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Extract в предложении (на )

  1. An extract from that list:.
  2. Before the Cult (an extract).
  3. Extract the structure from it.
  4. An extract made from citrus peels.
  5. John’s Wort extract LI 160 (1,800.

  6. The calming effects of this extract.
  7. Here's how to take this herbal extract.
  8. I also extract the DVD drive letter:.
  9. To extract massive amounts of material.
  10. The pepper can be made into an extract.
  11. They found that they could extract the.
  12. Throw in the ginger, add tamarind extract.
  13. Remove from the heat and add almond extract.
  14. Here is a brief extract of their confessions:.
  15. I have found a way to extract it, Maureen says.

  16. Could it be true that she can extract my gift?
  17. The extract lastquoted is an example of ternary.
  18. Here's an herbal extract that is designed for acne.
  19. An extract from elderberry leaves, combined with St.
  20. In fact it may be possible to extract usable DNA.
  21. What I meant was a demon can extract a ghost's soul.
  22. He just wanted to extract himself from this situation.
  23. Then why have you tried to extract her from me?
  24. Extract of a letter to the Editor, from John Torrey, M.
  25. The extract of liquorice root that is most often used.

  26. You can extract information on other sources over the.
  27. The chemist who can extract from his heart’s elements.
  28. Although the extract was effective, it had some drawbacks.
  29. But never mind! I'll extract wholesome medicines from Mrs.
  30. The extract fan was not coping with the air change either.
  31. In 1940 I developed an extract from the arteries of cattle.
  32. Maybe I could extract myself and try to pull Ali towards me.
  33. Not a word could I extract from him on the subject, either.
  34. With these explanatory remarks, the following extract of Mr.
  35. Judson in order to extract information, unknown at present.
  36. This time, a hundred dollars was sufficient to extract the.
  37. So we now need to extract the contents of this zipped folder.
  38. But never mind! I’ll extract wholesome medicines from Mrs.
  39. It is also clear that they used what they found to extract.
  40. The well-being of man, that was what they wanted to extract.
  41. As all men are truly evil, I am here to extract that evil so.
  42. Pray, let me extract the Infant and spare the Mother’s Life.
  43. Now let's see extract the status code and hour from the access.
  44. They establish a pattern that you can analyse to extract the.
  45. From this extract we can conclude that the described channels.
  46. If we need to hurt you to extract information then we'll do it.
  47. This extract refers not to Book VII, but to Book VI of Politics.
  48. Clearly, the easier it is for the corporation to extract early.
  49. On 10/1/2009 the EPA said it had held up 79 permits to extract.
  50. Louis is provided in an extract from LiveScience Journal in 2007.
  51. The obvious way is to extract money and loyalty from you so they.
  52. The excessive costs of manufacturing and testing the extract, and.
  53. Within the hour, they had developed two plans to extract the device.
  54. He is the glory and extract thus far of things and of the human race.
  55. Yet, the wily Tamilian did extract his price to turn into a quisling.
  56. Taking thyroid extract, for example, when it is not indicated from a.
  57. This adaptation allows the investor to quickly extract these figures.
  58. You can also extract this information from a cmdlet, shown as follows:.
  59. He thought it best if he attempted to extract some more information out.
  60. This extract from Deuteronomy is a good sample in concise terms of this.
  61. He felt a tug under his leg as she tried to extract hers from under him.
  62. Several studies have shown that daily doses of extract of butterbur root.
  63. She was just a means to an end, a lever to extract cash from her husband.
  64. Matt contacted Sam and briefed him on the two plans to extract the device.
  65. But it was difficult, if not impossible, to extract anything from Lebedeff.
  66. Children are routinely tortured to extract confessions from their parents.
  67. I would like to fill two chapters on that extract from McGarvey’s sermons.
  68. However, that store seems to be able to extract money from my wife somehow.
  69. When he tugged at the wire, he realized he could extract it if he chose to.
  70. Cocaine is a purified extract from the leaves of the Erythroxylum coca bush.
  71. Use not more than 10 drops per gallon of the extract, depending on the pest.
  72. Kim Jon Il father and son, Khmer Rouge, Tamil Tigers are extract of Buddhism.
  73. Aged garlic extract, also known as kyolic garlic or AGE, has the same effect.
  74. Everyone is helping to extract the fuel out of the gassappers, she said.
  75. German liquid extract of vitex for their PMS symptoms for as long as 16 years.
  76. Blobs relating to the environment were easiest to extract and maintain a flow.
  77. The consistent ability to read and extract the hidden story lines of pivotal.
  78. The trial used a concentrated extract of reishi (25:1) in the amount of 55 mg.
  79. From what we have described, we can extract a series of useful reflections and.
  80. It will be simpler for me that way if I have to come to extract you out of Rome.
  81. The amount used in this trial was 30 drops of fluid extract twice a day, for a.
  82. There is a man there, a doctor, who has a machine that can extract your memories.
  83. It is your duty and your interest to extract only the good seed and cultivate it.
