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    1. favorable, though there have been

    2. Thru the previous dark they had sailed the whole hundred miles of Beghtik, the smallest major lake in the interconnect, and were now riding a surging favorable tide as Kortrax pulled the waters toward their height at Noonsleep in Center Lake

    3. The usual tenants were respectable and the establishment itself enjoys a favorable reputation among the villagers

    4. Harry had to affirm the observation, he was made well aware of his distinct status nearly from his first days in the Hundred, sometimes favorable, often eliciting some degree of initial jealousy, though soon overcome and banished

    5. She reviewed her assignments and she was satisfied that each player would welcome the favorable casting choices

    6. He tried to get the vague data from B to fit a favorable cost structure

    7. We think we have a much better opportunity to establish favorable contact with the next one than with the one I was on, or any other that is likely to come after

    8. Hence we are allowed to conclude that ‘Parents are the persons most trusted and in the most favorable situation to help their children improve their condition and abilities’

    9. Of the traits that were less than favorable, don’t ignore them or not

    10. I thought it was to tell us that the weather had grown favorable, that now would be a good time to resume our hunt

    11. favorable to sail this evening, there was a good chance that the search tomorrow morning would concentrate toward Alalcomenae

    12. For example, in our world of favorable and unfavorable conditions, we try to find happiness by doing things or having things

    13. He sent me to proclaim the favorable year of the Lord

    14. neither the winds nor sea current was favorable to Waddell’s

    15. Sheer fabrics in black are more favorable than eyesore shades

    16. If he had not been favorable to the terms of surrender, he may have elected to

    17. The winds were favorable, but the weather was

    18. The majority of men aboard felt this was the most favorable destination as it was the shortest distance to go to a port that may offer freedom

    19. Favorable winds and calm sea made for ideal sailing conditions

    20. Instead I’d mention our great combination of a large selection of cars, favorable pricing and

    21. ‘Suffice it to say, I have had some less than favorable experiences with humans

    22. Even fledgling Third World countries, when given the opportunity, are superceding its flawed assumptions with more reasonable designs favorable to free and open markets

    23. Perhaps it‘s the rarity of receiving them that makes us value them all the more; anticipating some favorable or direful tidings; giving pause to its contents; (should I open it now or later) or the tears of joy or sadness once the letter has been read

    24. Ethnic neighborhoods have historically generated a systematic inflow/outflow of diverse cultures that settled into self-contained communities that remained self-sufficient through its schools, churches, community and political organizations and local businesses until more favorable (economic) opportunities beckoned

    25. In recent years, some have pushed a more favorable view of him because he seems like an average guy, plain spoken, therefore sympathetic

    26. Nixon passed laws favorable to Natives for purely pragmatic political reasons, in an attempt to pretend he was not a racist

    27. The effort hadn’t been too daunting a task, however: there were but two pages in the entire file from which nothing was gleaned other than his personal data, pay records and favorable reviews

    28. ” The government had decided it had had enough of profiteering by American servicemen, using the favorable exchange rate for American Military marks as the basis for a widespread black market

    29. You know, His Majesty’s government does not have a favorable view of individuals who utilize a variety of pseudonyms in travelling about

    30. Russia provided grain, oil and minerals in return for promises of favorable territorial concessions

    31. Evil fate to experience our mind is the most favorable, there are three ways of dealing with evil fate

    32. Even with favorable winds, the trip took about two months

    33. The passage to Longjiang took only three days with the favorable winds

    34. He felt that I could get to Zheng He within three weeks with favorable winds

    35. Demands mounted to “pack” the Supreme Court by increasing its size with additional Justices favorable to the New Deal policies

    36. Favorable witnesses were threatened with treatment similar to that Judge Bork was suffering if they did testify for him

    37. Alluding to Obama’s early childhood, his long affinity with a radical anti-American church, his favorable view of the Muslim Brotherhood, and his now happy propensity to feature his middle name, Hussein, forbidden during his campaign for office, Frank Gaffney offers a “stunning conclusion” that he sees as “increasingly plausible

    38. "Then, why are you so mad at me this week if I didn't leave you with a favorable impression?"

    39. All that is a favorable omen, Roger thinks, of an intense, and perhaps irrevocable, eagerness for progress and eventual freedom

    40. gets terms that are more favorable to their cash flow

    41. By showing interest in their work they form a more favorable

    42. of the virtuous victims of American political repression, and in that capacity continues to enjoy a favorable reputation among many on

    43. should be wary of accepting any gift where it appears that the gift is motivated by desire to reward, influence, or elicit favorable official action

    44. enhance the favorable points over the negative points

    45. CT and RI retirees were enrolled in an HMO with small co pays, no deductibles, and generally more favorable treatment in every aspect

    46. probably largely due to the favorable treatment they received by the Persian court:

    47. Regardless of the rulership of Spain, from Roman times, at least until the late twentieth century, Spain has never been noted as favorable to trade, banking, and manufacturing

    48. expected he would issue a favorable reply

    49. It shows that popular opinion was not favorable to Jews

    50. favorable to the abusers

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