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Direct в предложении (на )

1. It has to be direct.
2. It was a direct order.
3. It is the direct and.
4. I gave him my direct.
5. The key is to direct.
6. I wanted a direct one-.
7. I had gone direct to Mr.

8. Good is open and direct.
9. He had direct access to K.
10. How very direct of you.
11. Direct and to the Point!.
12. She gave him a direct look.
13. She liked the direct way.
14. As a direct result, those.
15. Huldah was able to direct.
16. Here we have a very direct.
17. It was a direct instruction.
18. I’d scored a direct hit!.
19. As a direct result of this.
20. But with the strong direct.
21. And obtained a direct answer.
22. It’s also the most direct.
23. We were spared a direct hit.
24. We can’t direct that thrust.
25. His voice was hard and direct.
26. That leads by the most direct.
27. This is the direct encounter.
28. Direct benefits to your teeth.
29. They disobeyed a direct order.
30. It must have been a direct hit.
31. It exists in direct experience.
32. For direct real estate in the U.
33. I think I know the direct cause.
34. At least she was a direct report.
35. It was so consciously, so direct.
36. Frank Keenan went direct from M.
37. There‘s no direct way to turn.
38. Stillbut for the direct eff ect.
39. It was a direct hit in the teeth.
40. I can be contacted direct here:.
1. He is directing the U.
2. He's the one directing the demon.
3. The Lord seems to love directing.
4. He was directing anger at himself.
5. While I was directing toward the.
6. He was directing the whole situation.
7. The GPS is directing me to his condo.
8. He had been directing her the whole.
9. The woman called Ava is directing you.
10. Directing him to his camp site by the.
11. Directing her full attention toward the.
12. Greater Ones who are their directing Heads.
13. Above us, Fritz was directing and shouting.
14. When he had finished directing the other SNIU.
15. There is less control or means of directing it.
16. You want to avoid distractions or in directing.
17. He saw a human hand in the sky directing him to St.
19. They were directing sonar at him, low pulses which.
20. His face reddened when he saw who was directing them.
21. He'd have done much more directing and pontificating.
22. Enid, the boys and our luggage, and I began directing.
23. Thought is the directing power of all Life's vibrations.
24. On the exam table, Cara said, directing the guards.
25. With a directing nod to the soldiers, he slammed the door.
26. Leaders, directing where they went and how they got there.
27. Hiss added to the chorus by directing a chuckle at Locke.
28. The secret lies in not directing attention to the touches.
29. He would be directing them on where to go and what to do.
30. In here, said Mingus, directing the Teriz to the pit.
31. Two officers were standing on the knoll, directing the men.
32. Being almost to the point of directing others concerning my.
33. After directing me to the proper places he recommended that.
34. This directing is not simply due to the attentional mass of.
35. She proceeded to start directing individuals within the group.
36. He sauntered back to Carl with a roguish impulse directing him.
37. Only a few at the top who are directing things will have that.
38. He could hear the doctor directing the police to where he was.
39. Directing the topic back to the present Darkness, he continued.
40. McKnight, Garcia said, directing his voice towards the helm.
1. I was directed to it.
2. He was directed to a.
3. It was directed at me.
4. He is directed by the.
5. Penn did as she directed.
6. They directed us to go.
7. An inquiry directed to St.
8. It wasn’t directed at her.
9. Sue took it and I directed.
10. The ships landed as directed.
11. They were directed to Denis.
12. He directed a question at me.
13. And thoughts can be directed.
14. It was directed by managers.
15. That video was directed at me.
16. They both directed a gaze at.
17. But it wasn't directed at her.
18. Quarles directed him to the U.
19. Syd filled the hole as directed.
20. Tarmon directed, braving a step.
21. Tear it out, he directed.
22. All his actions were directed.
23. Respect directed at my brother.
24. He directed his course thither.
25. It can be directed by the mind.
26. Tania directed him to the only.
27. I directed a few words to him:.
28. Cadore is directed to say to Mr.
29. Which Sue then directed to Zem.
30. He directed a question to Drudge.
31. He directed the ship to lift off.
32. The looks directed toward Carrie.
33. While efforts may be directed at.
34. Petya directed things in the yard.
35. I was directed to the third floor.
36. Be seated, the judge directed.
37. His life was only directed toward.
38. Let’s move on, Sam directed.
39. Let T= (V, E, W) be a directed tree.
40. Lyla directed Son to their quarters.
1. Your head directs your body.
2. He directs his question to.
3. Do you? he directs his question at me.
4. It directs the header file to include all.
5. Why, who directs it? Three men and a half.
6. Gifts shall be opened as the Giver directs.
7. This reality directs and shapes our life's.
8. Omes directs his finger at Aaron and the bookworm.
9. He remains on the spot and directs me to the bear.
10. He guides and directs, but without self-assertion.
11. The building Thor directs her to is not a restaurant.
12. The crew chief directs the engine changes of a B-24.
13. He glances up as Taylor directs me into the living area.
14. The supervisor of music directs the work, which is conducted.
15. A backlink is a link which directs others towards your site;.
16. Earnshaw," I continued, "directs me to wait on myself: I will.
17. The charioteer is the master of the chariot and directs the horses.
18. He is back in Sicily in his fief and directs operations from there.
19. The dragon directs its forces upon temptation to gain more recalling.
20. Although free-will directs our behavior, ultimately, God is sovereign.
21. You should have killed him, Saul, as the Lord directs, Samuel said.
22. Whitman, and directs the Value Investing program at Syracuse University.
23. The spirit directs and controls all the voluntary and involuntary organs.
24. But thankfully, he directs all this blame at Eugene rather than the princess.
25. War—because it directs the occupation of this territory by a military force.
26. All we need do is obey and trust Him as He directs us where we should go!.
27. Isar‘s other satellite is Reinu - , who directs all movement in the universe.
28. I do not live my own life, there is something stronger than me which directs me.
29. When God (not antichrist) directs the enemies of the Jews to invade Israel, God will.
30. It’s the way the serpent moves, she said, the way it directs our witnessing.
31. When a scientist directs thoughts (perceptions) at the quantum waveform, which has the.
32. Everything depends, to what one directs one’s consciousness (November 14, 1898).
33. Chloe directs my shoulders away from the grave, south toward the beach, and moves me along.
34. If you have read and studied the book of Revelation, you may have noticed that God directs.
35. A lesser man might’ve taken out his anger on Daniel, but instead Gervais directs it inward.
36. This line that forms holds no space although it directs all the space that it controls by spin.
37. An induction coil gathers the electricity generated and directs it to a specially designed lantern.
38. I scored two directs hits on its shields in rapid succession, causing them to flicker and then fail.
39. In the first two Shlokas quoted above the Lord says that God is present in the heart and directs to.
40. All I ask is that someone directs me to the scripture which proves or disproves the challenge.

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