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    1. The soul of Nature sprang elate,

    2. Elate thy soul, and raise thy wishful eyes

    3. A spiritual woven signal for all nations, emblem of man elate above death, Token of all brave captains and all intrepid sailors and mates,

    4. These, and such as these, I, elate, saw--saw with wonder, yet pensive and masterful,

    5. With your shoulders young and strong, with your knapsacks and your muskets; How elate I stood and watch'd you, where starting off you march'd

    6. But aside from these and the marts of wealth and the crowded promenade, Admitting around me comrades close unseen by the rest and voiceless, The slain elate and alive again, the dust and debris alive,

    7. Looms in the mist, with brow elate and governing hand

    8. His eye, elate with happiness, was reading eagerly the tearful gaze of Haidee, when suddenly the door opened

    9. First, I smiled to myself and felt elate; but this fierce pleasure subsided in me as fast as did the accelerated throb of my pulses

    1. An elated Brijbabu had marched

    2. Harry was elated on account of those two particular locales they had essayed during their journey merely for their very formidable access and the determination which one must conjure to tour them

    3. Tanem’s Orphanage in Heathcote, twelve buttons, some assorted sweets and fifty seven ducits were collected, and all trooped out into the night air tired but elated

    4. We become elated with our condition

    5. She should be elated at her husband’s

    6. He felt elated and his spirits soared

    7. The adrenalin was coursing through him and it made him feel elated and carefree

    8. Tragus remained in an elated mood all month

    9. Our families were elated

    10. When I told him of the good news yesterday, he was elated

    11. I was elated, the explanation made sense

    12. Though this had been Amaranthe’s plan all along, and their success should have elated her, misgivings tangled her mind

    13. Mrs Langford embraced her son, elated that he was finally home, her elegant green bell bottom pants and cream top melting into him as she held him

    14. A roar rose from the enraged mob, washing over the elated Preceptor as he beamed down at them

    15. Soffen was elated to hear that Broshee was still alive, but was worried that waiting for her return before starting the long journey back to Brockenhurst Sett, would mean that Brock might be too ill to travel

    16. It was not long before the guitars were tuned and we sang to the strumming, lifting our already elated spirits

    17. Some looked utterly elated and others, like me, wished they did not have to be there

    18. But through it all Brock remained elated, for he knew that he had won

    19. Steve was elated with this information, and he informed the company people in Baltimore that he was going to be there personally tomorrow to have them try to identify his suspect, Jonathan Smith-Hughes

    20. Figures scurried by as I unstrapped in the darkness, feeling elated to say the least

    21. nose and face, I’m elated to be alive

    22. Sergeant Ferguson was elated, since the Colonel had promised him that if he received his star, he would use his influence to see that Ferguson was assigned to Panama

    23. The continual strain they were under was taking a heavy toll on both; they were worn down, short tempered, terrified, elated for their love, mournful for Raul, concerned for Herminia, puffy around bloodshot eyes, and beyond exhaustion

    24. The happier they sounded, the sadder she grew, finally it ground to a halt at the insistence of an older matron, who asked with all the respect that she could muster, “Why does our happiness make you sad? Should you not be elated to be restored to your rightful position? What is your wish for us?”

    25. We were elated at the possibility and dejected at the same

    26. i was so elated when this couple bought the shop

    27. Elated, I told my father

    28. After absorbing the gorgeous performances on stage and the intoxicating music, we’d get home about midnight: elated, drunk on the experience - and get out the wine

    29. theatrically, his mood shockingly elated

    30. Elated by early victories, Japan sailed her navy to New Guinea and the Solomon Islands in May ’42 to prepare for an assault on Australia

    31. The old lady let out an elated scream as they dashed toward the hill and then up to the

    32. It had worked! For a moment, Manda was elated

    33. Manda had played this moment over and over again in her head, like a favorite scene from a beloved film – imagining how elated she would be to hear Daniel say he had made a mistake

    34. Pat’s face was surprised, then elated, and she shouted Maggie’s name and ran to her

    35. the king, elated with his prosperous fortune, and not regarding the superior power of God, but thinking to persevere in his present

    36. Jack could see his throne crumble to dust before his very eyes as the police dragged him away, he was still screaming his innocence as he walked past the sickening scene of an elated Harry amongst his friends once more

    37. His lips were soft and I couldn't help but feel elated

    38. I kissed Lucky’s forehead, as she smiled completely elated

    39. She seemed elated

    40. Even though most of the gamers were elated

    41. “It’s a she?” He asks elated

    42. I was elated by this news

    43. Addressing myself to Pharaoh while keeping my eye on the others, one so angry, one so elated, I said, ‘My lord! The war machines that your commander had me accompany by river transport have arrived safely in the port this morning and at this very moment are being unloaded! There has miraculously been little loss of machines or men during the voyage here because your commander chose well the route and the men that he entrusted them to!’

    44. 11 Now the king elated with his prosperous fortune and not regarding the superior power of God but thinking to persevere in his present purpose wrote the following letter to the prejudice of the Jews

    45. Moshe was elated

    46. Joshua will be elated!” he added as he continued on at his determined gait

    47. Does he want me to do something now, maybe say something? Last night he was so elated, but he kept looking at me as if there was something he wanted to tell me

    48. elated, I said, „My lord! The war machines that your commander had me accompany by river

    49. Joshua will be elated!” he added as he continued on at

    50. elated, but he kept looking at me as if there was something he wanted to tell me

    1. The muscles in my arms are tingling from the strain of holding on for so long, but being this close to the top elates me

    1. Even though the hall was loaded with family and friends, the success of the concert was an elating experience

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