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    1. frame and hang them behind the microwave or on a close wall

    2. I look across at him, standing belligerently in the doorway of the room, his stocky frame rigid with fury

    3. ‘Inspector, you think someone was trying to frame her?’ Stephen put in, his face set and his jaw rigid

    4. Despite the wasted and spare frame, the man lying in the bed is unmistakably John himself

    5. The Rockasaur had wheels on it eight feet in diameter at this time, with a convertible frame slung low to the ground between them, hanging from a great backbone arching above

    6. There was a knock on the door frame

    7. under the kitchen window, the frame of which was as flaked and mildewed on the

    8. Bolt squeezes off one more frame - FLASH! - before joining the exodus

    9. "We thought it was the containment frame from that shuttlecraft

    10. broad chest and powerful frame in the light that spilled into the cell from the

    11. I had been pushed through one of them, stubbing my knee on a bare wooden frame

    12. I tried to pick at the frame of the grill so that I could steal a stray beam of light from the bulb in the corridor, but all that I did was aggravate the pin prick wound in my finger from the bullet hole in the trunk of the car that had brought me here

    13. Then, by counting up the blocks that rose along the door frame next to my mattress I calculated the total number of blocks

    14. steps which should be taken by such congregations to see that a scriptural eldership is in place within a reasonable time frame

    15. Each congregation without elders should set a goal to have a scriptural eldership, and work diligently to achieve that goal within a specific time frame

    16. I had experimented during the day by nicking my finger on one of sharp corners of the camp bed frame, but I never did master writing in blood

    17. The sound of a blind man being hurried along, hitting his head on a door frame

    18. ' A face appeared on his screen in creamy chocolate with a frame of loose curls

    19. The frame was an aluminum alloy that gave way easily to micrometeorites

    20. The containment frame was still in place, all the plumbing leading to it

    21. has bowed his huge frame, but never broken it apart

    22. Behind the stone pillared frame and rust brown hinges,

    23. I made coffee and stared out of a white frame

    24. He rests his back against a steel frame

    25. the frame and architrave a moment, architectural,

    26. Jeff was in his early 70’s, about 5’11”, gray hair, a thin face with a small gray mustache, his frame was not large, but not really slim either

    27. or which secretary is in the frame

    28. Last year, during the regional semi-finals, after a double fault, did he not slam his racket so hard on the ground it broke the frame? You were present at the match?

    29. at the splintered door frame through which

    30. Easy to say – when I take a plateful of food along to Berndt’s cabin lunchtime, I find the man in his most stubborn frame of mind

    31. Eventually, he put it in a frame and sang it to me on our anniversary

    32. The house had the latest in modern kitchen appliances, a brand new corner bathroom suite, fitted wardrobes in all three bedrooms, and a lovely garden in which the businessman had a swing, a climbing frame and a sand pit installed

    33. Of course, now we have a generation who have no concept of church at all and trying to frame services which are accessible to them whilst at the same time meeting the needs of the believing congregation is very difficult

    34. He leaned back and stretched out his frame, those eyes of hers… just like our women

    35. the task of inserting its flat end between the window and its frame

    36. indelicate frame along the front wall of the building so that he

    37. as he was about to peer around the door frame to see what or who

    38. The ancient little man sat in a large chair, his diminutive frame almost hidden among brightly colored pillows and blankets

    39. within the same time frame

    40. yet Karen saw within his aged frame the shape of something lithe

    41. It’s best to frame things in the form of a statement or

    42. Tarak rolled over and stretched his large frame, sighing deeply

    43. had a swing, a climbing frame and a sand pit installed

    44. The kitchen door is open and Bex leans against the door frame watching sparrows darting in and out of the shadows

    45. Slowly, her calm frame of mind re-stabilised and the black mood passed

    46. Petr’s slumped frame on the horse, ‘Perter sleep?’

    47. The bed frame echoed the sitting room's furniture design and manufacture; the quilts and pillows carried on the patterns and colors introduced in the other room as well

    48. ” They were all with pictures and thumb prints, none of whom matched and only eleven of whom were in the right time frame, fourteen were currently active

    49. The wind buffeted the building, whistling through an invisible gap in the window frame and making an eerie noise, high pitched, floating above the scouring of the rain

    50. The small front garden is still choked with last summer's weeds, a tattered bag of rock hard cement and the frame, minus wire basket, of a super market trolley

    1. Unsurprisingly, with such a precisely framed chal enge, the calls and

    2. Heb: 11:3: Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are

    3. The kitchen was a paved area three steps down on the lagoon side under a framed canvas that was tied to the overhang of the roof

    4. ‘I gather that the Inspector is concerned about the fact I was framed as the likely murderer and thinks that … that someone hates me sufficiently to … to take things further

