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    1. What is the A in the ABCs of Success? Action! They yell it when they do anything in Hollywood, action! Take action!

    2. Take the actions to have what you want in your life then you can have it

    3. Advertising can take place on or off the Internet using newsletters, e-mail automation techniques, or by following leads that are provided by your existing customers

    4. What action are you going to take and how

    5. Don't take it personally but that's the problem with all the Yingolian crystals

    6. Sometimes parents take this advice and start praising their child

    7. On the day that I die I’m going to take with me what's in my head

    8. When you check off the steps on your list, by taking the specific actions you need to take, that will continue to motivate you

    9. that they have not learned to trust God to take care of

    10. So anyway, what was the take up rate I hear you enquire? How would

    11. exact job that you want you can take the time to learn what you need to

    12. It's not selfish to take your time for yourself if you're using it to better your life

    13. If you have a goal that is specific and you have specific action steps that you know you need to take, have a to do list of those action items

    14. Take decisive actions, rather than detaching completely from problems and stresses and wishing they would just go away

    15. While help and advice of others is always welcome, it is best to initiate actions ourselves to take care of our daily routine

    16. We have to study them and take timely remedial actions to avoid ill effects

    17. I take a slow step back, my hands in the air

    18. He couldn't take it now

    19. “I need to take the car

    20. This was a week to let the garden take care of itself and it was going to be at least another hour before the snow melted anyway

    21. You take two hours each day for one year and you focus on your goal instead of whatever else you are using the same 2 hours for each day

    22. on your intuition, you can make the choice on what you are going to do and then you take action

    23. Take your medicine in the exact way you are told to

    24. Ask questions if you're not sure you understand how to take our medicine

    25. It's easy to get confused about what to do, especially if you take more than one medicine

    26. aware of your intuition and take the small actions necessary to honor those intuitions

    27. “Will this take me closer to or further away from what I want?”

    28. Take consistent actions that are in line with what you want

    29. However, these studies don't always take into account the efficacy of the treatments and may be based more on actual availability of the treatments and personal preferences

    30. Some aren't so bad, but some take you places well beyond anywhere her starship ever took her, even virtually

    31. It was bad enough that he couldn’t take out the Fourth Wall, but it was worse that he might be rescued by a girl

    32. Even so, she told Hermann that she still loved her mother and they should all love her and take care of her because she’s family

    33. Sometimes, late at night, he prayed for God to take her

    34. Here are some of the steps they can take

    35. David says here God test the heart, and take pleasure in

    36. This in turn, will ensure that his long-term finances will not take a hit in case of major medical expenses in his latter years

    37. This cover will also take care of pre as well as post-hospitalisation expenses like money spent on buying medicines and conducting medical tests

    38. I told her she was right, of course, and we both agreed that we should take a step back and be friends

    39. "You need to take this out to the lake," she said

    40. Personal knowledge about the patient can help in key diagnostic findings; but that does not take away the other aspects of the process of consultation

    41. There is a story of how the miners would take a bird in a cage down with them into the mines

    42. They take a very long view

    43. Take it slow

    44. direction He would take with our lives

    45. · Take regular exercise

    46. · Take the back road instead of the main crowded road

    47. · Don’t brood about losses or failures, take corrective actions for the future

    48. Ants take bait back to colony where it is distributed through out colony and kills entire colony within 3 months

    49. He recommends that she get out of the house, maybe volunteer or take dance lessons

    50. Instead, Janet decides she’s going to take up the hobby of ironing more

    1. Jorma was somewhat taken aback to find that Venna and Herndon were former lovers

    2. commended her before Pharaoh: and the woman was taken

    3. He would try keeping quiet until she had at least taken him to a political event, he thought

    4. After the obligatory studio photographs they had to individually sit for on the way in, presumably for record keeping purposes, they were frisked and taken to seats at long heavily loaded tables

    5. "Was she taken after all; for the price of aluminum?"

