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Downwards в предложении (на )

Zach pointed his thumb downwards.
She looked downwards, to the left.
The lift started moving downwards.
It led downwards into the bowels.
The ground slopes slightly downwards.
The rough roadway still led downwards.
The UFO continues to cruise downwards.

When prices break downwards through a.
He started counting from five downwards.
She glanced downwards at Joseph's feet.
I walked to the window and peered downwards.
His stomach lurched as he plunged downwards.
He bounded downwards into the black, smoky hall.
Moving downwards on the back the colour lightens.
Without warning the path began to spiral downwards.
The victim, a short, stubby man, lay face downwards.
Sharply pull the firing string vertically downwards.
Lie face downwards on your mat with your chin on the.
The nut 2 moves 18 vertically downwards via the arm 12.
Before reaching the top, he turned downwards to Phillip.
From her waist downwards she wore a big dark-blue apron.
Lie face downwards, chin touching the floor, hands along.
Sophia leaned against the wall and slid her back, downwards.
While inhaling deeply through the nose, and pressing downwards.
He swayed, slipped, and slithered downwards with a wailing cry.
The mad doctor continues to cut downwards to his upper abdomen.
Overnight the price gaps downwards to open the next day at 5100.
He had to figure out how to shoot downwards towards that stupid.
The ship continues to head downwards, gradually increasing speed.
It is that I am nothing! Suddenly— He swung his arm downwards.
She opened her eyes and saw him glance downwards and to his left.
But it has revised downwards its estimate for South Africa from 2.
Instruct the patient to pull their shoulders backwards and downwards.
He lifted the trapdoor, revealing old stone stairs leading downwards.
She ran toward a staircase that led downwards to an ornate front-door.
They stood there, looking downwards, their faces shining with delight.
Mass is achieved by stopping and preventing further downwards motion.
Apostle Peter, martyrdom by crucifixion at Rome with his head downwards.
Looking down, he watched his fallen enemy tumbling downwards, downwards.
A man in a greatcoat lay face downwards; dead drunk, across the pavement.

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