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    1. Some Chinese, some Thai but mostly just common gangland fare

    2. Robbie left the room and returned a few moments later with a tray containing the usual fare: tea, bread, jam, an apple and water

    3. ’ I said, viewing the bread and cheese which has been our lunchtime fare since we set sail

    4. I paid my fare, we shook hands and with a toot of his horn, he pulled away and melted into the traffic heading for Athens

    5. I mean, about the fare

    6. Before they leave the house Bex checks to make sure that she has the cab fare and her mobile

    7. He’d been gone nearly two months now … he chewed his lip as he worried at what he would do if he couldn’t buy a bus fare

    8. Allcock lifted the bill and went over the listed items of fare with Harry, After establishing its accuracy, he offered pointers for determining the appropriate surcharges and tip

    9. Seated once again in the rolling restaurant, they were offered bills of fare and chose quickly from the selections available

    10. Toast and sausages, butter, jams, biscuits and coffee or juice were standard morning fare at Clive House

    11. It was the consensus that none had ever tasted such savory and satisfying fare as this

    12. I offered him a ride back, the cab fare for 15 miles or so is very expensive, just read below with Dhari is paying

    13. With a thud the Fare Skye hit a 10-metre wave head on

    14. The Fare Skye was now in international waters above the deepest part of the Indian Ocean: the Mariana Trench

    15. In 1309, Ralph de Born, prior of St Augustine's, Canterbury, gave a feast upon his installation-day, of which William Thorn has preserved, not only the bill of fare, but the prices of many particulars

    16. "How fare you Destroyer, are you yet with us or among the dead?" One of those very same men demanded

    17. fare if he could possible avoid it! As the boat moored

    18. safely on the other side of the river, Jean felt that the fare

    19. Their fare is substantially better than turnip soup

    20. Their fellow diners seemed not to mind the morning's fare

    21. doesn’t it? If you haven’t the fare, I’d be more than

    22. ‘No, it’s not the fare – but thank you for the offer

    23. Sorex eventually sat down to join her in their impromptu meal, looking hopeful but antsy about her liking of the fare

    24. People are seldom guilty of excess in what is their daily fare

    25. She swiped the back of her hand – with the credit tattoo transferred on it – over the fare scanner

    26. “I"ll be over later to see how you fare

    27. "Yeah, but that's the fare for people who

    28. This was a fitting contrast to the frozen Arctic and a sailor’s fare of “salt horse

    29. A can of salmon cost ten cents in those days, and that was the usual fare for our cats

    30. Why is it that movie fare nowadays leaves nothing to the imagination in the realms of sex and violence? It would seem a more rewarding engagement for the viewer to be only nudged toward extrapolating or interpolating his or her own denouement

    31. Pay an extortionate fare and still be late!

    32. The fare on the Confederation, however, was worthy of anything the commercial liners had

    33. leftover vegetables, along with assorted beverages was the fare for the evening

    34. As there still were no female guests tonight, the fare was a bit more mundane

    35. The fare out to the base was twenty-five centavos

    36. I gave the conductor my fare, and Harold gave him a fifty centavos coin, which he was to get twenty-five centavos back

    37. Our usual fare of thick bread

    38. 3 Los Angeles, Encounter Get in the mood for your flight by chowing down on light Cali fare in this saucer-shaped restaurant

    39. “Fine, how did you fare?”

    40. I found two loose one-dollar bills in with my change and paid the two fifty fare

    41. Within minutes, his bank fired off a series of cash withdrawals until on one of his statements came up a train fare from Edinburgh to Milngavie

    42. Colling assured him that the fare would be paid

    43. They found that food could be purchased from the farms they passed along the way to supplement what they carried with them, and Elizabeth managed to turn simple fare into passable meals in spite of the difficulty of cooking over an open fire

    44. They paid the sixty dollars cab fare by credit card and thanked the Kiwi cab driver

    45. The hamburger and French fries that he ordered were a change from Army mess hall fare and German food that he had grown accustomed to in the past year, but the state of preoccupation that he was experiencing did not allow him to enjoy the meal fully

    46. You're a fare bloke

    47. "Should get a fare bit of rent out of these beauties

    48. collected his fare, and shook hands

    49. often entertained guests with the same Spartan fare

    50. fare at the coffeehouse

    1. The old city fared better than the

    2. how badly he fared

    3. 19There was a certain rich man, which was clothed in purple and fine linen, and fared

    4. Lawrence took a seat and asked, “How has your position with the Company fared?” he seemed genuinely interested

    5. shuddered to think how the poorer areas fared!

