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    1. There's some parts they can't fabricate yet, they're condensing metals from the plasma stream but it's slow

    2. They'd had to use motors and pumps meant for industrial use, but they were able to fabricate a hull and a burner thin enough to heat a high-tech flash boiler that could run two big water-park pumps and fit in the bilge under the helm

    3. "It's clear that these girls have the capability to fabricate all this

    4. He walked over to the mess unit in his room and ordered the machine to fabricate him a

    5. ” The tactic of the hysterical subjunctive is to fabricate frightening “what if” scenarios

    6. fabricate and install the signs, and stand behind

    7. The Supreme Court, entrenched at the leading edge of the Civil War, has begun to fabricate a weapon capable of even more catastrophic devastation

    8. Officials of the regime fabricate lies and attempt disruptions regarding Tea Party events

    9. I was hired to operate a sewing machine and fabricate seat covers

    10. “I was flabbergasted that a senior police officer would fabricate disclosure

    11. Did he just ask me to marry him? Or did I fabricate that?

    12. Now Rudi had to fabricate a believable lie, if he could

    13. that he begun to fabricate ideas in his head that Farid and Atlai conspired against him, ruining his

    14. Darrell and Julie had figured out how to fabricate a view-port out of a hard polymer material derived from corn oil and the resin of a native tree they had been experimenting with and were almost ready to test it

    15. They exaggerate or fabricate their illness

    16. Wendy said, “What if we pretended to be food inspectors? We could fabricate a story about

    17. While science was looking at nuclear energy and the creation of atomic weapons it discovered the means to fabricate matter by rearranging the molecular structure of basic materials

    18. He could fabricate dissention and stir up trouble easily

    19. But the fact that he had to fabricate evidence for his

    20. What evidence could they fabricate and what crime could be used to frame him?

    21. who would have wanted to expose the story and fabricate wild accusations or ideas, and city hall who would undoubtedly have wanted to keep the information closely guarded or else have it buried with Spalding

    22. What if it’s something we can’t fabricate here in the dockyard?”

    23. Sex education is currently presenting our children with lots of information about the bare facts and figures that are involved and needed regarding the ingredients for us in order to make and fabricate out morèbabies` to exist

    24. It’s perhaps a trivial example of the mind’s ability to fabricate meanings, but it’s a good indication of how far the mind will go to make sense of something that interests us

    25. It was this conflict that was causing my mind to automatically fabricate a meaning

    26. Client agrees to state the size of the project accurately, and not fabricate big numbers in the hope of getting a low quote

    27. He would fabricate a

    28. Also, when God willed to put an end to one of the bad pre-Islamic habits, like the habit of adopting a child for example, and He chose the messenger to fulfill this function where He ordered him to marry Zeinab, who had been the divorced of his adopted son, Zaid, and when the chaste noble messenger was embarrassed of breaking such deep-rooted habit, and feared lest people's tongues would start talking with evil because of breaching such habit, your Provider wanted to reveal what had the noble messenger (cpth) hidden of the embarrassment, and by then, the sick-hearted ones set out to accuse the chaste messenger of loving Zeinab and to fabricate devilish tales about the event, for which no sanction had been revealed by Al'lah

    29. They fabricate an explanation for every Qur’anic verse and every prophetic saying

    30. But look at the immense theory your intellect has managed to fabricate for you to support your desires!"

    31. No remorse, at least none that he didn't try to fabricate himself

    32. fabricate a history that would grant him entrance to the village

    33. As he approached, Godwyn thought it wise to fabricate an injury

    34. and fabricate trouble for themselves: in fact, there is no reason a big

    35. have to fabricate lies like I had to do in all my other

    36. I show how Newtonians fabricate Newton’s ideas about gravity

    37. Those in academic positions fabricate non-existing material no one can detect to cover

    38. If the Universe would still not comply with Newton the Newtonian mentors create and fabricate ark, unseen, undetectable, untraceable and non-existing dark matter to get the Universe to comply with Newton’s outrageous mismanagement of physics

