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    1. That is why to demand money from the

    2. This has created a demand for the knowledge of how it is done

    3. The demand for electric power, petrol, diesel, gas, wood and manufactured materials is so high that we are forced to destroy the environment to meet the demands of the current population while making the future bleak for the coming generations

    4. Once hostilities ceased, Dad went to visit Bob’s family – his own having been bombed out during the Blitz – and fell in love with Bob’s sister … by this time he had decided that he wanted to train as a teacher – there was a big demand for men to do that after the war, you know

    5. "Did you know that your art had come into such demand Travis? Only high quality art of course

    6. I didn't contradict him but I wondered: When we left the seaside the time was 6:30 in the afternoon; how harmful would it have been, if we had stayed for fifteen more minutes? All things considered, I believe yesterday's excursion was one of Alexander's tricks, aiming to keep his disciples in subjection: He doesn't allow them to enjoy anything, so that they don't demand anything

    7. The increasing demand by women to have a voice in church affairs stems from two

    8. Artificially inflating demand was not considered an acceptable business practice in this culture, and people did not patronize merchants who engaged in 'push' advertising

    9. “Jews demand miraculous signs and Greeks look for wisdom, but we preach Christ crucified; a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles

    10. ‘Sort of … there are wayhouses that serve food, especially in the rural areas on well-travelled routes, and some of those are very good indeed, but there isn’t the demand for takeaway food outlets or cafés, not like here

    11. Where else would they meet? It wasn’t long before their (the Christians’) emphatic demand that you worship the one true God and Him only became problematic

    12. There is not a hint of anyone who murmurs against Moses’ demand

    13. Apparently there was something about the demeanor of Moses that would cause for the Israelites to not even question that demand, but to obey and drink their shame

    14. But I suppose diamonds are not much in demand where you are an, I know you prefer your precious lapis lazuli beads

    15. But I had better get down to some serious ablutions … as I survey my unshaven legs, I thank my stars that fashion here on Errd does not demand that women shave their legs and armpits

    16. If you are truly her mate, they say that she will become impossible and demand that they take her to you

    17. When printing presses were finally up and running again there was a very large demand for this particular book

    18. Once they returned to their towns they were in great demand

    19. Intelligent crime on a huge scale with a demon in the detail; a high-powered, heavily-armed, luxurious schooner feeding world-wide drivelling greed, gagging for more and supplied on demand by ruthless slavering zeal

    20. “I demand to know why these Outsiders are here! Why wasn’t I consulted about this; how dare the Queen’s court entertain Outsiders!”

    21. 'Should we open another flower shop? There will always be a demand for that in

    22. Demand the service that you were offered by your local retailer and then

    23. Discretion is alien where there is a demand to have it all seen

    24. That is my right as a Jade resident! I demand it!”

    25. He knew that if he said anything about Kulai now, they would demand he take action immediately and not wait for him to confess to a bait-girl

    26. I am in no position to demand or even ask

    27. You must keep with her training,” said Chloe, putting her hands on her hips in a frail attempt at a demand

    28. "Whose clothes are those" Was his first brisk demand

    29. The sharper than regular curves, that she knew laid just ahead, prompted an angry demand from her trembling lips

    30. Therefore the inaugural production of the Village Theatrical Society shall be that same play which Shakespeare himself crafted to demand the best of his own company and elicit the greatest imagination from his audience

    31. "No" she knew better than to demand he stay "Please, stay

    32. demand that you let us in!’

    33. The relationship of supply to demand is a key economic principle – here the demand for parts exceeded supply; hence, the profit from attaining a replacement turbofan would be handsome

    34. As soon as the land of any country has all become private property, the landlords, like all other men, love to reap where they never sowed, and demand a rent even for its natural produce

    35. The market price of every particular commodity is regulated by the proportion between the quantity which is actually brought to market, and the demand of those who are willing to pay the natural price of the commodity, or the whole value of the rent, labour, and profit, which must be paid in order to bring it thither

    36. Such people may be called the effectual demanders, and their demand the effectual demand; since it maybe sufficient to effectuate the bringing of the commodity to market

    37. It is different from the absolute demand

    38. A very poor man may be said, in some sense, to have a demand for a coach and six; he might like to have it; but his demand is not an effectual demand, as the commodity can never be brought to market in order to satisfy it

    39. The whole quantity of industry annually employed in order to bring any commodity to market, naturally suits itself in this manner to the effectual demand

    40. It naturally aims at bringing always that precise quantity thither which may be sufficient to supply, and no more than supply, that demand