  84. This herbal extract is a liquid and is taken in water or as drops into your mouth.
  85. A technician was sent on board to extract this database and scramble the program.
  86. His initial treatment included injections of pituitary extract, or hormones.
  87. The systems of competition extract an enormous wealth from systems of cooperation.
  88. Phillips, Geology of Yorkshire, extract from, on the principles of Geology, xxi, 2.
  89. I think we should bore down from above and extract him that way, Schultz said.
  90. When we go out to insert or extract, every seat is filled, either going or coming.
  91. Here is an extract from a 2005 court document that relates to Keith and his parents.
  92. John’s Wort extract in the amount of 400 mg twice daily was equally effective at.
  93. Here is an abridged extract of what she has to say about eating brassica vegetables.
  94. And I hoped the man would carry morphia extract in his supplies for Arthur’s pain.
  95. Locke would just have to figure out how to extract the information once he got there.
  96. A double-blind trial in Pakistan found that topical application of an aloe extract (0.
  97. While pulling several ice trays from the freezer, she struggled to extract the cubes.
  98. Malenkov would need Max alive, to extract the bank details, and then he would kill him.
  99. I could further press the residue through a basket to extract the last bit of the oil.
  100. You may not, however, edit it, extract content from it or offer it for sale in any way.
  1. The perpetual process of extracting.
  2. He then began extracting them from his body.
  3. This is the key to extracting a premium on sale.
  4. The grep command is great at extracting a single line of text.
  5. Click Next and the contents will begin extracting automatically.
  6. AVALANCHE’s eyes given the destructive effects that extracting.
  7. Wheatsbetter, who was still extracting himself from the back seat.
  8. They should have a specific system in place for extracting mercury safely.
  9. Forrest seems to think pain is a more effective way of extracting information.
  10. There are men who toil at extracting gold; he toiled at the extraction of pity.
  11. Extracting information about Hyper-V hosts and the associated virtual machines.
  12. The device, known as the Tesla’s Tower, was capable of extracting electrical.
  13. Surely, but in extracting that silver, your expenses would outweigh your profits.
  14. Gowr got his knife, extracting it from the tray, and crawled over to where Tammas lay.
  15. What it means is extracting characteristics which resonate with you; things which you.
  16. He will stop only when he will have learned the difficult art of extracting beauty from guilt.
  17. So, Ralf asked casually, still trying to memorize the visuals while extracting the details.
  18. You even left the sheets and clothes in the bag! She cried gleefully, extracting the crib.
  19. If the cycle cannot return, then it will choose to stop entirely, extracting perfect revenge upon.
  20. Business is the art of extracting money from another man’s pocket without resorting to violence.
  21. Grimes was doing his best extracting his sticky hands from her shoulders as he tried to comfort her.
  22. Both are experiential products related to distilling and extracting truth, knowledge and wisdom from.
  23. After all, giants did not have the delicate touch of humans when it came to mining and extracting ore.
  24. Realizing that this would be like extracting teeth, Wickland sighed and motioned toward the sitting area.
  25. But she lay on her side upon the one that he had just tried to move, and extracting it must surely awaken her.
  26. MacArthur saluted back, then took the last box from his aide and opened it, extracting two eagle insignias from it.
  27. Ethan popped open the container and began extracting the material like a clown pulling a handkerchief from his sleeve.
  28. In full ceremonial war-dress, the bedeviled Miccosukee was extracting his revenge in the manner directed by the spirits.
  29. Extracting a yearbook, he slowly flipped through the pages until he found someone he hadn’t seen or heard from in years.
  30. She pivoted and crouched down at once in a long practiced move while extracting her pistol from her purse and pointing it.
  31. I’m sure that sounds about as much fun as extracting termites from your home with chopsticks, but that’s how he does it.
  32. He closed his eyes and grabbed for the cloth that surrounded him, extracting some trendy shorts and a flimsy top of some kind.
  33. And although our life, in this manifestation of it, is often worthless, yet it is life and not simply extracting square roots.
  34. Prisoners of war must be protected by international treaty, and not tortured for the sake of extracting information from them.
  35. This leads to decisions of extracting the profits rather than re-investment which could be used for further manager enrichment.
  36. These companies have become very good at extracting more money from us, and we’ve become very bad at knowing enough to say no.
  37. All day he toiled on untiringly, and by the evening he had succeeded in extracting ten handfuls of plaster and fragments of stone.
  38. This would make extracting information from him all the easier, especially if his prey’s mind was focused primarily on the game.
  39. He argued that Roger Knowles had acted illegally and with criminal intent in extracting rent from tenants on the Gascoigne estate.
  40. Vandegrift took the plastic tube offered by Ingrid and opened one of the end caps, extracting a rolled stack of maps from the tube.