    6. The rest of the evening was taken up watching the rest of the room become merry on vintage wines and brandy

    7. She probably would have been afraid of him on Earth, he could have thrown her to the mattress and taken her and there would have been little she could have done about it

    8. sons, and their daughters, were taken captives

    9. She had taken an air trip only once, to see Alan, back when she broke up with Tahlmute and Gordon's Lamp got back to Earth

    10. In case of hospitalisation, the expenses that are incurred will be taken care of by this policy subject to the limit of the cover

    11. Johnny had taken her to a garbage dump

    12. Nancy was a little taken aback upon seeing all the pimples all over his face, but she did her best to hide her reaction

    13. " He might not have taken the winding nature of the interconnects into account because he had never been there

    14. He was taken aback, "Who informed

    15. Again I see my father-in-law, who has been dead for a good ten years, showing me the thing and telling me how he was given it by a German soldier he had taken into custody during the war

    16. Many have marginalized their elders, taken their powers and responsibilities away

    17. She knew the Mongols had taken over most of China because they had ponies

    18. ‘But …’ he collapses onto the bench all the wind taken out of his sails

    19. She had promised Kulai she would be back by the end of next week but if she was taken down to Gengee it would be several more weeks, especially if she had to book passage on a commercial ship to get home

    20. The Operator turned around to find that Johnny had taken the Super Chip right out of his hand

    21. Alan's body had been conceived of Earth, from sperm of Paul Larkin and ovum of Grace Larkin, taken before their death and donated to the expedition in the afterlife

    22. Periodical programmes can be taken up to spread the awareness to the dangers of environment by misuse and wastage

    23. Tree plantation can be taken up on sides of roads, within residential complexes, parks and office complexes

    24. Therefore it is important for the home owner to learn the proper measures that can be taken to prevent termites from entering your home

    25. Ackers had turned over every moveable item that he could lift and dumped its contents all over the floor, he had tossed all Johnny’s clothes from the closet, he had even taken apart Johnny’s old computer and made sure that the Chip wasn’t hidden anywhere in that prehistoric machine

    26. No one ever knew what had come from the moon base Talstan had taken over from China

    27. "So where do you figure he's taken the shuttlecraft?" she asked, fishing for a subject he would speak on

    28. Thus, the sun being well and truly over the yardarm, and with myself in a state of cleanliness to match the house, I had taken a tumbler out of the cupboard and reached for the bottle of gin … two generous gins and tonic later, I felt less stressed, the alcohol casting a welcome numbness over my violin-strung emotions

    29. ’ I said, taken with the idea of seducing this man

    30. Maybe I have taken you for granted the last few weeks you were here? Maybe I forgot to tell you how honored I am any time you could grace me with your presence? You are welcome in my home and in my bed at your pleasure, as I hoped you understood by now

    31. ‘Yes, he’d very kindly taken me home once the police had finished with me

    32. But once these have been taken and mastered, the work becomes easier

    33. ’ I assured him, taken aback that he should doubt my ability to keep my mouth shut

    34. Of course if he'd known he was going to Taktor's he'd have taken his usual route

    35. He wished he had known where they were going before they left so he could have taken the back way

    36. Care should be taken whenever handling any formulas, chemicals or organic fertilizers, etc

    37. It must have taken several days at the very least to prepare everything, possibly longer

    38. he's lifted evidence from the station, init? Taken home some confiscated drug money

    39. 1) The dog was taken ill

    40. It would have taken a lot longer without the adjustable lift pulleys he had hanging in his shop

    41. primeval urge did rise it was taken care of on expenses

    42. ’ I said, much taken with this young woman who talks my language

    43. to know that Jesus has taken our weaknesses and diseases and “by His

    44. It will not be taken from us

    45. An event so important that it was worth a permanent mark on the skin, first to assure success, second to commemorate once it had taken place

    46. had been taken and Cat knew instinctively that he was about to play the line

    47. Russ is not perturbed by the commotion, but John seems a bit taken aback

    48. She’s pretty taken with him too … though she hides it very effectively

    49. By the time they decided these girls might really have reasons for being hermits out here and taken their leave, Tahlmute noticed that Estwig was out of their sight and he was nervous

    50. But you looked your friend up and she'd been taken over by Ava, the ghost?" doostEr wanted to ask a lot more than that, but knew he had already figured out more of the truth than Tahlmute would tell him

    1. Schulz takes a stone out of his pocket and places it on the stack

    2. Whatever it takes to keep these two fed and safe

    3. Micah takes a look at the body

    4. Psalms: 15:3: He that backbites not with his tongue or doeth evil to his neighbor, nor takes up a reproach against

    5. You already admitted your way of life takes too much fuel

    6. Just as she takes care of her body, she takes even better care of her long, flaxen hair, combing it every morning and every night