    41. It is only the average produce of the one species of industry which can be suited, in any respect, to the effectual demand ; and as its actual produce is frequently much greater, and frequently much less, than its average produce, the quantity of the commodities brought to market will sometimes exceed a good deal, and sometimes fall short a good deal, of the effectual demand

    42. Even though that demand, therefore, should continue always the same, their market price will be liable to great fluctuations, will sometimes fall a good deal below, and sometimes rise a good deal above, their natural price

    43. In the other species of industry, the produce of equal quantities of labour being always the same, or very nearly the same, it can be more exactly suited to the effectual demand

    44. While that demand continues the same, therefore, the market price of the commodities is likely to do so too, and to be either altogether, or as nearly as can be judged of, the same with the natural price

    45. The price of the one species of commodities varies only with the variations in the demand; that of the other varies not only with the variations in the demand, but with the much greater, and more frequent, variations in the quantity of what is brought to market, in order to supply that demand

    46. There is an effectual demand for more labour, for more work to be done, than can be had

    47. It sinks, too, the wages of the workmen employed in preparing such commodities, for which all demand is stopped for six months, perhaps for a twelvemonth

    48. Some natural productions require such a singularity of soil and situation, that all the land in a great country, which is fit for producing them, may not be sufficient to supply the effectual demand

    49. Such enhancements of the market price are evidently the effect of natural causes, which may hinder the effectual demand from ever being fully supplied, and which may continue, therefore, to operate for ever

    50. Whatever part of it was paid below the natural rate, the persons whose interest it affected would immediately feel the loss, and would immediately withdraw either so much land or no much labour, or so much stock, from being employed about it, that the quantity brought to market would soon be no more than sufficient to supply the effectual demand

    1. “Where have you been?” Ackers demanded as soon as the auditory connection was complete

    2. ‘What was that all about?’ Jacqui demanded, so the story has to be told again

    3. He slowly turned all the way around to take a look at the cocky punter who had demanded his attention

    4. When an action, fact or teaching is absolutely demanded by the Biblical information at

    5. ‘Clear what with father?’ Wiesse demanded from the doorway

    6. He demanded our attention when with three screw tops of drink between the fingers of one hand he trickled the contents into his mouth and over his chin and onto his shirt

    7. They were favourites and if they stopped the crowd demanded more

    8. In a deep voice she seductively demanded, “James, take me in your arms and kiss me like you really mean it

    9. Karen chips in about how dreadful a teacher’s life has become as a result of the increased paperwork demanded by the powers that be, Alastair adding his pennyworth that, as a musician, he doesn’t have to do paperwork

    10. “What is going on here,” he demanded in a haughty voice

    11. He had been given special accommodations when the female Scather demanded his protection before she would enter the ship saying, ‘she felt safe with him nearby’

    12. Myra demanded she do this for both races

    13. spin demanded an increase in their salaries somewhat above the

    14. ‘What’s Bill laughing about?’ Graham demanded as he comes into the office, passing Bill in the doorway

    15. Initially they’d turned down her application on technical grounds, but she had the plans re-drawn and then, d’you know, she actually went along to a meeting of the planning committee herself and quietly demanded to know why they wouldn’t grant permission

    16. ‘What about your funny old ways?’ she demanded, with an identical duality

    17. ‘Where’ve you been?’ Ozzie demanded petulantly as she appeared in the room

    18. “Where did that come from?!” demanded Belle once she'd resumed respiration

    19. The role also demanded skills in translation, and Alistair

    20. “So what was the Major doing there?” Tom demanded

    21. Most other indulgences were easily controlled, used only as the social situation demanded

    22. ‘What are you doing here?’ he demanded

    23. " he demanded as he approached her, he was wet from head to toe and smelled wet as well

    24. " she demanded in just as loud a voice

    25. demanded to be told everything

    26. " he demanded as he headed for the door "Be ready, – I’ll be here at four

    27. "Come in!" She demanded, fastening the snap at the top of her faded jeans

    28. ‘What is it?’ he demanded

    29. "Don't lower your pretty face to no one" he demanded, grabbing her chin and forcing her to look straight at him

    30. This little impromptu 'team' meeting was greeted handsomely by the others as it had been their own experience that generally, orders were passed along to them for the production of a given set of drawings, then they were left to their own devices to accomplish what was demanded

    31. demanded something – he may have been aware of his

    32. Ralph Stanley failed to produce certain required drawings for which he was responsible, in the timely manner demanded by a certain sudden 'request' from Mr

    33. " he’d jumped to stop her attack, pulling his chair closer to her, he demanded, "Mom, tell her the story

    34. "Tell me now," She demanded taking another sip of water

    35. She demanded a recount after that failed she went to the state legislature and tried to get them to change the outcome

