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    1. That puts a depressing lid on my spirits which even the sunshine cannot lift

    2. Good relations restored, suddenly the rain looks a lot less depressing

    3. that is on the depressing side

    4. The lab is depressing, but Doctor Jasari has yet to make a comment

    5. In their spare time they go to the gym and try to impress young women in that depressing way that forty-year-old alpha males have

    6. It’s depressing you know

    7. It’s a small and cold world really, depressing with violence and pestilence

    8. “That comes from hanging around with such depressing people this past week or two

    9. One depressing thing I saw today was the way two of my friends treated their wives

    10. his foot to the floorboard and the Pinto was wound out at a depressing seventy-five

    11. the privilege, and were housed in the most depressing,

    12. The realisation was depressing, and his

    13. Of inspiration was depressing; almost shocking: Maybe she could masturbate in front

    14. It is depressing

    15. The story of Danny the Dumpster’s travails could be easily continued and amplified with much more depressing and devastating detail, but that likely is not necessary since the same kinds of stories—just changing the actors and scenarios—are to be found throughout the plains, hills, mountains, and valleys on every continent of our planet

    16. He hoped to rid himself of further depressing thoughts about that matter, yet he was in no condition to embrace denial

    17. The skies were painted almost completely grey, casting a dark, depressing aura over the city of Ravenwey Burrows

    18. He breathed in the crisp evening air and it seemed to clear his mind of any depressing thoughts

    19. She could see this squabble was having a depressing effect on her

    20. This advantage, however, will, perhaps, be found to be rather what may be called a relative than an absolute advantage, and to give a superiority to the country which enjoys it, rather by depressing the industry and produce of other countries, than by raising those of that particular country above what they would naturally rise to in the case of a free trade

    21. A half a loaf is better than none at all - this became her philosophy - and while it was admittedly a depressing sort of thing, she managed to live with it

    22. “Well, yeh, they were depressing times no doubt, but that guy was a genius, for his time

    23. For a few depressing seconds there was nothing but a faint hiss from the speaker, then suddenly a female voice replied, sounding slightly raspy through the speaker

    24. ” The lads left after saying their goodbyes to Archie and the ward seemed a sadder place for their leaving and I would be glad to get out of here as it was getting a bit depressing now

    25. I stepped down onto the platform and it seemed to be a dirty shade of grey and with the rain sweeping across in a curtain of silver droplets it was dismal and depressing I shivered for I was unused to the cold and had no greatcoat for warmth

    26. As we moved along a heavy rain started and this had a depressing effect on us not only were we getting coated in mud now but rain was running down our necks

    27. “That’s the most depressing thing I’ve ever heard…” Raven hated Andre more by the second for the smooth way he had entered into this argument and the way he argued calmly, without the fluster Raven was working himself into

    28. Avoid or limit watching the news or activities that are depressing

    29. The downward journey was more depressing than the advance, though everyone was anxiously looking forward to returning home again

    30. 1 gun was swung into position, and the layer looked over his sights, depressing the piece a trifle

    31. But could I last a few more months? I looked around at the contents of my office, which, truth be told, was so very unwelcoming and so incredibly depressing

    32. I tried to smile, in spite of these depressing notions

    33. But it turned out it was bad luck, because if we hadn't seen the Bully Creek Reservoir site, we would have stopped at a dreary, depressing private campground a few miles further on

    34. How depressing! I’d harbored thoughts of

    35. This place is very depressing; it’s a sad place

    36. “Weinberg’s arena,” avers Berlinski, “is Elementary particles…A rather depressing place…Over there (in the Standard Model of particle physics), fields are pregnant with latent energy, particles flicker into existence and disappear, things are entangled, and no one can quite tell what is possible and what is actual, what is here and what is there, what is now and what was then, solid forms give way

    37. the whole, a sad and depressing reminder and proof of what once existed

    38. Historian and educator Jacques Barzun finds the results of that search to be not sublime but depressing

    39. Jaden realizes this is depressing him and he is beginning to sound a bit deranged

    40. To contemplate the work of such giants as Michelangelo, Beethoven, Mozart, Shakespeare, Confucius, Sophocles, Aristotle, Newton, or Einstein is a daunting, possibly depressing experience

    41. This is a rather depressing thought, unless we accept the possibility that we are all loved and can be forgiven!

    42. enough to remodel the pro's office, because it was pitiful and depressing

    43. This is indeed a depressing and shameful view for many Filipinos, proud of their beautiful country

    44. “Maybe it’s the racetrack; the thoughts of leaving could be depressing him

    45. “Were they as depressing as they were for me? The Saturdays?”

    46. depressing sort of rain that somehow forgets how to stop

    47. liberals have taken it upon themselves to live in such depressing compounds such as

    48. a second or two is what makes life complicated, and depressing, and

    49. depressing and lonely childhood, but in it I had not been raped or

    50. depressing to listen to the golden baby story from other

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