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Выберите язык, затем введите слово ниже, чтобы получить примеры предложений для этого слова.

Get в предложении (на )

  1. Let us get to it.
  2. I had to get out.
  3. Da, I don't get it.
  4. Get out of the car.
  5. You get over it too.

  6. I need to get ready.
  7. I could get you one.
  8. I have to get to him.
  9. I bet I can get in.
  10. Come on then, get in.
  11. Read it when you get.
  12. I had to get to her!.
  13. He did get a theirops.
  14. I just don’t get it.
  15. But I can’t get my.

  16. I can't get back down.
  17. Get in the car, please.
  18. Get to the gate, uh-oh.
  19. Frankly I don't get it.
  20. We have to get Hans.
  21. Get it out in the open.
  22. I had to get over this.
  23. Told Jenny to get lost.
  24. I'll get off your back.
  25. I had to get it off me.

  26. We need to get up there.
  27. I get that in that club.
  28. Ish ran to get the ball.
  29. I have to get to Jean.
  30. I'll have to get a coat.
  31. Don’t get it all wrong.
  32. Have to get out of here!.
  33. Do you get sea sick?’.
  34. Just let me get ready.
  35. This will get you killed.
  36. Get them to the Archenon.
  37. No! You don’t get it.
  38. Oh, don’t get me wrong.
  39. I was in a hurry to get.
  40. I could get used to that.
  41. But don’t get me wrong.
  42. The storm will get worse.
  43. Right away get into the.
  44. Dad’s coming to get me.
  45. He had to get out of town.
  46. Get the cotton he said.
  47. Oh, get on with it, Sarah.
  48. But we have to get moving.
  49. They get back in the boat.
  50. I need to get some things.
  51. Let's get him to try again.
  52. If I could at least get a.
  53. Well get food for Mary.
  54. I have to get them moving.
  55. Ronnie, get a grip on the.
  56. All right, get them out.
  57. So get on with it McDonald.
  58. Just get in the damn car.
  59. Where did you get these?
  60. The elements get red hot.
  61. When I get up it’s locked.
  62. Well, I should get going.
  63. Me, I just want to get even.
  64. Then you’ll get it back.
  65. You try to get on with life.
  66. I have to just get over it.
  67. Could he ever get tired of.
  68. Let's get this over with.
  69. Don't worry, we'll get her.
  70. Better get a move on then.
  71. Come on then, get in the car.
  72. Williams was able to get away.
  73. Don’t get mushy just yet.
  74. I have to get out,' Omi said.
  75. We couldn’t even get close.
  76. Get out your parchment, girl.
  77. I had to get him out of town.
  78. It does nothing but get worse.
  79. Okay, ladies, get it done.
  80. I’ll get it out of my pack.
  81. How in the hell did this get.
  82. I will never get tired of it.
  83. It’s time to get a move on.
  84. Get your oars out of.
  85. Let’s get the Pizzas going.
  86. But the Jews didn’t get it.
  87. You should get some sleep.
  88. Occasionally, I get them now.
  89. We'd better get out of here.
  90. If you get caught, that is.
  91. Maybe he would get some fries.
  92. He had to get rid of them all.
  93. They’ll never get rid of me.
  94. I was starting to get worried.
  95. Things are about to get ugly.
  96. Can I get you a drink? Tea?
  97. Do you get the migraines?’.
  98. It was built to get here fast.
  99. What time will you get here?
  100. So OK, get to know me better.
  1. I was getting a cat.
  2. Getting each on to a.
  3. I think I am getting it.
  4. I was getting to that.
  5. But if she was getting.
  6. It was getting on to me.
  7. I was getting used to it.
  8. Getting away with it was.
  9. Of getting Tdeshi to O.
  10. Still getting used to it.
  11. What was he getting at?
  12. But he was getting better.
  13. This is getting white hot.
  14. I wrote a book on getting.
  15. Now he was getting to it!.
  16. It's getting to be murder.
  17. By then it was getting dark.
  18. Rory was getting a numb bum.
  19. If she was getting tossed.
  20. The smoke was getting thick.
  21. My vision was getting dark.
  22. The idea of getting up by.
  23. They keep us from getting.
  24. Getting the children to bed.
  25. You are getting red, Monica.
  26. The heat was getting to him.
  27. It had been getting on for 4.
  28. The word was getting around.
  29. It was getting near to the.
  30. It was getting them nowhere.
  31. Im getting that urge again.
  32. Getting up to God knows what.