    7. Half throwing me away from himself, so that I stagger as he takes his hands off me, he turns and paces back to the door

    8. In the case of dealing with patients in the medical profession the counseling takes a much wider and long-term meaning between the doctor or counselor and the patient

    9. It takes a moment before Seamus peers over the upstairs balcony

    10. We should see that equitable distribution takes place between our children, as far as possible well before we leave this world

    11. ’ I said as he takes his coat off

    12. The gardener takes a tip from nature and uses this simple method to build the soil’s fertility

    13. · It is said that a wise woman puts a grain of sugar in everything she says to a man but takes everything he says with a pinch of salt

    14. He watches John, who unconsciously takes a step back

    15. He walks over slowly and closes the window, comes over to John, takes his pulse, makes a notation

    16. Zitteraal takes out his penlight, opens one of John’s eyes, watches as the pupil contracts immediately when he shines the light into John’s eye

    17. Hair also takes too long to compost within 60 days and therefore should be used in the sheet method described later

    18. Bush takes his finger out of his nose, wipes his finger on the arm of the chair, but otherwise doesn’t move

    19. He watches while Bush racks the balls, takes up a stick and chalks the end of it

    20. Bush strips off his jacket, tosses it in the corner, walks over to a refrigerator against the wall, opens it up, takes out a can of beer, pops the top and begins to chug-a-lug

    21. He takes one of the pool

    22. He takes a deep toke, holds it

    23. The trooper waits, takes another toke

    24. ‘Oh Mum … I can …’ she starts, but I press the money on her and with a sheepishly grateful smile, she takes it

    25. He opens the door of the state trooper’s car, takes out the shotgun, pumps a round into the chamber and fires it in the air

    26. She takes him by the hand, leads him to the bed

    27. She reaches up and takes his hand

    28. She takes his hand, puts it against her breast

    29. still-upset Clarisse close to him, gently takes the knife away from her, drops it onto the balcony

    30. John takes her in his arms

    31. John takes her hand, tries to hold on, but she is gone in another second

    32. John takes his tray and finds a seat beside an elderly man, who is staring off into space, drooling

    33. The nurse takes the watch from the waste can

    34. Finally, he opens the travel bag, takes out his Rolex, looks at it

    35. John takes a deep breath, enters the Pin number and pushes the pound sign

    36. John takes the bottle, takes a swig

    37. He takes the bottle back, takes a big swig

    38. He takes out his wallet, opens it, passes a photo to John

    39. He takes off his hat, sticks his head inside the car abruptly as if to look around

    40. In 2, the transitive 'stopped' means 'quitted' and takes the noun (gerund) 'smoking' as its object

    41. Dave finishes cleaning a fish he has just caught, takes a strip of the flesh and re-baits the hook, tosses it over the side

    42. Bush takes out a handkerchief, wipes his brow

    43. It takes time

    44. He walks up on the wooden steps, takes off his shoes and passes inside

    45. dilapidated structures, takes John to an equally decrepit home

    46. Russ reaches over and takes a newspaper John has tucked under his arm, begins to leaf through it

    47. it takes on the characteristics that are known to its creator

    48. The SNACK BAR ATTENDANT -- a middle-aged man from the Subcontinent in a stained white uniform -- languidly shoves a plate toward one customer, takes a drag off his cigarette, points slowly to another student in the gaggle of customers crushing around the counter waiting to be served

    49. He stops and takes a picture of the clutter

    50. It takes some doing to keep them apart, but John manages by hanging onto their collars and spreading his arms wide

    1. "Let me run up and see what's taking her so long

    2. I want to congratulate you for taking action in your life

    3. By reading this book you are taking action

    4. you don’t ever spark the match can you create fire? Yes, I get it, you can rub sticks together, but you’re still taking action when you’re rubbing the sticks together

    5. "Nice," she said, but went up the path toward the house, taking her cup and toothbrush with her

    6. "Learning Kulai's business, taking over his math, and for the first time in my life, actually being an asset on the social scene

    7. When you check off the steps on your list, by taking the specific actions you need to take, that will continue to motivate you

    8. No use taking chances

    9. Changes in family and social environment are taking place at a fast rate within the lifetime of individuals

    10. Levels of digestive enzymes may be lowered as a result of taking various medication, poor eating habits or ageing

    11. They can be boosted naturally by consuming enzyme-rich foods, such as papaya or pineapple, or by taking a digestive enzyme supplement before each meal