  41. Besides extracting the liquid, or skimming, there were suggestions about burning off the oil as well as using chemical dispersants.
  42. Many modern drugs such as cocaine, morphine and digitalis are derived directly from plants, but extracting them is NOT straightforward.
  43. If there is no sun or no water try sucking or chewing the leaves, extracting as much of the juices as possible, then spit out the pulp.
  44. The Soviet troops, many of whom had seen their own towns and villages obliterated by the Germans, were bent on extracting the full price.
  45. I grumbled in my throat, more to fill the void of uncertainty than to actually clear my throat, extracting my fingers from his tight grasp.
  46. Given Terence’s arrogance, he would have no problem in extracting information from him and would probably not have to resort to subtlety.
  47. The woman searched for a moment in a belt purse, extracting two coins from it, then threw them at the squad leader, who caught them quickly.
  48. His wife Biddy whose family came from nearby was a veritable chatterbox, extracting all the news she could about Ellen’s family in England.
  49. Stratemeyer answered him by putting his briefcase on a nearby desk and opening it, extracting from it a newspaper and copies of two messages.
  50. Carla set about extracting the Scopolamine, while James and Amy figured out a way to protect the laptop from water damage, when the ship sank.
  51. The ball had entered my shoulder, and I knew not whether it had remained there or passed through; at any rate I had no means of extracting it.
  52. Yep, just as I thought, he said extracting a pair of tongs, and a small hand bellows, there's the makings here of a fine metal worker.
  53. Scientists in rich countries are looking at exotic and expensive ways to reduce the CO2 levels by extracting, freezing and storing it under ground.
  54. In this chapter, we covered important cmdlets related to configuring and extracting properties about virtual machines and their associated Hyper-V hosts.
  55. From being raped and abused by Kleon's sleazy men, to being rescued by a rough soldier looking for his wife, to extracting information from a drug dealer.
  56. We went through with our meeting, however, and it did seem as though Brother Cutler, extracting courage out of desperation, was bound to do his very best.
  57. Every one went to see him, especially visitors to the neighbourhood, extracting from him some crazy utterance, bowing down to him, and leaving an offering.
  58. It looks like HFs can outperform even as a group by extracting alpha from others—long-only institutions, retail investors, corporations, and the public sector.
  59. First by bus where he entertained his new found chums by extracting from his trousers the penis of the relief driver who snored throughout, oblivious to the world.
  60. It was something like throwing all our discordant opinions into one crucible, and after fusion, extracting what was expected to be gold, but which all called dross.
  61. France also invaded in 1838-39, blockading nearly all Mexican ports and extracting a ransom over money allegedly owed to a French pastry shop owner, the Pastry War.
  62. Hu Lyang eventually feels so hounded by Rory, whom he has tried desperately to liquidate, that he decides to leave South Africa - extracting revenge before he does so.
  63. Meantime, upstairs, Philpot had gone into Newman's room and was discussing with him the possibility of extracting from Mr Sweater the price of a little light refreshment.
  64. Opening her travel bag and extracting her laptop computer, she then powered up her machine and started typing down her first impressions of her trip to the United States.
  65. A number of men then jumped out and ran to the cockpit of the plane, extracting a limp form from it and carrying it to the ambulance, which then rolled away at full speed.
  66. Julie Baker had combined her skills as a chemist with Darrell Minor’s skills with plastics to develop a process for extracting liquid fuels from indigenous local plants.
  67. The truck was parked over by the derelict stables and the men were unloading the crates and taking them inside before opening the tops and extracting their precious cargo.
  68. Already in the last column, the Genie skipped to the fountain and extracting the little bottle, began filling it with delight, looking at all sides, hoping not to be seen.
  69. Luckily the wind was directing most of the smoke down the side of the hard stone structure, as often the smoke is more effective than fire at extracting people from a building.
  70. I have just finished extracting the data from the recon Cyri-bots, she replied in a cool tone that she tried her best each day to project when having to deal with her captain.
  71. Knowledge engineering The process of extracting knowledge from an expert with enough detail and completeness that the knowledge can be imparted to others or to an information system.
  72. In a sense we will be extracting from the market’s price history information about how fair value changes over time, as well as information about the size of typical market mistakes.
  73. When extracting the (amino-group) from the amino acid, we’ll have carboxyl-acids these acids may combine and produce further compounds that have a negative effect on a consumer health.
  74. However, it would certainly have to be more satisfying than traveling about with nothing better to do than colonizing dead worlds, extracting from them the very essence of your survival.
  75. Ingrid then grabbed her secure briefcase and opened it, extracting from it two copies of a file she had prepared before flying out of Palestine, giving one to Dewey and the other to Bradley.
  76. It’s even written in his notebook! Here, he said reaching into an inside pocket of his jacket and extracting the blood covered book picked up from the deck beside his friend’s body.
  77. There were committees for the press, radio, film, transportation, public art, and the budget, each charged with separate responsibilities for extracting the maximum propaganda value from the games.
