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    1. Grabbed a road kit and split was what he saw

    2. “I suggest we split up

    3. But then she really didn't know what info he had picked up since they split

    4. An air-conditioner whirs while a small fire crackles in a cut-stone fireplace in a split level room

    5. He brought three bales out and split one

    6. 'Man cuts out tattoo after split with girlfriend' Maybe

    7. ‘What is linked but not the same?’ Stephen asked, appearing breathlessly in the doorway laden with several bin bags full of wallpaper; as is apparent from the split in one of the bags

    8. "Who your mama was and why you split up

    9. I will then split the proceeds with you, one half each

    10. The world seemed to split in two, with each half spinning in a different

    11. I believe that Miriam was stricken by leprosy in a split moment

    12. The jacket shoulder linings cut into my armpits and began to split

    13. cracked and split ever wider, and spellbound by the fascination that makes a B-movie

    14. The split in the mind of man without love overflows agreeing

    15. was split upon the issue

    16. I often need to run after them and make them hold my hands either they like or or not! Moreover, during the break I can barely endure all that concentrated negativity against me: It is impossible for me to exchange even a word with anyone in there; if I dare approach a group of pupils, they turn their faces the other way, they stop talking and they all split in a second

    17. In the downtime, in between these fragmentary episodes of brutal human contact, I lived my pathetic life in a split and fractured landscape

    18. Nick comes round for coffee towards the end of the month and, in the course of the conversation, mentions that he and Jackie have split up

    19. ‘Is there a cloth I can use, Kate, we’ve split some beer

    20. Another crack and flash split the sky

    21. The heavens split wide open and I fell into a void, a pit of dense, black, smothering raven feathers

    22. Her heart raced, thumping against her ribs fit to split them asunder

    23. For the Maasai of Kenya humanity was fashioned by the creator from a single tree or leg which split into three pieces

    24. and split, sagging, timbers that are the roof upon our world

    25. ‘The waiter who split that tureen of soup over the table

    26. For a split second there was a pained look on her face, and then she covered it over and looked him straight in the eye

    27. He smiles at me and shows me how to split the rocks with the hammer he is holding

    28. behind me in the worm cast and the split timber

    29. More shrieks and screams split the night among the sounds of wet tearing and vicious gulping

    30. ‘Lintze, I haven’t been sitting in here contemplating my navel for the past day or so … I don’t know what you understand by the term ‘retreat’, but here on Errd it is an in-depth soul-searching … there is no hiding from either Gotte or oneself … I should have done it years ago when I split up from Sanna … but I rejected the idea that I needed to … denied it completely

    31. "I'd been waiting for decades for this guy called Knume and a monsterboob named Valla to split up

    32. I shoulder my backpack, but don’t argue when the men split the remaining baggage between them

    33. They were tough flight trainers, but their flyers performed with split second precision

    34. The riders were at ease on their dragons; the split second turns and twists were taken in stride

    35. ‘No, I rented a flat in a house initially – that is where you have a large house which has been split into several living units

    36. The musicians were assailed with encouragement until the final flourish of the tune and the split second of silence that followed

    37. I almost split in two but as long as I kept my backbone straight, I could bend my knees - if I didn't, my legs stuck out like oars

    38. She had allowed herself to feel something for this man, and he taken what he could and split

    39. For a while, it looked like we'd miscalculated and made a huge mistake but we decided on one last effort even if it meant having to split up and to be safe we'd stick to the beach area

    40. She found herself pressed against Tarak’s body and for a split second she could feel the tautness and strength of him

    41. A blinding electric crack split the moody sky and in that instant, sheets of torrential rain hammered down upon the Kaliantikos without a pause

    42. Hasn’t he recently split up with his wife or something?’

    43. She laid another Queen, and if we don’t split them up there will be trouble with the worker bees

    44. In the split second it took them to rise, K’nada sang out and the brute and his cronies were up against the wall with him at their throats

    45. 'Since Jed and I split up, I've realised that I'm not made for living in the material world

    46. They split up ages ago; he said he hadn’t seen her for about five years now

    47. I explain all about Joanna’s boyfriend and how they split up

    48. Her lip was split and bleeding, but otherwise she was okay

    49. ‘Not sure, though it does split up into fairly logical sections

    50. He split up from his wife … I think she’s a teacher at the comprehensive … and moved in with Jo

    1. "This is going to be what splits us isn't it? You really need public sex

    2. It was a unique experience, that underground river which splits up into numerous passageways and underground cavities full of impressive stalagmites and stalactites that glitter in shading-off tints

