms in the vision was not Faye Underwood but rather represented Linda Cooper, the young nurse tainted by indiscretion and shamed by her pregnancy

    19. He now promised his people greater material wealth; double the daily wage earned on the farm in exchange for absolute silence about the totemic Kokopoulos who, Kicheche, would assure all and sundry, would wreak death and destruction should the merest whisper of indiscretion come to his ears as Head Mganga, as Kandowere now styled himself

    20. Of course, Peter and his smooth talking could have precipitated and facilitated the indiscretion by making their affair seem justified and noble in light of other developments, but he would have thought that Peter would have had a much more discriminating taste in his choice of women

    21. Did certain Western Allied military commanders fight their own war, in which personal glory appeared more important than a successful military and political end to the war? Did this indiscretion prevent the launching of the main offensive on Berlin from the West? Is this allegation without foundation? Perhaps not, because later developments were to prove that a critical opportunity was lost, not only to win the war but to win the peace as well

    22. His curiosity was now fully piqued with the revelation of a possible indiscretion on the part of the seemingly genteel Martha Spalding

    23. By your indiscretion and your hostility towards her, you have potentially discredited our most effective military commander in that theater, Secretary Dulles

    24. A few times I was just too drawn to acid foods, but I just mixed some greens with my water to try to counteract my indiscretion

    25. “I’ll forgive you this time but future indiscretion will be severely punished

    26. “Excuse my indiscretion, madame, but I saw you sell some raspberries to Le Minime’s wife

    27. When his personal assistant Larry had informed him of his son's indiscretion, he had been shaken to the core

    28. He didn’t believe that his indiscretion with Clarissa had affected his handling of the case, so there was no need for the Super to interfere

    29. It’s a behavioral pattern with many, in that having committed an indiscretion in the first place; they tend to assume an aggressive posture to provoke an argument, as though to obliterate the origins of their misdemeanor that led to the ordeal

    30. It was then that she realized the import of her impulsiveness and blamed herself for her indiscretion

    31. Nothing should be done in haste, because the man of indiscretion

    32. You realize, of course, that in our present state we are fully vulnerable to mortal indiscretion?”

    33. Join us, and we will overlook this one indiscretion of yours

    34. Gradually as the days passed and the likeness appeared more and more she came, when she tubbed him and powdered his many creases, to have a sensation of infinite indiscretion; and she announced to Herr Dremmel, who did not understand, that Robertlet's first word would certainly be _Bratkartoffel_

    35. How dare he put her in this position! Who did he think he was, approaching her as he had, and why had a holy man done such a thing? And that pathetic congregation, as if he were God’s holy gift to them! They had been content to blame her for his indiscretion!

    36. The former superintendent was released from his post because of an indiscretion

    37. With his gleaming rapier pointed at Andrew the man in white shouted, “How dare you enter where others cannot! You will pay for your reckless indiscretion!” Andrew raised a magnificent shield to protect himself from the oncoming attack when the man unexpectedly dropped his sword and grabbed the shield

    38. The latter alarmed at her recent indiscretion, and the disclosure she had made of her secret feelings in a transient fit of passion; the former, on mature consideration, really offended with her companion; and, if she laughed again at her pertness, inclined to make it no laughing matter to her

    39. indiscretion of that age in which young fellows would be too irresistible,

    40. excuse the indiscretion, marquis, but have you any landed property?"

    41. Without uttering a word, they bandaged his eyes with a care that showed their apprehensions of his committing some indiscretion

    42. without fear of indiscretion

    43. He felt assured that the perfect indiscretion of his friend would duly inform him of all that happened; and as, during three years that he had travelled all over Italy, a similar piece of good fortune had never fallen to his share, Franz was by no means sorry to learn how to act on such an occasion

    44. "Would it be an indiscretion to ask to see those precious pills?" continued Beauchamp,

    45. "I ask your pardon, my dear count," said Albert, "for following you here, and I must first tell you that it was not the fault of your servants that I did so; I alone am to blame for the indiscretion

    46. His increasing fame had brought with it an immense practice, and I should be guilty of an indiscretion if I were even to hint at the identity of some of the illustrious clients who crossed our humble threshold in Baker Street

    47. I was mortified by the prospect that someone would find out I was getting any kind of psychiatric or psychological care, because I had successfully convinced the press that my time in rehab as a teen was a brief youthful indiscretion that was only made public by someone seeking money during the Palm Beach coverage

    48. But the danger was too great, and after some hearty kisses of leave, and recommendations of secrecy and discretion, I forced myself to send him away, not without assurances of seeing him again, to the same purpose, as soon as possible, and thrust a guinea into his hands: not more, less, being too flush of money, a suspicion or discovery might arise from thence; having everything to fear from the dangerous indiscretion of that age in which young fellows would be too irresistible, too charming, if we had not that terrible fault to guard against

    49. Yet Will had very good qualities too: gentle, tractable, and, above all, grateful; silentious, even to a fault: he spoke, at any time, very little, but made it up emphatically with action; and, to do him justice, he never gave me the least reason to complain, either of any tendency to encroach upon me for the liberties I allowed him, or of his indiscretion in blabbing them

    50. was, that her indiscretion proceeding from a constitutional facility, there were little hopes of any thing curing her of it, but repeated severe experience

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