  78. But then how did Calvin’s discovery of a truth extracting experiment relate to all this? How could that possibly promote cancer research? And why did two of Malik’s contacts have links to case 052.
  79. Electrical brakes were applied to half of the massive flywheel capacitors sitting on the deck under that of the main fusion chamber, extracting from them a massive electrical surge of eight gigawatts.
  80. Why, he is fam’d thro’out the Land and hath studied Physick at Glasgow, and is a most excellent Man-Midwife, who, ’tis said, uses secret Extracting Implements to spare both the Mother and her Child.
  81. The two officers pleaded with me as my workers gave way little by little and Magdi was the eager go-between, flitting now here, now there, extracting concessions from the mob and cajoling and pleading with me.
  82. After extracting nearly $5 billion from Hertz and the public market, investment funds associated with CDR, Carlyle, and Merrill Lynch still owned about 26 percent of the outstanding common stock capitalization.
  83. Project Oracle had invisibly permeated every computer connected to the internet, extracting information to answer questions, and James quickly realized the devastating effect this system would have on the world.
  84. If you were to turn your head now you would see her extracting a report from that sinister doctor in a check shirt—what's his name? Monygham—or else catechising Don Pepe or perhaps listening to Padre Roman.
  85. It was pitiful to see the American troops extracting, with difficulty, single cartridges from their sodden belts, while the Spaniards pressed home the pentacapsular clip in their Mausers and had five shots ready.
  86. And how do you accomplish this? Obviously your batteries could do the extracting; but if I'm not mistaken, the consumption of sodium needed by your electric equipment would be greater than the quantity you'd extract.
  87. Besides, Humfrid had a historical reputation of being what many would call a ‘robber baron’, a local lord who abused his powers and privileges and plundered the others around him by extracting undue taxes and tolls.
  88. Then the Nightmare began in earnest, for the Doctor return’d, hiding bulky Instruments ’neath his Smock, and now I cried out in Terror lest they be the dread Extracting Hooks that spell’d the Death of my Unborn Babe!.
  89. It was as well that Pyx had arranged a side bet with the Barnabus Groat, for at least he would be able to derive a little pleasure from gaining a march on the his rival and extracting some of the moneylender’s vast wealth.
  90. Knight Pierre Alphonse d’Orléans, wearing a simple shirt and short trousers, was supervising his black employees, who were busy extracting blocks of sea salt from the salt flats bordering the beach on which he stood barefoot.
  91. Stryver was a glib man, and an unscrupulous, and a ready, and a bold, he had not that faculty of extracting the essence from a heap of statements, which is among the most striking and necessary of the advocate's accomplishments.
  92. This interpretation is related to the efficient market hypothesis stating that any new information is immediately priced in and hence all traded assets are fairly valued, and extracting profit is impossible neither for sellers nor for buyers.
  93. It was the custom of these amiable people of Mordasoff to do their best to set Maria Alexandrovna and her husband by the ears; but to-day there were hopes of extracting valuable news and secrets out of the candid simplicity of the latter.
  94. Though it may be beneficial in extracting information pertinent to both cases, it would probably not be fruitful in identifying Terence’s murderer, but in many instances witnesses had a tendency to unconsciously incriminate themselves while testifying.
  95. Life would be easier if some clear investor group could be identified as exhibiting superior performance and steadily extracting alpha from other market participants:• The old idea was that professional investors outperform at the expense of individual investors.
  96. Transforming oneself means freeing oneself of hybris, freeing oneself of hatred, of arrogant demands, of envy and greed, which are all natural legacies of the human species, and extracting from within oneself the ability to create oneself anew as an artist of life.
  97. Thus, the case is instructive because it demonstrates how insiders used the financial strength inherent in a profitable, almost debt-free business as a basis for extracting maximum cash for themselves, with the result that the successor business became heavily encumbered.
  98. E: -- Having the ELS wrap the Old Testament 9 times extracting 12 letters from the text in each pass, proves and confirms that the entire Old Testament is word-for-word and letter-for-letter exactly what it was designed to be and that not a letter was lost or misplaced over the ages.
  99. Two of her mechanics were up on the wings in a flash and helped her undo her seat harness, extracting their exhausted commander from her cockpit and helping her down to the ground, where two more mechanics helped support her as the crowd pressed around her to comfort and congratulate her.
  100. As for the few Chinese soldiers that had been on guard duty in the port area, they had vanished from sight, something that didn’t surprise Khordadbeh: the soldiers of the military governor of Guangzhou were much better at extracting bribes and bullying foreign merchants than at fighting.