    36. me with his evidence and demanded that I make the

    37. She demanded the

    38. " she demanded to know, why he wasn't lowering the belt

    39. Dean Grossin came to him this morning and demanded he

    40. “Did we lose any containers?” Captain Jones demanded of the first mate

    41. Sargent Major Bruce demanded a progress report

    42. Forcing herself from his tight grip, she demanded even before she was completely free, "I want a divorce

    43. credit card and demanded she arrange things so I could

    44. For years Minos demanded a payment of youths from Athens to feed the creature

    45. Shinvei's shop demanded a schedule so she left as Kortrax began his descent

    46. ‘Where did you hear this?’ demanded the Cure

    47. ‘Where and when did he see this thief?’ demanded

    48. upon their promissory-notes, of which payment, either in whole or in part may be demanded at pleasure

    49. demanded with barely a murmur

    50. could skirt both comfortably?’ he demanded of a

    1. I don’t like to ask Mary but when she finds out, I have a very awkward five minutes with her demanding to be know why she had been left out and insisting that she be allowed to help

    2. More and more women are demanding an active voice in decision

    3. It had been hard visiting Abery before but Joris hadn’t been there and she’d been able to withdraw into herself to some extent … and the European trip had been hectic, demanding her full attention … and in London afterwards she’d been occupied in achieving Joris’s purpose … and the trip across had kept her mind busy, first with JJ and then Iain … and even coming back, being at The Centre and travelling on the wasteg … that too had been manageable … but now … with no purpose to drive her, no solitude to enfold her and no Joris but only the shadow of his memory imprinted in JJ’s face and voice … she felt naked, vulnerable and viciously exposed to the scouring of her grief

    4. pleading, demanding that he

    5. “When you’re finished, we’re going to have a long talk mister,” Daniel was demanding

    6. ‘She was only about seventeen; her mother had offended a small group of Welsh nationalists … the upshot was that they kidnapped the girl and stole her away to Wales, demanding all sorts of things in return for her safety

    7. 'My folks are staunch Catholics and now they're demanding their expected grandchild to be christened and brought up a Catholic

    8. ‘No other woman I know would let me go without demanding more information … information I don’t have at the moment

    9. None of his new friends seemed to have the time to come and see him anymore, saying that business commitments were just too demanding

    10. flood of letters from solicitors demanding compensations

    11. Hipolyta was intense, passionate and demanding

    12. Still, it wasn’t Chrissie’s fault – and thank God they didn’t have to worry about her demanding Ozzie’s share in the business

    13. Chocolate would have been nicer but it is lousy for singing, as it clogs up the vocal chords and I need to hit some pretty demanding top notes

    14. Instantly he sat up and stared directly into her eyes demanding, "Why'd you call me that?"

    15. He was demanding a high

    16. he was demanding more

    17. but demanding that you give him money…’

    18. Her blood was boiling, as she envisioned stepping into the opening and demanding, they put a stop to the foolishness

    19. "What did he do?" he was demanding in her face

    20. Relatives and friends of those on board are demanding answers

    21. In spite of this sad state of affairs Fizzicist and Tables accompanied by several local highbrows descended on to the infamous city and were immediately lost in a crowd all demanding extra flights

    22. could see that he was demanding a loan

    23. She could readily imagine the proud poet demanding that Tragus sell him his

    24. In this consisted a great part of the policy of Mr Colbert, who, notwithstanding his great abilities, seems in this case to have been imposed upon by the sophistry of merchants and manufacturers, who are always demanding a monopoly against their countrymen

    25. When he saw Zarko he barked a greeting and added, “What is it with this uncle of yours? He’s forever having weird dreams and then demanding that they be interpreted

    26. By demanding payment of the bank, the owner of a bank credit would lose this premium

    27. If you are impatient, then it means that you are being too demanding or that your expectations are too high

    28. The stuff that is in your mind is seductive, and it never stops demanding attention

    29. Overcoming the demanding nature of the mind-stuff takes practice

    30. They have sent a message demanding the surrender of the boys

    31. I am not demanding your surrender, merely that you stand down and return to Earth

    32. on the moors, had instantly offered their lives as tribute to the god of the private motor vehicle - a very demanding god who required the sacrifice

    33. a good organiser and had grown into this demanding style over the

    34. A demanding job and a wife whom he had started to hate

    35. and collapsed onto the floor demanding painkillers and his TENS

    36. This was a very demanding responsibility for one man

    37. But it’s also a demanding sport

    38. After demanding papers from Captain Hammond of the

    39. As expected a sub-secretary answered, demanding evidence he was who he claimed, then passed on to the president's PA before finally, after about ten minutes, being allowed to speak to the man himself