    12. And many thanks for taking care of the place

    13. Never stop taking the medicine without talking with your doctor first

    14. Make a list of any problems you're having taking the medicines as prescribed

    15. He started taking his breaks earlier in the day before he even got hungry so he could go and talk to her without a big line

    16. Micah ignored his little brother, taking the bin to the fire escape and dumping its contents into a dumpster below

    17. “Sure,” he said, taking the flask from Jerm’s shaky hand

    18. “Bingo!” Jerm laughed, taking the flask back

    19. Are you becoming confused about all those bottles in the medicine cabinet? If you're taking multiple medications, it's very important to keep track because you may be seeing more than one doctor for different reasons

    20. If He is taking you

    21. Thousands of generations ago, fleeing or fighting in stressful situations was not a good option for a female who was pregnant or taking care of offspring, and women who developed and maintained social alliances were better able to care for offspring in stressful times

    22. After that, Mom started taking her to therapy

    23. But while the Blacktooths had been largely ambivalent toward humanity in the past, they were certainly in the habit of taking slaves to work in their mountains

    24. We have become selfish individuals, taking all decisions based on materialistic considerations and adopted a culture marketed by others

    25. Herndon was taking a second pass thru it, but they'd already made sure they'd examined every piece of paper in that box, a second time

    26. Red stepped into the basement, still clutching her four square grenades, and scanned the room, taking stock of everything that was going on

    27. ‘A friend, eh?’ He said brutally, striding across the room and taking me by the shoulders

    28. ’ He said wearily, taking off his glasses and rubbing a hand over his eyes

    29. ‘Okay …’ Stephen said, taking his plate over to the sink, his thoughts obviously elsewhere

    30. As senior citizens this is an area that can be tackled by reporting all cases of injustice, corruption (both giving and taking), flouting of rules and so on

    31. Of course the Government should have a framework for taking action on such reports without discouraging those reporting such cases

    32. Unfortunately we are least concerned about the deterioration that is taking place in these three pillars of environment

    33. “Has she been taking good care of you? Has she?” he purrs, rubbing his hands around the base of the drumset

    34. Once the event occurs our cooperation to authorities, encouraging the younger lot to provide help to the needy, taking some sort of control to prevent theft and arsons, regulate the crowd that usually collects and hampers rescue efforts and the doctors amongst us to provide urgent medical aid are some of the tasks we can take upon ourselves and thus be relevant for the society even at this age

    35. This means taking lower risks, even if it means returns are less

    36. They need regular and steady income, without taking on much risk

    37. ’ I said, taking the hint

    38. He started taking a few steps back off the porch

    39. He snapped it into pieces without taking his eyes off the fire

    40. I’d started in the kitchen, washing up the breakfast things and then taking the cooker to pieces, scouring the chrome rings and going wild with the oven cleaner

    41. My will power in firm control, I had debated whether a long bath or a stimulating shower would be the best course of action so, my priority being to use up time, I opted for the former; taking a book with me, I had spent an hour in the bath up to my ears in hot water and soap bubbles

    42. How much have you had?’ he said, placing the bottle out of my reach before taking the kettle over to the sink and filling it with water

    43. They start immediate argument if the other is taking a side different from him

    44. I doubt very much there would be any point in me taking you up on that offer

    45. Family members can take turns visiting with a relative, taking them out to eat, going shopping, or doing other activities they enjoy

    46. Cut to John’s POV: Fuzzy and out-of-focus, Zitteraal stands by his bed in the hospital, taking his pulse

    47. Besides taking a vacation the addition of compost rich in trace minerals and bacteria is the best thing you can do to help raise the tree’s energy levels

    48. "You're taking the rockasaur out?"

    49. ‘No, but there is no denying that a lot of employers dislike taking on staff who are older and more experienced than they are

    50. However, simply by taking care of one’s yard and garden through natural means, the accumulative effects will yield significant results on a global scale

    1. "Did I ever tell you that theory Venna has," Jorma told her, "that Tdeshi's soul jumped to her embryo as the shonggot took her

    2. " She dropped to a walk and took his hand

    3. Gen: 5:24: “And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him

    4. Herndon took the toothbrush out and said

    5. They were out of the boat now, Herndon took a quick look at the lake sprite

    6. Jorma took the cook pot she'd mixed the batter in to the lake to wash out

    7. Vera and Theo took off the British flag and painted over the sign, but they kept everything else

    8. It took a long time, it took a lot of energy, it took money, it took commitment, it took integrity, it took focus, it took a lot of things that are a challenge, but I embraced those challenges

    9. In the end, my story took about 7000 words to relay, thanks for listening and would you shut the door behind you on your way out?