    5. The crate was a swollen collection of planks, but framed out with good heavy timbers and fitted with lifting eyes that could have held a long suspension bridge

    6. On one wall he sees a framed photograph of a smiling

    7. By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of

    8. that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things

    9. He stood solid and firm, framed by the doorway

    10. As one comes into the harbor from the upper Lhar, the city is framed in the opening

    11. Lack-A-Bed framed his smoothness,

    12. She had on a blue shirt that draped over her ample breasts, and white Capri pants that framed a firm good-looking ass

    13. drawn down through lips that are framed

    14. Over another still water, framed by black shadow rocks,

    15. There were framed family photographs on top of the TV

    16. There were noteboards with full clips hanging on the walls and a few framed photographs beneath them

    17. Overlooking a stone floor stacked with several bundles of candles, a large framed icon hung on the wall next to the altar

    18. Framed pictures of children and wildlife hung from the whitewashed walls

    19. Plates, statuettes, the framed business license and a calendar hung with equal importance beneath a clock plate and below it stood a kerosene lamp, prominent on its very own shelf, like a holy statue

    20. Her bright red hair framed her glowing face causing Tarak to think of things he hadn’t thought of in a very long time

    21. It’s framed as a question but Billy knows that Bex is alive

    22. His father brought up lumber from another pile and framed an opening into the floor beams over the covered hole in the ground

    23. Shaun Lloyd is taking the greatest pleasure in giving the boys in blue a full description of events, about how he was dragged out here against his will and was being framed

    24. It opened and a cute, lightly-freckled face, framed in orange curls exclaimed, “Jorma!?” as he instantly went into shock when his addled brain finally recognized her as Venna

    25. Spelman read the few lines aloud, “My apologies, I'm afraid I didn't have time to assemble the view maps for your residence, but I am quite sure you will find that your vista of the river and lake are framed quite nicely by the near valley's shoulders

    26. There, shimmering in the last rays of reflected sunlight and the first silvery glow of the rising moon was the river and the lake, framed by the shoulders of their little valley as if it were a scene painted by Bierstadt

    27. It was all now devoid of furniture but there were still many framed photos and documents hanging on the walls of both floors

    28. " The front door was framed in mortared stone and hard to enlarge

    29. the moment will remain with me forever, framed

    30. A row of framed photos on a far wall catches her eye

    31. Thick hair the color of charcoal and muted silver framed his face, wayward and rain-dampened strands clinging to his temples

    32. It had begun during the government of the long parliament, which first framed this act, and it broke out soon after in the Dutch wars, during that of the Protector and of Charles II

    33. Auburn hair framed a pleasant face dotted with a few freckles here and there

    34. "Mr Snickerty?" said the silhouette framed in the doorway

    35. When Mr and Mrs Bear are framed for a murder they didn't commit, they're forced to hit the road in an effort to clear their names

    36. The right girl would want him for what he had striven towards rather than for any framed piece of paper, that award which said he was now a success

    37. Eph 2:19 - 22 Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints, and of the household of God; And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone; In whom all the building fitly framed together groweth unto an holy temple in the Lord: In whom ye also are builded together for an habitation of God through the Spirit

    38. Gold tasseled curtains framed the high window which looked out onto the well-tended garden

    39. And above the carved marbled fireplace a gold framed painting of 'Christ the King', gazed down benignly over it all

    40. Her gentle features, the creamy white skin that framed her delicate mouth and nose

    41. It sported thick velvet curtains and large framed paintings on the walls

    42. Two guards dragged her through dark narrow hallways and down a dank stairway framed by walls of roughly quarried stone

    43. The only sign that two people who had supposedly loved each other lived there was the large framed photo of us on our wedding day

    44. Sarah recognized Rachel Byronville’s face framed in the opening of a window on the side of a carriage

    45. After she answered the door and let me in, her six-year old son came downstairs with a poster-size framed picture of his father

    46. “You have a very fine long legs and small framed

    47. We got the painting, had it framed, and put it on the

    48. The airframe was covered in the finest Irish linen, and it was framed up with spruce spars, hickory and ash, braced with piano wire internally and braided aircraft cable externally

    49. May 26, 2009—Devil’s Tower to Prune Creek: At our campsite, we woke with Devil’s Tower framed by the door of our tent

    50. A triumphant smile framed her freckled face

    1. There are bars on the windows and the same genre of drab reproductions in gilded frames that we saw in John’s room adorns the walls

    2. He is dressed in thobe and ghutra, wears midnight frames

    3. rest of the clan, both male and female stared out of their frames with an impenetrable,