    40. It was then that he had realised how selfish he had been, demanding consolation from her when she was clearly suffering too

    41. And now we have a United States president demanding that Israel revert to the limits of its territory prior to the 1967 war, when Israel was only nine miles wide

    42. The Child could be willful, demanding,

    43. She felt guilty demanding a physical response, but in his eyes she didn’t see dismissal, she saw fear

    44. His stomach growled and gurgled, demanding sustenance

    45. Phase 3 is one of the most demanding

    46. This chap was taken by thugs who not only took his money, but sent a ransom note to the Captain demanding more

    47. Instead, it was a constant fight against a body demanding to rest

    48. A man should be grateful to be cured of his longhaired liberal views in demanding a lawyer when he saw us!

    49. Fortunately there existed another, less demanding road, which wasn’t that bad

    50. So every week or two we marched up to the Hospital sometimes taking the less demanding route, to be injected with something medical

    1. · Ability to meet the demands of life by handling problems as they come

    2. Further the need and demands of the ‘civilised’ society is increasing every day

    3. The demand for electric power, petrol, diesel, gas, wood and manufactured materials is so high that we are forced to destroy the environment to meet the demands of the current population while making the future bleak for the coming generations

    4. Moses realized that God is a just God and, thus, demands justice from man

    5. With their cuteness, tricks, tears, mischief, as well as with their endless demands, they manage to keep their parents always busy -especially their mother

    6. I resolved to make demands, and set about identifying those things for which I could negotiate

    7. Because of what you both have been through and overcome; you were best suited to understand the demands of leadership

    8. Scientologists get sick all the time especially due to the high demands and stress

    9. Maybe she was trying to make it up to him, maybe she was trying to get him to get his lawyer to change his demands

    10. "He told you his demands in advance?" Kevin asked

    11. Bone-weary of death, tired of the Elders demands, tired of the lies and the mad senseless war, she decided to save the child herself

    12. advantage of it to the point where it demands undesired self-sacrifice

    13. ‘I know Chris has fielded some flack because she is firm with the boys and demands that they learn manners

    14. Gradually, she tells me that they’d had a massive row and that she’d made all sorts of demands with the result that Andy stormed out of the house

    15. It is Good Friday and something deep within me demands that I go to church

    16. It was still pretty pale stuff compared to yesterday's feast, but it was fuel and the stomach had it's demands

    17. Security DEMANDS that you kill her, and a real soldier certainly would, but we now know a sniveling little rodent like you couldn't manage to kill a healthy young woman even if you had the backbone to try

    18. As soon as land becomes private property, the landlord demands a share of almost all the produce which the labourer can either raise or collect from it

    19. They are desperate, and act with the folly and extravagance of desperate men, who must either starve, or frighten their masters into an immediate compliance with their demands

    20. "He demands more stone than a world of dwarves could mine, yet wastes our time by making us wait

    21. The landlord demands a rent even for unimproved land, and the supposed interest or profit upon the expense of improvement is generally an addition to this original rent

    22. When the lease comes to be renewed, however, the landlord commonly demands the same augmentation of rent as if they had been all made by his own

    23. He sometimes demands rent for what is altogether incapable of human improvements

    24. The landlord, however, whose estate is bounded by a kelp shore of this kind, demands a rent for it as much as for his corn-fields

    25. Menin! Can’t you feel the rage of great Achilles? He’s taken the most beautiful of captives, and now that white-beard Agamemnon demands he give her to him

    26. Though he has generally in circulation, therefore, notes to the extent of a hundred thousand pounds, twenty thousand pounds in gold and silver may, frequently, be a sufficient provision for answering occasional demands

    27. Let us suppose, for example, that the whole circulating money of some particular country amounted, at a particular time, to one million sterling, that sum being then sufficient for circulating the whole annual produce of their land and labour; let us suppose, too, that some time thereafter, different banks and bankers issued promissory notes payable to the bearer, to the extent of one million, reserving in their different coffers two hundred thousand pounds for answering occasional demands ; there would remain, therefore, in circulation, eight hundred thousand pounds in gold and silver, and a million of bank notes, or eighteen hundred thousand pounds of paper and money together

    28. The merchant in Edinburgh, on the other hand, keeps no money unemployed for answering such occasional demands

    29. the expenses peculiar to a bank consist chiefly in two articles: first, in the expense of keeping at all times in its coffers, for answering the occasional demands of the holders of its notes, a large sum of money, of which it loses the interest; and, secondly, in the expense of replenishing those coffers as fast as they are emptied by answering such occasional demands

