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Fare в предложении (на )

I think the cab fare.
Raj gave the auto fare.
I mean, about the fare.
How he’d fare in the.
Fare thee well at once!.
The loss of one fare was.
Nora, how would she fare?

I paid the fare for the cab.
I did not fare well at all.
Let us see how you fare.
Raj handed me the auto fare.
But this was my daily fare.
Wanted train fare to Galway.
Mother will pay your fare.
Amphibians did not fare well.
That's the right fare, I know.
Fine, how did you fare?
We will give the fare to Issam.
This time she had the cab fare.
Our usual fare of thick bread.
They’ve already paid the fare.
Dave dropped the fare off at 12.
Those who resist fare miserably.
I and my fare are faring well.
We could not ask for better fare.
Screwed refusing to pay his fare.
I paid my fare to the ticket agent.
We settled on a fare and paid him.
A bill of fare hangs full in sight.
This is not standard fare for most.
The other trotting round with a fare.
How did they fare? He had to know.
That didn’t even leave him cab fare.
What the heck is a fare jumper?
They could have borrowed subway fare.
This wasn’t the usual fare of workmen.
You have had the same fare as ourselves.
It was about ten times their usual fare.
I also have to watch out for fare jumpers.
He gave the man a shilling over his fare.
He’s faring well.
Leofric was faring no.
I and my fare are faring well.
Theodorous was faring slightly better.
She wondered how he was faring wherever.
I wondered how the other wings were faring.
Let’s go see how the other wounded are faring.
He wondered how his younger brother, Faolan, was faring.
Despite the obvious sea faring, mould breaking, exploring.
Tell me how you are faring so I can tell your aunty Stella.
But Ashley was faring little better with his mill than Hugh.
AJ was faring pretty well although he was wishing it was just him.
Other countries are not faring any better than the United States.
I’d read books on any subject other than how the world was faring.
Others were not faring better either, but that was no comfort to Eric.
Thinking of her mother’s inn made Athene wonder how she was faring.
Duke, What about pork bellies? How do you see bacon prices faring?
Foreign attaches were amazed to find officers faring the same as their men.
You will see there are very many there, but they are content, and are faring well.
Greenson to return, which he did as soon as he heard how poorly his star client was faring.
I told her I had just come in and how was she faring and did she receive my letter and cards.
The men facing the experienced heavy Aristrian infantry in the centre were not faring so well.
I wondered how those enemy sound detectors were doing, and how the enemy observers were faring.
This type of arrangement can happen when one team is doing exceptionally well and another team is faring badly.
How appropriately they could be symbolized as a rich man, wearing purple and fine linen, faring sumptuously every day.
Along the verges goat’s heads and tufts of devil grass still clung to life, but the crops were not faring near as well.
One thing potential potato growers need to remember, there is no knowledge of how the potato crop is faring until it is harvested.
Whether the positions had changed, how his son was faring, he could only guess by the disjointed utterances of the man beside him.
We were placed in opposite ends of the competition space, so neither could see how the other was faring or even offer a look of support.
There had been no mail service since Atlanta fell, now how the Confederate Army was faring, what had happened to Atlanta and to old friends.
It’s simply the most bargain-priced of the high-yielders that are faring well, and therefore has the best prospects for stock performance.
Instead of bluntly asking how sales were going, he would slide into the topic by commenting on how business was faring, and the state of the economy.
When she had thought Marcus dead or dying, her whole heart had seized with no thought on whether Raven was alive, what he was doing or how he was faring.
Hello Billy Boy I’m glad to see you how are you faring I heard about you getting wounded would you like me to have a look at you after? I replied.
Yet, as he enjoyed the happiness of his new life and new friends, always his thoughts turned to his old friends, how they were faring, and whether they were missing him.
He had too often seen in the past senior officers whose only concern were their own comfort, while giving little regard about how their lower ranking personnel were faring.
Conrad glanced over at her, covertly studying his patient, to see how she was faring, and smiled inwardly when he noted the way his friend was acting around the petite brunette.
He asked how the builder was faring, and Zinsmann informed him that he had just signed a third contract with the American Military Government to repair buildings for use by the occupation forces.
Are your newer traders (one to two years of experience) having success in the current market? From time to time, my mind starts thinking about trading again, and I wonder how the newer traders are faring in this market.
After tipping Corpulus with ample coin and faring well a saddened Sorex - who perked up when she told him she would be back in Solitude again soon enough on private business – Penelope departed the inn and the city, to head southeast to her brother’s post.
Gold stocks fared far worse.
Brigit had fared worse though.
Fared on to the Well of Tears.
If you’ve fared poorly with.
The other giant fared much worse.
Legion hadn’t fared much better.
They've fared much better than the.
The old city fared better than the.