    4. She sees John standing wedged between the beefy frames of Abdullah and Akbar

    5. Teekra watches the monitor, which frames Ricci, who is on the witness stand now

    6. frames of rough cut, foot square timbers

    7. At the far end of the room one of the windows had been shattered and a cold and icy breeze filled the room, making what was left of old strip blinds flutter madly against the window frames

    8. In Danton’s wake a red capped guard hurried on, head bowed, taking two pigeon steps for every one that the committee chairman slammed down onto the unyielding flagstones as they swept past heavy browed doors set in frames of rough cut, foot square timbers

    9. encrusted in thick frames of tarnished gold,

    10. They played across the intricate cast marble that beamed the walls and ceilings and glinted on the frames of the treasured artworks that lined the forty-foot long side wall of this study

    11. But a near miss should let us get a couple frames of imaging and allow the probe to survive and transmit the data

    12. The window frames are held together by condensation

    13. Wind streams through the cabin, whistling on the jagged slivers of glass that cling to the window frames front and back

    14. bending at least the frames back to how they had been before meeting Roman’s

    15. Several other soldiers made a feeble effort to aid him, but their wizened and frail frames added little resistance

    16. the same except that the individual frames run at billions

    17. 23 other frames remain the same; in second three, frame

    18. of the frames remain the same

    19. frames in the sequence of snap shots for you to actually

    20. The seats were burnt to their twisted and deformed metal frames and most of the carpet had been scorched away, revealing the metal panelling beneath, now bubbled

    21. Once these had been filled they would be lifted onto frames that were fitted onto the mules back I was very glad of this otherwise we would have had to carry them and believe you me that would have been back breaking work to say the least

    22. He nodded, then appeared ashamed as he looked back at his dusty, dented wares sitting on wooden frames that leaned aslant

    23. “Could someone tell me why we are making these frames what is the point of them?” Elijah removed his injured thumb from his mouth and said

    24. “Oh now I see what you mean that’s why the frames are made in the trench then very clever”, and with this he got up we saluted and he walked off down the trench

    25. That night we shoved the frames out onto the top of the parapet and then we followed them we then began to manoeuvre them into position in front of the trench

    26. I looked around the whitewashed room it had bars on the window but no glass in the frames but still that would keep things nice and cool

    27. ’ People began to murmur at such an unsettling statement, but she continued regardless: ‘You may notice you have experienced problems with your memory recently, and inconsistent time frames

    28. “It’s hard to say actually,” the troubled youth continued, “he is sort of a free spirit, collects old bar signs, movie posters and that sort of thing, restores them, or frames them, whatever…

    29. There were watercolor paintings in nice frames on the walls

    30. Such are the (underlying) misconceptions of myopic designs that ―visualize‖ future requirements within present time frames

    31. This by-product of social leveling has precipitated prescriptive efforts by revisionists seeking to recreate or redefine history within retro/present time frames that not only obscure our collective understanding of the events that shaped our nation‘s history, but an understanding of its people, as well

    32. In one apartment, all the furniture was in its proper place as though the tenants were still in the house; there was no food in the kitchen, the oven was cold, the beds neatly made and on the dresser, there stood frames with pictures in them

    33. The house was a one-story building with a tiled roof and window frames painted blue to ward off demons and evil spirits

    34. In his mind, he could see the days fly by him and cycles of darkness and light spinning by him like the frames in a super eight movie projector

    35. I stood at the edge of a formal walled garden, the immaculate lawn clipped short within the boxwood frames that edged the paths

    36. In the vision pit in the center of the sweat lodge where the rocks are normally placed, I saw half of the pit filled with picture frames and pictures of Sharon in them

    37. frames but still within a frame itself was a larger picture of Sharon in a wheelchair with a teacher behind her and students in front

    38. The whole room seemed to be on the move, the edges of the windows and door frames shimmering in the dim light

    39. When Sergeant Gambelli presented himself at the factory office, he found that they were expected, and the manager led him to one of the sheds, where there were rows of crates of complete window frames lined up

    40. The purification and protective qualities embodied in sage clear space for new awareness as you cleanse the door frames, walls, window frames and very corners of your rooms from the back of the living space to the front door

    41. Brian Walston stepped back to admire the picture frames highlighted by a mini-spotlight above the entrance to Bar Club Hollywood

    42. frames around the elaborate glasswork

    43. god works in our lives in time frames that i refer to as seasons

    44. A ranch, several frames, and a full stone original made up the array

    45. Beware of any argument that frames the issue of the right to bears arms in terms of hunters or hunting

    46. 20 Shall the throne of iniquity have fellowship with you, which frames mischief by a law?