  1. The two teeth had been extracted.
  2. All foreign bodies must be extracted.
  3. The tentacle was extracted from the water.
  4. They must be contacted and quotes extracted.
  5. Extracted from The Complete Book of Lies by.
  6. He careful y extracted the Book of Thoth from.
  7. As gently as possible, she extracted her hand.
  8. Slowly, carefully he extracted her from her trap.
  9. It touched her bracelet arm as it was extracted.
  10. Squad arrived and extracted the package from the.
  11. Ton Tsing dropped to his knees and extracted two.
  12. Then you need to upload the extracted files and.
  13. He opened it, meticulously extracted the pendant.
  14. Massive amounts of water erupt from the extracted.
  15. The cream was extracted and placed in large dishes.
  16. But it still has to be produced, in short, extracted.
  17. He gently reached into the bag and extracted a Dorje.
  18. He reached in and carefully extracted a large spanner.
  19. From the bottom of one of these I extracted a huge old.
  20. There they collected the sperm and, having extracted a.
  21. From these fripperies, the grandfather extracted a bit of.
  22. I extracted lightly the head to see if he had followed me.
  23. He stood and extracted a ring of rusty keys from his pocket.
  24. Her ghostly brow wrinkled with puzzlement as she extracted it.
  25. This way the maximum benefit can still be extracted from the.
  26. Slowly the laser-mole extracted itself from the hole and slid.
  27. He opened the drawer and extracted four large expandable files.
  28. When the bile is not being extracted, the site is covered by a.
  29. Bam left eventually, but not before Tom had extracted a promise.
  30. Animal eyes contain water which can be extracted by sucking them.
  31. She twisted a Gold Coin, extracted the condom and fitted it on me.
  32. Then the gold that had been extracted from all over the northern.
  33. I gripped the yellow handle and with some care extracted the blade.
  34. I extracted the cameras and the lines leading to their memory chips.
  35. Torm rushed over to where the crew had been working and extracted a.
  36. Male silk moth extracted is extracted directly from male moth within.
  37. Chapter Seven What Can You Do About ID Theft? – Extracted from the.
  38. Then, find the location at which you extracted the Lame codec to add.
  39. Ambrosius put one hand into his pocket and extracted a silver sixpence.
  40. Oil extracted from the soybean provides another valuable nutritional.
  41. He then extracted a cigar from his tin and after lighting it he deftly.
  42. Researchers found that Pycnogenol extracted from the maritime pine tree.
  43. So – now you have extracted this folder – double click on it – as.
  44. Don extracted a roll of bills from his pocket, counted off the twenty-153.
  45. The Commissioner extracted a number of charts and tables from a third file.
  46. Homer opened the drugs cupboard and extracted a large bottle of chloroform.
  47. I extracted the photograph of Sylvia in the snow and examined it carefully.
  48. He took one of the zip-lock bags and carefully extracted a tiny fragment of.
  49. There are three major factors that can be extracted from the study in Dhakari.
  50. Ned fished around in his pocket, extracted a penny and slid it under the door.
  51. He produced a packet of matches from his pocket, and extracted a match from it.
  52. Made with oil extracted from the mustard plant, it helped relieve bodily aches.
  53. Each human has extracted from the environment 40 litres of water just to exist.
  54. Deep mining, where they bore tunnels into the mountains and extracted the coal.
  55. It is said that the extracted helps to stimulate the production of testosterone.
  56. But the fine and delicate fluid extracted from his jaws is exceedingly valuable.
  57. We have extracted God the Father from the trinity and replaced Him with Creator.
  58. Elemental sulfur was once extracted from salt domes where it sometimes occurs in.
  59. It’s been tested against the bullet extracted from your deceased wife’s head.
  60. He removed a leather case from his pocket, extracted a long cigar and smelled it.
  61. He also showed me how the ‘Lingit caught and extracted the oil from the oil fish.
  62. After three hours I finally felt I had extracted everything possible from Mr Juback.
  63. The moly herb can be extracted from the earth only with the strength of a god.
  64. Note: Listings were extracted from the Oxford Concise Dictionary of World Religions.
  65. He extracted a folded sheet of paper from a cassock pocket and extended it to Gohdard.
  66. This philosophy has been extracted from the depths, and unearthed by special seekers.
  67. He opened his cigar case, extracted a black cigar and held it to his nose for a moment.
  68. He extracted himself from her grip and made his way out of the door to the waiting car.
  69. However, the price extracted is the greater risk of default, and the urgency of meeting.
  70. He has been extracted from the machine, and he was conscious and talking to the marshals.
  71. He felt he had achieved one concession when he extracted her promise to answer his letters.
  72. Quarry: Area of land where stones were extracted for building various objects and buildings.
  73. She then reached out and carefully extracted a small, sharp sliver from the cracked window.
  74. At Serabit El-Khadim where the pharaohs extracted turquoise, there is the temple of Hathor.
  75. More than fifty blocks had to be extracted from the quarry to find thirty perfect monoliths.
  76. Not real out-of-body experience of course, the brain and senses can’t really be extracted.
  77. She called my name, but I hid deeper than Desiree' so I couldn't be extracted from Nancy's body.
  78. Perhaps they had already extracted the necessary information from him whilst he was unconscious.
  79. Shapiro reached into his back pocket for his wallet and extracted his dog-eared pilot’s license.