    3. I was in splits

    4. Under his tuition, I cautiously hit the rock which obligingly splits in two to reveal the twin of the ammonite he discovered only moments ago

    5. Whoever splits wood may be endangered thereby

    6. Davie and his brother try again, together this time, and the frame splits as the door judders on its hinges and then smacks into the hallway wall

    7. The lane splits at the start of the village and Billy takes the left fork, manoeuvring slowly through the narrow streets

    8. There are insufficient officers at the scene to perform a detailed search, so the Inspector in charge splits the uniforms up and sends them off in different directions to check on the basic lie of the land

    9. Yet this prophet did not consider the irony of his youth About to contemplate the immaturity of his elders: 4t: The Zen Ship Splits into Reality

    10. These church splits should be

    11. It's also worth noting, both were elected as flukes, Lincoln because of electoral splits and Carter because of public disgust over recent scandals

    12. Banana splits would have to wait until the mess hall would be able to supply their main ingredient

    13. In recent times, even the smaller strict Presbyterian traditions, the Free Church and the Free Presbyterian Church (who, to outsiders seemed as alike as Tweedledum and Tweddledee) have had their splits, including spats and lawsuits over property

    14. Nebraska, in particular, has but one house, reducing the potential for splits among house, senate, and executive branch

    15. The merchant road splits in the lands of the Saturiwa, one fork heading south into the Timacua Peninsula and the other turning west

    16. It easily appears from the reading of Romans that there were already factions or splits in the

    17. Harry’s face was swollen with black and purple bruises and splits to his lips and nose

    18. Seconds later a scream splits the silence

    19. Portsmouth NSY in Kittery, ME, with which EB still splits overhauls and

    20. We burn with the desire to find a firm and constant base, upon which to build a tower to the heavens, but our very foundation cracks, and the earth splits open beneath us

    21. With that, she takes the cypress leaves remaining in the hand as yet untorn by the wolf, gazes at Sloth with such a look of love and acceptance that it splits him open and then plunges her fingers and the leaves into the animal’s mouth

    22. And reveals a tongue that splits

    23. The road splits it's tongue into a fork

    24. tion in different directions This splits light into two components – which

    25. As much as we would love to enjoy this game with a friend, local coop splits the screen into two very small parts

    26. It splits the glass and rockets out into the street

    27. In the end the plunamic splits would have come to assume male-female dimension with the stronger qunams tending to be male plunams and the weaker, their female counterparts

    28. Sometimes the family as a whole splits up

    29. For example, if you have become more consistent in scoring splits and spares, then you should aim for higher goals, such as hitting more strikes

    30. There were, in the beginning, only one source or type of life, throughout the ages there have been many splits or fracturing of existence and therefore many have evolved in different ways from those who were originally directly part of their life group

    31. The presidential elections of the twenty-first century weren’t the only ones that were manipulated, and this theft is not limited to nations that provide an essential component for banana splits

    32. The grooved structure of peacock feathers splits light in the same way as a diffraction

    33. Those two scientists cautiously explored that Timeline ‘B’ from which our history split, finding there indications of what caused all those splits in time

    34. By default, CodeIgniter splits a URL into several different parts

    35. The top part was pushed in, with large flaps of skin and white edged skull bone sticking out through the splits

    36. The polythene holds it together in the box, in case it splits

    37. When the atom splits, it releases both energy and more neutrons which in turn cause more atoms to split

    38. Or, if the relationship is really promising and we get past that, then he splits at six months

    39. In Extremis, these fractures or splits are one of the reasons for

    40. splits and integrate the separated selves

    41. healed all his splits into the Integrated Soul personality was he

    42. manage more trauma and more splits without giving the game away

    43. It contains no splits

    44. covered by the manifestation of Splits usually called Multiple

    45. However, the cure to all the above is integration of the splits by

    46. which sustains the splits

    47. All bad luck comes from these Soul Splits

    48. These many Hurt Inner Children splits flow in and out of your

    49. Also these splits within yourself are like idiot children which have abilities above the normal like Dustin Hoffman in "The Rain Man"