    39. As soon as I am back in Athens I must start constructing at length and in detail the fictitious life of my fictitious sister Eva, not forgetting to fabricate a number of pictures of her

    40. The international Jewry of Zionist hate mongers were used to fabricate a reason to demonize Germany and destroy it in order to DESTROY the new generation of young healthy Germans: who were healthier, happier and more intelligent than any other people on Earth at that time in history

    41. In this context, it specifically means to fabricate, which infers deception and

    42. predated the Egyptian, Babylonian and later Eurasian empires that struggled to hide the truth about ancient Africa as the source of the wisdom and prophecies used to fabricate their religions and

    43. borrowing from earlier religious and mystical traditions to fabricate the stories of Jesus Christ

    44. How could I make something like that up? You would have to be demented to fabricate a story like that and try to pass it off as true

    45. Al Maxey: "To fabricate a theology of disembodied spirits and Hadean holding cells and everlasting torture of the

    46. misuses ancient wisdom symbology to fabricate smoke-and-mirrors doctrine, false history, and false

    47. ancient Africa as the source of the wisdom and prophecies used to fabricate their religions and

    48. Al Maxey: "To fabricate a theology of disembodied spirits and Hadean holding cells and everlasting torture of the wicked from this passage is an unconscionable abuse of biblical interpretation and should be rejected by all disciples intent upon discerning and declaring Truth rather than perpetuating the tedious tenets of paganistic Tradition" Reflections, Issue #28, April 4, 2003

    49. God did not institute the superstitions of Bahirah, Saibah, Wasilah, or of Hami; but those who disbelieve fabricate lies about God-most of them do not understand

    50. What will they think-those who fabricate lies and attribute them to God-on the Day of Resurrection? God is bountiful towards the people, but most of them do not give thanks

    1. They found one section, once, where a single mask had been fabricated in Brazil and were forced to leave it transmitting until they could get new masks developed, fabricated and, for Osama's sake, TESTED before making us live in them

    2. fabricated out of some vague memory

    3. Ava had fabricated a new veron store where one to four minds could run at a time

    4. A family background was fabricated, which made it

    5. "I no longer have the option to come to your world as a biological human," Ava told him, "but I can animate a machine that is fabricated to look exactly like a human being

    6. It was a sterile, fabricated environment that I guess in the last 200 years in particular we have come to see as normal and identify as our home

    7. “Here before us are the perpetrators who fabricated a lie to his Majesty, the supreme Sovereign of the Babylon Empire

    8. He hadn’t walked more than a half-mile when he noticed a fabricated steel bench with a brass plaque affixed to its back

    9. She was finding it hard to breath in this fabricated joviality

    10. One day I was working on a wrought iron fence and gates I had fabricated in Morgan Hill

    11. Feigned indignation and fabricated reprisals designed to redress historical grievances in matters of gender, race and ethnicity should be a troubling proposition for any society whose lack of (dialectic) proportion makes it increasingly difficult to correctly assess the (determined) aspects or (appropriate) limits of free speech

    12. Not finding the Cuban base Reagan claimed was there, his administration fabricated a claim that construction workers were Cuban commandos

    13. An opponent fabricated a scandal that cost Parker his office

    14. Much of the complaints against her by conservative opponents are fabricated, but others are genuine, for she keeps giving them easy targets

    15. “Yes, it would stand to reason to think of it as a mere lie, a fabricated tale or another piece of propaganda, but the truth is much more simple

    16. I love what I did next, check this out: I fabricated this deep baritone voice and yelled to the hot box and her buddy who were hot boxing their squares, “Hello girls!” I knew I was incognito since I was still covered from head to toe in surgical clothing, so I figured I would have some fun

    17. Enjoy every minute of it and avoid unnecessary drama or stress fabricated to feel indispensable or a martyr to your mission