  33. How about getting a dog?
  34. It was getting dark and cold.
  35. And I wasn't getting nowhere.
  36. It's getting crazy out here.
  37. It was like getting on a bus.
  38. You are getting good at this.
  39. Her breasts are getting saggy.
  40. Getting traffic is one thing.
  41. I must be getting better….
  42. He took his time getting to.
  43. So to avoid getting off the.
  44. She was getting better at it.
  45. Hobbs was getting angry again.
  46. I kept getting up, stagger-.
  47. But the gulf is getting wider.
  48. He felt himself getting angry.
  49. The waves were getting higher.
  50. But that is getting ahead of.
  51. But getting back to the knives.
  52. It is getting rather tiresome.
  53. Um, Zayn, it’s getting late.
  54. He is used to getting his way.
  55. I'm not getting anything here.
  56. He noticed it was getting dark.
  57. We also call this as getting.
  58. Dad, you’re getting up there.
  59. We may be getting a few visits.
  60. Getting out of the industrial.
  61. I saw you getting on the train.
  63. And it is just getting started.
  64. Carmen felt her face getting hot.
  65. G is getting weaker and by the.
  66. You seem to be getting better.
  67. Davidson getting out of his car.
  68. But things are getting worse.
  69. She wasn’t getting any better.
  70. Coffman, that is not getting by.
  71. The martyrs were getting closer.
  72. Getting an extra large tray or.
  73. Nothing; he was getting worried.
  74. The laughing was getting louder.
  75. This is getting boring Chance.
  76. Really getting a kick out of it.
  77. One of them is getting the rise.
  78. Thankfully it is getting easier.
  79. But things were getting serious.
  80. It was getting louder and louder.
  81. But I am getting ahead of myself.
  82. She was getting tired of waiting.
  83. It was getting hard to keep track.
  84. Then it had started getting scary.
  85. Lucy by getting into bed with her.
  86. Peter was upstairs getting ready.
  87. He was getting to know her heart.
  88. Getting spares was a big problem.
  89. And Lucy felt it was getting old.
  90. Forrester was getting ready for.
  91. It was getting darker and darker.
  92. I’m still getting used to that.
  93. We were getting along pretty well.
  94. I thought he was getting over it.
  95. Getting damned cold, Nadir noted.
  96. Thank you for getting me in here.
  97. She was getting more slyeveryday.
  98. He seemed to be getting stronger.
  99. Not getting a positive response.
  100. Getting back to the garden thing.
  1. I got to my feet.
  2. I got in the way.
  3. We got in the car.
  4. I got rid of it.
  5. I got her off the.
  6. She said, I got it.
  7. Look where it got us.
  8. I got on top of her.
  9. As it got close to.
  10. He got up from the.
  11. You got one job now.
  12. He got back on the.
  13. I got that kind of.
  14. I got up and followed.
  15. It got you 30 points.
  16. No, I never got to.
  17. He got off the exit.
  18. We got what was left.
  19. Scott got up to leave.
  20. You ain't got all day.
  21. He got a second batch.
  22. Davie, got to go, pal.
  23. I never got that note.
  24. Adam got on his golf.
  25. No one got a private.
  26. He got off the train.
  27. Three is what we got.
  28. It got me to thinking.
  29. One of us has got to.
  30. Got the gift yer see.
  31. He’s got a good job.
  32. Maybe when she got old.
  33. Now that one got to him.
  34. But what's that got to.
  35. I got the urge to tease.
  36. I really have got the.
  37. It got worse with dark.
  38. This is how he got in-.
  39. And we all got fooled.
  40. That got a good chuckle.
  41. If it got to that ….
  42. I've got Danny with me.
  43. Whatever ya got is cool.
  44. I got lost on the moors.
  45. As the stench got ever.
  46. He never got the chance.
  47. She got under the covers.
  48. But you could have got.
  49. I got his call just now.
  50. Ive got a flash for Ms.
  51. He got on my nerves but.
  52. We got what we came for.
  53. He thinks you've got her.
  54. That’s got to be it.
  55. Got to be faster, Sespian.
  56. But this has got to stop.
  57. As she got in the car I.
  58. Jacques got to his feet.
  59. The lone officer got out.
  60. I got out and we went in.
  61. Finally, he got his turn.
  62. We've only got small, Mr.
  63. We’ve got a war to win.
  64. The hens got right to it.
  65. You never got used to it.