    50. Children splits! Which use the Strategies are the Poor Me, The

    1. I thought it a form of madness at first, a splitting of myself across an endless coastal landscape: as though I was drifting in and out of the range of my own muffled hearing

    2. He’s splitting up from his wife, Dad

    3. They moved out of the student house into a flat somewhere in town a year or so ago, splitting the rent 50:50, though Joanna is happy to admit that her parents pay her portion

    4. As he hoisted himself towards safety, he heard the splitting of wood

    5. The splitting branch howled in protest

    6. ‘You splitting up, that is

    7. From the selection of the best tonkin specimens for splitting, to the temperatures for the curing oven

    8. The first wood splitting crash would’ve been lost among wild waves of laughter had it not been for Jim's immediate response

    9. "See," he insisted, brushing her hair back across her shoulders, "It wasn't that they were super-bodies, you were just splitting up your energies

    10. Three bedrooms, in the same house were impossible, without moving up to the village, and she wasn't splitting up her little family

    11. The heavy black clouds rolled overhead splitting apart as they reached Mr

    12. with somebody where you are splitting the profits 50%, it will cost a lot

    13. return for splitting the profit 50/50

    14. I am not splitting my attention between what I am doing, and how what I am doing relates to the rest of me

    15. The plasma blade cut effortlessly through the hollow metal shaft, splitting the tool neatly in two

    16. It sat hidden away in a huge crevice formed by the splitting of the rocks in ages past, forming the two natural sides, several hundred feet high

    17. He stepped back and a shaft of pure white light elevated from the sphere and made its way to around six feet above the pillar before splitting into three solid bars

    18. Larkey spun around to see her ship one last time as it began splitting in half and sinking into the sea

    19. Boyd gave us a detailed account of the party they’d had the night before and this explained his quiet composure now – very quiet with a splitting headache

    20. There is a school of thought that says the Union was rapidly running out of money and the war was about to be lost when he marched to the sea splitting the Confederacy and cutting them off from the sea

    21. The wolves started moving toward him, splitting about as if they were about to execute a predetermined plan of attack

    22. Their son threw a stone at Wladek’s head splitting it open

    23. Ferguson’s share would be a third, with Colling and the other men splitting the other two-thirds

    24. He tried splitting the remaining money into six equal shares, but since the smallest denominations were 1000 Lire, he had two stacks of bills with only 9,000 Lire, while the other four contained 10,000 Lire each

    25. True, the revisionists are not splitting but then they were scarcely united in the first place

    26. He scraped his erect cock with his hand blades, screeching metal splitting the quiet room

    27. Billy and Lance hopped in, splitting in the

    28. But later it did succeed in splitting Christian unity at a crucial moment in its history after it had “Gained the Whole World” in AD 325

    29. The beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning? Choosing one over the other from this latter-day point of view seems like splitting hairs

    30. leather on the seats was splitting

    31. As with the splitting of the atom, so one

    32. We ended up splitting our time between studying and trading memories of what we learned

    33. Yukino ran for the steps, but a tremor ripped through the ground, splitting the wall in two

    34. splitting of the identified atom, it will painlessly kill a cat in a sealed box

    35. Design includes logical splitting of modules for better control and understanding

    36. I even think that Judaism benefited a lot by splitting into orthodox and

    37. He proceeded to slam the natural baton across his solid knee splitting the pole into two

    38. A team of doctors then commenced splitting apart his lower

    39. “I was splitting hairs,” the staff sergeant conceded

    40. that by splitting hairs, you were not being completely truthful?”

    41. Bank financing of 80% or more with buyer and sel er splitting the down payment have now

    42. splitting the thin membrane that separated the noxious belching of

    43. “Yes, after she walked me through the process of splitting and compressing

    44. By fall, I had started looking with commercial realtors for shop space so that Mike could have his own business splitting with no one

    45. Will showed his ingenuity with theft of services from cable companies by splitting the basement inlet to provide him a cable connection for PC and TV

    46. After she walked me through the process of splitting and compressing

    47. I handled on my own the dispute between EI and the company on the other side of our shared driveway concerning splitting the costs of repairs to defective water and sewage lines

    48. and was one of four units that were created by splitting

    49. I wanted five years, but compromised on splitting the difference and settling on seven

    50. At the same time, the scribe steps forward, a protesting cry splitting the air, but Gelahn stops his purpose with another flick of the cane

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