  80. Tsinapas then grabbed the long arrow extracted from his shoulder and made a point of examining it.
  81. The inferior man was quiet in him now; but it was surely not extracted, nor even entirely subdued.
  82. She buried a gloved hand in the snow and extracted the half tire that served as a watering trough.
  83. Sydney Guilaroff’s comments are extracted from Cathy Griffin’s many interviews with him in 1995.
  84. Then, from the pocket of his shirt, he extracted an envelope with some wrinkled and yellowish pages.
  85. These, as it extracted them, were lifted out and deposited upon a level surface of earth behind it.
  86. He extracted the list which Jessica Harper had returned to him when she handed him her social diary.
  87. Godwyn was happy to have extracted from Cecilia a fraction of her windfall, but he was not satisfied.
  88. So that's sufficient, then? he extracted his cymbals in anticipation of an involuntary insight.
  89. It was this toilette which had extracted from Jondrette the exclamation: Good! You have dressed up.
  90. Boran opened his briefcase and extracted a memory chip, presenting it to his wife as he answered her.
  91. She was apparently extracted from Palestine by Laplante after the death of Jesus Christ on the cross.
  92. Golyakov promptly extracted the pistol from its holster, raised it, and shot the man through the head.
  93. It is the amount of water that has been extracted from the environment as cells grow to make a person.
  94. Caesar extracted his gun and Johnny's stomach sank at another unpredictable change in the negroes mood.
  95. Calvin also knew that information extracted from torture was occasionally useful but often unreliable.
  96. The King quickly opened the envelope and extracted a sheet of paper, unfolding it and reading it twice.
  97. In fact, he extracted much of his strength from his daily contact with them and from the work he loved.
  98. He was quite convincing, and Samantha had to remind herself that he once extracted huge sums from juries.
  99. They extracted a tangle of harness from the saddlebag and walked over to where their horses were waiting.
  100. He extracted a piece of gum from his sleeve and said, Show me their most likely path into this system.
  1. The above extracts from Mr.
  2. Water extracts from the air.
  3. It extracts a lot of juice, is.
  4. These are unedited extracts taken from.
  5. Propolis extracts may be helpful in preventing.
  6. If the demon extracts his soul he'll be nothing.
  7. Very high amounts of these extracts (350–700.
  8. Enzo extracts a revolver from one of the holsters.
  9. We make the following extracts from letters of Mr.
  10. YEAR(arg) Extracts the year from a SAS date value.
  11. Then he extracts them, one by one, dry and unmixed.
  12. From some of them he had read extracts to his mother.
  13. The usefulness of phyllanthus extracts for treating pain.
  14. Citrus soap makes an excellent synergist for most extracts.
  15. In the following extracts from testimonies, there appear amongst.
  16. Extracts of foods are combined with an enzyme that stimulates the 36.
  17. We see from these extracts how high is the ideal which the Master sets.
  18. The first page is extracts from Mien Kampf which are still relevant today.
  19. Together with extracts from Books of Lore translated by Bilbo in Rivendell.
  20. He extracts a portion of hemlock which he picked by the river a few days ago.
  21. There are citrus extracts available on the markets today that are safe to use.
  22. When we put a metallic CHILL, it extracts heat faster from liquid steel, so the.
  23. Ginkgo Biloba extracts (GBE) have been considered a potential therapy for asthma.
  24. JULDATE7(arg) Extracts the Julian date with a four-digit year from a SAS date value.
  25. Disclosures treasury swell extracts the mortal membranes of our lives in converted.
  26. Extracts providing 500–1,000 mg per day of cynarin, the main active constituent.
  27. Double-blind trials have shown that various Echinacea extracts shorten the duration of.
  28. It extracts the mutations of the Enma it attaches to, and if I will it, takes their life.
  29. Studies suggest that taking standardized feverfew leaf extracts that supply a minimum of.
  30. Citrus Oils are powerful extracts, used with care as it will kill off beneficials as well.
  31. You will find several such herbs and extracts which will definitely improve your sex drive.
  32. Samuel Clarke, who attempted to show that his extracts were garbled and his argument unsound.
  33. This is because the extracts block the action of platelet-activating factor (PAF); a compound.
  34. The most effective way to take adaptogens is through liquid extracts contained within alcohol-.
  35. He extracts full and detailed information about one subject or object and then takes up another.
  36. The extracts from those first recordings in the past proved extremely popular with GNN viewers.
  37. You should also avoid alcohol, liver, kidneys, meat extracts shell fish, sardines and bamboo shoots.
  38. These extracts contain flavonoids called proanthocyanidins, which are bound to other proanthocyanidins.
  39. That is the hole's illusion: it extracts from you your desire for what you want, need, desire money to be.
  40. I have thought that you might be interested in extracts from some of them, and hence send the following:.
  41. That is why the inward divinity extracts materialistic and physical longings, and creates a union within us.
  42. Extracts from Whom to Serve signed by the pseudonym, Buka, were printed by Tolstoi in The Reading Circle.
  43. Grundy,) the other day, read some extracts from the instructions transmitted to our Minister in London, in 1792.
  44. One of the resources we have is something called bitters, which are extracts of bitter, mineral rich herbs.
  45. Turn over those papers and arrange the extracts in their order of time, while I take a glance as to who our client is.