    30. Let us suppose that all the paper of a particular bank, which the circulation of the country can easily absorb and employ, amounts exactly to forty thousand pounds, and that, for answering occasional demands, this bank is obliged to keep at all times in its coffers ten thousand pounds in gold and silver

    31. For answering occasional demands, therefore, this bank ought to keep at all times in its coffers, not eleven thousand pounds only, but fourteen thousand pounds

    32. When a bank discounts to a merchant a real bill of exchange, drawn by a real creditor upon a real debtor, and which, as soon as it becomes due, is really paid by that debtor ; it only advances to him a part of the value which he would otherwise be obliged to keep by him unemployed and in ready money, for answering occasional demands

    33. When they observed, that within moderate periods of time, the repayments of a particular customer were, upon most occasions, fully equal to the advances which they had made to him, they might be assured that the paper money which they had advanced to him had not, at any time, exceeded the quantity of gold and silver which he would otherwise have been obliged to keep by him for answering occasional demands; and that, consequently, the paper money, which they had circulated by his means, had not at any time exceeded the quantity of gold and silver which would have circulated in the country, had there been no paper money

    34. The frequency, regularity, and amount of his repayments, would sufficiently demonstrate that the amount of their advances had at no time exceeded that part of his capital which he would otherwise have been obliged to keep by him unemployed, and in ready money, for answering occasional demands; that is, for the purpose of keeping the rest of his capital in constant employment

    35. The advances of the bank paper, by exceeding the quantity of gold and silver which, had there been no such advances, he would have been obliged to keep by him for answering occasional demands, might soon come to exceed the whole quantity of gold and silver which ( the commerce being supposed the same ) would have circulated in the country, had there been no paper money; and, consequently, to exceed the quantity which the circulation of the country could easily absorb and employ ; and the excess of this paper money would immediately have returned upon the bank, in order to be exchanged for gold and silver

    36. When, partly by the conveniency of discounting bills, and partly by that of cash accounts, the creditable traders of any country can be dispensed from the necessity of keeping any part of their stock by them unemployed, and in ready money, for answering occasional demands, they can reasonably expect no farther assistance from hanks and bankers, who, when they have gone thus far, cannot, consistently with their own interest and safety, go farther

    37. The paper which was issued upon those circulating bills of exchange amounted, upon many occasions, to the whole fund destined for carrying on some vast and extensive project of agriculture, commerce, or manufactures ; and not merely to that part of it which, had there been no paper money, the projector would have been obliged to keep by him unemployed, and in ready money, for answering occasional demands

    38. That part of his capital which a dealer is obliged to keep by him unemployed and in ready money, for answering occasional demands, is so much dead stock, which, so long as it remains in this situation, produces nothing, either to him or to his country

    39. The ready money which a dealer is obliged to keep by him, for answering occasional demands, is destined altogether for the circulation between himself and other dealers of whom he buys goods

    40. Though no paper money, therefore, was allowed to be issued, but for such sums as would confine it pretty much to the circulation between dealers and dealers; yet partly by discounting real bills of exchange, and partly by lending upon cash-accounts, banks and bankers might still be able to relieve the greater part of those dealers from the necessity of keeping any considerable part of their stock by them unemployed, and in ready money, for answering occasional demands

    41. A capital may be employed in four different ways; either, first, in procuring the rude produce annually required for the use and consumption of the society ; or, secondly, in manufacturing and preparing that rude produce for immediate use and consumption; or, thirdly in transporting either the rude or manufactured produce from the places where they abound to those where they are wanted ; or, lastly, in dividing particular portions of either into such small parcels as suit the occasional demands of those who want them

    42. Unless a capital was employed in breaking and dividing certain portions either of the rude or manufactured produce into such small parcels as suit the occasional demands of those who want them, every man would be obliged to purchase a greater quantity of the goods he wanted than his immediate occasions required

    43. Admittedly he sometimes gave in to her demands – he was single, after all, and she was a pretty, voluptuous girl

    44. hermeneutics demands we compare scripture with scripture

    45. demands that we interpret scripture with scripture

    46. When his goods are upon hand, too, he is more liable to such demands for money as he may not be able to answer, than when he has got their price in his coffers

    47. To dream about meeting a quota suggests that you are feeling overwhelmed by the demands that others are putting on you

    48. To dream that you are a waiter or waitress indicates that you are too busy catering to the needs and demands of others, instead of your own

    49. To begin life is neither a religion nor a philosphy it is a way of a journey that demands everything you have to give and rewards acordingly but it is important to understand that neither the paths nor rewards is why you act

    50. Reason demands that Sisyphus must be miserable

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