    18. To listen to the fabricated prophets…

    19. One pastor even said: “God is waiting to meet you at His house, this Sunday” This is FALSE, untrue, deceitful, and dishonest and a fabricated lie! The pastor must bury, the pastor must marry, the pastor must baptise, and the pastor must pray for me, the pastor must, must, must………

    20. The key to the Court’s powerhouse was fabricated in 1803 in the seminal case of Marbury v

    21. Such products of the human brain, enormously complex though it is, could not have been conceived or fabricated according to this cult of neuroscience

    22. of fabricated steel for construction projects

    23. John Thomas Randle fabricated statements in 1979

    24. residents of Arbortown wished their fabricated

    25. �The blast and concussion of the bomb, though fabricated with only a quarter pound of plastique, was echoed and ampli�fied and re-echoed and re-amplified vertically up midst the pillars and vaulted ceilings and statues and stained glass windows to such an extent that it sounded as if multiple bombs of diminishing power had gone off in a ripple

    26. When you were changed into human form, we archived your memories and implanted fabricated memories into your human brain

    27. had fabricated a myth that I could patiently feed the crumbs of

    28. Also, the self destructing bomb casings were fabricated from a rugged, but much lighter material than conventional bombs

    29. Atop the upper frame sat a triangular boat with four-foot gunwales, fabricated from double-walled fiberglass filled with foam, assembled of sections gasketed and bolted together

    30. He soon turned away, now convinced the SAS story had been fabricated

    31. Anything fabricated ultimately benefited the evening harboring the editors in the growing field

    32. Bill: Lest we have forgotten- Kim and Meeks were the two State liars whose coerced, fabricated and perjured testimony was used to wrongfully convict Michael of capital murder

    33. I don’t believe it was fabricated here, however

    34. “Did you leave someone with the birds?” I knew not, all seven of us were in the fabricated cave

    35. History is full of such legends and fabricated stories

    36. The wall had a bumpy texture, reminiscent of egg carton bottoms, but looked more organic than fabricated due to the randomness in size and placement of the bumps

    37. Nearly everywhere else he had hit a wall of officially enforced silence and fabricated stories for close to four months

    38. doctrine of Buddha since it was nothing but fabricated heresies used to

    39. As she banters on, she eyes Jimmy guardedly, watching for a danger signal, some shift in his fabricated composure

    40. Terence laughed as though the story was very melodramatic and fabricated

    41. the street will be dominated by this fabricated political fear

    42. And so, the English gentleman was cleared of all charges that he may have led a suicide mission and survived the attack upon his reputation that was evidently fabricated by his enemies 292

    43. Of course, if he had fabricated the entire scenario for some other reason, perhaps to again win the affection of Lady Jane if he was so obsessed with her, there would be many people, not just the Ashburns, who would wish him dead for his foul and cantankerous deeds

    44. As for the speech they fabricated and charged the Messenger (cpth) with falsely, surely it is baseless

    45. It was a fabricated lab report

    46. lieu of these fabricated accusations based on assumption of guilt?

    47. “But I am afraid it’s all fiction, a story fabricated

    48. Star fabricated a plausible story, saying that Forbes held off the natives while she ran off and hid, he was probably murdered by them

    49. The rumour that Bill Gates is the antichrist was fabricated by the same people that have made-up these scandals about me

    50. Is there anything about what you have seen here which tells you this was fabricated in some way?‖

    1. The company fabricates components for the

    2. Implying that he was born on the first planet he encountered the Arct, Grailem fabricates the story that he was involved in an accident where his mind controlling microchip in his head became damaged

    3. ‘Listen here, I love how she fabricates these fantasies … and Jesus, either His father was an alien, or Mary got artificially inseminated with an alien egg, pre-fertilised by an alien male, becoming a surrogate mother

    4. Loki fabricates details of “Thor’s” past from his last journey to the realm

    5. Who does greater wrong than someone who fabricates lies against God, or denies His revelations? The wrongdoers will not succeed