  46. From this letter I make a few extracts, as I find in them a certain general view and something that may be explanatory.
  47. In this section, I introduce you to the different soybean extracts you can trade: soybeans, soybean oil, and soybean meal.
  48. In addition, extracts from parsley have been used in animal studies to help increase the antioxidant capacity of the blood.
  49. Standardized extracts of cat’s claw have been tested in small, preliminary trials in people infected with HIV, showing some.
  50. WEEK(arg) Extracts the week number from a SAS date value, where Sunday is the first day of the week, which is the "U" algorithm.
  51. Chertkov, during the time of his enforced two-year sojourn abroad, Tolstoi from time to time actually sent extracts of his Journal.
  52. Extracts of the herb corydalis are not only helpful as pain-relief agents but also may be useful in the treatment of stomach ulcers.
  53. The treatment consists of injecting a distinctive blend of medicine, natural extracts, minerals and vitamins directly into the scalp.
  54. The following extracts from a paragraph in the Pacific, truthfully represents, as I believe, the real sentiments of the Association:.
  55. She opens a cigar box on the table and extracts one of the large hand rolled cigars, little green leaves packed the front of the blunt.
  56. Later experimentation proved that adding thyroid extracts to the water induces or hastens metamorphosis of tank-kept Mexican salamanders.
  57. These abridged extracts from the Bangkok Post newspaper give an indication of the likely continuance of intransigence by both Countries.
  58. He continued to read extracts from his letters, some of which amused his mother, some of which saddened her and made her anxious for him.
  59. I have run through the book and have found it to be a series of bad language blunders, wherever extracts from other books are not quoted.
  60. If you visit your local health shop you will find all kinds of vegetable extracts and salts with which to make your potato water more drinkable.
  61. After that another 9 books followed with foreign translations, Book Club Choice novels, extracts in women's magazines and options for TV rights.
  62. Hawthorn leaf and flower extracts have been reported to have a mild blood pressure-lowering effect in people with early stage congestive heart failure.
  63. Also in his other writings, Tolstoi did not always express himself adversely about women, as can be seen, for instance, from the following extracts:.
  64. In the end she extracts an oath that he will return the Apple TV the next day and that he won’t borrow again without a merchant’s express consent.
  65. But in our day he goes straight for the literature of negation, very quickly assimilates all the extracts of the science of negation, and he’s ready.
  66. It is the produce of land which draws the fish from the waters ; and it is the produce of the surface of the earth which extracts the minerals from its bowels.
  67. I especially beg the reader not to be overcome by dullness, but to read these extracts through, or, still better, to read some one of the erudite æsthetic authors.
  68. It is only fair to the distinguished author to say that the quotation given above is but a series of disconnected extracts; I strongly recommend my readers to study.
  69. With lacquered fingertips, she carefully opens the basket and extracts one of the two wine glasses, and one of the two sets of silverware Jonathan had brought from the suite.
  70. Soon after, letters began to pour in upon me, till now I have about twenty on file, and it has occurred to me that extracts from these would interest the readers of the Missionary.
  71. The value that the audience extracts from their participation in your presentation has to outweigh the costs that they incur in their attendance–time, travel and reputation costs.
  72. Already an Israeli company called Water-Gen is manufacturing a machine that extracts clean water out of air, and it uses only two cents’ worth of electricity to produce each liter of water.
  73. In the end she extracts an oath that he will return the Apple TV the next day and that he won’t borrow again without a merchant’s express consent … as long as he resides on their property.
  74. The candles of the table candelabrum, which had been prepared one month earlier for the occasion, with paraffin, miscellany extracts and musk, fell down, and began to set fire to the tablecloth.
  75. So the addition of plant derived products such as aloe vera, flower extracts or botanical ingredient, will allow the detergent to be labeled natural, but it still may contain a host of harsh chemicals.
  76. Of course, not all natural plant extracts are healthy, some can even be poisonous, but HCA in the form of garcinia cambogia extract has been extensively tested and no side effects have been identified for sure.
  77. Shamante cleaned up Sophia’s wounds with the extracts of guava leaves, which were believed by their tribe, to possess antiseptic properties, and dried them with the tiny leaves of ogbo tree, presumed to relieve the pain.
  78. We have already given some description of the sufferings which the army underwent on its retreat, but the details furnished by eye-witnesses are so full of character, interest, and instruction, that I may add a few more extracts.