    6. The other giant fared much worse

    7. Without Uncle Clemon, Demethes, or Philippos, it had fared badly in the storm

    8. If you’ve fared poorly with

    9. Nerissa felt frantic to know how Euredon fared, but forced herself to stay away from the cheese shed

    10. But I’d heard nothing about how you fared and with things getting worse…I just couldn’t bear the thought that anything should happen to you here

    11. I looked back towards our start line and could see that the other waves had fared no better than ours and it was hard to comprehend the slaughter

    12. Both cubs had visited the sett frequently during the winter-cycle, Broshee making a number of new friends, but Darkburst hadn't fared so well

    13. Certainly 18th-century British sailors had fared

    14. check that the horses had fared well during the night

    15. Swirling water picked people from off the platform’s edges and ramps as torrents of water spray shot heavenward and over many others who had fared little better

    16. He did not feel his people had fared so well under the Mongols, however

    17. I told him about Doberman’s contract situation and asked, “What’s your take on how they would have fared on the open market if Terry was still alive and they were able to dissolve their contract with Cerise?”

    18. Fear not, you souls of the righteous, and be hopeful you who have died in righteousness; And grieve not if your soul into Sheol has descended in grief; And that in your life your body fared not according to your goodness; But wait for the day of the judgement of sinners; And for the day of cursing and chastisement; And yet when you die the sinners speak over you:

    19. They explained that white males in professional jobs fared very

    20. out how badly the town had fared

    21. Persia fared even worse

    22. reflects the general principle that, with some drastically tragic exceptions, European Jews fared better among the ruling elite than among the common people (including the lower clergy)

    23. Fear not you souls of the righteous and be hopeful you who have died in righteousness; And grieve not if your soul into Sheol has descended in grief; And that in your life your body fared not according to your goodness; But wait for the day of the judgement of sinners; And for the day of cursing and chastisement; And yet when you die the sinners speak over you:

    24. There were several million of them this time, filling the skies for half a kilometer, but they fared no better

    25. Having fared little better in the middle of the melee, Ulun found himself seeming to follow

    26. The Egyptian contingent of his group hadn't fared as well

    27. There were several million of them this time, filling the skies for a quarter mile, but they fared no better

    28. The messenger was relieved that the news was agreeable; his predecessor had not fared so well

    29. How had the Tanarians fared this morning? Had they broken out of the hills? She realised that there wouldn’t be any help from them today even if they broke out immediately they could not cover the ground that quickly; perhaps it would be before midnight at the earliest

    30. They fared much better with the stock extended

    31. Those on the right had fared slightly better with 1 still retaining its roof

    32. “But what of Groat? How has he fared?”

    33. And so, passing quietly through Capernaum, they went on to the village of Madon, where they fared little better

    34. It was a sleeping land through which he rode, past grove-sheltered villages and white-walled villas amid spacious fields and orchards that grew sparser as he fared westward

    35. The barbarians fared a little better than the civilized races

    36. He would have fared better had he remained with his fellow apostles, and he would have aided them to direct their discussions along more helpful lines

    37. His brain had fared the best, being completely enclosed by bone that was closer to the density of steel

    38. He knew that the citizens of the FRE had fared far worse than the US, Russia or China

    39. They've fared much better than the

    40. Wolves in Minnesota and parts of Michigan fared a

    41. that she fared better than most other cats, especially strays

    42. As for the aristocracy, how national culture fared in their absence was a question she had already given some consideration and about which she kept an open mind

    43. I sat up and brushed the dust off from my T-shirt, looking around to see how the bike had fared and noting gratefully that it hadn’t sustained any noticeable damage

    44. The German attack towards Bastogne initially fared better, their objective had been reached as planned and the American lines were breached

    45. ‘’Some places have fared much worse than here, Joan

    46. you, and how your livestock have fared with me

    47. Severely handicapped by their degraded computers and their sick crews, the Morg cruisers fared badly against the massive missile salvo fired by the Human cruisers of Konovalov’s force

    48. Because of this ability to write, to suspend abstract ideas of culture throughout time past the limitations of oral histories, humans have fared better than the creatures that could not pen their knowledge to paper

    49. So far as she could make out, Boyd had done an outstanding job in temporarily taking over her responsibilities there and Ingrid now had plenty of precious lessons and performance data about how her new aircraft types had fared in combat, lessons and data that she now took the time to report on and send back to Muroc and Washington