    6. Who does greater wrong than he who fabricates lies about God? These will be presented before their Lord, and the witnesses will say, "These are they who lied about their Lord

    7. Ay, lady, the fine cobweblooking cloth you wear at your throat is coarse, and like a fishnet, to little spots I can show you, where the river fabricates all sorts of images, as if having broke loose from order, it would try its hand at everything

    1. She will immediately start fabricating a backup to the backup fabricator, and may not contact you right away

    2. That would have been immoral, so we saved him by fabricating a story that we knew him from somewhere and wouldn’t his platoon wish to volunteer for the Flying Squad one day etc? I am sure the platoon weren’t that stupid and they must have had a good laugh that night

    3. Pete had several pipe columns that he was fabricating

    4. I had to repair everything from back hoes, skip loaders, down to lawn mowers and anything else including fabricating and installing hitches on trucks

    5. I was saving him a lot of money by building or fabricating a lot of the things he was renting; trailers for equipment, car trailers, furniture dollies, and lots of other things

    6. I was fabricating truck beds for him

    7. Notably, they used some memorable lies to win over doubters, fabricating claims that babies ripped out of hospital incubators and left to die

    8. was notorious for fabricating stories; everything from the women he slept with,

    9. Mounties] were fabricating their story

    10. How, then, can I notice intentional directedness as a topic at all? I must surely be making it up, fabricating it from other objects that do exist in the attentional field

    11. have been fabricating their own happiness for years

    12. couldn't possibly be lying, which meant that I was fabricating all of

    13. “Monday the whole crew will be here to begin fabricating the bombs to hold the gas

    14. Additionally, there are six nuclear fuel fabricating facilities for fabrication and enrichment, one nuclear fuel reprocessing plant and four waste disposal facilities for waste management, storage and repository

    15. "Peter, it's a short leap from fabricating a steak to fabricating a car

    16. have been fabricating the sexual abuse story was becoming more and more

    17. Oftentimes, he would trap a potential witness by inquiring on an issue that would reveal their “exuberant” desire to help even if it entailed bending the truth or fabricating some small detail

    18. He was satisfied that she was not fabricating the entire description as he conceded that it may be difficult to remember a minute detail (such as the right or left side of the face) given the number of people that pass through the establishment every year

    19. Given that he was offering this information freely and that he stood nothing to gain by lying, it was highly unlikely that he was fabricating his allegations—so long as they could corroborate what he had already learned from the bed-and-breakfast

    20. I can assure both of you gentlemen, without equivocation, that the girl is not fabricating

    21. Yet, if we look to an ideal future, one where we have evolved beyond fabricating people into good, productive citizens, but instead compassionately use all our resources and capabilities to maximize the world's happiness, then there we must teach our children how to be, to be alive, to have a how and why for wherever they are in their lives and are ever becoming

    22. Could it be that she is so frightened to be married to me that she has been fabricating this

    23. They now had their own smelter, foundry, machine shop, plastics fabricating

    24. history of “crafting” (fabricating) mythical hero-gods to delude and manipulate populations

    25. Molten–Refers to the process of forging metal and fabricating false images of spiritual concepts

    26. Instead of resigning to protest “the whole canard of journalistic objectivity,” as he liked to claim, Zig had been fired for fabricating stories, and some combination of that secret and a subsequent fistfight in which he’d broken Richard’s nose had caused the rift between them

    27. Using these sources, the cost of adding aluminum fabricating capacity to existing plants could be estimated at about $1,000 per ton per year

    28. The result: a race to build new capacity to take advantage of the potential earnings to be had in the fabricating business

    29. "So this is hydrochloric acid for erasing ink? Very good! And this is a photo! So we are fabricating passports? Very fine! Business is business! Hey! Witnesses!"

    30. Through the kind offices of a friend, we have been furnished, from one of the great porcelain manufactories in the vicinity of Paris, with a series of specimens, to illustrate the elegant art of fabricating porcelain

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