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    1. The pain seemed to stop tormenting her

    2. "When I sat down and you were bare footed, I just knew God was tormenting me with something that wasn't real –” His voice broke and she could almost feel the lump in his throat

    3. "I said that I’d back off, and stop tormenting you

    4. She was sidetracked, remembering the way Jim had promised to stop tormenting her

    5. "I promised –” He whirled her around and sat her down on the chair, "to stop tormenting you

    6. His nausea in tormenting waves

    7. Do you have any idea how tormenting it was for me?” but

    8. The howling sounds of the sandstorm ruled supreme, whipping the very earth, tormenting the sky, challenging the reign of night eternal itself

    9. But why am I longing to preserve this moment? Why am I tormenting my soul with the impossible? For I shall only find peace and end my suffering, when I surrender to the moment and eliminate my desire to hold on to it

    10. As painful as that course of action was, it was less damaging, he thought, than the constant rehashing of the same sores of tormenting discomfort

    11. “Melcom used Yzandra as his sex slave for the rest of his life, some forty-three years, and upon his death, he gave her to his heir in his private will, like she were a possession! And when the next king died, he passed her down as well! Damned Source above! They did this for nine generations! For two hundred and seventy-one years did the kings of Iktra hold Yzandra in that sunless cell, raping her and tormenting her regularly!!!”

    12. Now I know he will not stop tormenting others

    13. Whispers finally reached her in isolation, of plagues; plagues tormenting the household of pharaoh

    14. emotionally tormenting just the same

    15. While caressing Bartolomeo and enjoying giving him small kisses in the loin, she finally asked the question that had been tormenting her the last minutes:

    16. It is still tormenting and torturing

    17. Mariana made use of the moment to speak about a worry that was tormenting her soul:

    18. ¿Do you want to tell me what is it that is tormenting your soul?

    19. -You are right! There is something that is tormenting me and I cannot longer continue keeping the secret –I said with resolution

    20. ‘Dad! Stop tormenting him!’

    21. He and Marcus went head to head, fighting and tormenting each other, but Bella was not happy

    22. ‘Here we are: - tormenting Murray Corso until he committed suicide,’ he looked up with a quizzical expression

    23. ' or at least through Victor, he wanted to add but he knew the news itself was tormenting to his boss without adding Victor's name to it

    24. He realized that he was enjoying tormenting her

    25. However, unwittingly, Anna had used the tormenting combination of words “Your

    26. "Lavr, what is tormenting your mind? Are you jealous? You appear to have lost your logic

    27. The audacity in trussing him like a pig and tormenting him rankled the pompous fat man much more than any fatuous threats

    28. Memories returned, lining up to wait their turn at tormenting now that he was just Sam H

    29. Three such creatures have been tormenting your mother

    30. "When these beings were tormenting my mother, it wasn’t real, was it?"

    31. At night I have tormenting dreams in which Selena appears

    32. The prophet lied, teaching my husband that he failed because he was soft, that God was a vengeful God, tormenting people for their sins

    33. The scent of that slab of meat was tormenting me

    34. What no member of the family ever knew was that the strangers did not take long to realize that Remedios the Beauty gave off a breath of perturbation, a tormenting breeze that was still perceptible several hours after she had passed by

    35. They even asked Lorgeil to teach them necromancy, but Lorgeil, having had enough of the war and tormenting souls, would not help them

    36. During the afternoon, while the children were having their nap, Aureliano Segundo sat on the porch and Fernanda pursued him even there, provoking him, tormenting him, hovering about him with her implacable horsefly buzzing, saying that, of course, while there was nothing to eat except stones, her husband was sitting there like a sultan of Persia, watching it rain, because that was all he was, a slob, a sponge, a good-for-nothing, softer than cotton batting, used to living off women and convinced that he had married Jonah’s wife, who was so content with the story of the whale

    37. He did not interrupt her until late in the afternoon, when he could no longer bear the echo of the bass drum that was tormenting his head

    38. Amaranta Úrsula, who had inherited certain attractions of Remedios the Beauty, spent the time that she had formerly wasted tormenting Úrsula at her schoolwork, and she began to show good judg-ment and a dedication to study that brought back to Aureliano Segundo the high hopes that Meme had inspired in him

    39. was still tormenting me, I was in a potentially life threatening

    40. A mouse should only be used by felines for tormenting and windows should be means of allowing light into a home

    41. The smell of burgers was tormenting the animals

    42. After the PMWs had enough of tormenting the animals in the

    43. on tormenting animals, especially cats

    44. The Mastiff enjoyed tormenting me

    45. ” She paused in hopes the young woman would continue to reveal what was tormenting her so much that her aura exuded the overwhelming distress that she had noticed on only a few other occasions—all of which were highly unpleasant in their endings

    46. Though the eerie feeling quickly subsided, she proceeded at a more rapid pace towards the waiting elevator, not wishing to be approached by the man who was tormenting the young woman who 109

    47. There, the tormenting feeling will disappear from their spirits and they will be replaced by the delightful impressions of its spirit and the Godly Lights reflects on it when it gets excited happily for the meeting of its beloved God

    48. could wear on their nerves, grind them slowly down piece by piece with small tormenting actions, in hopes of noticing a reaction or expression that would ascertain his suspicions and secure an arrest in the murder case? Though that could eventually lead to a full confession and subsequent punishment of the guilty party to the fullest extent of the law, he knew he would face serious opposition from the family of the deceased in light of using the most grave and private of affairs for such a foul purpose; however, he would either convince them to allow the other

    49. The tormenting spirit of infirmity departed from the woman and she was healed

    50. I had a word of knowledge on someone, who was struggling with addiction to a particular game - and it was tormenting them, and they couldn't get this thing out of their life

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