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Expiration в предложении (на )

  1. At expiration the stock was 52.
  2. Here T is the expiration moment.
  3. Expiration day is nothing to fear.
  4. The time remaining to expiration.
  5. They each have an expiration date.

  6. Rolling, on or near expiration, 61.
  7. March expiration is two months away.
  8. If licensed, the date of expiration.
  9. November VIX expiration came in at 22.
  10. There are 107 days left to expiration.
  11. Nothing until the week of expiration.
  12. The other side of expiration is birth.
  13. It is shortly after the July expiration.
  14. At expiration, with XYZ at or above 40.
  15. Only a little past the expiration date.

  16. These options had 40 days to expiration.
  17. On expiration day, options go binary.
  18. The eggs were past the expiration date.
  19. The contract has six weeks to expiration.
  20. With near-month expiration contracts, 31.
  21. All looked well until the June expiration.
  22. It simply remains at 100 until expiration.
  23. Both options have the same expiration date.
  24. With 30 days to expiration it’s about 120.
  25. After the expiration of a few minutes, five.

  26. Imminent expiration means inexpensive options.
  27. At expiration, the position breaks even at 10.
  28. The two options share the same expiration date.
  29. The same logic is true of expiration straddles.
  30. At expiration our 41/44 call spread was worth 3.
  31. Q is the letter symbol for an August expiration.
  32. Options also have an expiration date, the expiry.
  33. The expected value for a call at expiration is.
  34. The short call also has less time to expiration.
  35. Not all positions get resolved on expiration day.
  36. Both options would have the same expiration date.
  37. Expiration Really Extends Another Day of Trading.
  38. There are three fixed expiration cycles available.
  39. At June expiration, I had stock with a basis of 14.
  40. In almost all cases, the expiration of time is at.
  41. At expiration, with the underlying contract at 103.
  42. Also, November expiration is 65 days in the future.
  43. Forcing password expiration for bob with UID of 1000.
  44. The price target for XYZ by option expiration is 40.
  45. In reality, trades would be closed before expiration.
  46. The interest on the exercise price to expiration is.
  47. At expiration, we will close out the entire position.
  48. The expiration date of the options is April 16, 2010.
  49. Forcing password expiration for bobh with UID of 1002.
  50. The expiration date of yeast is printed on the package.
  51. At expiration, the trader should realize a profit of.
  52. If the index value at the moment of expiration is 462.
  53. On the contrary, options have a fixed expiration date.
  54. Volume was artificially high due to options expiration.
  55. The overpricing of the close to expiration option; and.
  56. The rapid time decay of the close to expiration options.
  57. That is, if it was expiration day and AAPL was at $400.
  58. Forcing password expiration for bobdjr with UID of 1001.
  59. Most options become worthless by their expiration date.
  60. The expiration date of all the options is May 19, 2007.
  61. We determine the three nearest option expiration dates.
  62. Obviously, erosion speeds up as time to expiration nears.
  63. VIX index options trade the next three expiration months.
  64. Of the three choices, which expiration month is best? A.
  65. And given 20 days to expiration, that just might happen.
  66. Between there we end up with zero position at expiration.
  67. That means that with 51 days to expiration, a rally of 1.
  68. At expiration, the expected value for the contract is $100.
  69. With 20 days to expiration and the underlying stock at 44.
  70. All the baseline tests used the nearest expiration months.
  71. May 14 is the Friday before the May VIX futures expiration.
  72. In scenario 2, the market drops and is at 90 at expiration.
  73. Specifically, November expiration is 63 days in the future.
  74. The stock could be called away before the expiration in May.
  75. Note that the maximum gain from holding to expiration was 4.
  76. In scenario 1, the market rises and is at 110 at expiration.
  77. With 5 days to expiration the butterfly shows a profit of 2.
  78. The contracts share the same expiration date and underlying.
  79. With 147 days until option expiration, futures closed at $7.
  80. Options expire on the third Friday of their expiration month.
  81. At the expiration of this hour, Aunt Gillenormand said:—A.
  82. At expiration the two values should converge for this profit.
  83. With just 30 days to expiration the butterfly that we paid 0.
  84. As you approach expiration this position is bound to pay off.
  85. This is also the maximum value of the contract at expiration.
  86. This is not because they want to hold the trade to expiration.
  87. All positions that have been opened are held until expiration.
  88. October expiration is on October 20, or 48 days in the future.
  89. At June expiration the underlying contract will be sold at 95.
  90. The theta becomes increasingly large as expiration approaches.
  91. Note that the slope steepens as contracts approach expiration.
  92. The flash crash of May 6 occurred before May expiration.
  93. Of course, there is no need to hold the trade into expiration.
  94. However, at expiration, the skewing must disappear, of course.
  95. At expiration, if XYZ closes at any price equal to or above 40.
  96. At expiration, there are three possible outcomes for any collar.
  97. It will not turn into an underlying contract until expiration.
  98. The drop has been more dramatic based on the time to expiration.
  99. The date the option expires is referred to as the expiration date.
  100. This point seems to occurs with 21-30 days left until expiration.

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