    50. who had fared less well

    1. "Fares, please!" said the conductor stolidly

    2. He glanced up at the dial which indicated the fares and began to count

    3. Fifty cents short, ten fares! Gone into

    4. He rang up a dozen fares with a steady hand

    5. There was a driver and a conductor that rode in back and collected the fares

    6. Television audience‘s morbid fascination with dysfunctional ―reality‖ programming may conceivably occasion a time in the not so distant future when (televised) public executions or assisted suicides (perhaps) will (soon) become standard fares

    7. Also, the cab fares in Chicago were ridiculous and Steve was tempted to arrest the bastard for charging so much

    8. Since they were good businessmen, they would be happy to slow down long enough for a few extra fares to scramble aboard

    9. “Yes, let's see how he fares with women once I burn his eyebrows off,” she said dangerously as the brush glided across the paper

    10. Those were the days when Pacific Southwest Airlines and Air California, both unregulated intrastate carriers, were engaged in a cut throat fare war which produced fares from SD/LA to SF/Oakland for as little as $12 one way

    11. I responded to an ad in the west coast edition of the WSJ for a job in Navy OGC at General Dynamics’ Pomona cruise missile plant which would have been great because I could have rented a small apartment locally and commuted home to Orinda using the dirt cheap air fares on Air Cal and PSA, allowing Dixie and Will to keep the Orinda house

    12. this nadi, a self fares on to immortality The yogi gathers

    13. Since it was close to all the places he had to go, he could walk and save on bus fares

    14. read in the paper that train fares are going up

    15. I walked between two rows of taxis waiting for fares, counting the paving slabs in front of me

    16. fares better than a city cat

    17. “As long as they pay their own fares, they can stay until you leave

    18. The vehicle, driver and passenger were well remembered by the Yankee car fanatic who collects the fares on the Opua to Russell car ferry

    19. I want as much information as you can get about as many of the colleagues as possible of the man who paid for your air fares to Livingstone, including his boss

    20. “Before you go,” said Robin choosing his words carefully, “have you any idea how many air fares your lot could buy - if you see what I mean?”

    21. He, the solicitor had no record of any other surviving relative, so would Mrs Ainsley be attending the funeral? Funds were available from Stan’s estate to pay for the fares and other expenses involved, and he, the solicitor, would welcome meeting her to go through the terms of Stan’s last will and testament, in which she was the main beneficiary

    22. He charges £50 an hour, would you believe, but reckons he can do everything from the place down the road, so we won’t have to pay train fares or expenses

    23. While she was in that part of the City, she also checked at a travel agency about flights and fares to Geneva

    24. Insurance companies, new films, French wine, Eurostar, and airlines offering cheap fares

    25. We hope even at this late stage that BAA Edinburgh will realise that the way to grow traffic and jobs is by working with Ryanair to lower passengers fares, not raise them

    26. bike and save on bus or train fares

    27. The best places to pick up good fares were

    28. Drivers who do this kept all the money their fares paid

    29. fares in a safe that was bolted to the floor of the front of the

    30. That and the fact that she and David would explore some amazing subjects in those moments when other people discuss nothing more than the weather and the rising cost of bus fares

    31. baby, not for the sake of his fares, but to try to

    32. fares for the World Bank travelers, while providing lower

    33. related to rate/booking/ticketing and store fares and

    34. “Obviously I’m not going to go through them receipt by receipt, but they include local taxi fares, restaurant bills, that sort of thing

    35. Kennedy crooked his finger at a cabby who was alertly violating the new ordinance and soliciting fares away from a public cab stand

    36. Even the taxicab driver seemed glad to set down his fares and speed away

    37. either, as these opportunists are the first to raise their fares

    38. If I do this, I will forfeit my accomodation tonight in Fairbanks (already paid for) and will have to book, and pay for, another room in Anchorage; as well as this, I will incur extra charges for the plane fares

    39. Now let’s see how it fares for you in your attempt to escape the city which will soon come to believe that you killed their beloved priestess of the stars

    40. “I had a lot of fares that night, it being Christmas Eve but I think I took her to Lawrence Road where it turns into Hull Road

    41. All of our fares are logged with those GPS things

    42. “The woman and man you took on separate fares on Christmas Eve, do you think you would recognise them?”

