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Downwards in a sentence

of moving downwards of the.
and south, and go downwards.
downwards towards the hillside.
Zach pointed his thumb downwards.
She looked downwards, to the left.
It led downwards into the bowels.
The lift started moving downwards.

palms faced downwards on the table.
slammed downwards onto the concrete.
downwards, stiff, his hands clenched.
The UFO continues to cruise downwards.
The rough roadway still led downwards.
The ground slopes slightly downwards.
She glanced downwards at Joseph's feet.
When prices break downwards through a.
He started counting from five downwards.
downwards for better look at his homeland.
downwards into some sort of crypt or cellar.
smoothes the energy and drives it downwards.
I walked to the window and peered downwards.
His stomach lurched as he plunged downwards.
downwards to hold the warmth in, shriveled up.
around the pipes that are traveling downwards.
He bounded downwards into the black, smoky hall.
upwards and downwards with the eyes half closed.
giving, he always kept his eyes turned downwards.
started to lower Peter downwards toward the floor.
Moving downwards on the back the colour lightens.
Without warning the path began to spiral downwards.

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Synonyms for downwards

down downward downwardly downwards