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Bleed в предложении (на )

1. A cut and a bleed.
2. I bleed and I cry.
3. They bleed on both sides.
4. Bleed for the lady, Oscar.
5. Should never have to bleed.
6. Her ears started to bleed.
7. He's like to bleed to death.

8. We all bleed when we are cut.
9. Don’t let her bleed to death.
10. Cuts that are too deep may bleed.
11. Only thing that made them bleed.
12. Let It Bleed, the day it came out.
13. I think I will bleed him again.
14. I could bleed him if you like, but.
15. Some days it would bleed and poor.
16. So Alves began to bleed Callucini dry.
17. He felt as if his heart would bleed;.
18. As long as she doesn’t bleed out.
19. He had continued to bleed internally.
20. They’ll continue to bleed the Earth.
21. Her lip, cut by rocks, begins to bleed.
22. Locke bit his lip hard enough to bleed.
23. The carcasses of your camp will bleed;.
24. When you bleed the blood was very real.
25. In this process, the bird began to bleed.
26. To make the heart bleed more profusely;.
27. We all had to willingly bleed to undo the.
28. Souls [nehpheshs] have blood and can bleed.
29. Souls (nehpheshs) have blood and can bleed.
30. For even the enlightened bleed when stabbed.
31. Trees will bleed, the ground will crack and.
32. That night she began to bleed from the mouth.
33. And then they had left him to bleed to death.
34. But if he removed it she would bleed to death.
35. Plus she’ll fight me and bleed all over me.
36. Wiggles bit his tongue until it started to bleed.
37. We know today that a corpse will not bleed, if.
38. Why would you think you wouldn’t bleed?
39. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.
40. I had no idea what caused them to bleed that badly.
1. She was bleeding a lot.
2. I was the one bleeding!.
3. I feel like its bleeding.
4. Maybe he was bleeding out.
5. I was cut up and bleeding.
6. He, too, came out bleeding.
7. Her brow was still bleeding.
8. I had to be bleeding to death.
9. Her shoulder was now bleeding.
10. I couldn’t stop the bleeding.
11. No one could stop the bleeding.
12. It will help stop the bleeding.
13. My hands were cut and bleeding.
14. It was not bleeding any longer.
15. That’ s why she’s bleeding.
16. She was bleeding from the nose.
17. We needed to stop the bleeding.
18. And the stab of a bleeding heart.
19. Internal bleeding had made his.
20. And why is she bleeding?
21. The bleeding, dying kind of hurt.
22. It was bleeding near her big toe.
23. There is heavy internal bleeding.
24. He was holding one arm, bleeding.
25. He hobbled in, bleeding profusely.
26. My dear, I have seen it bleeding.
27. It appealed to his bleeding heart.
28. The bishop is bleeding heavily.
29. Luckily, the bleeding had stopped.
30. You were bleeding and unconscious.
31. He came out with his nose bleeding.
32. The bleeding should have stopped.
33. The young man's mouth was bleeding.
34. He was still bleeding badly though.
35. I didn't see any internal bleeding.
36. She had stopped bleeding, but was.
37. Well, there was the usual bleeding.
38. And it’s stopped bleeding now.
39. And this was Ethan who was bleeding.
40. She's bleeding from her ears, too.
1. I bled because of it.
2. Like when she bled each.
3. She’d bled for them all.
4. I bled but not fast enough.
5. The victim had bled out fast.
6. I bled and should have died.
7. Set the fire and bled into it.
8. The havtrol's neck still bled.
9. I have bled out for them and.
10. It must have bled considerably.
11. Red bled through it in seconds.
12. He bled slightly from the cheek.
13. I have bled all over this house.
14. Celeste’s nose bled too easily.
15. He suffered, bled and was shamed.
16. Because it bled, the bird gave life.
17. And bled into the cracked crevices.
18. My heart bled at the scene before me.
19. She bled and breathed; her heart beat.
20. As I read the story my heart bled for her.
21. She bit down on her lip till it nearly bled.
22. That excitement bled through into her voice.
23. Who would have thought head wounds bled so.
24. My left hand still bled, but gave small pain.
25. By now Garman had long bled out and was dead.
26. The lead bravo flopped on his face, bled dead.
27. Dario might have bled on the ones in his pack.
28. Jack dropped to the ground, where he bled out.
29. Bled of feeling by hearts like yours and mine.
30. His nose and lips bled from the impact of the.
31. You would have bled to death within two minutes.
32. It bled, and he licked it, then licked the blade.
33. Like most head wounds, this injury bled profusely.
34. It’s as if the Sun exploded and bled on the sea.