    43. I borrowed a tally card from her to pay for the train and transit fares from there to Gurnee

    44. Pay your air fares and other needs while you’re away for vacation

    45. All travellers on the State railways - other than State employees - would pay their fares in metal money, and gold and silver would pour into the State Treasury from many other sources

    46. fares much better than any of us who do work

    47. “On the contrary, we’re collecting fares on the ferry

    48. “The fares will never amount to much – the ferry is too slow

    49. Luckily there's a line of cabs out front waiting for fares and the bellhop has me in one in moments

    50. Fares Poorly in Consolation Round,” NYT, August 14, 1936

    1. Theodorous was faring slightly better

    2. After tipping Corpulus with ample coin and faring well a saddened Sorex - who perked up when she told him she would be back in Solitude again soon enough on private business – Penelope departed the inn and the city, to head southeast to her brother’s post

    3. “Hello Billy Boy I’m glad to see you how are you faring I heard about you getting wounded would you like me to have a look at you after?” I replied

    4. I’d read books on any subject other than how the world was faring

    5. Foreign attaches were amazed to find officers faring the same as their men

    6. I wondered how those enemy sound detectors were doing, and how the enemy observers were faring

    7. He asked how the builder was faring, and Zinsmann informed him that he had just signed a third contract with the American Military Government to repair buildings for use by the occupation forces

    8. AJ was faring pretty well although he was wishing it was just him

    9. Instead of bluntly asking how sales were going, he would slide into the topic by commenting on how business was faring, and the state of the economy

    10. Thinking of her mother’s inn made Athene wonder how she was faring

    11. Could she still believe these magicians, was he really the one for her? She smiled to herself – only one way to find out? She unwillingly pulled her gaze away from him, how was poor Athene faring she wondered, Tamar had said that she still lived, but unfortunately with the ancient killer Titus now at her side, she is beyond any reach of help now

    12. The men facing the experienced heavy Aristrian infantry in the centre were not faring so well

    13. Tell me how you are faring so I can tell your aunty Stella

    14. When she had thought Marcus dead or dying, her whole heart had seized with no thought on whether Raven was alive, what he was doing or how he was faring

    15. I wondered how the other wings were faring

    16. Other countries are not faring any better than the United States

    17. Let’s go see how the other wounded are faring

    18. ����������� Nancy was sobbing quietly in her hospital bed as she thought about her friend Farah, wondering how the gentle giant was faring in Berlin, when a male voice startled her

    19. ‘’And President Truman, how is he faring in the public opinion? Has the Senate started to judge him?’’

    20. He had too often seen in the past senior officers whose only concern were their own comfort, while giving little regard about how their lower ranking personnel were faring

    21. Leofric was faring no

    22. father and mother, but I have no idea how the brave girl is faring against that

    23. We were placed in opposite ends of the competition space, so neither could see how the other was faring or even offer a look of support

    24. “He’s faring well

    25. "How is he faring in the coming cold?"

    26. “I and my fare are faring well

    27. how Rose is faring now

    28. Conrad glanced over at her, covertly studying his patient, to see how she was faring, and smiled inwardly when he noted the way his friend was acting around the petite brunette

    29. "Now that you mention it, how are you faring with him?"

    30. Despite the obvious sea faring, mould breaking, exploring

    31. Yet, as he enjoyed the happiness of his new life and new friends, always his thoughts turned to his old friends, how they were faring, and whether they were missing him

    32. I told her I had just come in and how was she faring and did she receive my letter and cards

    33. She wondered how he was faring wherever

    34. He wondered how his younger brother, Faolan, was faring

    35. Others were not faring better either, but that was no comfort to Eric

    36. How appropriately they could be symbolized as a rich man, wearing purple and fine linen, faring sumptuously every day

    37. “He (Christ) once described, as you remember, the life and death of two men, one a rich man faring sumptuously every day and clothed in purple and fine linen, the other a beggar covered with sores, and brought and laid everyday at the rich man’s gate to receive the crumbs that fell from his table

    38. One thing potential potato growers need to remember, there is no knowledge of how the potato crop is faring until it is harvested

    39. This type of arrangement can happen when one team is doing exceptionally well and another team is faring badly

    40. There had been no mail service since Atlanta fell, now how the Confederate Army was faring, what had happened to Atlanta and to old friends

    41. But Ashley was faring little better with his mill than Hugh

    42. Along the verges goat’s heads and tufts of devil grass still clung to life, but the crops were not faring near as well

    43. '"I have just come round to see how you are faring, my lads,' he said;

    44. was a banner, silver upon blue, a ship swan-prowed faring on the sea; but

    45. Are your newer traders (one to two years of experience) having success in the current market? From time to time, my mind starts thinking about trading again, and I wonder how the newer traders are faring in this market

    46. Greenson to return, which he did as soon as he heard how poorly his star client was faring

    47. Duke, “What about pork bellies? How do you see bacon prices faring?”

    48. It’s simply the most bargain-priced of the high-yielders that are faring well, and therefore has the best prospects for stock performance

    49. You will see there are very many there, but they are content, and are faring well

    50. Whether the positions had changed, how his son was faring, he could only guess by the disjointed utterances of the man beside him

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