Such relatively healthy children fared.
The riskiest subsector has fared the worst.
But what of Groat? How has he fared?
Wal-‐Mart fared wel through most of.
A funny looking kid next to Eric fared worst.
They fared much better with the stock extended.
Gandalf, tell us how you fared with the Balrog!'.
Among major markets, German bonds fared the worst.
Certainly 18th-century British sailors had fared.
He then inquired how they had fared in their trip.
Thus, she fared better to just stay, close-mouthed.
Wolves in Minnesota and parts of Michigan fared a.
Brandela fared much better on this leg of the journey.
The Egyptian contingent of his group hadn't fared as well.
By then we had fared 4,860 leagues from our starting point.
The second and subsequent charges fared worse than the first.
The barbarians fared a little better than the civilized races.
By then we had fared 16,220 miles, or 7,500 leagues, from our.
They explained that white males in professional jobs fared very.
Of Israel's folk was that man that on earth wandering far had fared.
Large Stocks with high price-to-cash flow ratios fared little better.
In the past 15 years they have fared even better in emerging markets.
He did not feel his people had fared so well under the Mongols, however.
He wondered how Rohan fared and whether they would be able to stop Chambers.
Those on the right had fared slightly better with 1 still retaining its roof.
Without Uncle Clemon, Demethes, or Philippos, it had fared badly in the storm.
We had fared 17,000 leagues, and as Ned Land put it, there was no end in sight.
But be warned: those who’ve fought beside me in the past have not fared well.
In a personal interview with his uncle, Master James Ogilvie, he fared no better.
Needless to say, purchasers of these issues fared very badly in nearly every case.
I’m a bit anxious to see how my parent’s estate has fared in all these years.
Well, then, trapped in the same environmental flesh, how fared this stranger onstage?
When it fares on its lonely way?
Fifty cents short, ten fares! Gone into.
He rang up a dozen fares with a steady hand.
The best places to pick up good fares were.
They smell a foreigner, they triple their fares.
All of our fares are logged with those GPS things.
The Cochrane–Piazzesi measure fares better, with a 0.
Drivers who do this kept all the money their fares paid.
On the contrary, we’re collecting fares on the ferry.
Fares Poorly in Consolation Round, NYT, August 14, 1936.
The fares will never amount to much – the ferry is too slow.
Pay your air fares and other needs while you’re away for vacation.
As long as they pay their own fares, they can stay until you leave.
Alas! Dough-Boy! hard fares the white waiter who waits upon cannibals.
He glanced up at the dial which indicated the fares and began to count.
Even the taxicab driver seemed glad to set down his fares and speed away.
The luggage will cost less than their fares and very likely go for nothing.
There was a driver and a conductor that rode in back and collected the fares.
Since it was close to all the places he had to go, he could walk and save on bus fares.
Insurance companies, new films, French wine, Eurostar, and airlines offering cheap fares.
I borrowed a tally card from her to pay for the train and transit fares from there to Gurnee.
I walked between two rows of taxis waiting for fares, counting the paving slabs in front of me.
Credit carry fares best in stable or disinflationary booms, but the evidence for FX carry is mixed.
Luckily there's a line of cabs out front waiting for fares and the bellhop has me in one in moments.
Spirit Airlines was known for offering low fares in the Florida market, offering fares as low as $9 one-way.
The woman and man you took on separate fares on Christmas Eve, do you think you would recognise them?
While she was in that part of the City, she also checked at a travel agency about flights and fares to Geneva.
Also, the cab fares in Chicago were ridiculous and Steve was tempted to arrest the bastard for charging so much.
You can see how your company plan fares by using the Fee Checker on America’s Best 401k (http://americasbest401k.
Since they were good businessmen, they would be happy to slow down long enough for a few extra fares to scramble aboard.
The Irish company sports by far the lowest fares of anyone in the short-haul business in the European markets it serves.
I had a lot of fares that night, it being Christmas Eve but I think I took her to Lawrence Road where it turns into Hull Road.
Kennedy crooked his finger at a cabby who was alertly violating the new ordinance and soliciting fares away from a public cab stand.
Yes, let's see how he fares with women once I burn his eyebrows off, she said dangerously as the brush glided across the paper.
The vehicle, driver and passenger were well remembered by the Yankee car fanatic who collects the fares on the Opua to Russell car ferry.
Fermina Daza, bored with the men’s enervated discussion concerning the possibility of establishing differential fares, ate without will.
Obviously I’m not going to go through them receipt by receipt, but they include local taxi fares, restaurant bills, that sort of thing.
It was about two o'clock when my brother, having paid their fares at the gangway, found himself safely aboard the steamboat with his charges.
Strangely enough, this is a type of operation that fares best, relatively speaking, when price levels are neither extremely high nor extremely low.
Now let’s see how it fares for you in your attempt to escape the city which will soon come to believe that you killed their beloved priestess of the stars.

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