  66. Then the stories got weird.
  67. In a moment, I got it too.
  68. I got rid of my television.
  69. You’ve got it all wrong.
  70. The big one that got away.
  71. Got some bad burns on my.
  72. Shit, they got that right.
  73. We ain't got an Admiral.
  74. What they got up there?
  75. You got a court date?
  76. I’ve got a nothing serve.
  77. She got one without audio.
  78. They never got off campus.
  79. Heather got out of the car.
  80. Of course, they got angry.
  81. How wrong! I got another.
  82. I’ve got to catch a nap.
  83. But they all got off here.
  84. Have you got him back, Mr.
  85. She’s got a lovely voice.
  86. It’s got to be protected.
  87. Wait, I've got the answer.
  88. I got engrossed in a novel.
  89. Have you got a garden?’.
  90. As he got there, the folk.
  91. She got sick, Saya said.
  92. Sly as they are, they got.
  93. When we got back in the car.
  94. I got some clothes on and.
  95. He’s still got a pulse.
  96. As I got to the last one I.
  97. Some balls the kids got.
  98. Mom, you've got to tell her.
  99. When we got to the bank, I.
  100. It’s got to be from Earth.
  1. If a DJ gets at.
  2. She gets a hug, a.
  3. It gets in the way.
  4. Gets out of the car.
  5. As real as real gets.
  6. I bet he gets deep.
  7. What gets me about D.
  8. He gets on my nerves.
  9. So it gets you cash.
  10. Gets out of this pen.
  11. The rent he gets is.
  12. Pat gets back after 8.
  13. It gets to the point.
  14. A pack of three gets.
  15. But if the hand gets.
  16. It gets in your blood.
  17. He gets out of his car.
  18. Then KCG gets up to 3.
  19. She gets the red card.
  20. The Lama gets up and.
  21. It gets me pissed off.
  22. He gets food and drink.
  23. He gets it quite exact.
  24. But it gets even worse.
  25. It gets melted in the.
  26. Lewis gets on the phone.
  27. Vince gets on the horse.
  28. Mike gets off the bike.
  29. But wait, it gets worse.
  30. The 80-90% group gets 3.
  31. That gets through to him.
  32. Kate gets the first hug.
  33. No, and it gets worse.
  34. Then when he gets here.
  35. It gets worse over time.
  36. It gets you in the door.
  37. That gets added to the.
  38. I hope it gets easier.
  39. The boy gets the picture.
  40. Sometimes she gets to a.
  41. Thinking Gets in the Way.
  42. He gets so cross with me.
  43. It gets it's own chapter.
  44. She gets what she wants.
  45. It gets easier from here.
  46. It never gets any better.
  47. He gets back into his car.
  48. Then it gets really quiet.
  49. He usually gets home late.
  50. Action gets you into life.
  51. Who Else Gets the Credit:.
  52. Vince gets in his own cart.
  53. No one gets into the Pool.
  54. This is a deep as it gets.
  55. But the matter gets worse.
  56. Sandra gets on to the bus.
  57. When it gets to the 'too.
  58. It is there that he gets.
  59. And more if word gets out.
  60. Even she gets lost in them.
  61. It gets better with time.
  62. But he gets the gist of it.
  63. As a result, he gets angry.
  64. He gets very little to eat.
  65. She deserves what she gets.
  66. Bella: It slowly gets to 38.
  67. Everyone else gets up, too.
  68. He gets trampled to death.
  69. That always gets me laughing.
  70. This is as good as it gets.
  71. He said nothing gets by him.
  72. He always gets what’s his.
  73. The village never gets paid.
  74. Their faith gets in the way.
  75. Gets stabbed in a shoot-out.
  76. Jason gets up from his chair.
  77. Thing is he gets pissed on.
  78. Nothing gets stored on the.
  79. Word gets around fast in a.
  80. Presently she gets up, and.
  81. Ted finally gets the message.
  82. One thing that gets lost in.
  83. She gets everything for free.
  84. It gets hot here, and—.
  85. That's where it gets weird.
  86. Deacon gets up off the couch.
  87. Before the weather gets cold.
  88. She gets up to leave the room.
  89. One Step And The Kid Gets It.
  90. Mary gets off her cell phone.
  91. It gets dark so quickly here.
  92. But all that he gets is fear.
  93. I recognize that look he gets.
  94. Each round key gets added by.
  95. And arrogance gets you killed.
  96. Then he gets what he deserves.
  97. Nothing gets past you does it.
  98. Gets cold on top of Old Smoky.
  99. Gets me level with the gravel.
  100. Man assumes that he gets his.

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