    47. Why should they be limited in these frames,

    48. Rain battered against the windows, rattling the glass in their frames

    49. The little vampire girl led them through the palace, the first hallway consisted of walls with gold frames showing paintings and photographs of the members of high society, the beautiful vampire’s family

    50. same in all uniformly moving frames of reference

    1. Her red hair was stunning, framing her face in such a way that he was affected deeply

    2. She had a burst of dark red curls framing her round face, and a long thick knit that she was clutching around herself

    3. The guy who picked it up had grey eyes and kinky blond hair framing a strong, wide face

    4. Those same yellow eyes and amber locks framing them

    5. The thin framing wasn't made to hold my weight

    6. He was the same as always, dark features, a passionate intensity in his eyes and thick dark hair framing handsome characteristics

    7. You’ll recall that it’s the project I used to illustrate the “gate selling” method, framing my discussion in the past tense because

    8. The table was strongly braced with some light framing, to keep it from sagging under maps and coffee cups

    9. Just as it had then, her red-gold hair now fell to her waist, framing a honey-hued face and wide-set green eyes, revealing her mixed blood from centuries back

    10. The following is a story wherein I have attempted to fill in a context framing the conflict between a settled and a nomadic society as they come into conflict over land use

    11. He presses his hands to the metal plate, framing my head with his arms, and kisses me, slowly, on my mouth, under my jaw, right above my collarbone

    12. Her black jacket is zipped up to her throat, framing her face in darkness

    13. To a cat, of course, bars like that were like pillars framing splendid gateways into adventure

    14. She was a tiny thing, with two long braids framing her small face

    15. I nodded my understanding in silence as his warm breath ruffled the hair framing my ear and chin

    16. His hair was a little messy and looked longish, framing his face

    17. “Sir, it appears from the example of other states, as well as from principle, that a bill of rights is neither essential nor a necessary instrument in framing a system of government, since liberty may

    18. around two internal wall corners of the framing

    19. The neckline came to a point between her breasts, framing a large teardrop diamond on a gold chain

    20. Her body was thin and pale, with narrow hips framing a triangle of wild brown hair; she shivered slightly

    21. passing by, a net of miniature leaves framing them

    22. had exposed themselves in a couple of days, framing the clouds in

    23. fichus trees, even framing the confederate soldier uniform

    24. With flaming gold mane framing a delicate and sensitive face,

    25. would spill about her head upon the pillow, framing the soft texture

    26. I was the sole patron and, as no one arrived to harass me, I pretended to browse until an elderly woman, bright red ringlets framing a mask of powder and paint, tottered towards me

    27. Before she could voice the protest her lips were framing, he had slid through the valves and shut them behind him

    28. Almost instantly the door opened, framing the tavern-keeper, naked but for his shirt, with a dagger in his hand

    29. Carol couldn’t believe the direct and purposeful framing tactics of this little meeting

    30. which is what you are doing when you are framing a question about a

    31. what you are doing when you are framing a question about a difficult

    32. Davidson’s hand, framing it and slicing pale and flat across the bones

    33. Framing his face with her hands, Donna held his lips to hers, kissing him back

    34. As tall as a 40-storey building, it was made of brass-plated structural framing and sky blue-tinted false mirror windows

    35. leaves were framing a picture postcard that had come straight from the pits of

    36. It is a solemn thought that, in framing the constitutions of the new, democratic, independent, African states, we are not drafting a Negro Magna Carta, but are signing a pile of death warrants

    37. She revealed, “I am responsible for framing Yeltsin,” and briefly explained why, mentioning the murdered survey team

    38. cascading hair framing the pale beauty of her young face

    39. (c) a carefully thought through framing of the problem statement

    40. around her face and framing it with ethereal expertise

    41. We ZTA men make the principle for us on basis that why should entire Zulimistan people undergo torturous feelings again and again only for pleasure of these three classes of people, three groups and three parties…? Why should they suffer painful actuations…? We say this with full assurance that these three classes have been always framing anti people policies to enjoy and rejoice the power they have gained

    42. She was as tall as Thomas and looked very athletic, with tanned skin and long silky black hair framing a pretty face with gleaming green eyes

    43. getting fainter till we finally stopped and put up the tripod, framing the shot of the launcher with my longest telephoto lens as I switched on the camera

    44. 11 ounces, and the readout was in the photo), he grabbed a one-inch-wide chisel in his left hand and a framing hammer in his right hand

    45. They just replaced the glass in the framing that was

    46. ten away with it after successfully framing Lefty and I for the

    47. You could have pillars of rock, for instance, framing a maple tree in your backyard

    48. At the end of it, they had three stunning images suitable for enlarging and framing for putting on the waiting room wall

    49. her face framing it in a way that took Rhone"s breath away

    50. Allah’s strategies are animalistic like a tiger burning bright in the forests of night framing fear

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