35. As they beheld their beloved Jesus as His body bled.
36. He must be bled, then fed sour apples and tripes.
37. My master abused him, pinched his legs and bled him.
38. He bled to death, Avril Stachnik told The Canadian.
39. Watch as a man who was supposed to be invincible bled.
40. Jim – you fought, and bled, for our nation, in an.
1. And bleeds and burns.
2. Sex bleeds from holes.
3. If I am cut, he bleeds.
4. Emotion bleeds through.
5. My tongue bleeds from.
6. To where my heart bleeds.
7. Searching and reaching as one bleeds.
8. The bird dies easily and bleeds well.
9. Money has no blood, but it bleeds all.
10. He bleeds red blood the same as we do.
11. If this goes wrong, if she bleeds to death.
12. There is no universe like that which bleeds.
13. My heart bleeds at seeing such marks on you.
14. When I dress in white, the world bleeds red.
15. The nose bleeds, feeling dizzy, all of that.
16. The owner made it a corporation and bleeds it, along.
17. The woman conceives and then miscarries and bleeds to death.
18. His glory bleeds over her arm and into her less worthy soul.
19. She bleeds slowly, darkening his vision amid a deep sense of.
20. Why? Because as they say in the media, If it bleeds, it leads.
21. Contemplate Me in the image of the Christ who cries and bleeds.
22. If he bleeds across the yard, we can’t hide it, she gasped.
23. That's a good thing! A ghost who bleeds is less dangerous! he grinned.
24. The rocks have torn his flesh badly and he bleeds from at least a dozen wounds.
25. The model at the foot of the bed bleeds away and is a long time restoring itself.
26. No! It plugs the hole, remove it and he bleeds to death, loses the ability to breathe.
27. As a child, she use to get stress nose bleeds all the time and always had to be aware of them.
28. Already he bleeds us dry! In our schools, our universities, he denies us the right to know what is true.
29. With a big scratch on his face that bleeds a little he appears in the operating room, a pistol in his hand.
30. It is very weird behaviour for us when a strong man acts like a weak bully who runs away when his nose bleeds.
31. Eppes) reminds us, fell from foreign influence; the unhappy Kingdom of Spain at this moment groans and bleeds from the same cause.
32. This is only true, however, when the defence is so strong that the attacker bleeds to death when assaulting the defender's positions.
33. But is it true that the country does wail? France bleeds, but liberty smiles; and in the presence of liberty's smile, France forgets her wound.
34. Since you don�t feel pain from inner hemorrhoidal disease most people never realize they have a hemorrhoid until the condition bleeds or progresses to a painful state.
35. Is there not a sort of blood shed when the conscience is wounded? Through this wound a man's real manhood and immortality flow out, and he bleeds to an everlasting death.
36. And you will kill that monkey easily and safely… Without any tell-tale blood being spilled as its internal organs are ruptured and hemorrhaging, as it bleeds to death internally.
37. That immaculate manliness we feel within ourselves, so far within us, that it remains intact though all the outer character seem gone; bleeds with keenest anguish at the undraped spectacle of a valor-ruined man.
38. The exasperations of this crowd which suffers and bleeds, its violences contrary to all sense, directed against the principles which are its life, its masterful deeds against the right, are its popular coups d'etat and should be repressed.
39. A hysterical crowd surrounds Mike, trying to break up the fight as Mike shouts at the taller boy, What the fuck you bothering my brothers for, huh?! Mike mercilessly continues to beat the taller boy’s head in as the taller boy’s face and head bleeds.
40. Back in front of Ramesh's building, Ramesh is laying on the ground with his head in a pool of blood! Blood is everywhere! People have come out of their buildings! They are all at the scene! A crowd has gathered! Police cars and paramedics had arrived! Everyone is running around all scared! They are all panicking as Ramesh lies in a pool of blood on the sidewalk in front of his building! He is unconscious! The paramedics soon put Ramesh onto a stretcher as he still bleeds heavily from his wounds! He is in very bad shape! His family is outside the building with him crying and screaming all over the place! Everyone is frantic about what is happening and are all running scared! The paramedics put Ramesh into the ambulance and take him away! Ramesh's family follows in a car right behind the ambulance!.

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