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Exit в предложении (на )

We ran for the exit.
He got off the exit.
I was ready to exit.
I bolted for the exit.
The aim of the exit.
He pointed to the exit.
The exit is this way.

This was a classy exit.
Where to exit a trade.
Press q to exit the help.
The exit is down here.
His exit was not noticed.
Tell me where the exit is.
It could be the exit!.
It was time to exit stage.
His eyes tracked her exit.
These had their own exit.
Exit in the reverse order.
In effect, she was my exit.
The only exit was a metal.
I was the last to exit the.
We'll have to exit this way.
Exit TITANIA with her train.
I will tell you when to exit.
We take the Terwilliger exit.
There is no exit that way?
I exit and enter the morning.
This is a valid exit strategy.
We don’t do exit interviews.
The exit gates stood about a.
They reach the emergency exit.
That must be the exit!.
At last, the exit was in sight.
The trailing stop profit exit.
We quickly headed for the exit.
My private exit, he said.
It might not even have an exit.
I exit at the market at 4:10 p.
Kwan San Lee watched their exit.
Ash started to exit, but froze.
It is exiting and edifying.
Before exiting the shop, I.
Upon exiting the restrooms we.
We were now exiting the state park.
Entering and exiting the pose must.
Exiting the car quickly in a panic the.
He was in the process of exiting a train.
The killer was also observed exiting the.
A man was exiting as I was about to enter.
Mind you, exiting the castle and the fog.
Jill searched the exiting group for a face.
He nodded at Elandria before exiting the room.
All I could think about was exiting the club.
Its claws dug deep, exiting with gout of blood.
Before exiting I asked my mother where we were.
As i was exiting a dream state and coming back.
Exiting and seeing the options expire worthless.
Upon exiting the killing field, we headed for a.
My baby fusses all the time when exiting the bath.
An exiting white population had hit this area of St.
As they were exiting, Tyrus turned at the door and.
We backed up and were soon exiting the parking area.
Vinny drove his truck down the winding slope exiting.
We’re exiting the basement onto the first floor.
While exiting the fraternity house, we felt a sigh of.
Just as she was exiting the kitchen, she turned around.
Exiting the lift she approached the receptionist's desk.
In exiting the positions we recommend two different ways.
Exiting the Helios he walked up the steps leading to the.
Suddenly, I saw a cat exiting one of the fraternity rooms.
Before exiting the bedroom I made certain that Corey was.
She had to pause for a minute, after exiting the back door.
After exiting the bus I proceeded to carry Samantha up the.
Instead of heading back to the castle and then exiting the.
Moving forward to the skating rink, I saw Chip exiting the.
The replacement sentry was exiting the forest as soon as I.
Neighbours were exiting their homes to see what the racket.
After exiting the restroom I walked over to Chip, who to my.
But upon exiting her car she took notice of Winston Moseley.
The elevated position offered a clear line to someone exiting.
As soon as I exited.
And i exited the store.
All said, we exited the.
The blond that exited it.
Then they exited the store.
I exited the van and then.
We exited the state that day.
He nodded and swiftly exited.
I exited the rest area then.
We’d exited a fixed portal.
Alex smoothly exited the car.
I exited the hallway at 1:30 P.
Force exited the jewellery store.
Steve was visibly exited, Wow.
He hooked the finger and exited.
Shortly after he exited the city.
Johnny and Bobby exited their cars.
We exited the car, took one last.
Jesse turned and exited the house.
Probably exited through the face.
We all exited together, Luke first.
I took the axe and exited the house.
As I exited I saw KC, Cameron, and A.
That’s not why I exited the mansion.
We exited it and went to the country.
I exited the forested area and then.
After putting them on, I exited the.
He exited and marched to Hal's office.
There was no way she could have exited.
Fear was on their faces as they exited.
Afterwards, I exited the restroom and.
As Matt exited the Bell-206B, a white-.
She turned as he exited the wooded area.
We exited the train then left the station.
A few minutes later they exited the woods.
Charlie turned around and exited the room.
As they exited, Michael turned to his Crew.
They both exited onto the snow packed yard.
Chelan met him as he exited the turbo lift.
Alvin quietly exited the car and dug his.
And running for the exits.
Guard (crosses and exits L.
He waved toward the exits.
Exits through the back door.
Grey rises again and exits.
They stare at him as he exits.
Headlights swung to the exits.
All the exits are blocked and.
The value of exits during the.
No other exits, besides the one.
Trend Trader: What about exits?
She had many exits from her lair.
As he exits his desk phone rings.
People were flocking to the exits.
Petra prided herself on grand exits.
All trailing exits are a compromise.
Make sure there are plenty of exits.
With business exits, the saying is.
Matthew and Kenneth exits the court.
It’s the exits that make you money.
There are basically two types of exits.
At times these exits were pretty rough.
The walls haven’t moved, no exits, nothing.
Panicked, the crowds scrambled for the exits.
Gregory exits the building, Madeline chases him.
We have all the exits covered as far as we know.
Several exits went by before she saw a Hess sign.
But there are four different exits on this floor.
Out of my way! I said as I ran for the exits.
All of these emergency exits should be checked on.
The head nurse finds her as she exits the restroom.
Don’t go away, he says and exits the room.
They had been on a vast motorway with no exits in.
As Matthew walks toward the elevators Billy exits.
The ABS data provide the following rate of exits of.
When she exits the bathroom, her children startle her.
Use technical analysis to time your entries and exits.

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