    10. I took over the empty body

    11. Since they were sleeping, he took a walk up

    12. "Good seeing you again, brief as it was," Ava said, and took him in a hug

    13. ” He took her firmly by the wrist and gently pulled her out of the way of her giggling companions

    14. They had a boat that took a multiple coppers in fuel to get here, it has a motor-driven planing hull!"

    15. Other posts took up the call

    16. ” Aldous took this as a cue to vanish back into the inner office

    17. Sarah and her husband, Travis, still go by the names “Jesse” and “Lucinda” but they refuse to speak with me after I took care of the remains of their child

    18. Normally when she came over for lunch they rummaged the kitchen and took their booty to the fourteenth floor balcony on the far side of this yacht basin

    19. Some aren't so bad, but some take you places well beyond anywhere her starship ever took her, even virtually

    20. “I’m scared,” Bob said sarcastically, and he took another swing at Johnny

    21. "Venna?" he choked and took a long time recovering, nearly losing control of the boat

    22. Moses still took God for granted and

    23. Soon a humanoid shape started to appear in the middle of the rain, with arcs of electricity dancing around it until it finally took shape in the form of a man

    24. His tow truck driver took him into town, and he ate some fairly average food at the diner

    25. She snapped herself out of this, took her eyes from Sol in the sky and paid some attention to the substitute for coffee we have here

    26. Brandon took out his phone to call a cab

    27. She dimly remembered how long the interconnects were, it took a whole additional week of driving almost nonstop

    28. They took on another load of fuel in the freezing air, stopped for a couple bowls of fish diddle from a cook with a nice warm fire that she huddled close to, clutching her nightcoat tightly

    29. It took all day to cross the tiny corner of North Lake between Zharvai and Sinbara

    30. Paul always did it himself: started his own company; was a self-made millionaire; took business trips on his own coin

    31. In the midst of all this destruction, Vald never took his eyes off Onidas

    32. "Yes!" with excitement, "A real one! At least he found a rich friend who took it!" She wasn't a good enough judge of expressions to be sure that her excitement was genuine

    33. She didn't dare rifle thru everything on that first trip, but she took a quick look in the box while on the toilet and found the maps but nothing that stood out as a cargo receipt

    34. They took to the bed for an hour, just in case Jorma or Venna decided to pop back in on them

    35. Herndon went to play with his portable terminal on the boat and Ava took a camp quilt to the beach

    36. Question: Last year we had moths growing in a cereal box in the pantry and they literally took over

    37. Marley’s music took over not just the ears but the soul

    38. They both cleaned up at a public bath, had a passable meal, took as much fuel as there was, and he charged off into Dawnsleep while she huddled in both quilts in the chilly cabin

    39. They took on two hundred bags of fuel, so many that one had to crawl over them to get to the one bed that was still open

    40. Of course Tdeshi never took this body pounding over the lake on two water park pumps in a fiberglass phallus; now that she thought of it

    41. “I don’t know,” he said at last as he took off his spy outfit and got changed into school clothes

    42. He would talk no more after that, but took the wheel and concentrated on the race to the tunnel, five hours away at the speed he was driving

    43. Johnny bounced down the stairs of his house two at a time, landing on the main floor with a loud thump that took him into a slide toward the kitchen

    44. The Widow Black stood up from her throne and took a step toward Scar and the frozen army of androids around him

    45. So God took Adam's rib to create Woman

    46. God took mice from the Garden and put them in Adam's arms so he would feel strong enough to protect his mate

    47. Then, he took Serpent's mate to create Woman's birthing canal

    48. She took the first bite and dropped the fruit as if it were poison

    49. Odd, I can’t see him as a family man … but Stephen says he was desperate for children … so terribly sad about the baby … who could shoot a pregnant woman? The thought makes me shiver suddenly; there’s someone out there who took a gun, loaded it and shot Joanna Sadler in the back deliberately and then tried to make it look as though Liz Wynell had done it

    50. “Yes, thank you, I was looking for this,” Ackers said as he took the paper out of the paper boy’s hands and then dropped it to the ground

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