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    1. The distance from the bus office to the police station had been excruciating … if he could resolve that, it would make life much easier to cope with

    2. Putting on clothing was excruciating

    3. you want to know more about Alice and her excruciating

    4. Galileo, utterly shocked and offended but not being stupid, did profess his “error,” and thereby escaped months or perhaps years of excruciating torture—a Hell on Earth, ironically to have been skillfully crafted and carried out…by the Church

    5. Could you be happy for all eternity witnessing the excruciating fire and torture

    6. Once more Demilan delivered a series of excruciating blows to the man

    7. ” I waited till another flare went off then looked at his wound and what I saw filled me with fear I knew that although the hole in his stomach was only small the one at the back would be massive and the pain must have been excruciating

    8. Was the ankle broken? She tried to stand, but the pain was excruciating

    9. The floor pounded the breath from her body, but no excruciating stabs of pain announced broken bones

    10. McKee looked down when he felt an excruciating pain in his calf

    11. Her feet were pounding into the ground, and somewhere beyond her was excruciating pain, but not within her world, not in her realm

    12. An excruciating pain stabbed through Darkburst's injured leg and his vision blurred

    13. The pain was excruciating and he had to stop, tears rolling down his cheeks

    14. But I could’ve sworn, on pain of anything other than death or excruciating torture involving genitalia, that I had never laid eyes on that man, or any of the other folks on the screen in my life; not even waiting in line for the cash register, or in one of those cult films on after-hours TV

    15. As the demon roared in excruciating pain for the last time, it fell on its back with its hoofed feet wildly flailing in the air

    16. The Inquisitor managed a slightly expectant look towards the Patriarch, awaiting for the casual flick of the Rod that would sentence him to excruciating torture at the hands of the Patriarch himself, who had far more delicate and much more painfully agonizing unseen methods of torment at his disposal

    17. It was excruciating, nightfall had closed in on the Castle but there was no signal or knock at her door

    18. The doctor was still dressing the eyes of the driver after having administered some sedatives for the excruciating pain that would follow the end of the adrenaline rush

    19. She certainly suffered the most excruciating pain

    20. screaming, sounds of excruciating pain

    21. excruciating grinding of metal reverberated around the chamber

    22. your mind off the excruciating pain in your soul, you

    23. excruciating pain in Him? These are hard questions

    24. when your soul is a tad tired of this excruciating and

    25. I’m busy and tired and in excruciating agony

    26. Excruciating perhaps for my father, but finally I was able to understand why, after all these years of turmoil and dissolution I was created, and what the purpose of my existence could be

    27. I was beyond aroused and keeping my hands off her was an excruciating task

    28. I'm sure every step was excruciating

    29. “Millie, come on!” I force my door open, intending to run over to Emily’s side, but then stop, cringing at a loud bang, followed by the excruciating sound of an engine whining

    30. In the days leading up to one Thanksgiving, I developed an excruciating pain in my lower left jaw

    31. really were excruciating deliberations in his mind, he answered

    32. DMV also played its part in Mike’s death by causing him excruciating pain in his replaced right hip by not renewing his expired license when my lady friend drove Mike to the Norwich office or at the very least giving him a temporary “work permit” to drive from the South New London apartment to his job at a Groton tattoo shop near the sub base on Route 12

    33. excruciating anxiety and heartbreak and sadness that I have come to

    34. It has been excruciating

    35. up the chunky powder was an excruciating burning up

    36. Throughout the first week, she remained in excruciating pain

    37. It was clear, from his expression that Clifford was in excruciating pain

    38. After that, the long hot trudge through the desert kingdom and the excruciating loss of Carthen, his young apprentice and friend, the apparent death of Isabella, too, and its effect on Johan

    39. The pressures were too powerful too bear, it was excruciating! I could not endure it any longer

    40. The pain must be excruciating with her hair tied on the gallows supporting her body weight

    41. in to wait out the excruciating headache

    42. When a migraine strikes, many migraineurs head for home and settle in to wait out the excruciating

    43. To push on, he tried his best - closing his eyes as he unwillingly continued to slow down; almost crying as his will to proceed kept pushing his legs which were aching in excruciating pain

    44. With his fist wavering in midair, a look of excruciating pain came into the eyes of the old statesman

    45. Even after all this time they were still excruciating, in ways he could never describe and very few people could understand

    46. I was taken into a room and my eggs were harvested, which is the most excruciating

    47. I sprinted (despite the excruciating pain)

    48. like her scalp was torn away bringing instant excruciating pain

    49. opened her eyes to excruciating pain caused by him snatching and

    50. animals must have been excruciating and surviving the

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