  79. One winter's night, as we sat together by the fire, I ventured to suggest to him that, as he had finished pasting extracts into his common-place book, he might employ the next two hours in making our room a little more habitable.
  80. I transmit to the Senate copies and extracts of documents in the archives of the Department of State, falling within the purview of their resolution of the fourth instant, on the subject of British impressments from American vessels.
  81. I should have remembered that seldom did an evening pass but Dubkoff would first have, an argument about something, and then read in a sententious voice either some verses beginning Au banquet de la vie, infortune convive or extracts from The Demon.
  82. These extracts from the diary of Erik Sorensen, District Judge, followed by two written statements by the rector of Aalso, give a complete picture of the terrible events that took place in the parish of Veilbye during Judge Sorensen's first year of office.
  83. He had exhibited phenomena at fairs, and he had owned a booth with a trumpet and this poster: Babet, Dental Artist, Member of the Academies, makes physical experiments on metals and metalloids, extracts teeth, undertakes stumps abandoned by his brother practitioners.
  84. Meaning, that the essence of the illness is an emotional state that exists by virtue of it being a mirror reflection on its antecedent cause: the raw emotion that has no basis in psychological or physiological necessity – it is what one extracts from the eco-environ-emotion.
  85. My daughter undertook to translate these passages, and thus were formed the extracts from the Fragments d'un Journal Intime, that is, the extracts from the extracts of Amiel's diary in several volumes not yet printed, which he conducted from day to day for the period of thirty years.
  86. Besides these there were two books with coloured pictures—one, extracts from a popular book of travels, published for juvenile reading, the other a collection of very light, edifying tales, for the most part about the days of chivalry, intended for Christmas presents or school reading.
  87. He used to sit in the early morning on my special seats in the garden, and strictly meditate the thankless muse when he ought to have been carting manure; and he made his fellow-apprentices unspeakably wretched by shouting extracts from Schiller at them across the intervening gooseberry bushes.
  88. Clarke has evidently been more extensively engaged in these researches than any other person, as our readers have perceived in the extracts which we have given from the labours of this learned chemist; but it is proper also to give publicity to the protest (réclamation) made to us in favour of Mr.
  89. My second passion for her had long since come to an end, but I became enamoured of her this third time through Lubotshka sending me a copy-book in which Sonetchka had copied some extracts from Lermontoff’s The Demon, with certain of the more subtly amorous passages underlined in red ink and marked with pressed flowers.
  90. Nothing delighted the childish minds of these poor people so much as listening to or reading extracts from the speeches of such men as these; so in order to amuse them, every now and then, in the midst of all the wretchedness, some of the great statesmen made `great speeches' full of cunning phrases intended to hoodwink the fools who had elected them.
  91. There can be no hesitation in affirming that any ordinary reader of Greek coming to the New Testament for the first time in the age of the apostles, would, as Archbishop Whately supposes, have taken the words now in question, singly, and still more in their striking combination, in the sense in which they are used in the preceding extracts from the Phaedon.
  92. They did everything to deserve the fees they were paid; they got up in the small hours of the morning, searched one house after another, took copies of papers and of books they found, read diaries, personal letters, made extracts from them on the very best notepaper and in beautiful handwriting, interrogated Katia Turchaninova ever so many times, and confronted her with all those whom they suspected of conspiracy, in order to extort from her the names of her accomplices.
  93. If, sir, I was disposed to retort upon those who are opposed to the renewal of the charter, I would ask, if they have not seen published in the democratic papers of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia, extracts of letters said to be written in the City of Washington, charging the members of Congress who are in favor of it with being bribed and corrupted, and with being disposed to sell the sovereignty of the nation to British capitalists? Have they not seen, in the same papers, conversations detailed with great minuteness, which it is pretended have passed between members of Congress, calculated to excite public odium and indignation against the friends of the bill now under consideration? Sir, I will not for a moment indulge an idea that these letters have been written or these conversations detailed by any member of this body.
  94. I not only then tightened the pleasure-girth round my restless inmate, by a secret spring of friction and compression that obeys the will in those parts, but stole my hand softly to that store bag of nature's prime sweets, which is so pleasingly attached to its conduit pipe, from which we receive them; there feeling, and most gently indeed, squeezing those tender globular reservoirs, the magic touch took instant effect, quickened, and brought on upon the spur the symptoms of that sweet agony, the melting moment of dissolution, when pleasure dies by pleasure, and the mysterious engine of it overcomes the titillation it has raised in those parts, by plying them with the stream of a warm liquid, that in itself the highest of all titillations, and which they thirstily express and draw in like the hot natured leach, which, to cool itself, tenaciously extracts all the moisture within its sphere of execution.
  95. Although they are six to seven times more potent than aspirin or acetaminophen in test tube studies, extracts of these plants also demonstrate liver-protective properties,.

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